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The Essence of the Couch

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective 
by Elinor Montgomery



Introduction to The Essence of the Couch

January 10, 2023


Before you decide to read this commentary, determine that you have time to sit down and read it in its entirety. The first part gives Bible prophecy for the answers needed to return this land of North America to her greatness as two nations under God. Freedom will escape the nation if she does not have these prophetic answers and the many reasons why I might qualify to give some of them to you.


My authenticity needs to be established, and I conclude the following commentary by attempting to do so. In my book, Where The Paths Meet On The Road To Greatness, suggested for extra reading, you will read the most astonishing story of my life. I have experienced the most extraordinary things, some of which move into a spiritual realm for which there are no words.     


The Freedom Post will build its newsworthiness on a solid basis of the truth of the Bible and the guiding of the Holy Spirit in all things. To help its readers gain understanding is the Post’s number one goal, and it will never be doctored with fake news or ever run contrary to the Word with its patterns, its principles and its precepts found in the Bible on most every page.  Herein lie the answers to the healing of the nation.


Sit back, read, question and enjoy–for there are many pages to come. I write only about the things, the message of which the Spirit has first quickened my thinking. Test it to feel the strength and get the understanding you will receive from the miracle of the Word.


… A note from the author of the following commentary.



The Essence of the Couch

June 16, 2022


       Many scholars of the Bible will tell you that the Bible is 25-30% prophecy, but few will tell you that it is 100% prophecy. The Bible itself speaks out on this matter to indicate that the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy (see Revelation 19:10). The vine of the BRANCH does not just feed a part of the branch, it runs throughout the entire branch to make it a fruitful one. Jesus says of Himself that He is the true Vine. The branch needs pruning to bear more fruit from the vine. You must abide in His Word and He in you. It is His Word that washes you clean, washing away the religion that is in you from the sin of the Garden. Unless you abide in the prophecy, you have no place in Him (see John 15:1-4).


We first hear about the couch in Genesis, chapter 49, when Jacob gathered his sons together to tell them what will befall them in the final days, remembering that they are the gateways to the kingdom and each one was blessed by Jacob according to each one’s own blessing.  He said to them that he was to be gathered to his people and buried in Canaan in the field of Ephron the Hittite in the field of Machpelah before Mamre in the land of Canaan, which Abraham had bought for a burial place (see Genesis, chapter 23). It was there Abraham and Sarah were buried, as well as Isaac and Rebekah and where Jacob had buried Leah, his wife. The cave was purchased from the sons of Heth. 


God’s people took nothing from the world–He provided all they needed until death, and then God claimed them back, unless they had defiled the marriage bed that God had given them in Spirit, only to break their vows of the covenant they had made with Him–that they would have no other gods before Him, all of which would lead them to the grave. It had never been God’s intention for them to die, for in choosing life they were bound to the tree of life by the cords of love–the vine of Jesus that was as strong as marriage vows.


Reuben, the firstborn son of Jacob, was his intended inheritance of the relationship of man to God–the firstfruit–the eternal fruit that comes with the love relationship between God and His Creation. It was for this purpose that Lucifer, the angelic spirit-being, was once groomed in the heavenlies. However, pride was found in him, and he was the first to fall as God drove him out of heaven to grovel in the dust of the earth. As he fell, he drew a third of the angels with him, only for all of them to be separated forever from God the Father and the benefits of the eternal life, which He had given to them.


God wanted a joyful, happy relationship with man as His family, and He also wanted a bride for His Son within the covenant of marriage–one which would last forever, with the pride of man not interfering to destroy that relationship and to contaminate all ensuing relationships. God would cast out of the Garden of Eden that which would destroy His people who had refused to be both faithful and obedient to His Word. He would have a second Son from the angels to replace Lucifer, leaving the door open for Him to allow man to repent for trusting the lies of religion, the belief system, the chief destroyer in sin and rebellion. Having once been very beautiful, Lucifer was reduced to a serpentine devil, the most reviled of the animal kingdom (from beauty and pride to ugliness). 


God had offered on a platter to Reuben, the dignity and the control of worldly pleasures, which come with power. There was no religion in such an offer, only the truth of a God of truth who hates the breaking of covenant–a covenant like that of a marriage, but between God and man. He is a God of love who provides joy everlasting to His covenant keepers, but does not cause suffering, which comes from the breaking of His covenant in the freedom of having choice.


There was one condition to this; he must never defile the couch of the marriage bed of man’s covenant with God, which began with Adam and, after the flood, was established again with Abraham. He determined he would not make the same mistake as that of his long-dead father, Adam. He would become the father of faith and obedience to the Word of God. Ultimately, Abraham would offer a tithe of ‘his all’ to a carnate Melchizedek, a spiritual type of the not-yet-carnate Jesus, who offered Abraham the communion of the bread and wine, as would Jesus one day offer His church on the eve of His crucifixion. 


Since Lucifer fell from heaven, there has been an on-going battle to restore the privileged position, which the first sons of man in God had in heaven. The creation of the human gave Lucifer/Satan the opportunity to masquerade as the light. In so doing, he would enter the man to separate him from his relationship with his Creator, as the spirit of death entered into him with the lies of Progressive Liberalism from God. The first, religious sermon of this same liberalism was preached by the serpent to the woman in the Garden from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. That was the day in which man lost his freedom and position in God, the Creator and Father of mankind.


Beware of political speeches by presidents of Progressive Liberalism from God, who will use the same platform as that of the devil, accompanied by barely-disguised voter fraud. Does Christianity just close its eyes, while sitting in silence embracing the Green program of the enemy of God and pretend it does not sit in worship at the feet of mother-goddess-Gaia? It would seem that for the 75% of the population, which declares itself to be Christian, it is constantly guilty of tipping the scales to elect one Progressive Liberal government after another to endorse its evil.


Is this not why we have an intolerable situation with the wimps and the mealy-mouthed on the Right today and the devil on the Left?  Was it not ever so, or do we have to go back to the thief on the cross who knew it was Paradise, which he wanted with Jesus, by demonstrating his faith in Him to do and be what He said He was in truth—the Savior who could take away man’s sins? It has always been a matter of East/West, Left/Right, Evil/Good, Wrong/Right, the one who rejects the cross and the one who clings to his Savior for love and eternal life.


Then we read in Genesis, chapter 6, of the development of the race of giants as the fallen angels who went into the beautiful daughters of man. This lost form of man, the angels of Satan who fell with him from heaven, became a race of giants. They were like puffed-up humans from the leaven of religion, with a stature befitting creatures of pride. They were of old, condemned forever from sharing the love and life offered them from God, to inhabit the earth from the depths of the spiritual waters of the sea, which covered the earth in the flood of Noah’s time. It covered the evil, but could not kill that to which God once gave eternal life in the heavens. Could it be that our children appear to be growing taller in our present generation of youths? Take a good look around you!


The dust from the bottom of the sea will rise again when the beast is seen rising up and out of it, having the 7 heads of the empires and 10 divisional areas over which he will rule in a One World Order. It is described in Revelation 13, when the Lord gets ready to return to earth. It will be time to purify His unclean church and take back the title deed to the earth where she lies sleeping and waiting for the kiss and breath of her Prince, while held in the grip of the awakening Roman Empire as it comes back to life. 


The Lord is getting ready to revive His apostolic church once again at the same time as the false church of Christianity is about to be taken down with the final empire and the nations, which were scattered over the face of the earth after the flood. There will be no flood ever again to cover the entire world; there will be a fire that will burn the branches of the BRANCH, those that refuse to be fruitful in the Vine. The burning bush that was not consumed on the mountaintop of God will be seen once again representing the saved who will go up, in these final hours of time. 


The rainbow in the cloud, placed there at the time of Noah, was the sign of the covenant God made with him and every living creature of all flesh that He would not destroy all flesh again by a flood. The rainbow would speak of the Light broken for you and me in the person of His Son Jesus, Son of God and Son of man. The covenant was with His Son and sealed by the Word, as the glory and mercy of God reverberate across the sky for that part of mankind that will give all of their lives for service to Him who became the flesh that we might live with Him forever.  Moses saw the burning bush that was not consumed, for he was the early part of man travelling the way, all the way to where he exits from this world and passes through the door to the kingdom to be with his Lord. 


Our first understanding from the blessing of Jacob is the judgment of the marriage bed, referred to as the couch of rest for Jacob. His first son, Reuben, lost his first-son-inheritance of Israel by defiling his father’s couch, to break covenant with him. In choosing to do so, he had no one to blame, but himself. He did not repent to the father for his or his brothers’ crimes in sending Joseph into slavery until they repented to Joseph. He forgave the brothers, but only once their sin was exposed to the light of day, and they repented before him. Joseph told them that they had intended their sin for evil, but God used it for good. Was the issue of the couch of judgment not the fact that Jacob had already given the rainbow-coloreddream-coat’ of inheritance to Joseph, the son he loved above all others, as the love child of his beloved Rachel? 


Before he died, Jacob blessed his sons, while lying on his couch, telling them what would happen in the end days to each tribe. He then crossed the first-son- inheritance over to the new covenant, and the second son of the future, with the blessing going from Manasseh to Ephraim, making these two sons of Joseph the sons of the promised inheritance line of Jacob. He had already crossed the blessing of the first son of Joseph, Manasseh, over to his second son, Ephraim, as the Spirit directed his hands.  


Does that not mean prophetically that his first sons of the house of Israel, the nation, will give way at the cross when they reject Jesus as their King, only to embrace the Roman emperor Caesar? Does Jacob, called Israel, not then turn to Ephraim, the second son of Joseph, claiming both sons of Joseph to be his own? Does Ephraim not represent the pure church of Jesus Christ today, both Jew and Gentile, lying comatose within the grip of Christianity and Judaism, while the Roman Empire begins to revive with its false prophet rising out of the sea to join the beast of the empire rule? 


Surely the true church is like a Snow White sleeping within the Babylonian, religious system awaiting the kiss of her Prince to awaken her from the spell of the apple she ate, the bad fruit of the wicked witch, who had concocted it by witchcraft, as it was in the Garden. Pharaoh’s magicians in Egypt were masters at magic trickery when confronted many years later by Moses, as Israel began her long trek of the Exodus throughout history until the Lord God’s full house of His people was with Him in the kingdom.


The church must quickly wake up and come out of her, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS, lest she share in her sins and receive of her plagues for defiling the marriage couch of the Lord and go down with her (see Revelation18:4). Do the 5 Great Lakes of America not represent the waters of the Babylonian system of 5 empires? The last one, the Roman Empire, is divided into two parts in the book of Daniel, as prophesied by the two legs of Nebuchadnezzar’s statue. These parts are represented by the two similar lakes in the shapes of Erie and Ontario with the rush of the waters between them at Niagara. Are they not called the Bridal Veil Falls? Is there not a Goat Island to the left, and a Table Rock set up as if for a bridal feast, along with the Rainbow Bridge? 


Consider the final lake, Ontario, where it meets with the St. Lawrence River that empties the lakes’ waters into the Great Sea, comparing it to the Sea of Galilee and the Jordan River junction emptying its water into the Dead Sea, not far from Jerusalem, the capital city of the Lord. Kingston, the King’s Town, is located at the junction of the river with Lake Ontario marking the end of the system of empires along with their systems of religion. 


Kingston is the original, old capital of Canada, and if the Kingfisher of men has not caught all His fish from the waters of the world by the time they reach this city, they will surely go down the St. Lawrence River and into the deadly waters of the great Atlantic Ocean. They are the same waters that claimed the great, iron ship, the Titanic, and her load of people who had failed to board a ship, which had lifeboats enough to save them. There have been no apostles to warn and teach the people the truth. Would Jesus ever forget about the bride of His true church today to allow her to face such a disaster without the understanding of the final scroll before it is rolled up permanently? 


Let us translate that to the present condition today worldwide, where there is now a famine for the truth of the Word, the Bible, even in the nation, Canada, which claims God shall rule from sea to sea. There is a hunger arising for the truth, which gives life, but who can open the final scroll of understanding? John the apostle concluded that only Jesus could do so with the scroll now replaced with the Bible, which has writing on both sides of its pages. This brings us in time to the present day. 


What does this all mean? It means death to man’s worldly lusts for power in the world of religious, cultic empires, replaced by life in the Spirit by which God created man in the first place. It depends on Jesus hearing His brothers and sisters repent of their sin, like Joseph heard his brothers confess in Egypt. So it can be said that understanding the defiled couch of Jesus today begins with the prophetic understanding and realization that the Christian church began in conjunction with the religions of the Babylonian system of empires. 


It came straight from the womb of the second leg of the gold, dream statue of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of the empires to come, as the Lord revealed them to Daniel, concerning the king’s dream. I am speaking specifically about the reviving Roman Empire, which the Vatican city of Rome has been keeping alive during the church age, until now, when everything begins moving toward the One World Order of Globalism. The true, apostolic church of Jesus Christ could never become one with any belief system of religion. It was the religious system of Judaism that caused Jesus to say that the devil was the father of the Pharisees (see John 8:44). He would not have allowed a pagan priest of Rome and his Caesar, Constantine, to have defiled His couch which He shared with His church. Peter warned about the defilement of just that mocking term of Christian, which came out of Antioch, where it was first used in a Roman province. 


Religion locks down its captives and leads to death. The forming revival of the apostolic church, followed by the confession of her sins and repentance, leads to new life in the spirit and the captives being set free from the spiritual waters of death.  Like being near to Jerusalem where John the Baptist gave his message of baptism in the Spirit, Kingston is the location for the final call in the spirit of Elijah, but with the Song of Moses intertwined within it. Together, they speak to those far off as well as near. It really means we would at last be a free nation from the Progressive Liberalism, which is choking us to death, if we were to heed their message. The truth will always set us free from the captivity, which is imbedded in the lie. It is called Communism on the political scene today. Only Jesus gives life freely to all people–free from the swampland of the serpent and his minions. 


Is it not strange how the same man who televised The Art of the Deal to all the world, has suffered no end of demonic attacks as he tries to deliver America from exactly that–the art of the religious deal leading to death?  What he does not know, which could lead to failure on America’s road back to greatness, is the fact that Christianity, to which he is looking for the answers, is made up of many systems of religion. This multiplicity of doctrines disqualified it from the beginning. The nation has simply piled them together in one to come up with her own kind of cult, in the one word, Christian, which has opened the door to religious charters and religious bills of rights. It further opens the door to all sorts of ‘border-destroying’ immigrants who refuse to swear allegiance to our God on the road to making us a captive nation to satanic evil, as it was in the days of Noah. 


Have we forgotten that only the truth will set us free? Have we allowed them to take it away, along with our Bibles? The devil of the cults, the piper, is piping our children and country into oblivion. The problem is that we have allowed religious Romanism to grow and give its empire new life right here in our land of America. At the same time, we have given over the power of the early American pulpits to this enemy. They once preached in the strength of apostleship and never would have supported either Multiculturalism or Pluralism. These were a people who knew the value of their new-found freedom in a new land where God alone ruled. They, in fact, protested Rome’s doctrines and meaningless rituals. 


This is where our job as the reviving, true, apostolic church of Jesus Christ comes on the scene. The grain of Egypt is still all-important, for which only God could direct the storage. He, alone, knows the beginning from the end, making His Word solid prophecy of things to come. He knew there would be 7 lean years ahead, as do we know today that there is a famine of the Word already in progress. We are but a small group for which Jesus has been giving me 3 to 5 questions a week on biblical prophecy, along with their answers. It generally means that I have to write most every day. This is the storing of His grain of teaching received in the same manner as He Himself taught the apostles. He would never have left it to be done by a priesthood of which He claimed their father was the devil. 


After a millennium of watching sin grow and knowing there was no cure for man’s stupidity, God first destroyed the entire human race with a flood of seawater, except for one righteous man called Noah. Only righteousness and the desire to obey God would save him by faith and obedience to God’s Word. Yet, the three sons of this man would depart from the ark of their salvation to become the blessed line of Shem, the cursed line of Ham, placed in the hands of Canaan, the son of Ham, the son of Noah, and the yet-to-be-defined line of the third son, Japheth. 


Hear my children, the instruction of a father,

And give attention to know understanding;

For I give you good doctrine:

Do not forsake my law.

When I was my father’s son,

Tender and the only one in the sight of my mother,

He also taught me, and said to me:

“Let your heart retain my words;

Keep my commands, and live.

Get wisdom! Get understanding!

Do not forget, nor turn away from the words of my mouth.

Do not forsake her, and she will preserve you;

Love her, and she will keep you.

Wisdom is the principal thing;

Therefore get wisdom.

And in all your getting, get understanding.

Exalt her, and she will promote you;

She will bring you honor, when you embrace her.

She will place on your head an ornament of grace;

A crown of glory she will deliver to you (Proverbs 4:1-9).” 


The covenant God made with Abraham would set in place the process of taking back mankind from the grip of Satan and his empire-building, world governments. They were intended to exclude and separate man from his Creator forever. Six, successive empires would follow Egypt and her plagues, each one becoming stronger than the former, until the world would be full of evil again. It would become as it was in the days of Noah and as it is now visibly becoming in America under the auspices of today’s original, Garden sin of Progressive Liberalism. Will we not need another 7 years of God using the evil of the empires to do good in order to save His people of the covenant? 


From where will the saving food of the Word come when the children no longer have Bibles and cannot discern the truth from the lie? Would Jesus not have it stored by now, so we can face the 7 years of terrible tribulation? Are these not the end times of a severe, worldwide famine of the Word, which is yet to come? 


The apostles were assigned the great commission–first, to go out to all nations as His church washed cleaned of the Pharisaical religion by the teaching of the true Word by Jesus Himself. They were to go to all nations with the gospels He had delivered to them. However, there was one of them not clean, for he had not broken ties with the religious Pharisees. He was making deals with them, even to the point of selling his Master for thirty pieces of silver, the price of a slave, as he took the mark of the beast to join the ranks of the devil. 


Is it not ironic that some Christians claim a spiritual alliance with Judaism as the source of America’s greatness? This is the great lie of the end times in Satan’s last attempt to rule the world. Israel, attached to the religion of Judaism, claimed, on the day Jesus was convicted to die, that they had no king but Caesar. They would wait for their own empire ruler, called Yeshua who would be like the other warring kings of the world, so they could join the brotherhood of the swampland of evil. They needed no Jesus fellow to make it to heaven.


Some of our prestigious, high-priestly leaders of the sects of Christianity today make exactly that same claim. Do you think they are part of the Lord God’s apostolic church to whom He gave the keys to the kingdom? Does Christianity necessarily find its answers in the Word, or in the world of Easter bunnies, Easter eggs, Santa Claus and, to top it off, Halloween?


Let us continue from the defiled couch of Reuben to go to the couch of Job who finally had a private audience with Elihu (a type of Jesus) who prepared him with understanding before he was to go the next step of meeting with God. Job was complaining in the bitterness of his soul about why things were going so badly for him when he was such an exemplary man for God.


He had been the good, family man who could look with pride on himself and how he had been a good, spiritual leader of home and community–one might call him ‘a good, religious man’ in today’s world. Surely he had the right to speak for himself standing on such good, religious grounds as that which Christianity erroneously offers us. It would be no better than the good Judaic ground of the Pharisees of yesterday, on which they stood with their religious practices and on which Job would discover, much to his surprise, he had been standing all along. 


Job challenged God for His part in causing his problems, as did Adam accuse God for having given him the woman for which He had to take some of the weight of judgment Himself for things having gone so wrong. Ultimately, the fault lay with the woman for deceiving him. They were kind people who would hold hands, of course, with the cultures of the world, for they would have been the peace-loving friends of the United Nations of their times, thinking God should take a bow to them.


Job even said that he would not restrain himself in speaking about his bitterness of soul: “Am I a sea, or a sea serpent, that You set a guard over me? When I say, ‘My bed will comfort me, my couch will ease my complaint,’ then You scare me with dreams and terrify me with visions, so that my soul chooses strangling and death rather than my body (Job 7:12-15).” Job was beginning to sound like Judas would have felt after realizing he had been the voice for all mankind who had sent the Lord to His death. What is even more frightening is the fact that one might feel like Judas and not care about it.


God then confronts Job once Elihu has prepared him for the meeting. Job has had to consider who he is as a mere man of God’s creation, the great Creator of all things. Surely Jesus brings perspective on all truth–something no other man can do–which is to prepare us for the throne of a just God. Where is our pride then? God asks him right from the start, “Can you hunt the prey for the lion, or satisfy the appetite of the young lions, when they crouch in their dens, or lurk in their lairs to lie in wait (Job 38:39-40)?” Who really provides the grain or food of life? Is it Job himself or is it God who gives manna from heaven or grain for the bread beneath?


Have we missed the opening of the final scroll, which leads to the final understanding before it is closed? If so, we never quite receive the most precious news of all–that religion of any sort, be it Christianity, Judaism (not the same thing as the Levitical ordained practices), Islam, Hinduism or Communism, all of which are not part of the foundational heritage of America in God. It is by the truth of God’s Word, which only Jesus (Elihu) can lead us to victory in God. 


Daniel knew it as he received the message of the Babylonian system of satanic, government empires yet to come under the system of empires. They are lumped together once the nation was driven from the land of Israel and into the empires of the world to come. They are only completed when the final leg of the Roman Empire is revived as the One World Order of nations. The bride of the apostolic church will at last understand, for Jesus has opened her understanding and then sent her out to tell her news to any who would listen to her or have ears to hear. 


As the Beloved said to the Shulamite, “You who dwell in the gardens, the companions listen for your voice–let me hear it! Make haste, my beloved, and be like a gazelle or a young stag on the mountains of spices.” (See Song of Solomon 8:13-14) There is nothing the devil would rather do than steal the bride from the couch of the Beloved. The daughters of Jerusalem cannot understand what He has that the religion of Solomon and the temple do not offer them.  Are the riches of religion not on display when they see Solomon’s couch coming out of the wilderness? 


One must read Ezekiel, chapter 37, to grasp the full understanding. It tells the story of the crossover blessing of the two sons of Joseph, which goes from the first son, Manasseh, to the second son, Ephraim, from nation to the bride of the church, with the two sticks becoming one in the hand of the Lord. The entire fullness of the house of Israel will belong to the Lord who will be the only temple of the kingdom to come. They will never be divided again, as one cleansed nation. The Lord’s servant David will be their prince forever.


To the Samaritan woman at the well, the Lord said just the words that would lead her to the response He was trying to solicit from the Shulamite, as her Beloved had claimed in the dance of the double camp. Had He not moved on from Manasseh to the blessing now of Ephraim that in doing so, the couch of Abraham would pass from the land blessing to include every nation of the world? It would come to pass only when the final understanding of the scroll was opened and the two sticks of Israel, the full house, would be joined in the hands of Ephraim. They were never to be separated again from each other or from God by the religions of Judaism and Christianity, or by any religion of any sort, which is the brainchild of the devil and his giants of old–the fallen spirits of angels who believed the lies of Satan when they fell from heaven with him.


Let us look at Psalm 6:6, a psalm of David who, although he had saved King Saul twice, in return, the king never ceased trying to kill him. Was David not as the Lord’s chosen, and Saul, was he not the victim of demonic possession? The demonic never ceases to try to kill mankind, especially the covenant keepers of the true house of Israel. Does David not cry out that all night long he drenches his couch with tears, which makes his bed feel like he is swimming in the spiritual seawaters of this world as though the flood of Noah were engulfing him? 


But the good news is that God covenanted with Noah and Abraham, as a result of the water (flood) cleansing, then promised the victory of the broken light of Jesus for you and me when the judgment would come. David would not understand the meaning of the suffering in Christ, which would accompany the devotion of the bride for her beloved Bridegroom. Yet they will share together in the comfort of the Lord’s couch, the eternal throne, which He has promised in covenant with those who love Him and hate the evil that threatens the couch of the Lord. 


In the book of Amos comes the judgment through this prophet. It speaks of the brutality of the devil being like that of a powerful lion king of the animal world under the beast’s rule. Samaria is the picture of empire rule right in the land of Israel, which is divided in two parts–the south, of Judah, and the north, of Ephraim representing the church, which has finally come out of her captivity. The great Shepherd is left picking up the remains of the victims of the war–two legs and pieces of ears–maimed but not destroyed. 


God set up two great houses in America, but little is left of their greatness after Progressive Liberalism’s attack on the covenant of the Lord’s couch with mankind. The Lord had to do a sewing job in the Garden to cover up the breaking of the covenant couch of Eden. Now multiply it by 6 times and imagine the cleanup and the sewing-together after the covering of the cross for God’s people, the bride of the church. She will go through hell to finally use her key to open the door and crawl into the kingdom to reach her Beloved. 


What a day that will be when man can at last rest in peace for his Sabbath rest of pure love and worship, with the marriage bed finally consummated, not just on the edge of a couch retreat where one seeks the truth of the Word (see Amos 3:12). How much better to dwell in the love of the Word! There will be no covering wings needed now from the cherubim. There will no longer be plagues in the manner of Egypt, which will lock you into your houses. What a stench they were to the nostrils of the Lord (see Amos 4:10). In Egypt they were protected, but now the judgment will fall before the door is opened to the kingdom, for God’s beloved people had rejected His couch of rest (the truth for religion). 


When the paralytic man lying on his couch came to Jesus for healing (see Luke 5:16-28), those who brought him lowered him down through the roof to Jesus in the crowd until He was able to touch him and heal him. Jesus said to him that his sins were forgiven. The crowd doubted Jesus, questioning His ability to heal a man, for only God could do this, so they thought. He wanted mankind to know the healing of the body did not lie in the hands of any medical association or government ties with big Pharma, but rather in the hands of God. 


The snake on the rod did not point forward to Dr. Fauci when Moses dealt with the plague of snakes in the wilderness, though Fauci managed to look very saintly throughout the entire pandemic, riddled with the lies of a scam. He was never a savior, but rather a destroyer. It is only Jesus, the Son of Man and Son of God who has the power on earth to heal man; His command to the healed was to take up his bed and walk. Show your strength in the healing of Jesus. If not willing, then be masked and crawl back to your allotted confinement. 


There were no physicians required during the Exodus of Israel from Egypt to the Promised Land. Would it be any different on the last leg of the journey into the kingdom? We do need, however, the right kind of spiritual food that can only be provided by God from heaven above–food like the grain of Joseph with no leaven in it. The leaven represents the religion of the Pharisees, named for their father Pharaoh. Then there is the matter of the water and the risen Lord from the cross after three days. Do not become disgruntled in the process, for in three days God was able to offer the world the salvation of the Holy Spirit, as long as man would be carrying his couch of the covenant with him! 


Perhaps, one of the most memorable stories of the couch sums up the importance of the couch of covenant, the bride of the church, and the devil of the antichrist spirit coming against the nation Israel and now, against the Christ in particular. Is it not the story of King Ahasuerus, a type of Jesus, Haman, a type of the devil, and Esther as a type of the bride sitting on the king’s couch, with the authority of the scepter of the King to have her voice heard in all the provinces? Queen Esther had just served the second banquet of the wine, the same life-giving banquet of grain as that which Joseph first stored up in Egypt for the departing brothers from the empire of their world. 


Now the bride, symbolized by Esther, will store up her grain for the final departure from the empires of Satan’s, religious-building process. Esther was confident that the king would save her people as loyal citizens of the nation. Then there will be the greatest wine feast ever to be offered, as the Supper of the Lamb, where the best wine ever produced will be served. Such a feast will be for the bride of Christ and His people, when she attempts to save the nation, and all are able to fight back, together. On the other hand, Satan will try to shed as much blood of the full house of Israel as he possibly can, in order to keep the saving blood of Jesus from opening the door to the kingdom for them. 


Esther knew he was Haman and his incorrect, religious belief system of lies that he was spewing to her king. He had convinced the king to rid the empire and its provinces of the nation Israel by annihilating it. The king could not imagine who would do such a thing. Perhaps the answer is that those in control over America’s governments today, with the power in their hands for the future, want capitalism gone and the One World Order of control in the hands of Communism. Haman now knew the queen was the adversary of the devil.  The king returned to the banquet of wine after having gone first to the garden, only to discover that Haman had fallen on his couch where the queen sat. 


King Ahasuerus asked Haman how he dared to assault his queen while he was in the house with her and she belonged to him. At these very words, they covered, or masked the face of Haman, in the same way as Dr. Fauci masked the faces of America, which belongs to the bride’s King Jesus. Of course, the outcome is found in the unity of purpose of all Israel being given the freedom to act as one–no longer every man for himself, but in the new spirit of a unified, planned, fighting response on the part of the nation Israel. Her success rested in the power of the scepter and the voice of the queen. 


The victory became a sure thing with Haman going to the gallows of hanging, which he had prepared, himself, in anticipation of Mordecai’s hanging, another type of Jesus, who had prepared Esther for this day of leadership for the nation. The good news is that the victory of the cross is assured for the pure bride, His church, who has come out of her, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS, and is washed clean by the Word. 


The devil hates the Man, Jesus, so much that he dares to threaten the one nation today, the strongest in the world, because it has been blessed by God. All that is needed is for the bride to shake the paralysis of religion from her being and get up and carry her couch upon which she has been healed and trained by the Great Physician Himself. He has overshadowed her and breathed the breath of life into her to make her a fruitful vine. Instead, she is more like a former Queen Vashti who refused to appear when the king called. So, as did the king with Vashti, Jesus turned His attention from the church, as His voice, to the truckers. They were willing and waiting to give a honk so loud that it was heard around the world where there was nothing but applause for them for representing the cause of united, freedom fighters wherever they might be. 


Conclusion: I have been writing daily on my bed, a true couch, for over 25 years now, before the secular liberalism of the water of Satan was spewed out of his mouth like a flood after me. He also went after those who have been taught truth by me that he might cause them to be carried away, too.  Presently, it is flooding all of America with the evil reptiles from the waters that come over the land. The earth swallowed up the water and helped the woman with whom the dragon was enraged. The rest of her offspring are those who keep the commandments of God’s covenant, having the Spirit and the truth locked within them. 


Most nights of the summer of 2021, the Island Queen, tour boat of Kingston, Ontario, came up the river, making a stop at the bay in front of my apartment. It was reminiscent, even in appearance, of the river boats, which made the same stop in the southern United States, on the Mississippi River over a century ago. I would go to my deck to greet it each night and, in recognition, it would flash its lights toward me, making a clear path of light to my deck. It would also honk its loud horn like a last call, before I went to my couch for the evening. The thoughts of the song of Old Man River would linger in my heart, long after the boat was gone. Surely, the Island Queen offers a pathway of light on the water to clothe me in the reflecting light of the moon, as I go to share my couch with the Lord who teaches me there. 


It was only a short while ago that I awoke from a deep sleep on my couch with my heart beating nearly out of my chest in fear. As I turned over in terror, I knew that I was going to be looking straight at the devil who had taken on the appearance of a man standing at my computer. There he stood very tall with his back to me. I could barely breathe as he turned around and began to come toward me. He had the look of Rand Paul, that of an innocent young face with curly, unruly hair. Still the terror grew as he came closer with a cup (chalice) of water in his hand held out to me saying, “Drink my water!” Suddenly, he was zapped from the feet upward, disappearing as quickly as he came. I had to jump from my bed to walk off the enormous fear that had engulfed me, and great was my relief when the terror subsided. 


Revelation, chapter 12, had been played out before me from beginning to end as the bride of the church must be clothed in the reflected light of the Sun, with the moon under her feet as she walks the path of reflected light with her Lord; for she is wearing the apostolic garland of twelve stars on her head. Being with child, she will bring forth the good fruit, for which her Beloved longs, and will deliver it to God the Father and Giver of life in the Spirit. No one comes to the Father except by the Son who is the way, the truth and the life (see John 14:6). 


He comes to set the captives free from the grip of religion under which Satan holds mankind as children of Adam and Eve who arose from their covenant couch in the Garden to join the devil on the eastern side in Eden. It is there that the eastern gods of the eastern religions and eastern empires rule. These gods with their religions have reached the West. The time is now to rebuild the wall and close the door to the floodgates of the serpentine-infested seawaters of cultic religions. They are destroying America in the absence of the united, pure church standing on the Word of truth alone. 


What kind of government do we have that stands on the empire religion of Christianity, while at the same time allowing the Bible to be taken away from our children, the very lifeblood of the nation, to replace it with pornography and all kinds of sexually deviant behaviors? We are allowing the importation of drugs, which are killing them. Even our young mothers are advocating the killing of their babies, believing that the body of the baby, born or unborn, has no right to life if it interferes with the mother’s plans. Satan surely has a plan for the extermination of them, but the Lord has a greater plan for every living being. With which one do you stand? Has your heart as a parent been turned back to the hearts of the children, or do you march to the tune of Progressive Liberalism from God? It is called rebellion to the Lord. 


Nearly 29 years ago, my husband and I moved from our Canadian capital city of Ottawa to buy a house called the Cedars on the waterfront of Kingston, Ontario, owned by a man called David and his wife. It was on Bath Road, also known as the Loyalist Parkway. There I met Jesus, and He began washing me clean with the Word.  He took me to the Father, where in a vision God handed me a scepter, giving me the right to speak for Him as His voice. He also cut off the top of my head, opened the Bible and put it in my head and then put the top of it back onto me. At the time, He said that I was going to store the grain like Joseph and would distribute it to the world as he had done at the time of a worldwide famine of the grain. Nightly we travelled the heavenlies together for about 14 years. 


A few years later, the Lord moved me to an apartment on King Street, in Kingston, Ontario, where I began to write prolifically, everything from political commentaries with a biblical perspective to children’s and adults’ books with biblical messages and themes. I even wrote a little book, which the Lord called the little book, entitled The Last Toy. In it, the donkey and colt of Matthew, which Jesus rides into Jerusalem, become the donkey’s colt on which He rides in the book of Luke. Of course there is no conflict for a pregnant donkey in the first book, and a colt only in the second one. The latter points prophetically to the event of Jesus riding with the revived apostolic church, birthed from the womb of the mother, apostolic church–the bride, with whom He will return to Jerusalem nearly 2000 years later. One represents the church going out from Jerusalem to witness to all nations; the other is about the bride of the pure church returning with Jesus to Jerusalem. 


Finally, I wrote the true story of how God brought me to this place in life, intertwined with the fictional story of a president who fit the political scene surrounding the presidency of Donald Trump, with a sequel that is to follow. The answers, which Donald Trump so sought from many poor advisors during His presidency, are encapsulated in this little, easy-to-read book. If one wants the path to victory for any nation on the road to greatness, the method of achieving it is foolproof. Still, at the ripe age of 89, I am writing prophecy on the books of the Bible, and I am continuing to teach our small group on the questions the Lord gives me most every week. He has been doing so for about 15 years, with the answers showing how the Scriptures apply to us in this world today. 


I used to drive past my present, apartment building on the water most every week while it was under construction. One time the Lord said that He was preparing a place for me, and suddenly, when it was near completion, I knew that this was the place.  The construction workers allowed me to put on a hard hat to go in to look for the right apartment. As a result, I moved into the building before it was opened, having no elevators yet or an in-house superintendent. It was very clear to me that this was to be my new home, where I would be used to serve His purposes. Thousands of pages of prophecy have flowed continuously from my ready pen and the ink of His spiritual inkhorn at His side. 


There, I have since received many supernatural visions on a regular basis, all with spiritual messages and prophetic warnings. They usually involve the waters, but also the leaf on our Canadian flag, which is for the healing of the nation. This nation has Cana in its name, which takes us back to the wedding feast of Cana. It was about two years after I had moved here that a neighbor told me this apartment building stood on the very site where the grain elevators once stood, which stored the grain to be shipped out from Canada to the entire world. The iron docking walls for the barges’ and ships’ docking are still standing on either side of our bay in front of the building, though the elevators are long gone. 


To this day, I marvel at the signs and wonders the Lord gives us, even as a group. Did He not do the same for Aaron, with his budding rod giving him the authority to speak for Moses and for the Lord God, when so many would challenge him, as they challenged the authority of the uncomplicated man called Moses? Even his sister Miriam, the woman, got her challenge in at what she considered the appropriate time. 


A teaching program of these questions (the grain from above and spiritual food of life) is in printed format and is ready to go, now completed as a teaching course of hundreds, even thousands upon thousands of pages. This coincides with the political picture, which has America in limbo between the demonic grip of religious Progressive Liberalism from God and the freedom fighters who are fighting back. Is the Lord not waiting for His church to put the blood back on the lintels of her doors before He challenges the Pharaoh of our day and leader of the Roman Empire, who is rising again from out of the sea (see Revelation, chapter 13:1)? He wasn’t dead, only biding his time through the church age. Now he will increase with deadly purpose. 


The pure church must also wake up after the Dark Ages of Romanism and shake the deadly sleep of religion out of her eyes, which has allowed the devil to invade her couch. She must totally separate from the religious system to unite and become as the freedom-fighting truckers are, but now in the name of Jesus, and not in the name of any religion birthed out of Rome. 


I feel the weight of nearly 2000 years of Christian history, riddled with wars, Knights Templar, Free Masonry and a priesthood of child molesters and money grabbers. How can we pray for a nation under God, without falling flat on our faces in repentance for the monumental damage we have allowed Christianity to do to the true church of Jesus Christ? This religious system has divided it and put false priests over the many divisions, each with its own so-called High-Church-leader. It is time to walk away from it all and trust in Jesus totally, as the understanding grows and America takes her children back from the grip of hell. 


Jesus does not allow us to be of two minds. His government and His priesthood must be one in purpose and in deed. It is to His church of witnesses to the truth to whom He gave the keys to the kingdom and told them to save those on earth and bring them to the door with them. He never told them to unify with the devil, with a little religion and a little truth, for they are not compatible. 


The nation must never allow the cults of Progressive Liberalism to invade the church or government again. It will not happen if the walls of God’s nation are closed to all except those who swear allegiance to our God and to no other gods within His domain. Only He can offer the liberty they so desire. You lie to them if you suggest otherwise. 


Come out of her, BABYLON THE GREAT, mother of all religious harlots among which Christianity and Judaism are numbered. It was the religion of the Garden, which proclaimed the sentence of death, lying like a blanket over the heads of mankind. It is from religion that Jesus came to set the captives free. 


The ‘blues’ are passing, so I now write for the Freedom Post. May His kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven! We are in the final stage of the exodus from this world, just before approaching the entrance through the door into the eternal kingdom of the next world.  


“Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues (Revelation 18:4).”   


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