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The American Pat-down

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

November 18, 2010

The history of the little nation, Israel, over the past 62 years would indicate she is a nation with more ‘smarts’ than the rest of the world. Because of Muslim threats against her, she has been forced to apply those ‘smarts’ to survive against a hostile world, and she has not only done so, but she has also flourished. There is no doubt in her mind as to who the enemy is.

The first major set-back to her recent security, with which she has had to deal, has been the election of an illegal president in the United States of America, who also happens to be a Muslim sympathizer. He and his government crew have taken political correctness to extremes, the likes of which have never been seen before, going back to the day that Satan introduced this practice in the Garden of Eden. Obama has elevated the Muslim to a protected species in the West, providing America as a sanctuary for Islam to better enable its mandate for world control.

Let us return to the Garden of creation where political correctness was introduced. He was Satan, that wily serpent of old, who uttered that first message of political correctness, which came against the truth of God who had just profiled him and his tree as the root of destruction. With the lure, which tempted man to act in direct disobedience to the word of God, he created the first belief system of religious idolatry in a form, which introduced liberalism from God.

When God set the borders for Garden life, He stated that the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, which was in the midst of the Garden, paved the road to man’s destruction; He declared that all who ate of it would die. Such who disobeyed Him were profiled to be driven, without apology, from the Garden, only to lose their lives. The borders no longer offered access of entry through the gate, lest they should eat of the tree of life and live forever in a fallen condition. This would make them illegals, separated from His paradise meant only for those who were obedient to His dictates, or law.
By seducing the man into sin, Satan was able to take ruler-ship over him with his own government plan for mixing good with evil based on a lie, known today as religious compromise. It sounded good and was obscured by appealing to the lusts of man, but it declared the opposite of truth to be truth, denying that rebellion against God would lead to death, but rather He was God, who had duped man with His words. Man’s rebellion led to the formation of the religious state.

This message led man to believe that evil can, in fact, produce a protected species within the profiled borders of God, which is not subject to the law of God. Hence, we have the root for liberalism from God, creating a human race lost in the sin of rebellion to Him and His truth.

Adam and Eve were trapped in the first religious snare of Satan and deceived by the first argument of political correctness. In turn, they could only breed future generations of children born with the liberal gene of liberalism in them. In this way the fruitfulness of the marriage bed was destroyed between man and God. They had given up the Spirit of life for the spirit of death, the spirit in which all future generations would be born.

Now, this brings us to the latest new trick of the devil called ‘the American pat-down’ established, seemingly, to catch the terrorists of evil intent against America. The main feature of political correctness is that there is no truth in it, and it defies logic, which begins with known truths. The pat-down has become the latest move of the politically correct American politicians, which, instead of helping to protect Americans, merely invades their right to protect the privacy of their own body ‘junk’.

The profiling of the terrorists can be 99.9% accurate, in so far as their physical appearance sets them apart from that of the average American. They speak a different language, they have ties to eastern Islamic regimes, and they wear religious garb, all of which makes for easy profiling. Once profiled, they should then be administered the pat-down, after intensive interrogation has been carried out, much as the Israelis do.

If, on the occasion of the terrorist attack of 9/11, the profiling of airline passengers had taken place according to language, country of origin, and ideology embraced, while ignoring the factor of dress, the disaster could have been prevented after a pat-down of the profiled. Thousands of American lives could have been saved. Instead, we chose to accept the dictates of Political Correctness, with its destructive message of tolerance for evil, and instead frisked the innocent so as to serve the enemy instead of protecting Americans.

In fact, all known Muslims should be profiled at our borders, before they ever are allowed to enter this country without swearing allegiance to the supreme God over this land and to our nation. To do so would go against all that Islam teaches, which makes the lifestyle of Muslims totally incompatible with that of Canadians and Americans. Muslim ideology produces a religion based on the killing of all people, regardless of who they are, if they will not accept the dictates of Islam. Muslim allegiance is only to an Islamic state.

The greatest weapon against terrorism for America is the fact that the appearance of the enemy identifies him, and makes him different from the appearance of the average American. The terrorist, in every case, has grown up under the Islamic ideology of killing. The Koran teaches it in the mosques. There is nothing radical about it, but rather killing is a fundamental teaching for those who call themselves Muslims, if Islam is to rule over and control the world.

Patting-down the average American plane traveler, dressed in the normal street attire of Americans, is to target that group of people, the 99.9% of airline passengers, who are very unlikely to have anything to do with terrorism. Forcing them to subject their bodies to invasive procedures that defile the rights of the individual to privacy, along with man-handling little children and old ladies do not aid in identifying the terrorist, who is so easy to profile without all of this. 

Why do we allow such foolishness, when we could learn better methods from Israel, which is known for her ‘smarts’? It is because we are a nation, the government of which is forcing political correctness (the illogical behavior stemming from the liberal gene) upon its people, who are fed up with the stupidity of it all. The reaction to the ‘American pat-down’ of the people should send a clear message to government about the incredibly stupid actions being carried out by the TSA.

It is quickly becoming a crime to profile the enemy of America, called Islam, of which terrorism is only a branch of its forces, set on the takeover of America. How could logic tell us not to profile the enemy, when it is the same enemy, which the sons and daughters of our nations are facing in a world-wide battlefield for world domination intent on seeing the end of liberty in America? Either our governments are not listening to that ridiculous little dictator of Iran, called Ahmadinejad, or they are choosing to ignore what he is saying. He wants first, Israel, and next, America, to be wiped from the face of the earth.

And so, once again we can see the logic of the Hebrew people who have had to learn the hard way the rules of survival. Their ‘smarts’ tells them to ‘pat-down’ the cargo and profile the passenger. If someone looks like the enemy under scrutiny, the security measure is to pat him/her down along with the cargo. If he is not found to have dangerous weapons on his being, then he will travel with the other passengers, enjoying the same peace of mind as they, even though he is Muslim and the enemy of the freedom of her land.

America is a country under our God who expects us to keep it free from the enemy, which would destroy it. He expects us to profile evil and neither protect nor embrace it. He made it the number one law of the Ten Commandments, which profile evil; there shall be no gods before Him within His nation. You cannot serve God and Allah at the same time; God’s Law of profiling evil is not compatible with the Sharia law of Islam, which promotes another god and the evil of torture and killing until the world is submitted to Islam.

The new ‘American pat-downs’ are for the patsies of political correctness who are afraid to deal with evil regimes and call evil what it is and then profile it. Islam is an evil religion, which should not only be profiled by the TSA, but should then be considered as dangerous as a rattlesnake that has been let loose on an airplane.

After looking to Israel for ‘smarts’ connected to air traffic safety, then look to the Bible, the foundation of justice in this nation, to discover that it is a book of profiling from beginning to end. God profiles and separates those who stand on truth from those who live by religion.

Take a very close look at what the Bible has to say about the kingdom and the New Jerusalem with a wall of twelve foundations and twelve gates to a city, which the glory of God illuminates. The nations of those who are saved shall walk in its light, with the kings of the earth bringing their glory and honor into it. Now, here is the crux of the matter regarding God’s take on profiling – There shall by no means enter it anything that defiles, or causes an abomination or a lie, but only those who are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life (Revelation 21:27). But outside are dogs and sorcerers and sexually immoral and murderers and idolaters, and whoever loves and practices a lie (Revelation 22:15).

This is the profiling we pray for when we pray the Lord’s Prayer asking that His kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. There will be no Muslims in it or any others who follow the dictates of religion. How is it that Mr. Obama and the crew around him, who mostly claim to be Christians, are afraid to practice the profiling required of a nation under God? Could it be AKA Obama is really a Muslim at heart, and the rest of his government is made up of a bunch of hypocrites?

Profile the enemy and protect American citizens! Leave the pat-down of political correctness for the fools and start practicing a few ‘smarts’ like the nation Israel practices! She has learned not to trust the enemy, the same enemy as that of America, which is waiting to devour her like a serpent at her gates. There is no other way but to profile it.