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Mythology or Scriptural History

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

Mythology or Scriptural History?

May 16, 2008

Which is it, my friends – mythology or scriptural history? Is it Mother Nature or Father God to whom you attribute power? Is it to a myth or is it to Him you credit the signs in the weather patterns, which are occurring throughout the world? Do you pray to Mother Nature or do you pray to Father God in times of disaster? How many cyclones, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes or fires will it take before man comes out of his ‘stuck on stupid’ syndrome and into the light?

Academia, those learned ones, supposedly, of a higher degree of intelligence, is at the heart of the problem, which keeps men blind to the truth. The incredible thing about it is the fact that the average academic takes pride in his/her power of logical reasoning by following the pattern of reaching conclusions based on proper premises. However, in application this pattern is ignored by the elitists.

There is no instruction-guide to serve as the book or pattern for the myth of Mother Nature, but there is a solid guide-book and pattern for the truth of Father God. It far surpasses the philosophies and theories of the intelligentsia, for it provides its own validity by means of its inherent fulfilled prophecy. There is no more-threatening word to academia than the word ‘prophecy’.

The truth of God’s Word has never depended upon the philosophies and belief-systems of man. Truth remains truth, no matter what man believes. Prideful men cannot bear the fact that they are neither the planners of nor the laborers for their own destiny. They cannot submit their pride to the authority of Another, Who controls those things, which befall all men. They love the functioning of their own minds much more than they love the One Who created these same minds.

Father God requires obedience from His creation and worship in the form of gratitude for the life He has given of Himself to His children. Man cannot receive the worship and gratitude he desires for himself if he submits to his Supreme Creator. Therefore, he must deny Creation and turn his life into simply a matter of happenstance.

He believes that every child, born into this world, is not a child of God, but rather a child of mere happenstance, subject to the will of man as to which ones shall live or die. By the same principle, if the elderly become a burden to man, then they, too, become a disposable commodity.

No hindrance to the power struggles of men to conquer the universe can be tolerated. Secularism is rooted in the agenda to remove the created from the hands of the Creator, and place the destiny of the world into the hands of men. How the secularist will hate the message of the prophet, Jeremiah, concerning the vessel of clay being shaped by the hand of the potter!

Miss America, Miss World, Miss Universe – to which does the woman aspire? Teen idol, ruler, emperor, king of the world – which is it that will ultimately satisfy man’s hunger for fame and power? How foolish have men and nations become in their ever increasing need for wars to satisfy their ever-increasing, insatiable need to be rulers over their own world by being like the Most High God!

God warned man that if he yielded to his desire to eat of this fruit, he would surely die. Satan, like academia today, will tell you the opposite to the truth, which means he will cause you to believe a lie. Universities are filled with gullible students who have been programmed to believe the lie.

I have never seen a better portrayal of this type of programming than that which I saw in an old movie I watched last evening called “The Manchurian Candidate”, starring Frank Sinatra and Angela Lansbury. It was a horror story about the ability of men, in this case, Communists, who used prisoners for the purpose of rearranging and programming their minds to commit unspeakable acts without having any conscience about having done so.  In order to fulfill the goals of the programmers, the programmed would not remember the dastardly deeds they were commanded to commit, after having committed them.

Once programmed, these prisoners, who were Americans, were returned to the control of programmers in their homeland. There they were led to commit subversive acts from within their own country by responding to the authority of Communist agents, established within America for the purpose of acting as the programmers.

This, my friends, is exactly what we see happening today in our school system. Mindless zombies are being churned out and programmed to serve the liberalism of Communism, Islam and all other forms of secularism, instead of serving the truth of God, within our own nation under God. The Bible has been taken away from them because those who stand on the lie in the darkness of secular teaching know that their theories will fall apart when exposed to the light of the truth. Light dispels darkness, but darkness has no power over light.

If we cannot churn out these mindless zombies quickly enough, we simply import more through our national open-door policy of immigration. We are in the process of rapidly creating a new nation called ‘Zombieland’ with the old nation of Canada, under our Supreme Ruler God, almost unrecognizable today. As the zombies increase the institutional church decreases, allowing the nation to be over-run, while she silently slumbers. At the same time, Pentecostal-type emotionalism is running high, reaching a feverish pitch, just before Father God is about to give it, along with the apathy of the remaining institutional churches, a truly real jerking.

This is why Jesus came into the world as the Light of the world, the only One Who can destroy the evil of men. He has called for you to make the choice between Him, the Christ, and Satan, the Antichrist. He has called you to come face to face with the same choice Adam and Eve had to face, the choice between life and death, between believing a lie and believing the truth. It is a no-brainer for the simple folks like you and me, but it is a stumbling block for those who think themselves wise but are fools.

Wake up, you slumbering of the Lord, at this time when Jesus is being put to the cross again. “Why do you sleep? Rise and pray, lest you enter into temptation (Luke 22:46).” The myth is found in the religious belief system, built on its foundation of the lie. We all know who was correct, God or Satan, when Adam and Eve established the first religious system by believing the myth of the satanic lure, only to die as God said they would.

This is the last call and the last opportunity for men to hear the voice of God speaking in the spirit through His prophet. The Spirit and the bride make the call as they say, “Come!” They are calling men back to Father God and away from the spiritual control of the devil, the spin-doctor of myths. They are calling man to make his exodus from the religious sin and captivity of this world and enter into the freedom of truth and life in the purity of God.

This is the last opportunity to make the crossover from the broad road of destruction back onto the narrow Way leading to the kingdom. The Lord is going to set up His kingdom again on earth as it was at Creation. He will not return as the Lamb of God but rather as the roaring Lion of Judah, in wrath and readiness for the judgment.

Those who have accepted the lie and have been destroying the world will be destroyed, themselves. Choose wisely, for this is your hour of decision and He is coming soon. All prophecy points to the return of the Lord to collect His bride unto Himself before He allows the chaff to be burned and scattered to the wind.

Communism and Islam are empire-building religions, the agents of satanic forces, which desire to capture the minds and souls of men by forceful means. They represent today the spirit of the Babylonian empire-building system, bent on conquering the world by the sword.

America was God’s chosen nation, where His truth and liberty were established under His Law and His truth, with the nation coming under His government instead of the world governments of Satan. Individuals had the freedom to worship as they pleased, with the individual protected by the laws of the state. No other nations in the world placed such value upon the individual, as did the two nations of America. If was for this reason that the entire world wanted to emigrate to America. It would have been a rare situation, indeed, for an American to want to give up his life style in this country to emigrate to the Middle East.

The citizen of God was required to serve and protect His land from the foreign influx of dangerous cults and religious idolatry, with the state in turn serving the rights and freedoms of the individual. Israel was the pattern for America as a nation under a God Who wanted to save His children from the ravages of Babylon.

Herein lies the answer for life, with the choice being left to us by God. Is it the religious idolatry of Satan you will choose, or is it the truth of God? Will you embrace the religious gods of mythology or Him, the one and only God of scriptural history, the first, as a harlot embracing her lover and the second, as a bride embracing her Bridegroom?