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Religious Rights

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

August 22, 2010

The term Religious Rights is a misnomer and an oxymoron. Religion has no rights within a nation under God; religion is the rebellious choice of man, which accepts the lie while rejecting the truth of God as the only way.

There are degrees of religion, but wherever there is a seed of it, it will grow like leaven to fill the entire loaf.  It is religion, which will ultimately control the nation, where God does not rule. Men’s rights ultimately will be limited within the religious/state where we find, today, that true believers are often being persecuted. Islamic and Communist states provide the best and most obvious examples of these controls.

Religion is always in rebellion to the Word of God, for it was the first sin of the Garden, which took mankind down, to become nothing more than slaves for the coming empire-building states of Satan. They were these same gentile nations to which God sent His people to become a light to their paths; for religion blinds them to the truth they have rejected.

The first act of religious rebellion was that of Eve who believed a lie and placed her life on the line, because she accepted the belief system of religion in the place of God’s truth. That day, in that moment, God granted her the complete liberty to do as she should choose, according to either her own will or the will of her Father, even though it was a matter of life and death.

Having the free will to make mistakes goes along with having liberty, which gives man the right to also choose liberalism from God. It is what is known as the only unforgivable sin, the blaspheming of the Holy Spirit, when we choose death over God’s incredible gift of life. It all began when Eve, as the mother of all living beings, chose religion, thus taking all of future mankind into harlotry against God, which one day would become the harlotry of Babylon, that last great system of religious empires, founded by Satan.

Eve birthed all future generations doomed to live under the controls of religion, with the seed of the man never able to produce good fruit or sons for God. It would require another Adam to break this curse, who could circumvent that seed, in spiritual circumcision of the flesh, yet still be a Son of Man, through the seed of the woman, and a Son of God, through spiritual birth. His name is Jesus.

Adam and Eve were the first of mankind to experience liberalism, which may sound good, but never is good. For it means losing liberty and freedom under God’s truth, in order to embrace religion. At that point, man was doomed to become a slave to Satan who would ultimately destroy him. And this same man would cry out as the road ahead would become bumpy and difficult, asking where God is in the midst of all this evil chosen by man. But man forgets that he himself rejected God from ruling over His own creation and brought in Satan’s religious rule by his decision to embrace the sin that leads to death. It comes in the form of spiritual food, which looks good as the lure, but is poison to the soul.

America allows religious liberalism, just as God allowed it in the Garden, but the facts about it remain the same: it will lead to death. God’s Law prevents any religious rule of any religious god within the nation where He rules, though His people are free to choose between Him and religion. The Law does not give the right to any other god to share in the ruler-ship of His nation. However, if we reject God then we will pay the consequences, which Adam and Eve had to face. There is only one way for a nation to survive, and it is when the people repent and turn back to Him, the Giver of the breath of life to man and to nations.

Anyone who chooses to come against His Law is a traitor to Him and should be dealt with accordingly. We charge the murderers and thieves, but we have decided to let the adulterers get off scot-free. We also have allowed the religious and their gods a place in the center of the land, to set up their religious camps in defiance of the First Commandment.

Mosques are a sign of America’s disobedience to the Law, choosing to allow other gods to stand side by side with God, who clearly states that He will have no other gods before Him (see Exodus 20:3). A mosque on American soil is not a right; it is an insult to the God of America, who rules over her. It cannot be compared to a synagogue or a church, which are also religious buildings. Though symbols of religion, they have been no threat in the past to the ruler-ship of God or His Law, which stands only on truth in this land. They have delighted in it and fought to protect it, or rather such was the situation when we were heritage-minded as a nation.

It is the job of governments in America to protect our heritage from invaders who would cross our borders as traitors set on destroying the essence of our heritage in God. Governments are elected to protect the heritage of our people and not to open doors to the traitors and religious invaders. Only fools would open up American borders to illegal, religious bandits and then subsidize them, so that they, in turn, can destroy the nation from within.

What fools we have been with respect to whom we have placed in the seats of government within America! In the United States, seated in the Office of the President, is not only an illegitimate president, but also a fool of a man who has publicly claimed, while speaking to Americans, to be Christian, yet, at the same time, while in the East speaking to Muslims, claimed to be one of them and, therefore, a self-declared traitor to the state over which he is presently ruling. Does he have a right to do so? Most certainly not; he is an illegal from start to finish, and a traitor to boot!

A believer in Jesus for salvation cannot also believe in Mohammed as His replacement. One cannot believe in the truth of God and in the religion of the Koran at the same time; one is holy and true and the other is religion and a myth. Muslims are taught to kill all other people of other religions who will not convert to Islam, a practice they are faithfully carrying out within all Islamic countries of the East. The source of teaching for such killing is found in the mosques. Their practice of killing is incompatible with American law, which forbids murder. Therefore, Muslims, by law, do not have the right to build mosques that teach such a plan for killing and perpetuate murder in a country in which it is illegal.

If one can lose his right to smoke publicly, because the smoke can be dangerous, even have the potential for killing others, then it should also be against the law to build mosques, which are a far greater threat to our society than smoking, with their potential for inciting murder. Muslims will surely kill us, when they have the numbers to rule and to do so. We have already been witnesses to Muslim beheadings in America because of the fundamentalism of Islamic teachings right here in America.

If the law allows for children to be taken from their parents because they are deemed a danger to them for using spanking as a method of discipline, then we are greatly in need of laws prohibiting the right to build mosques, which present, in fact, a real and not perceived danger to the welfare of future generations.

Religion does not have carte blanche rights to set up shop in this nation and begin the process of dismantling it by destroying the well-being of her citizens. This is a deliberate plan for murdering her people and carrying out acts of treason against her governments. Is Islam satisfied with our laws or do they want to institute the religious controls of the East, within our nations? Is Communism any better? Nation-sweeping waves of socialism are laying the groundwork for just another Marxist state in America, thanks to the illegal one who is sitting in the Office of the President.

Franklin Graham recently made a foolish statement regarding the religious status of Obama (see, August 23. 2010). He said he must accept the fact that Obama is a Christian because he says so. He goes on to say that it is obvious Obama has renounced the prophet Mohammed and has denounced Islam for Christ. Hello there, Mr. Graham! Do you not realize that we are talking about a consummate liar here? Which spirit was it that led you to call Mohammed a prophet?

Graham suggested that it would be better if Obama were to attend a church that is a little more evangelical or one that teaches the Bible. Surely, Graham knows, according to the Bible, that a tree is known by its fruit (see Matthew 12:33), and by his words he can be condemned (see Matthew 12:37). Obama has already been proven to be a man of double-speak. Has Graham not heard him claim publicly to be a Muslim as well? Does he not see him bowing and pandering to Islam, while refusing to support the American Day of Prayer? Does Graham accept this double standard of the man as being compatible with his Bible, which identifies the fruit of believers?

You will note that Obama endorses the building of mosques in America, even one at the site of Ground Zero. Only a traitor to the nation would endorse such a thing. The sadness is that men like Franklin Graham make the statement that it is their religious right in a country ruled by God. But then he is essentially a religious man who identifies himself with the religion of Christianity.

Does Graham not know what God had to say about the Canaanites setting up their form of ‘mosques’ in the midst of Israel? Could the Israelite’s argument with God have been one that suggested the Canaanites were nice people and their gods would be quite acceptable within the nation? It is what is called respect for all religions. It seems that Israel never learned her first lesson from God, which was one that stated He had zero tolerance for religion, and He expected His people to have the same intolerance for it and its gods within their midst. Once the Canaanites (the Palestinians today) should grow in excessive numbers, then it would be “sayonara” to the people given the Land by God.

Such is the situation in that parcel of land, called the Israel of today, allotted to her by the United Nations. The Muslim world can find no room for her, not only within the Land, but also within the entire world. Do religious nations have the right to wipe any other nation from the face of the earth? Are you, America, not setting your nation on a platter for these same religious Muslims by giving them the go-ahead to wipe you from the face of this earth, as well?

Take a close look at this little nation called Israel and then think twice about Religious Rights and whether or not all religions are equal, having the same rights in America. It is, perhaps, the most serious matter we are facing today, as to whether or not the religious enemy of America has the right to use her system of God’s Laws to infiltrate her society in the name of Rights and then proceed to destroy her from within.

Rights are for the Canadian and American citizens under their heritage law, which is in place to protect their freedoms; they are not for the enemy to illegally enter this country and destroy them. Either immigrants to this land become part of that heritage or they do not come at all. What our governments are allowing are cultic ghettos to be planted all over the countryside and mosques to be put in place to perpetuate the cult of killing and maiming women and children, and, eventually, all who will not accept the religion of that cult.

Wake up America, and do not roll over to put the timer on snooze. The time is short and judgment is within breathing distance of a breath away.