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One’s Word and a Hand-shake

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

December 16, 2010

You have heard it said, “He gave me his word.”  This is the result of a moral code, which says that if one pledges something one’s word is as good as a signed agreement; for that person can be counted on to stand by what he says. Likewise, agreement between two people by way of a hand-shake is also binding, according to the same moral code.

This was the American way of handling business agreements and other commitments in a trustworthy manner. The source for such a moral code is found in the common acceptability of Americans for the truth of the Bible. Citizenship, the government and the courtroom required one to swear on this book to show the enormous trust America placed on the truth of the Word of God. Herein is found the basis for the strength of America’s sense of justice and fair play. To remove this book is to remove the trust we have one for another in our society.

In allowing various peoples of religious systems to enter this country, who do not uphold our standards of moral rightness, we are corrupting our peaceful society with the terror and violence, which accompany such peoples. A nation, once made up of peaceful and safe communities, has become a nation living in fear and constant need of protection for our children and our homes. Children, once safe on the streets, can no longer travel alone safely from home to school. It is evident that Bibles need to be returned to the classroom, if children are to learn about trust once again.

The two societies of God-fearing people and the followers of Allah cannot be blended together. Islam is not compatible with the Word of God from which our moral values are derived. Likewise, Communism is a religion totally at odds with a godly society; in such regimes, the focus is totally on the state, placing little, if any, value on human life. It tolerates no opposition to a state-controlled society where life is expendable for the cause of the state.

It will be next to impossible to restore the common morality Americans have shared in the past, based on trust and love for their fellow man, once forsaken and once lost. We are allowing Islam and Communism to infiltrate the entire educational system. This, not being enough, Islam is going after our governments at the local and federal levels, demanding that Shariah law be incorporated into our system, which is under God. It is not even a possibility to combine the two and still retain our moral standard of law; they are completely and totally at odds with each other. Eastern societies live by the sword and do not honour one’s word or a hand-shake.

Liberalism has opened the door for the downfall of western society. It will continue to cause a downward spiral unless parents take full responsibility for their children’s education and refuse the politically correct route, which is destroying the morally correct way. Which is more important – the common decency that exists under God, or the politically correct agendas of our elected liberal leaders, bent on destroying our society? Which one really has the best standard and well-being of the electorate at heart?

The time for petitions and band-aiding is over. It is now time to go directly to the root of the problem and deal with it. We will either return to the moral society of our ancestors and the Constitutions of our National Fathers, which they put in place to protect us, or we will continue to march forward standing on the liberal ‘rights laws’, which will submerge these two nations of America under a tidal wave of terror and violence from the satanic forces of Islam and Communism.

Ultimately, neither one can work with the other, for they are both empire-building regimes, bent on world ruler-ship, intolerant of any other religious opposition to their own doctrines. A fierce power struggle will emerge in the East and spill over to the West, until the one victorious and powerful antichrist ruler takes his throne of authority over a One World Order of government, religion, and economics.

Folks, ‘our word’ and ‘our handshake’ have become symbols from a bygone era of America’s history. Glenn Beck recognized this in his special program from Wilmington, Ohio, this past week, but unfortunately he does not understand the source for the deep moral roots, which underlie the trust its citizens have found in one another. There is no answer for it found in rabbis and Judaism and there is no answer to it in prayer unless it is through Jesus Christ. Stone Buddha’s, Olympic gods and Allah have no power whatsoever to answer prayer.

The people of Wilmington appeared to be a homogenous group of people praying to God in the name of Jesus, though this seems to escape the understanding of Glenn Beck, who wants a rabbi to counsel him. It was evident the people were not being forced into political correctness by multicultural groups. One’s eyes only needed to peruse the audience to see that there was not a burka or turban to be found in the lot of them. They looked like the face of pure, old-fashion, non-multicultural, small-town America, once made up of safe little communities dotting the entire countryside. Unfortunately there are very few Wilmington’s left in America, where multiculturalism has not pushed to the gates of the town. In this town’s pure recognition of Jesus and His Word is found the former strength behind the power invested by God in America.

We are at a crossroads in this nation, something, which I believe Beck does understand. He is doing an amazing job of awakening America to the problems we have allowed our governments to foist upon us. It would seem that, as the electorate in whom God has vested the power, it is time to fire our elected officials who are serving the forces pushing for world government in a fashion treasonous to our supreme Ruler, and to the American people.

Why in the world, after two years of destroying the country, has the traitor Obama not been impeached as an illegitimate president? The people certainly spoke out regarding their feelings in this past election concerning his performance in office. Now, will the newly elected Congressmen do the right thing and fire him for incompetency and subversive activity? He has made Richard Nixon look like a saint. Unless we clean up our act from the top down, America will fast-track to the broad road of destruction.

Is it not time to turn, repent and race for all we are worth back to the standard we once had, when ‘one’s word’ and ‘a handshake’ were all that were needed to trust one another?