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Master and Commander

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

Master and Commander

February 25, 2012

Unbelievably, the ineligible President of the United States, once again, has shown his colors by revealing himself to be a puppet for Islam. Who would ever have thought it possible that a man could have been elected to be ‘master and commander’ over the Armed Forces, only to discover he is in the business of undermining the same young American men and women who are fighting against the forces of evil in this world?

Make no mistake! Islam is a force of evil, based on the dictates of a most ‘unholy’ book of law called the Koran, which God-fearing believers should torch, before it torches them. This president was born outside of the United States, into an Islamic family, which lived in Kenya, according to a statement made by his own grandmother. He is a man, who, as a Chicago Community Organizer, needed some Christian identity for whatever reason, so joined forces with an America-hating preacher called Jeremiah Wright, who has been quoted as praying to God to damn America.

However, there is confusion in the presidential family ranks as to which ideology rules, whether or not it is that of Communism or Islam. Michelle Obama has a record of having strong Communist attachments in her background, and this is one strong woman who, in all likelihood, has greatly affected the thinking of her husband. Consequently, she has become a major player in the direction America is being taken, ideologically.

How is it possible that this president has once again put his soldiers in jeopardy by undermining their commitment to the cause of defeating the Islamic forces, which are bent on taking over America and the world? What foolishness comes from the mouth of this man and countless others who talk about radical Islam as though it is a separate branch of that evil, pagan religion, which is based on killing. Anyone, and that means anyone, who follows the dictates of the Koran and attends mosques, is taught to believe in killing those who do not accept this barbaric religion. The terrorists are simply the fundamentalists who are carrying out the dictates of this evil book to the letter of its law.

The only Muslim radicals are those who try to combine Islam with the American way of life, under American law. It is radical for a Muslim to not have the right to kill men, women and children if these same men, women and children show any sign of rejection toward the killing-fields’ mentality of Islam. It is radical for Muslim men to treat women as humans. It is radical for Muslims to recognize the rights of children. It is radical for a Muslim to respect the rights of others to have their own belief systems. The rule of law, American-style, is so radical for a Muslim that he demands his rights within America to inflict his killing fields on this nation by implementing Sharia law in place of American law.

Not only are American soldiers being undermined by the radical behavior of Obama toward them, but the schools are being force-fed Islamic propaganda. The children, as young as eight or nine years of age, are being taught to ignore the true tenets of the Koran, while having the message pumped into them that this is a ‘holy book’ of a religion worthy of respect, instead of being the barbaric religion it really is. It is time the children learned the true meaning of ‘holy’, according to the Word of God, who rules over America. In God’s eyes, it is a book fit only for burning: Also, many of those who had practiced magic brought their books together and burned them in the sight of all. And they counted up the value of them, and it totaled fifty thousand pieces of silver. So the word of the Lord grew mightily and prevailed (Acts 19:19-20).

Islam is a form of witchcraft, which, if the President were truly a Christian as he claims he is, he would be forced to denounce, because of its evil nature, according to Scripture. To the contrary, the dictates came down from the Armed Forces officials, under the leadership of the Oval Office’s ‘master and commander’, for American soldiers to burn their Bibles for fear of offending their enemy of war – the Islamic people. How in the world can the young men and women of America be expected to put their lives on the line, when they have an enemy sympathizer at the helm of the Armed Forces?

As well as having religious ties to a so-called Christian, America-hating preacher, Obama is married to a Communist sympathizer. Is this not a pathetic state of affairs, which should outrage the parents of every young soldier who goes to war for whatever reasons? Imagine the outrage of those parents whose son or daughter might be criminally charged for burning a book used by prisoners to possibly pass secrets from them to the enemy on the outside, which could put their own child’s welfare at stake while in the line of duty. Are these young soldiers going to be put on trial for carrying out their duty? What does it matter one little bit that this offends an enemy, which is bent on killing our soldiers and wiping out both Israel and America anyway?

If the president is in the business of appeasing the enemy of America, then he has no business being allowed to be at the helm of the Armed Forces, which are fighting for democracy and the welfare of America against Islamic terrorism. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to picture Prime Minister Churchill bowing to Hitler and apologizing for his soldiers carrying out acts of aggression against Germany, which was a terror to the world of his day. Who could picture President Roosevelt bowing to the Japanese emperor after the attack on Pearl Harbor, and then apologizing to Japan for the retribution of America’s entry into WW II? This presents exactly the same picture as we are looking at today, with Obama showing little or no respect for either America or American soldiers’ lives, while bowing to the enemy.

There is no such thing as a just war with a just enemy. If the enemy is worthy of being called just, then there is no cause for war. Justice in the true sense of the word does not invade the rights of others. Islam is attacking America from within the country and from within her Armed Forces. No Muslim ever fought in either one of the two world wars for the freedom of the western world. Now they use this liberty, which was gained by the sacrifice of millions of young lives lost defending it, to destroy the same nations, which fought for victory under God, and never under a cultic god such as Allah. The attacks from within stretch all the way from the top – from the Oval Office to the classrooms at the bottom – which will result in Middle America being squeezed out of home and country.

The words of Brigitte Gabriel, a Lebanese-American journalist, author and activist, should be required reading for every man, woman and child in America. This Christian woman, who has endured persecution at the hands of her former Muslim countrymen, is traveling the American countryside to warn Americans that the siege is on, and it is time to do something about Islam in America before it is too late. Countries decline in power through moral weakness and apathy growing from within and slowly spreading like a bad disease until a nation dies a natural death. The sadness is that it can be prevented if action is taken to deal with the disease before it permeates every part of a nation’s life.

Wake up America, for the hour is late, very late indeed, and the time is short for making a recovery, from the disease of Islam, which is pouring across your unprotected borders, with a ‘master and commander’ doing nothing to stop it.