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The Double Camp Revisited

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

The Double Camp Revisited

May 23, 2008

There are only two camps within which all men function. There is the camp, which lives by religion and then there is the camp, which lives by the truth. There is no half-truth, for truth washes pure and cleanses all who embrace it. Truth is not subjective, such as the lie would lead us to believe, which states, “Truth for one person is not necessarily truth for another.” This is the big one, upon which secularism thrives.

 Truth remains the truth regardless of any belief system, which is unable to alter it. Truth is the foundation for peace, while religion produces wars. Truth produces light whereas religion produces darkness. Light dispels darkness and herein lies the root of all wars, especially that which rages in the Middle East. “Oh that it were that simple,” one might reply.  I say to you that it is that simple. It has always been that simple from the day God said “Let there be light!” even before creation began.

Jesus said “I AM the way, the truth and the life,” and “I AM the Light of the world.”

From the day God chose Abraham from all mankind and called him and his immediate family to separation, to go in and  possess a Promised Land, the sons of man have been insanely jealous of him and his descendants, ever since. The brothers of Isaac and Jacob, the two sons of inheritance, did not inherit the Land and the gentile nations were required to vacate it, as they were driven out of their homelands in defeat. And so the hatred of the brothers and of the gentile nations persists to this day.

But the sons of inheritance failed to drive the enemy out of the territory to which God sent His spies to spy out the Land. This was the area known as the Gaza strip, which is perhaps the greatest hot-bed of hatred and envy in the entire world today. Its inhabitants want that which God never intended for them to have.

Israel not only failed to drive out the nations from the Promised Land, but she also chose not to be that torch of light and truth, which God required of His people, by embracing religion rather than witnessing against it. The nation of Israel broke its covenant with God, preventing His glory from shining forth in the victory and liberty, which He was prepared to give to His people, if they had been obedient to Him.

God does not break covenant, and in remembering Abraham, He entered into the world Himself as purity and truth, in order to fulfill His promise to Abraham that he would be a blessing to all nations. Jesus transformed the covenant from national status to spiritual status, opening up the doors of the house of Israel to all people of all nations through faith in, and acceptance of, truth. It was through His formation of His church that the witnessing of the truth to all men was to be carried out.

And so, through the apostles, the apostolic form of church was established washed in the purity of the words of truth by Jesus. Like all of the prophets before them, they were to write down these words of truth. Together, with the writings of the prophets under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the Scriptures of truth became a book called the Holy Bible, a Book of truth, written under the guiding hand of God. There is no other holy book, only books written by men. There are many books of philosophy and many books of other religions, but there is no other Book of truth, in the spirit of prophecy.

Religion took the church captive within Christianity, every bit as much as the religion of Judaism took the nation captive. Hence, Christianity surfaced out of the Babylonian system of Romanism in the same way as Judaism had its birth in Babylon to eventually become tied to the Roman system. Now, if God disbanded the wicked nation after pulling out His remnant, which belonged to the covenant with Abraham, what do you think He is going to do with the institutional church system? He most certainly is going to let it go also, after He has removed the remnant of His bride, the inheritor of the covenant promise to Abraham.

Once she is removed and back on her apostolic foundation, He is going to level the institutional church to the ground. To do so, He will use the agents of religion, which  the nation and the spiritual nation both loved so much that they became harlots to their God (see Ezekiel, chapter 23 and the story of the two sisters called Oholah and Oholibah).

The Lord began the purification process of the church with Martin Luther, commencing the movement for departure from the Roman religious system – the glue holding together the two parts of the last of the Babylonian Empires. At this time, He pushed His remnant westward to a new world ruled by Him and no longer attached to religion, but governed by His Law and truth, as the Bible was put in place for the foundation of the justice system and the protection of national borders. Only those who could swear allegiance to God and country on the Bible were allowed to enter God’s land called America.

How the religious world exploded once again in jealousy and envy of God’s people! This land raised high the torch of liberty at her gateway and the peoples of the world who yearned to escape their religious regimes departed for America to partake in the liberty and opportunity the land of truth offered.

Religious regimes, used by God to chastise Israel, have become obsessed with destroying America, of which they also are insanely jealous. Thus, we see Communism, Islam and Hinduism chomping at the gates, which we have opened wide to the enemy of truth the day we removed the Bible as the best border-guard protection any nation could ever have.

We have allowed religion to alter the Law of God with the liberalism of Satan. Instead of having the hand of God’s protection over our nations of the New World, He lifted it to allow the old to penetrate the land and give us the religion we pine for in our hearts, which are wicked beyond all things.

And so, the light is departing from America as God is allowing darkness to prevail according to our wills. The religious camp, in its hatred and envy, hates anything that stands for truth, the only obstacle in the way of Satan’s world domination. In the very near future you will see new American laws legislated against the Bible, declaring it to be hate literature, while, at the same time, there will be no laws whatsoever obstructing the growth of Satan’s religion, no matter what shape or form it takes.

Because of the religious nature of Judaism and Christianity, most of the institutional churches will be deceived into forming an unholy, religious alliance based on morality, exclusive of the truth. The truth of Jesus will not be allowed to get in the way of the formation of a world unified religion under the antichrist world system.

It will happen in a day when, too late, America wakes up to discover she no longer has liberty under God, with the right to speak freely and to worship as she pleases gone forever. Everything for which our ancestors fought and suffered to give to their descendants, will disappear as this beautiful land is handed over to foreigners, who will take control of it. She never, ever, will be America the beautiful, again. And so the dream will disappear like a mist in the night.

We are in the time when the Lord is restoring His apostolic church as He sets it free from religion to carry out its great commission of witnessing to the truth and fishing men out of the seawaters of religion. Unless we understand the difference, which exists between the two separate camps of religion and truth, men are going to be deceived. There cannot be any, and I mean any, relationship or binding treaty agreements between the two. There is no peace, only tension, between them, the same tension, which exists between the Christ and the Antichrist.

The hour is upon us for man to make the choice. Is it religion you want, or is it truth to which you will witness? There is no grey area, for the plumb line has been drawn (see Amos 7:7-17) between black and white, between darkness and light, between religion and truth, and between life and death, itself. The future of America is at stake. Choose to be in the camp of truth and for the sake of a mere ten, the nation could survive.