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A Basket of Rotting Fruit

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

A Basket of Rotting Fruit

April 27 & 28, 2008

Let me see, what do we have here? Have we not a nation ripe for the judgment? Is it not like a basket of rotting fruit, all shiny on the outside but full of worms on the inside? Business is booming as usual. The economists say we have put up a hedge against the possibility of another depression. They will tell us that there is nothing to fear but fear itself, as the nation pushes forward, coming ever closer to the brink of globalization and destruction.

Our children learn no boundaries. The Bible has been taken from them and they are instructed to embrace abominations and sexual perversions. Discipline has been denied them as they grow into an unruly, rebellious lot who show respect for no one. In their depravity, they hurt themselves and one another with random shootings as the adult world feeds them the means and ways for doing so. Violence, sexual immorality and cultism are fed to them relentlessly until they become like loose cannons without a hold on themselves.

The very essence and sovereignty of America is dissolving away like a sugar cube in hot water. The goodness and the civility of the western society is now giving way with the East moving west to fill the ranks left empty by the aborted. The God-fearing people of America are not only a threatened species, but they are being targeted for extinction. The American dream is becoming the American nightmare while you, O institutional church, in your Laodicean nature, bow to the enemy with your bought silence.

The corruption of religion fills the temples of every Christian denomination, and purity can be found nowhere within her walls. In fact, splits within denominations are much more prevalent than unity. But then, religion is a house divided, built on a foundation of lies. Nothing is more certain than its ultimate demise as the sands beneath it begin to shift with the spiritual roaring of the sea.

I recently watched a documentary on television, orated by the daughter of Saddam Hussein, describing how her father had members of his own family shot whenever it suited him. There are the many reports of Muslim children being used by their families as little bomb-laced martyrs with the promise of their religion that great rewards lie ahead for them for having killed the infidels. Such is the violent nature of the doctrines of Islam.

These doctrines perpetrate terrorism and the ultimate clash, which must come between Islam and the rest of the world simply because of the nature of the beast. And the West continues to open wide its doors to the East, as it rushes headlong into its final destruction.

One only has to look at the charges of the Human Rights Commission against Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant to see just how badly damaged our justice system has become by the influx of the Islamic culture into our land. This is not propaganda; this is nothing short of the facts and reality, which we must face unless this nation takes immediate action to stop multicultism in this country. Justice will continue to erode, with our freedoms disappearing and the killing fields growing within our nation.

When Israel came out of Egypt under the guiding hand and power of God, He demonstrated to the entire world the nature of the battle, which is going on within it. Satan wants to enslave the world and destroy men’s souls. God is definitely going to deliver His own from the clawing grip of the devil, which will kill and destroy those who have chosen the broad road to destruction. He sent His Son, Who, like Moses, will lead His own out of this world and into the kingdom of God.

The prerequisite for being on His narrow pathway is the placing of His blood on the doorposts of our lives. If it is not found there, like the Egyptians, we shall die. His saved people stand for truth, separated with this wall of protection between themselves and those of religion on the other side, who worship any number of pagan gods. The west side of the Lord is life, but on the east side is nothing but death like the burial grounds on the east side of the East Gate of the city of Jerusalem.

What used to be fair judgment and justice in America was the result of a foundation of truth. The judiciary was required to evaluate the evidence and weigh it according to God’s Law and the truth of His Word. Hence, American and Canadian courtrooms required the presence of the Bible for witnesses to swear upon its truth before witnessing. This implied an oath taken under God’s surveillance.

Yes, we believed God was watching in ultimate judgment, the judgment every man will face at the end of his life. Islamic law, Buddhist law, and Hindu law are not compatible with God’s Law. You cannot bring religious-based cultural laws together with the Law of truth and still have truth reign supreme as it did in America.

Which is it we want to have rule over us – truth or religion? This is the very question, which caused the problem in the Garden of Eden for Adam and Eve, bringing about their demise from life to death. It is the choice, which rests in every page of the Bible, the same choice God’s people have had to make from the day He created man. They will have to weigh the evidence and choose between life and death, light and darkness or obedience to God and rebellion against His Word.

Death is found in eternal darkness, with God removing His breath of life from man, sentencing him back to his original state of dust for rejecting His incredible gift. Life must be breathed anew into man, for him to regain his lost life. God will only give eternal life to those who have not rejected His second offer, for which His Son paid dearly with His suffering and His blood. This is the same blood the doorposts of America need on the gateways of immigration. It was once there when immigrants were required to know that the Bible, and not religion, ruled over America, being the basis for its own unique justice system.

     What is it that keeps our politicians and the religiously deceived stuck on stupid? Is their blindness keeping them from reading the signs of the times?  America is being pelted by hurricanes, floods and fires. The Bible clearly tells us to watch for these signs. There will be wars and rumors of wars, but the end will not be yet. Nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom, with famine, pestilences and earthquakes in diverse places.

Wake up, America, your days are numbered! The greatest exodus of all is about to take place. God’s church, resting only on truth, is going to be taken out of religion and up that ladder of Jacob to the kingdom while, at the same time, the religious crew will see the seawaters of evil close over them.

All of the garden varieties of religion are about to disappear beneath the raging waves of the sea, when the ten horns of the beast, which carries Babylon, the mother of harlots, makes her desolate, naked, eats her flesh and burns her with fire. The cremation of the wicked will be complete as they are returned to dust, just as God had warned would happen to Adam and Eve, before they made their choices.