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The Call for the First Meeting Concerning the Formation of a Freedom Party of              Canada, September 21, 2023

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                                                                                                by Elinor Montgomery


The Call for the First Meeting Concerning the Formation of a Freedom Party of  Canada, September 21, 2023

                                                                                                     September 27, 2023


A call went forth for a meeting in connection with forming a new Canadian Political Party to return this country to the rule of God, at which point the land can be restored to freedom from the tyranny of Progressive Liberalism. It means liberalism from God, which is the religion of the empire-building governments of the world, which have invaded our nation with their cults.


These empires follow in order, one after the other, beginning with the empire of Egypt, which took the sons of Jacob, known as Israel, captive. Then the empire of Assyria took the northern half of Israel captive. Finally, the empire of Babylon took the southern part of Israel captive, which was known as Judah in those days.


This was the first of what became known as the Babylonian system of empires with Israel, God’s people and army completely out of the way of Satan going for world dominance, only to be taken over by the next empire of the Medo-Persians. Interestingly enough, a woman called Esther had a great deal to do with being the voice for her captive nation Israel who appealed to the king to save her people. Her stepson and king went on to actually call for the rebuilding of Jerusalem and its protective wall.


The empire of Greece then arose to take the empire away from the Medo-Persians, which in turn, went on to fall before the mighty power of the Roman Empire. It would continue on to be divided into two parts to become the Early Roman Empire, which would go into sleep mode as God used it to provide the roads to the world for His church to reach the world with the message of the apostles.


Now enters the Caesar, Constantine, onto the scene, who decided to make the church a possession of Rome after the apostles were dead and gone. They would fall under the rule of the pagan high priest of Rome. He would take the name of Pope as the high, inerrant priest of his own Roman dynasty. One day, a pope would rise again and declare that Jesus was not the only way to heaven, and mother Rome would begin to revive as the Latter-day Roman Empire, centuries down the road of time.


This final empire is presently seeking to remove the pages of man’s history, which is His Story, founded in the pages of the Bible, in order to make the world into a One World Order of empirical rule under the dictatorship of the Club of Rome. We, in America, the church of God, have allowed it to come to this point in history when we have compromised ourselves as a nation to reflect darkness rather than light and to serve a Roman spiritual system in all its corruption rather than serve our very own God of liberty in these perilous times.

The enemy has not only surrounded us, but it is also within our ranks.

It is difficult to recognize a nation of Rome within it and discern the spiritual empire of the spiritual body of Christianity, which we incorrectly attribute to Jesus as His church. Jesus never, ever endorsed any religious system, nor did He ever claim to be a religious Man. He comes to us in Spirit and in truth. And He is coming for His pure bride, to whom He has given the grain of understanding for this time. Only He who kept the Law in every instance can deliver the message to the world, which is needed for today. He has given the Law as to how to receive the purity of Christ within His Goshen of America, which has an old capital like that of Jerusalem, called Kingston, the King’s Town.

Perhaps this meeting for which we made the call was just as it was intended–held inconspicuously on a 90th birthday, one which announces the birth of the child of Abraham’s inheritance and one that has the grain for today’s needed understanding. The bride is like Joseph who had to provide the necessary grain to grow his fledgling nation of Israel, as compared to that needed for the full house of Israel and the difficulties, which lie ahead in these, most perilous times.

Is it not also the time for the blowing of horns and the call to purify oneself for, like Joshua, we are taking back the land which already belongs to God? It is called the Feast of Tabernacles (September 15 — Oct.6, 2023). Perhaps God merely wanted to use this time to see the difficulties with which we are dealing before we continue on the road to victory for His true church, which is not found in our buildings of mortar, bricks and stones cut by the tools of men.


Religious idols are deeply imprinted in our psyches and we have learned well the lesson of the Garden sermon from the serpent of Progressive Liberalism-The message is that we must compromise the truth with the knowledge of good and evil to be like God. Compromise is the answer to success, says the church today. Do not think that it will be easy to find wisdom in such a church that says lies do not matter if they are used as Christ’s method to hold hands together with the enemy if we can achieve victory by making a deal with the devil.


This is a church that claims our precious victory in Christ is the result of being a Judeo-Christian nation. Whenever did Jesus suggest that the priesthood of Judaism, which was in cahoots with the Roman Empire to rush Jesus off to the cross, was anything more than sons of their father, the devil and a brood of vipers?


America was not established in freedom under the rule of Judaism. Judaism was the epitome of a compromised, religious system of worship. It was in agreement with Caesar to leave the religious system to herself to continue her practices while at the same time they would join the government in the vilifying of Jesus. Judaism would deny the truth of God. Where was their understanding of the holiness of the Sabbath rest, which is marked for the final thousand years of history in which we find ourselves today with the knowledge that a day is as a thousand years?


The name ‘Christian’ was first used in Antioch, a Roman-held district, to mock the believers of ‘the Way’, the apostolic church, which Jesus never called ‘His Christian Church’. 1 Peter tells us that, ”If you are reproached for the name of Christ, blessed are you, for the Spirit of glory and of God rests upon you. On their part He is blasphemed, but on your part He is glorified (1 Peter 4:14).”


In 2 Peter, he continues, “But beloved, do not forget this one thing, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day (2 Peter 3:8).”  In the Ten Commandments the cycle is emphasized, which indicates 6 days of work and on the 7th day, the Sabbath is a blessing from our work and is hallowed by God. It specifically refers to God’s message of a thousand years as the marker of His work of providing a perfect creation for man in Genesis in which all things are created good. Our cycle of 6 work days and then of a 7th day of rest is to be extended to every worker within the gates of Israel’s land.


In order to keep this Law, we need to become the government of this land under His ultimate rule and consider it the duty of the judiciary to set such a marker for everyone in all of America. This is our day of purity (His bridal feast will be one of Purim). It will never be named for any day in a world of changing calendars and changing numbers of days in a year, set by man and named for the gods of the earth, having a circumference, which separates cities in time by as much as 24 hours.

God commands His people to take control of His land of freedom and take back the Law, take back the Sabbath rest and no longer leave such an enormous responsibility for the Law in the hands of foreigners. That is what religion is all about—Progressive Liberalism from God’s Law. It was Trudeau who pushed our heritage out the window by inflicting the Canadian Charter of religious rights upon this Canadian nation with Cana in its name. America can be identified by her Puritan heritage, but Canada is the land, which explorers crossed and crisscrossed, planting crosses to claim the land for Christ.


This is the foundation upon which our nation was founded. Bear in mind the gold diggers got into the act to turn the good gold of Havilah into the gold of empires with the religions of the empires, about to lay claim to all the gold while giving to you the mark of the beast in return. You shall be called back into isolation and masks for, you guessed it–there will be a new so-called deadly virus, and you will be a threat to the booster-takers, who will get weaker and weaker with each ensuing jab. The name of the game is, Don’t stop until you kill them all!


Men of God, rise up and reclaim our provinces and territories for God as we, an apostolic, tiny group has done in Canada on Canada Day, July 1, 2023, when we blew the horns and made a great sound or shout across this country. The glory of God came down in response to our cry for unity of a true, religious- free church and one strong voice to the nation to accept the promises of God for victory in Him and His truth and not in religion at all. Don’t let your choice be for the devil and the deep blue sea! There is no return ticket for it as we have just seen happen to a capsule full of billionaires heading down to the Titanic.


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