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The Gates of Our Borders

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

October 20, 2010

The would-be-bombing of Fountain Place, a high-rise building in Dallas, Texas, was prevented when authorities intervened to stop Hosam Smadi from carrying out this dastardly deed. One cannot estimate the number of American citizens whom he might have killed. Jason Trahan reported details of his trial in the Dallas Morning News of October 18, 2010.

Who is Hosam Smadi? He is simply another victim of the typical Muslim family training, which often leads to terrorism. The Muslim family is a totally different entity from that of the American family, with the Islamic husband/wife relationship being a far cry from that of Biblical standards, which, until very recently, set the American standard. Smadi is just another one of those young Muslims who are rushing the gates of our borders and are being bred here in America. We make the mistake of foolishly calling them “the peace-loving Muslims” once they arrive on our shores.

In his father’s testimony at the Smadi trial, he spoke of his own male brutality against his wife and the mother of his son Hosam, which is very common in Muslim homes where the women are the chattel of men and are subject to them. The author of “Not Without My Daughter” painfully relates the facts about her “peace-loving” Muslim husband in America who became a controlling beast once back in his Middle Eastern homeland by brutally controlling his wife in the manner common to Muslim families of that religion.

True to Muslim form, Hosam’s father beat his wife mercilessly and regularly in front of his son. Then he occasionally beat his son and even tried to run him over with the car, according to the testimony of the father. The boy became depressed but the father did not seek medical help for him because such signs of mental weakness would bring disgrace to the family.

To the contrary, the abusive actions of the father toward the family, apparently, bring no disgrace within an Islamic society. If authorities will torture a young Muslim woman publicly and kill her before crowds of onlookers for even the hint of having a friendly relationship with a man whom she might wish to befriend, then one could hardly consider this father to be out of line with Muslim values.

There is no question that Hosam is the fruit of the typical brutality so prevalent among Muslim males. It breeds terrorism within the family, as has been witnessed here in America where husbands consider it their right to kill and even behead wives who do not meet their expectations. Calling them peace-loving Muslims for the sake of political correctness, we accept these family-trained potential terrorists within our peace-loving communities and say, “Welcome to America!”

Now, Hosam followed in the footsteps of his father, to become a terrorist in line with the teaching of his religion, which tells him that God-fearing Christians are mere infidels, worthy of death. Make no mistake! This is the teaching of Mohammed, and terrorism is inbred within the family. Jihad is the goal of all good Muslim boys whose fathers, before them, were family terrorists forcing their will upon the women and young children in their families, using violence whenever it pleased them to do so.

Islamic law does not punish such a man as this boy’s father, contrary to American law. Yet, we are saying to Muslims who want to come to America that we now have rights laws, and that we are willing to tolerate their abominable ways as rights within our newly-touted multicultural atmosphere of tolerance, which accepts all things – even those things that are evil. To oppose such immoral behavior, would be to break the unwritten rules of political correctness, which, to bottom-line it, promotes a political agenda for an emerging one-world-order that will be the enemy of truth.

We Canadians would never dare to stand on principle, if it could possibly mean appearing to be intolerant. Hogwash! We appear to be exactly what we are – fools of the first order. The wives of these Muslim men are the target of their husbands today, but tomorrow you will be the target, once they have out-numbered us and implemented their laws in our land. Then you will agree with the male-Muslim dominance, or you will become another public victim of mutilation, beating and ultimate death for not bowing first, to the terrorists, and secondly, to the false god, Allah of Islam.

Islam is exactly the evil religion that Franklin Graham, son of Billy Graham, said it is, for which reason Obama would not endorse him as prayer leader of the National Day of Prayer. In fact, Obama, raised as a Muslim, would not even endorse the National Day of Prayer. It is a rather strange stance for a professing Christian, is it not?

But then he declares Jesus to be a liar for saying that the Word is truth, for he does not agree with Him. On occasion, he has questioned publicly the truths of the Bible. At the same time he has publicly professed his Muslim faith, though it is impossible to be a true believer and a Muslim at the same time. It would appear that he is both a hypocrite and a traitor to the American peoples.

Lift up your heads, O you gates! And be lifted up, you everlasting doors! And the King of glory shall come in (Psalm 24:7). He is the Lord of hosts, and King of righteousness. Mohammed is a counterfeit whose false god is Allah. The gates of the Kingdom will only open to the righteous who keep covenant with the Lord. America is a land founded in covenant with God on the foundation of the truth of the Bible and never on any religious foundation of Christianity, Judaism or Islam. God is the God of truth and never endorses religion of any sort or kind.

Righteousness and religions are at the opposite ends of the pole. Until we bring the Bible back to our borders and make it the righteous gate-opener and the doorway guardian of our borders, then the right hand of God’s protection will fall away from this nation. He is the Protector of His own, whom He separates from the gentiles, forbidding any of their religions to cross over His borders. The Bible guaranteed for years that we were a land free of Islamic border crossings. There were no Muslims involved in the building of America and there were certainly not any little houses of Muslims on the prairies.

Crosses were planted across this nation of Canada and the Native people, like all non-believers were offered the same privileges of living under God’s rule as were the believers, who made Jesus Lord over this land. His Word, and not religion, became the foundation of the nation. Unless the native Indians choose to give up their totem poles in this world and become believers in the here and now, they will have no hope of salvation any more than being Hebrew by bloodline can offer a special route other than the one Way to salvation. Certainly, those of the Muslim faith have no way to salvation except through Jesus, like the rest of the peoples of the world.

We have disgraced ourselves in our dealings with the native Indians by encouraging them to keep up their religious practices rather than know Jesus for who He is as the Savior of mankind. We, as believers committed to spreading the truth of the gospels, cannot acquiesce to the Muslim religion, any more than we should endorse Indian paganism. The salvation of mankind is the goal of the believers who fall short of keeping the great commission to the church when they ignore the calling of Jesus upon their lives to be fishers of men by spreading the truth of the gospels.

How many more Muslim terrorists are we going to import to America before we understand for whom Jesus raises the gates of His borders? He does not allow the unrighteous to enter His land, for they bring death, as we are surely discovering by now, with our so-called peace-loving, Muslim immigrants. Satan is the father of the religious crew, as Jesus clearly stated to the Pharisees. It is time we close our gates to those bent on replacing our western law with Islamic law, which Americans, overwhelmingly by numbers, do not embrace in any form, regardless of government action.

Unless we open the gates of the borders of America only to those who want to be ruled by truth instead of religion, then we will surely lose this land of liberty to the enemy, which wants to control it, along with the rest of the One World Order of nations. Truth is the foundation for the only gates that open to liberty in God.

Let us close the door to the enemy, which liberalism opens, so that we might once again know the peace of God that surpasses all understanding. This is the peace God offered His people when they crossed the sea as settlers, leaving government-inflicted, religious controls behind them, in order to be free of religion in the New World of liberty.