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Sin Comes Dressed in Prada for Christmas

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

November 28, 2010

I have already watched a couple of this year’s Christmas shows on television, only to realize that anything, which has to do with the true meaning of Christmas is so disguised with tinsel and propaganda that one would be hard-pressed to find Christ in a ‘Holiday’ television movie.

The one I chose to watch was one of the most outrageous affirmations of sin I have ever seen in a movie, wrapped and presented as a Christmas package called The Family Stone. It was a story about the modern, New Age Stone family (the counterfeit of Christ’s church and heavenly family made up of living stones), which had come together to celebrate the Christmas Holidays. This was an all-tolerant family, fully in step with the Political Correctness of the day by placing a strong emphasis on its tolerance for the homosexual lifestyle of one of its members.

The problem was that the characters wore Prada, as the devil wound his way throughout this seasonal movie (see the movie, The Devil Wears Prada). Sin was covered over with propaganda while, at the same time, the storyline demonstrated outright rage on the part of the entire Stone family at the very idea anyone would dare to address sin and call it what it is.

The movie was designed to hit the audience with the double whammy of a one-two punch, by showing the homosexual relationship to be one between a black man and a white man. The Stone family’s tolerance must use the tool of racism to demonstrate that the rejection of homosexuality is, in fact, a demonstration of racism as well. The suggestion is that we, who reject homosexuality as phobics, generally do so because we are also racists.

This relationship was considered to be a marriage within the Stone family, every bit as much as if it were a marriage between a man and a woman; on this fact, there was no question, regarding the broad-minded Stone family’s stand. Just to make sure there was no mistaking their broad-mindedness, the pair of odd bed-fellows was going to adopt a child; of course there can be no fruitfulness within a homosexual relationship, such as there is within the marriage bed of God’s plan for a man and a woman.

This homosexual pair was going to demonstrate to the extreme their lack of racism, when they adopted and brought into the already-confused relationship, a black baby. When this baby arrived at Christmas time to be worshiped by one and all of the family Stone, the head of the family called the baby the king of kings, adopted to honor a homosexual relationship, in complete mockery of Jesus, who is the King of kings and Lord of lords.

At the heart of this family Stone’s story, the ‘squarest’ of their children, was a somewhat proper young man, totally out of step with the rest of the family of New Agers. The mother of them all was played by Diane Keaton, an actress very adept at playing the kind of role necessary for movies with an agenda to promote Political Correctness. The proper young man, portrayed as being somewhat stodgy, brought home with him a very square, ‘up-tight’ young woman to share Christmas with the family.

This poor young woman fit into the family about as much as a square peg fits into a round hole. She was treated abysmally by the Stones, as though she were stricken with the plague; so they set about to completely demoralize her. The height of the battle came when the girl made the unintended faux-pas of asking at the dinner table whether or not the mother Stone would have really wanted her little Stones to all have been ‘gay’ after the mother had jokingly made a statement to this effect.

At this point all hell broke loose with a screaming match taking place around the dinner table. The young woman was regarded as one who had just committed the unpardonable sin of the homophobes by daring to challenge the family agenda surrounding this ‘gay’ son. It brought a crisis into the holiday festivities, which appeared to be insurmountable; so the girl, in total disgrace before the entire family, chose to leave the house and get a hotel room.

Yet, she refused to give up and continued to try to do her best to be accepted by this most unpleasant family. It would appear that the only possible way for her to gain the approval of the hard, cold Stones would be to become one of them by giving up who she really was, seen to be a misfit in their eyes, though, in point of fact, she was probably the only kind and principled one in the lot. But principles and Political Correctness rarely, if ever, can share the same bed.

The spiritual message for today’s modern culture is that until the perceived, up-tight, Religious Right is bludgeoned into submission to the culture, the homosexual agenda is only going to strengthen its attacks. This could be considered a seasonal ‘Holiday’ movie produced in a spiritual ‘art-form’ equivalent to the ‘art-form’ of ants crawling on the body of a crucified Jesus, recently hung in the National Portrait Gallery in Smithsonian, near Washington, D.C.

It followed that the square son had always been one of them in his own way, when he revealed his proclivity for eastern spiritualism and a desire to investigate the Buddhist monastic lifestyle of the gurus. With somewhat of a revelation, it was revealed that he had been a Stone family New Ager at heart all along, and so he was returned in acceptance to the bosom of the Stone family. It was a holiday full of unpleasantness without any of the substance and beauty, which comes with the true meaning of Christmas.

Just before viewing this movie, I caught a glimpse of the end of a previous ‘Holiday’ movie where the purpose of Christmas was fulfilled in the blending together of a Christian and a Judaic family, which included the parents of a young Christian man and young Jewish woman who were about to be married. They wanted to all spend the holidays together.

It would appear the purpose of this movie was to show the spirit of Christmas is achieved when you can compromise its true meaning for the sake of blending religions into a generic kind of celebration, where one form of worship suits all. It can be a Hanukkah celebration or a celebration of Jesus’ birth. One ‘Holy Day’, spent together worshiping whomever, should do the trick of uniting the families in unity, the unity of religion, which the church is chasing after today.

And so, the agenda of this ‘Holiday Show’ was accomplished by removing the importance of Jesus Christ from Christmas to elevate religious unity. The celebration of Hanukkah was given equal billing with Jesus for the ‘Christmas Holidays’, the Son of God who would never have shared His manger with the Pharisaical hypocrites of Judaism, or with anyone else, for that matter. So much of the Christian emphasis is placed on the Judeo-Christian bond, which Christians believe exists between the two, even though the Judaizers rejected Jesus in His day. They still reject Him but it would appear that this is no longer relevant.

Sin most definitely has been dressed in Prada for Christmas this year. The world is going to be deceived as Satan sets about to discredit any witnesses to the truth, whom he cannot deceive with his lies and the splendor of Prada. He will go after the Christians with a vengeance, when they leave the door of religion open to him.

Beware of any church desiring to be relevant within the social culture of the day!  What part has a believer in a church system, which is willing to forsake that baby in the manger who came to save the world from its sin, which He would never endorse? He never came to be relevant to society as the author of a purpose-driven church of social works.

Jesus was and is as rejected by the culture of the day as was the ‘up-tight’ little lady who tried to break into the midst of the Stone family; He was treated with disdain by the world around Him. Whenever He opened His mouth, there was an enemy there waiting to attack Him. If you remember, the religious leaders wanted to stone Him for speaking the truth, just as the young woman was emotionally stoned by the family Stone.

There is no half-way house or a half-way Christmas Holiday. It is either about a Savior who came to save the world from its sin, or it becomes nothing more than a generic religious holiday like any other, dressed up by the devil in Prada.

Unfortunately, The Stone Family finished on a note of death. Mrs. Stone was suffering from cancer and there was no relief for her from her fear of death. She died just before the movie concluded with the New Age Stone family reminiscing around the Christmas tree a year later, the young woman now one of them, accepted because of her conversion to tolerance. She clearly was no longer considered to be intolerant and ‘up-tight’.

One could sense the futility and lack of joy, as the surviving Stones stood around the lighted tree. The true sadness was that the mother had left behind her a brood of New Age Stoners, none of whom would ever know the true meaning of Christmas in their state of Nirvana without Jesus. There would never be anything but more generations of Stones, without the hope of life that only the true King of kings can give.

Beware of the messages spewing from the ‘Holiday Movies’ of a generic form. Put the meaning back into the Christmas celebration, or we will have nothing but a future of more Stones being born without a future. Take the futility out and put the hope back in every aspect of this incredible celebration of the birth of that precious little child who grew into a man who took the sin of the world upon His shoulders so He could give the gift of life to you and me. The Christmas celebration is for one purpose only, which is to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Do not squander this incredible gift by becoming the wrong kind of stone – the hand-cut stone of man, instead of a stone shaped by time and by God, to serve Him. His own will never serve the master of this world called the devil, who dresses his people in Prada. The devil is always searching for a new Emily who desperately wants to be nothing more than just another ‘Miranda girl’.