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One Must Understand the Source of Progressive Liberalism to Understand the State of the World Today

To the Reader:


I asked the editor to include this commentary of October 13, 2023, from the 40th volume of the Freedom Post for the second time, in this paper.  I discovered the days on the calendar in the first article had been incorrectly listed, which would make it very difficult to understand the message within it. 


I do apologize to my readers and encourage you all to read it again, so that as many as possible will be among those present at the next meeting for considering all the aspects of forming a new, federal, political Freedom Party, which will take this country’s government back from our present one. Short is the time for us to reverse the direction in which our country is quickly going. 


In God there is nothing but possibilities, and He is offering them to us on a platter from the Communion Table.

                                     Elinor Montgomery



Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery


One Must Understand the Source of Progressive Liberalism to Understand the State of the World Today


October 13, 2023


Israel has opened up a Pandora’s Box with her declaration of war. The world looks like it is on the brink of dividing into two very different political positions. One is that of Progressive Liberalism under the various religions of the Babylonian System in the East. The other is that in the West, which, to the contrary, will choose some degree of freedom, depending on the degree to which she can break away from her own Babylonian religious control of Christianity, Judaism and all the other religions of the empires, which find their source in the sin of man in the Garden.


There are two forces at this moment in history pushing toward the showdown for ruler-ship of God’s Creation and world, which is totally a spiritual battle of the waters—one pulls you down, and the other lifts you up. They are the seawaters from beneath and the water from above. Let us not forget that this is one of the first things that Genesis records about Creation on the first page of the Bible. Have we missed this, or do we really understand where Israel is from a spiritual point of view–the only one that matters in the long run? 


Creation was perfect in every way, yet God rested on the 7th day from all His six-day work week, saying to remember the 7th day to keep it holy. It was a call for a Sabbath rest for man on that day to worship Him, and to remember all His good works for us. At this point, we need to look at the epistle of 2 Peter 3: 8-18 to see what he had to say about a day in God’s time. It is like a thousand years in man’s time, and for the beloved to remember this above all else. 


Surely the Lord God is pointing to a cycle or pattern for the work week to include a 7th day of worship to never allow us to lose sight of our on-going connectedness with our Creator. Did the Lord not know this day would finally come and, in fact, has come, but where has our day of connectedness with Him gone?


Man has set the calendar in place with names of the false gods to signify the different days of the week in sequence with the first day being called Sunday, named for the Sun god, mixed with whatever worship under the label of Christianity we have left in the West, now leaning more toward becoming Sunday’s, worldwide sports day along with odd jobs done around the home. The second day, Monday, is named for the moon god, at which point the cycle of the six-day work week begins. Saturday, named in honor of the god Saturn, becomes the sixth and last day of this same work week.


Where is there room in this cycle for the last day of the week, meant to worship and honor the God of our Creation in a day meant for rest and meditation upon His goodness for mankind and how much He has worked to save us from our own iniquity? Has Satan not created a lovely confusion in the ranks of Christianity’s seventh day of worship, which we, of America, have turned into a fun day of rest for the family and its involvement with the things of the world? There is no single way in which this all lines up with the cycle God had in mind for us–six days of work and on the seventh day we rest and renew our relationship with God. The cycle points to a period of the final, last thousand years for which we must be spiritually ready and informed with full understanding of the waters and the spiritual differences in them.


The Lord is long-suffering, not willing that anyone should perish, but rather come to repentance, with a trust in Jesus for a new birth in the Spirit through His blood sacrifice. However, the Day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night, and the elements will melt with fervent heat. Yet, we have been given the solemn promise of a new heaven and a new earth in which righteousness dwells. It is our choice to be there in face of this incredible offer of One of such love that He chose to die to save us from the sin of our own rotting flesh and blood. He became the perfect sacrifice for man as the true Son of the only true God there is, who describes Himself with the words “I Am Who I Am.” The question is, “Have you taken time to really know Him and the kind of world He is going to offer to His people?” Will He, the God of Liberty, be ruling in Canada and the rest of America where we claim Him, or will Satan, the god of religions and lockdowns, be ruling when the Lord returns?


And so, beloved, looking forward to these things and to the true Sabbath rest, be diligent to be found by Him in peace, without spot and wrinkle, but rather, blameless on this, the day that has finally come. Some things are hard to understand for those who are unstable and untaught and turn away with the error of the wicked and the religious. The apostle Peter warns to hold fast to the truth. All leadership must be in spirit and in truth today, if it is to be that of God. Do either Israel or America seem to have a handle on this message, as they rush headlong into wars and the conflicts for empire supremacy?


For every day of our time, we are looking at 1000 years on God’s timetable. This is why He has never named the Sabbath nor any other days of the week, nor would He ever have named them in honor of the gods of demonic cultures. The truth of the Word does not allow us to coat days with the names of religious gods. This religious coating can be as strong again as the coating of the walnut tree around its fruit of the walnut.


In Creation, there was no darkness of evil or nighttime until after man was created; for each day began with the evening and ended with the morning (all light). Where was the darkness of evil in the Garden, for darkness was called night and light was called day, which suggests there was never-ending daytime or light? Would this not also suggest that man was intended for eternal light with the Lord on earth? 


All was transformed into darkness and light, night and day with the deliberate sin of the man who had never been given any freedom to ignore the one Law of God. To do so would surely lead to death. Today, should God’s perfect bride not take the authority to place before the people of Canada the perfect unbroken Law of God, so we the people can have the freedom to worship Him once more in spirit and in truth, as was intended in the founding of this nation of Canada and as it originally was intended for the Garden? It is the only way that we will have the opportunity to have eternity begin anew following our national repentance.


It was on the east side of the world, in the Garden of Creation where Satan’s power was released to build the foundation for his empire-building governments of the East with their wars among each other for ruler-ship over the known world of its day. His is always the same message that God does not tell you the truth and that He would never let His precious humans die. Then comes the first lie of Progressive Liberalism from God that you can reach heaven on your own by knowing good and evil, and furthermore, Satan can give it to you in the here and now of this world. He has convinced most of the world that as the devil, he doesn’t really exist.


The politics for the East and for the western, leftist governments of Progressive Liberalism were laid out by Satan with the foundations for the wars of the empires of this world being set in place. Satan had declared war against God for the winner to take over planet earth with a kingdom of death, and not of life, one resting on a foundation of lies and unreality, which today masquerades under the label of A I. What are the real intentions of this war in Israel, which has just broken out with all the appearances of one that could truly represent the source of the religion of Judaism, which rules over the nation to this day? It came back with Israel when she returned from her captivity in Babylon to rebuild the temple and the city wall. After all, when did Israel ever reject the religious practices of Judaism, to in turn embrace the truth of Jesus? Did she not choose the ruler-ship of Caesar, the god of the Early Roman Empire over her own God’s chosen Son of His kingdom?


Could this latest war be an escalating, worldwide plan to strip the freedom, power and liberty of the West to eliminate the spirit of truth and the Law of God? The door is open for His coming Sabbath rest while His church comes forth in her full power of purity to restore the Law of the Garden to Canada first, the one country with the Wedding Feast of Cana in her name. Then, her leadership will lead to the United States, the older sister, in the very face of Satan’s race for the control of the world before Jesus’ imminent return. Only a government run by the Way, the Spirit of truth and the Life can return absolute freedom to this land to set its captives free. She can still maintain her world power, which keeps her free from empire wars and the infringement of the cults gathering in this nation under the rule of Progressive Liberalism.


There is no sin in what God creates. He created man in His image and to keep that image he had to obey one Law—it was the declaration that he could never eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil or he would surely die. A covering of darkness would again come upon the world as it was in the beginning. Yet, with Noah and the covenant of the rainbow God has promised that there will not be another worldwide flood–in other words, He is going to save the kingdom from the evil that would blow up the world in the very near future, if it could. 


Church and bride of Christ, consider very seriously your Sabbath rest this day and your purity that can maintain the Law, because God is calling you to do so.  He has brought you to this time when your horn and voice are to be heard. You have been prepared for such a time as this. You have been given the scepter of the King to lead the entire world to freedom in victory over evil forces that would destroy you.


Now, the world was created round, to suggest eternity comes with God’s Law of eternal light, having no beginning and no end. Therefore, the world was divided between East and West of this new planet called Eden in the middle of the universe, to be given sides to measure its spiritual limitations. God planted man eastward in Eden anticipating the inevitable, which He knew would happen because of the difference between the water from beneath and the water from above-–that of the sea, which takes you down, and the water from above, which will see you taken up. 


God’s first job of Creation would be to create great bodies of seawater beneath that would divide the land and also the top of the circle from the bottom so there was a north and south to the circle giving another parameter of full periods of light and darkness. This now defined the Creation to which He gave a ticking clock of time that had been placed in the center of the universe, ticking like a time bomb. God knew there would be the inevitable life/death sentence of His new Creation unless He, Himself, would enter it and deliver it along the pathway deeply hidden under His protective wing to bring man through temptation and sin. 


The broad way to destruction is so easy to follow when man, under the tutorship of Satan’s so-called sciences of secular humanism, is drawn to return to darkness with the union of the cultures. The problem then becomes one of a Babel-like unity of nations, which, once united, turn their wicked ways to capturing the nations of God, the first being Israel and the final one being America. England long ago raised her hand to empire-building, but it all faded as her strength went out of her with the loss of the colony of America, which belongs, and always was in God’s plan even before the beginning of the ticking time bomb at the very center of the planet earth.


There is nothing but the Creation of the devil’s powerless gods, which rule over the eastern portion of the world, with Israel being placed in the most westerly portion of it to be a light in the darkness to the East. How she rejected her role to honor the Sabbath rest and to be this light of the eastern world! God placed her there under the guiding light and voice of His prophets. However, she rejected and killed most of them to replace truth with religion, the religious message of the Garden, and of Satan who counters truth with his religious lies.


Did this not mean the loss of an inheritance for all mankind, which could have come out of the Creation unscathed by sin? Instead, they would be the faithful and obedient of the covenant of God with Abraham who would not fall under the lures of the devil to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. With them God would make His covenant, once the nation had refused to do so. The covenant keepers would become the church of Jesus Christ, deemed to be righteous for their faith and obedience to the Word of God and by His blood sacrifice could again attain deliverance from death in the spirit to live forever. 


 What kind of deals is Satan still trying to make within the full house of Israel, including the church from all nations, to bring the weak down and to cause the loss of her inheritance in the kingdom? Jesus only has one church. It is the church of the apostles, which only He would teach, as He has taught us, to whom He has given the keys to the very door of the kingdom for all people. There is no other Way, or no other church.


 Of course, true to her rebellious nature, with the advent of the first prophet/last judge of Israel, the nation said it did not want God, but rather she would prefer a man ruling over her.  And so, God gave her Saul with all the weaknesses of man and none of the power of a so-called Messiah. This rebellion against God had been in her from the very day that she left Egypt and wanted to return to the empire of Egypt in fear of the Sea that lay before her. Was the same nature not in Adam even as he sinned too, which resulted in his being driven out of the Garden and into the nations of Satan’s eastern religions? 


Thus, with the lies of Progressive Liberalism (from God) Satan would make and establish his victorious empire of world ruler-ship within the captive nation now on the broad road of death and destruction. Surely he was Solomon who paved the way for her with the building of the temple. Israel has been known for being a deal-maker for compromise‘s sake, and one of those deals was made with her own land of the Gaza strip of today. Why does her present situation come as a surprise? Did God not declare from the start that she should have no other gods beside Him?


The devil can take many forms of deception, for this is his trade. It actually is called ‘death for life’, but it has the flavor of delicious foods for which the fallen hunger once they taste them. They are like Korahs, always ready to push the challenge to return to the rule of evil and live for the moment by satisfying their hearts’ desire in the here and now, with no restrictions left on them except that of slavery and lack of freedoms in return for a little meat in their diet. 


Wasn’t it the love of the son of inheritance of Abraham, called Isaac, whose love for this food changed the history and direction of the nation and God’s covenant with her? God does not deny His hatred for evil, which has the potential always to take His people down. “Kill it!” He says, before it kills you. Like father, like son for whom God felt hatred for the destructive forces that kill rather than give life. For the man Isaac and his son Esau placed their affections on the beast, which would ultimately change the entire direction of history as God would use evil to bring about good. 


The inheritance would no longer go to the first-appearing son, Esau, of twin boys, but rather to the second son, Jacob. It would all boil down to Joseph and his feeding of the life-giving grain, at just the right time on God’s time-table. He would give the grain of understanding to all the children of Jacob, which they needed to hear and understand at that time for the healing of a nation before it could venture out in a world that would want to gobble her up in her fallen and unrepentant state. They are in that same state today, while the battle rages around this little country of such enormous importance within history’s battles of the ages. All of humanity’s children badly need today’s understanding of God’s forgiving love and mercy for all His children, in order for Him to save them–warts and all!


Today, we are facing Satan’s ultimate plan to close in on all the nations of the world by setting out with an attack on God’s land of Israel, but God had moved on with the advent of Martin Luther and a move of the true, captive church to come out of her captivity to the Romanized Catholic Church ready for its own claim to be her under the mocking name of Christianity. The Romanism of Christianity began as nothing more than mockery of the true church of Christ and His twelve apostles. The Roman territories stoned and killed these men for centuries. There is no other church of Jesus Christ and there never will be; there will only be a revival of the former one.


This is why a weakened priesthood is about to pass into oblivion, as the Lord looks to His bride of the church to become His soldiers of the cross in this hour. It is time, for Jesus is going to bring His covenant promises to a delicious fulfilment through understanding, only opened at this time to His bride by the Master and the only One able to open the sealed scroll to the emerging church. She will face another attempt to put this church into its own Dark Age as the Progressive Liberals of Satan go on the march once again. 


There could be no grain today without Scriptures being opened with the emergence of writing on both sides of the pages of a book called the Bible with the help of a free press invented by a man called Gutenberg. God would open the truth to the common man from whom it had been hidden for centuries by a priesthood of darkness. We must all remember that some of the Lord’s true priesthood is still captive within the priesthood of the Babylonian System of religions. They still must crack the shell of religion that surrounds them.


It was time to deliver the Lord’s purifying church to North America, His Goshen of today’s free world held in reserve for this time of restoration. How could we have allowed God’s land and His government to have been taken over from sea to sea by the gross liars of Progressive Liberalism? It would be very simple, if we were to abolish and push past the Charter of Rights, which champions religion, in order to reestablish God’s Law of the Ten Commandments. The very first one forbids God’s nation from having any other gods beside Him, to begin the process of freeing His land of the Garden sin of religion. 


He was the first Communist sympathizer, Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, who did the dastardly deed that has led to the mess we have today regarding our loss of freedoms and our captivity now to lockdowns of the One World Order of uniting empires. These lockdowns are being used to enslave us to the cause of Satan under the money and the influence of the Club of Rome, the Reviving Roman Empire, again under the influence of the Roman Catholic Church and the United Nations. 


They all call for ruler-ship by way of uniting the cults together into one massive lump of a one-world government, a one-world religion, and a one-world economic system. It is the number of the beast, the devil himself. It is also the number of man and the coming One World Order of one government for the entire world as the basis for a deadly plan, walked out with the same boots as those worn by Trudeau the elder, now worn by Trudeau, the younger, to walk on the same Communist paths as the father. They are our country’s inheritance from him as the fruit of a traitor to the real Lord over Canada, the God of the Covenant. 


Trudeau, the younger, and traitor to our land of the free, is goose-stepping all over it, killing its economic freedoms, its military might and its right to worship the one God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob only. He is in the process of destroying all freedoms of the people with the number 666, a one-world government, a one-world religion approved by Rome and a one-world economic scheme to starve and eliminate those who do not comply. It is the number of the secular man. The universities are full of them.


These same boots meant for goose-stepping are now marching to dismantle and destroy her strong foundation of freedom—all a sham to which the weakened and fallen church has ascribed in her filthy rags of a fallen priesthood. The religious lies of the centuries have opened up in full witness to evil and its destruction of all Biblical truth with its so-called science, at which the true scientist winces when he considers the possibilities for possible disaster that awaits us in Pandora’s Box. The great scientist, Einstein, who believed in God, warned us of just what we are facing today, as the war mongers of the East press ever forward.


Those looking toward the Sabbath rest right now and in this age are those whom we call born-again of the Spirit in truth who have come to the other end of the Exodus, ready in Spirit to enter into the kingdom. They will witness to the truth to the end because Jesus is still holding their hand so they could not be lured from the Way onto the religious broad road of Christianity and into its some 33,000 divisions that divide the church within a religious covering still as hard as the wood that covers the fruit of the walnut tree. It is almost impossible for them to break out of its grip.


It has been ever thus from the Garden of Creation, the sin of believing religion while walking with the truth of the Creator. Now God is calling His people to partake in the final round for freedom within the battle over the souls of man. Take this offer from the Communion table—the last one you will receive, which has always been so free for the taking by those who searched for the understanding of the Scriptures in order to unite eternally with God in spirit and in truth. 


Where are you, the true church and the bride of Christ who has her wedding attire awaiting her passage through the door to eternal life in the kingdom? Hear the truth this day and, at the same time, you will know the lies and falsehoods of the Trudeau/Biden alliance. It is as deadly as the darkness that was on the face of the deep when God said, “Let there be Light”. It is the deep darkness one would expect to find at the bottom of the sea.


Yes, the Lord will have His bride who will see that the Law will be made and kept by her in her Promised Land of the West where the sun will set on the darkness of a fallen mankind. She will remove all the falsehoods of the gods of religion and there will be a judiciary that enforces God’s Law for all who enter this land in a covenant promise of fidelity to the Law of her God. The Bible will be given to them as their guide to the freedoms, which come from Him to set the captives of sin free. His Son is the same Jesus who claims “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me (John 14:6).” “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His blood, you have no life in you (John 6:53).” 


Your gods of the devil and his religions have no place in the governments of this land. It was claimed when the crosses of her first explorers were planted across the land, claiming it for the Lord God from sea to sea. Such evil forces as those of Multiculturalism have all but destroyed it. What will you, the true church, do, and not what someone else of religion will do to see this is enforced in the Law? You, the believer, whether doctor, lawyer, plumber, fisherman or nurse, men and women alike, you are needed to form this government in every aspect of it, which God wants to give to His own at this very time in history, ear-marked for the bride to come forth. One partnering with God is a true winner and not a compromiser in victory.


Call with your name, phone number and address to the editor of the Freedom Post at 905-435-0333, and give her this information if you want to be one of the true soldiers of the cross. God will offer to you a venue among those the Lord is calling together to take back the government of this land. He will by-pass the dead church and go to the highways and byways to find His own; He is not looking for the religious. He will provide for you what is missing in this day and age, which is the understanding of the way to victory in Jesus, something that can come only from Him. He has been delivering it to our very small group for well over 20 some years now always pointing to the importance right down to this very time and hour for the Feast of Tabernacles, in this specific year, being a 50th Jubilee year.


I have possibly some 50,000 pages of writings and prophecy that are His alone and recorded in my hand. All you need is to read, hear and judge for yourself. For 25 years, or thereabouts, these notes have been pointing to today. Read but a sprinkling of them throughout the pages of the Freedom Post creating today’s News Feed in readiness for this hour from out of an older news release of 18 years of writings called News N Blues. It was distributed to most federal government officials, for some years.


When you come to this meeting, your voice will have the opportunity to become the horn of this move of God begun on July 1st, 2023, when every province and the territories of Canada tooted their horns—fathers, mothers and children, to claim the land back for the Lord. You could say we are taking the rainbow back for Him to whom it belongs. 


And on that day of this past July 1st, 2023, the glory of God did come down in the form of a rainbow of extraordinary light and color, as it shot up in front of me over the water above two boats, symbolic of the early and this latter-day rising apostolic church. The second rainbow of much less brightness arose out of the water over the bigger boat—a symbol of the early church as the light of it has all but faded after nearly 1500 years of captivity to the pagan Romanism of Christianity and of the Babylonian system of empire religions. I have been given the authority in the heavenlies, to call as the horn and voice to the others to become a part of the horn and voice of the Kingfisher of men.


I plead with you that you heed this call to action, for your leadership is being called forth in a one-time offer to be soldiers of the cross in these the final hours before the judgment falls. Surely you can see the sequence of the Feast of Tabernacles and the satanic attempt to take first, Israel, and then the entire world for the Antichrist to sit in his desired rule over that which belongs to God’s Creation for His Son, Jesus.


We are making the final call to come, for a wedding feast is awaiting you and the Lord has instructed me to go to the highways and byways—“for I have called My so-called own, but they would not come, so now I am calling a government for My nation of choice for My people and run according to My ways.”


Please make that call, for it is to you God is calling and you will receive notice when He says, “There—I have My own and we are ready to go! Call the meeting!”


            “Then all this assembly shall know that the Lord does not save with sword and spear; for the battle is the Lord’s, and He will give you into our hands (1 Samuel 17:47)”.


Elinor Montgomery

Richardson Wharf

1066 King Street West, Apt. 202

Kingston, Ontario K7M 9C5 


Tel: 613-545-7774


Email:  Elinor is the author of many books, her most recent being: Where the Paths Meet on the Road to Greatness.


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