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The Book of Revelation – The Master Advisor

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

The Book of Revelation – The Master Advisor

May 06, 2012

Prime Ministers and Presidents chase after their advisors for advice about the political state of affairs and what they should do in these special times of world upheavals. Is it not ironic that they swear the oath of office on the Bible in America, which holds all the answers for how to deal with the political situation today, but in their hypocrisy, they do not actually believe it contains the prophecy of these truths?

What does man know compared to the God who created him? Surely, if he opened the book of Job, he might catch a glimpse into just how foolish our religious and political academics are. Never think that academia is not the most religious of all groups. It is made up of the true fools of Proverbs who trust in their own knowledge and never really get any understanding. They surround our rulers, dishing out to them the tripe of man’s intellect.

Job would have been an upright, family man, a pillar of society, and an honorable and righteous man of his time. Still, God allowed Satan to attack and nearly destroy him, because Satan claimed he would curse God if He had not put a hedge of protection around him and all he possessed. Then Satan suggested that to threaten his life, would really cause Job to stumble. God used this opportunity to open Job’s eyes as to just how vulnerable and human he was, compared to how in charge of things and divine God is, when it comes to the big picture of the origin of the species, and who created them and the universe.

If our rulers and advisors have not opened the book of Revelation, I would suggest that they do so now, as quickly as they can. It is the revelation for this time given by God of Jesus Christ to show His servants exactly what will take place shortly (see Revelation 1:1). We are not entering into a scheme drafted by the Community Organizers of Chicago, nor are we being controlled by the agendas of the unions of America.

We are entering a period of time very much within the plan of God to allow Satan to do the ‘Job thing’ again with mankind. In the end will come the great judgment of exactly what man has done with God and how His Word has applied to man’s life. Will he come to some degree of understanding like Job so that he will fall on his face and repent before the one true God? The rewards were great for Job, but, as for the academics who challenged, taunted and advised him, the situation was not quite as good.

The message of Revelation comes from the mouth of an angel sent by God to bear witness to His Word and to the testimony of the truth of Jesus Christ and to all that was seen in the revelation of the things to come. Jesus is identified as the firstborn of the dead and the Ruler over the kings of the earth who represent the dead. He comes from the dust and the Spirit of life, like Adam, but He is the bright and morning star who has not wandered from His place among the stars as did Satan who found himself lodged in the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Is that not where the conflict of man with God and each other began in the Garden and remains to this day, at the center of our political warring?

Adam and his bride, created to walk with God, took to the streets in rebellion and found themselves caught in the branches of evil from which emanate religion and liberalism, apart from God. As Frank Sinatra said, supposedly having his own worldly ties to the mafia – he did it his way and thought he could mix good and evil without having to be accountable to God.

However, Revelation is about the Day of the Lord and, more specifically, the judgment day concerning the spiritual food we have eaten during our journey through this wilderness of life. Depending on what we choose to eat, God will determine whether or not we are washed clean. The Day of the Lord is also about man becoming like a woman, or being encompassed by the woman (see Jeremiah 31:22), as was Jesus in the womb of Mary. He came forth in purity without the corrupted seed of Adam in Him. So, too, must His bride be cleansed by the testimony of Jesus, the Word, given in the spirit of prophecy.

Jesus began a new spiritual line for man called the apostolic church – a line of believers, born-again of that same Spirit of life lost by man through sin in the Garden. This line is liberated from that of the first woman called Eve, sinner and harlot to her God and the mother of all living. She is also the mother of all harlots, who chose to come under the spiritual control of Satan and his world-government plan of empire-building for man, based on a religious foundation of lies, which led into man’s own tower-building to God by the works of his own hands, called the tower of Babel.

God destroyed the tower and divided mankind into nations, which became the source for the religious/state control of the East, to where God had driven man from the Garden. God intended for him to be under His rule, as co-ruler over the earth and as a free man on a foundation of truth. For He is the God of truth and Author of His Word, the Holy Scriptures, which has made America different when we chose to live His way in a land of liberty and freedom, standing on the marvelous, firm foundation of His Word.

Her Founding Fathers placed the Word of God as the foundation for the schoolroom, the courtroom, and the houses of government, with the Ten Commandments as the fundamental basis for American law. God made us His partnering people, responsible for tending this garden paradise, as we walked in partnership with Him. It is as though we walked on the moon as the reflected light of the Sun, in whose mantle of light we were clothed, the light of the Son of God. We were as a shining city on a hill.

The old line of Adam and Eve is still to be found to the east, as captives to the eastern religious states, where priest and state rule in conjunction with each other, warring for world dominance – terrorizing, killing and torturing. They battle it out, each to enforce one’s own religion known as the harlotry of man to a God who originally gave him free will to choose his own destiny; and so he did.

This harlotry is named for the Babylonian people, reaching all the way back to the tower-building of Babel, a system of empires, which took God’s people, Israel, into captivity, allowed by God for the chastisement of their sin. God uses the evil of that harlot, Babylon, to do good and to serve His purposes, for sin is a self-destructive force, which takes people and nations down. Confession, repentance and trust in the Jesus of the book of Revelation save men and nations when they return to God after having walked away.

Therein lies the answer for America, if she wants victory in the Middle East. Get out of there, come home and begin standing on truth in confession of your sinful, spiritual wandering as a nation, now more influenced by Satan than by God! Return to Him and His greatness will return to you! God is the one who can prevent any evil nation from having victory over His people, but the key to victory and the kingdom is that you are His people and you do stand on truth as your foundation, and not on religion.

God opened His book of Revelation by beginning with His judgment upon a harlot church, which, through the ages, wandered from its foundation to rest on one of the religions called Christianity. She allowed her light to go out except for the remnant saved for the line of David who will rule again in a kingdom on earth with Jesus, once her chastisement of captivity is over.

His kingdom on earth is coming, and so is He, the only One who can put it in place. The signs have been given as plain as the nose on our face. The Titanic showed us that God is going to take the entire Babylonian system down with the last one being that mighty iron empire shown to the prophet Daniel. He was given a vision, which dovetails perfectly with that given to the apostle John in the book of Revelation, hundreds of years later. Only those saved in the spiritual lifeboats of the cross will escape the spiritual seawaters God separated from man at creation, and warned him to stay away from, when He warned him about the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. It only took two hours for the iron ship to fill up with the deadly water, which took it down.

Revelation describes how long it would take for the towers of trade, or specifically, the Babylonian economic system, to come down, which will be seen by the merchants who became rich in the harlot’s trade and as many who trade by the seas of this world. For in one hour such great riches came to nothing, and in one hour she was made desolate (see Revelation 18:9-19). On September 11, 2001, her burning was seen in the natural (first the natural and then the spiritual) as the World Trade Towers of New York were brought down in one hour with the world watching the smoke of their burning, as they came to nothing and were made desolate.

The wealthy nations of the world are presently watching their economic system of banks beginning to fall one after another, as our financial system begins to crumble around us. At the same time, the governments are failing and quickly moving toward the One World Order, with religion following in their wake, both being just minutes away from 12 o’clock midnight when it all comes tumbling down to make way for the kingdom of our Lord here on earth, for which we have been praying in the Lord’s Prayer for centuries, since He last came. “Thy kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven.” It can’t happen without Him. The prophet Isaiah warns us about the times, and the Dead Sea Scrolls verify that it is time for the day of the judgment in the day of the great slaughter when the towers fall (see Isaiah 30:25).

God gave us 100 years to fully grasp the prophetic meaning of the Titanic. It haunts the world, yet the world refuses to get the understanding and continues to reject the Lord God for the gods of this world who come like vipers out of the religious/state empires of the East in the form of multiculturalism. It is, in fact, nothing but multi-cultism, leading to death, not life. Still, we choose to embrace it, instead of embracing God.

Dust off your Bibles, America, and pray that the rulers of this nation will do so, too! It is all written for them to see without spending tax-payers’ hard-earned money on advisors who are like blind men leading the blind. Read the book of Revelation and, hopefully, God will wash the serpentine scales from your eyes; they have been there from birth as a child of Eve, the original mother of all harlots, Babylon the Great, doomed to go down to the bottom of the sea, riding the beast all the way.

Liberalism is the result of man’s sinful rebellion to God, and it is sweeping the world as I write, with leftist governments pushing ever closer to bringing the world to that moment when the beast of Revelation rises out of the sea and opens his mouth in blasphemy against God. A second beast rises up with all the authority of the first beast, deceiving those who dwell on earth. Now he will cause all to take his mark of 666, the governmental, religious and economic mark of man, which will allow people to buy and sell in order to merely survive.

Like children marching to the tune of the piper, we follow in the footsteps of deceit, unaware we are being led to a cliff, where, as a result of our poor choices, we will be forced forward and over the edge to our doom. We are moving in the direction of first, the French Revolution of the Bourgeoisie, followed by the Russian Communist Revolution of the Proletariat, and then the Chinese Communist Revolution following on its heels. And so, America is poised for the silent revolution being carried out in deception with the growing controls of the ‘Big-Brother Government’ pushing us steadily forward, toward the socialist state, different from the Communist state in name only.

This liberalism will ultimately bring death to the nation from within, without it being necessary to fire one shot. We are in a very sad place, indeed, for which only God holds the solution; the book of Revelation is the master advisor. The time is long overdue for this people of America to examine its message about the coming One World Order and know and understand from where it is coming. It is then the time to get down on their knees like Daniel and cry out to God for His mercy upon His people.

Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people (Proverbs 14:34).