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Religion Is the Alternative to, and Not the Equal of, The Truth Foundation of Jesus’ Apostolic Church

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by Elinor Montgomery


Religion Is the Alternative to, and Not the Equal of, The Truth Foundation of Jesus’ Apostolic Church.


June 23, 2022


Religion is the alternative to, and not the equal of the truth. Therefore, it is a lie and an unsubstantiated belief system without any prophetic testimony inherent within it, other than the fact that it will lead to a death culture. The first and only law of Creation was a clear statement free of choice, but rather rooted firmly in truth with no adornments added to it.


There were two trees in the Garden, which appeared after the six-day Creation and before any water from above had yet watered the ground for the plants and herbs of the field to grow. Man was allowed to eat freely the fruit from every tree of the Garden but the one tree, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. If he should disobey and eat of it, then he would surely die.


It was clearly established, for God is a God of truth and love and this is how He shows His love for man. His Law cannot be broken so that man’s own life rests in his own hands. He had no choice except to be faithful to God’s Word and obey Him if he wanted to live eternally.


God’s Garden had been planted in the eastern part of His created earth and the rock foundation of this Garden contained the stone called bdellium, the color of manna (see Numbers 11:7), and the onyx stone that is alternately black and white striped with no grey matter to it, in its clear delineation of good and evil with nothing in-between. And the gold of the land was good gold, as clear as glass, and as is described in the book of Revelation when John is carried away to a great and high mountain to see the Holy Jerusalem descending out of heaven, having the glory of God in its pure gold covering as clear as glass.


Six days of Creation were God’s workdays to create the perfect earth for a kingdom on earth as it is in heaven, and as 2 Peter 3:8 tells us, a day for God is as a thousand years for man. The suggestion is that the replacement scale for the destruction of evil is the equivalent of 1000 years of damage control. Jesus came to the earth to pay the price of sin for man on the cross of suffering, to then descend into hell for three days and two nights, arising from the grave on the dawn of the third day.


So, His Resurrection to earthly life and the taking of ruler-ship of His promised kingdom on earth would be on the dawn of the third day, or millennium. It is time for the devil to make his move toward the One World Government with the taking down of the World Trade Center in America. It has the designation of being God’s country over which His Son, Jesus, had laid claim to demonstrate freedom existing only under God’s rule and only in His land of blessings The first 6 of the number of the Beast, 666, now was facing the yet-to-come attack against His land of freedom, represented by the Statue of Liberty, the symbol of the burning torch of Abraham’s covenant dream. It was in grave danger again with the first attack on the world economy, leaving an attack from a world government and a world Religion next on the list, slated for eliminating the Bible and its prophetic prophecy of the Word of God for His Church.


The church, at the same time, had become engulfed in a sea of Religion emanating from Rome, which held the church within the grip of a full-fledged, corrupt Religion called Christianity. It had been named such in Antioch, in a Roman Province, intending it as a mocking term for Jesus’ followers of the Way. The Emperor Constantine was perched and ready to take the pure, apostolic church for his empire’s formal Religion, making it hostage to his captive empire awaiting the right moment when the pure, apostolic church would rise out of the destruction of the religious system of Babylonianism. She had become a victim of empire captivity, which brought about the Dark Ages of the hijacked Bible by Rome, by a priesthood who would not allow its adherents to have access to what could be a mortal sin to own and possess.


The two millennia of the last leg of the early Roman Empire were now established with the rise of the second part under Constantine and the advent of the Roman captivity of the church, when he appointed the high priest of the empire to become the pope of a new Religion called Christianity. It would hold her for 2000 years, as was Jesus held in the darkness of the depths of the earth for two days (a day is as a thousand). Currently, the Dark Ages are about to come to an end by going beyond Martin Luther in the call for freedom and completely out of the darkness and into the light of spirit and of truth. The call of Elijah and Moses can be heard on either side of Jesus. Surely, Jesus was telling His apostles at the Transfiguration that such a separation was coming and must come. The message for the church was to come out of man’s system of trying to build cathedrals for Religion, and to come into the truth and light.                                                                                                                                                           

Has the Sabbath rest arrived, the day the church would at last keep holy to give full honor to Jesus, the Beloved? Will the purity of the bdellium stone and the onyx not be on full display? Will there not be evidence of the truth and the Spirit at work with the evidence of the grain being stored in the form of an understanding, which only the teaching of Jesus could produce? Surely the mystery of the final scroll will be delivered to the bride who traveled the heavenlies with the Lord in the manner Paul, the final chosen apostle by Jesus Himself, had done before her. Will she not complete the final job of writing the last pages of a bitter/sweet little book, which John was told to seal, for there would be another time of prophesying ahead by a hither-unknown, revived, apostolic branch of the church? This would be the last prophetic voice of thunder. God is still telling the church to ‘listen’. Do you not hear the sound of the trumpet that became a sound of the ‘horn’?


She would write prolifically, not only the little book, but thousands upon thousands of pages of revelation received from her Beloved, the only One who could open her understanding to such prophecy. It is time for preparation and freedom from pandemics and from the devil who has kept her in captivity awaiting the kiss of her Prince and Beloved who will take her home to be His bride. This is the holiest and purest moment of time when the Lord’s bride has made herself ready, full of love called to be the voice of God’s prophet for the final times.


Peter, the apostle, warns us of such a time as this, when they will mock her with the mocking term of Christian. It is at this moment she will arise to the challenge to join with the freedom fighters for the nation, for she will never again be separated from the only One, her Beloved, who can set the captives free. When He called His church forth, she was not ready or willing to stand for truth and freedom in spirit and in truth. She would rather cling to the sinking Titanic and keep the name Christian, only to discover too late all her saved tax dollars and amalgamations with the multicultural Religions would not set her free. She was on the highest deck, few of whom would survive the consuming waves of the seawaters of the empires standing on Progressive Liberalism.


Like Nero fiddled while Rome burned, the elite of the world sat playing their cards as the water rose higher in the boat of the rich and powerful, the spiritually lost who had failed to make sure there were enough lifeboats for themselves too. They had never understood the difference between the waters of the empires–the seawater beneath and the River Water from above. They did not take the time to understand the covenant of God with Abraham, Moses, the prophets, David, Jesus, the apostles and the bride. The three friends of Daniel who came through the fire judgment with One like the Son of God were types of the prophets, the apostles and the bride.


No one but He–the Way, the truth and the life–can bring you to the Father; so come out of her, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND OF THE ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH and into the unity of truth, lest you receive of her sin (the plagues) and go down with her. The sign of death by the plague of snakes for Israel in the wilderness was the bronze rod to be made and erected by Moses, with the symbol of the bronze snake wrapped around it. If they had been bitten by the snake and looked upon it, they would live, for it symbolized Jesus becoming human on the cross to save us by His blood, which we could not do for ourselves. This also is the symbol of the medical association, which has co-opted it in its corruption of evil intent with big Pharma to kill as much of mankind as possible. Together, they nearly accomplished the greatest genocide in human history.


            The Religion of Christianity was the alternative, never the equal of the true apostolic church of Jesus Christ. It has allowed Christmas to become the celebration of Santa Claus, while the Resurrection is to be symbolized by the Easter bunny who lays Easter eggs. As Christians, there is little or no objection to such an abomination of the true meaning of the cross by the true church of Jesus Christ. The church I attended in my youth even handed out Easter eggs on Easter Sunday after the service, supposedly bringing to remembrance of the agony of the cross for our salvation. I find it intolerable that the church has been reduced to such a practice coming straight from the gods and goddesses of cultural mythology and its priesthoods, which still occupy Rome and her rising support for the final empire of the One World Order.


Surely Americans today wanting the freedom in Christ can unite in the one thing that unites the church of the Lord. It is the Spirit that leads us to truth and never to Religion. Jesus said it Himself to the Samaritan woman at the well, the symbol of a unified church witness, even the early apostles did not fully understand. Those who worship the Lord will do so in spirit and in truth, and there is no alternative for those who fiddle in the elitist group on the upper deck of the great iron ship, Titanic, carrying BABYLON THE GREAT, MOTHER OF HARLOTS, to the bottom of the sea unaware until that moment they would expire and return to the worthless muddy dust at the bottom of the pit.


The Lord God separated all of this unholy seawater until the water from above came down to water the earth with the water of the Spirit of life, then God created mankind and placed him in the Garden of Eden to protect life and keep the Garden of the world flourishing eternally. Religion never was an alternative, but rather the counterfeit of Satan’s empires over which he ruled to prevent God’s kingdom from coming to earth.


And so, Progressive Liberalism crashed the borders of God’s nations in the New World under His rule of government, one in nature with God who tolerates none of the Religions of the world–Secular Humanism, Communism, Islam, Hinduism and a multitude of  the cults to which America opened her borders in the last couple of centuries. First, it was the Bill of Rights and secondly, it was the Charter of Rights, which served other gods and not our own God, erroneously referring to them as “religious freedoms.”. Where was the religious priesthood if not in bed with the government? It was well into the practice of ignoring the truth of God, and Bibles were not on the list of daily reading material. It is there you easily discover that Religion has always denied the Word of God, beginning with Eve who found it most tantalizing, enough to persuade Adam to join her in the death culture.


I call you to unite in truth of the Word and God’s Law and put to rest, for once and all time, the Religions and their practices, which are driving our so-called churches today. Jesus lost no time in accusing the religious priesthood of Judaism as being children of the devil who, in conjunction with Rome, would lead Him to the cross, as His co-called people cheered them on.


 Ask yourselves, “Are you doing the same thing today so you can hold hands with the religious cults of the world, instead of uniting in Jesus and claiming back His Word, which we have nearly allowed to be burned as a book being forced into extinction?”



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