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Storm Clouds are Forming Over America

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

April 9, 2009

Dark clouds are forming over America. The voice of thunder can be heard in the distance.

“You have defiled My land with your abominations. Your priests roam this country dressed in filthy robes. They fear men more than they fear My power; they shame My name by compromising the truth in order to share a place at the ruler’s table; they seek large audiences and the acclaim of man. So be it! They will receive their reward in this world but not in the next.

I am weary of their foolish doctrines and speeches that have no foundation in My Word. They have mastered the art of fence-sitting in order to put on a happy face while attempting to be all things to all people, but of no value to Me or to anyone. This is not the church to which I entrusted My Commission; it is nothing but a counterfeit, serving the prince of the world, but not serving Me.

I search for light and truth in their words, but I find none. They do not know themselves what is truth, so how is it possible for them to witness to others? I prefer to embrace the sick, the weak, and the outcast members of society, for they are as clay in the potter’s hands – so easy to shape and form to the potter’s will.

This is a stiff-necked, rebellious generation that does not respond to Me in its continuous search for entertainment by perverse performers. That which is called music is nothing more than the sound of clanging cymbals to My ears. The noise is grating and the words and actions of those who are called entertainers are disgusting and shameful. I will destroy it all when the towers begin to fall. Then they will know Who created this earth and determines the movements of the sun. They will come to know that wicked men are the cause of global warming, with My wrath now heating up to the boiling point, as I get ready to release the fire of My judgment. Did you think you could continue your perverse ways and escape the coming storm?

Foolish men of little understanding, hear these words I speak to you! The hour of midnight is at hand, and I shall hold back the judgment no longer. Your wicked rulers who masquerade as messiahs, your money-changers who steal from the people, and your priests who have no words of wisdom for anyone, will all feel the hand of judgment. My power will flow to My bride and I will strengthen the weak, heal the blind and make the lame walk.

A woman shall encompass the man and your wicked men and nations shall be cast from My sight. I abhor your filth, your lies and your language of the gutter, which shall return to you as human refuse, which I will smear across your faces. And I shall turn My face from you while you cry out in the pain of your own destruction. Your flesh shall melt away in the heat of My judgment.

I have spoken, and so it shall be!”