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‘The Gene’

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

November 05, 2010

It would appear that all is not well in Obamatopia. How is it possible that a man could fall from his exalted position of ‘messiah’ to the role of ‘buffoon’ in such a short time, as did Barack Hussein Obama, the prince of the socialist state? Well, there are several answers to the question, but science offers us the best one of all.

It seems his problem is a genetic one and that he suffers from a disease, which causes him to display symptoms of ‘consistently unusual’ behavior. AKA B. Hussein Obama, it would appear, is afflicted with ‘the liberal gene’, which produces a dysfunctional form of behavior called ‘liberalism’.

Yes, folks, it is true. There is a legitimate scientific answer as to why the rest of society must suffer along with those who are afflicted with this gene, which produces the disease called ‘liberalism’. According to, Jeremy A. Kaplan has reported in his article entitled Researchers Find the ‘Liberal Gene’, published October 28, 2010, that the researcher, James H. Fowler, a professor of both medical genetics and political science at the University of California, San Diego, has concluded that ideology is not just a social thing, but rather is built into the DNA, borne along by a gene called DRD4.
There you have it – the scientific evidence is out. There actually is a ‘liberal gene’ in the make-up of liberals, such as Mr. Obama, which could explain the reason why liberal Americans might have thought he was ‘the messiah’. This would account for his excessive over-spending of American tax dollars upon himself and his social agendas while, at the same time, the country tries to claw its way out of a financial crisis caused by government intervention and socially-motivated controls enforced upon the business sector.

One can understand now why his answer to most financial problems is simply to print more dollars, and collect more taxes, whenever he needs to satisfy his urge to spend trillions of dollars. One way or another, he is going to take it out of the hides of those miserable rich cats who have worked so hard only to have him devalue their dollar and then take from them to support the mass of illegal immigrants with his social measures. It is called transferal of cash funds from Americans to those who want to steal our cash security from us, and then leave us for dead.

It is interesting to note this gene, known as the DRD4 gene, works with the Dopamine receptor D4, which is reputed to be connected to eating disorders, sexual addiction, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorders. Goodness, the picture is becoming gloomier by the minute, but then, I often thought I saw a disconnect between the Obama smile and his arrogant attitude. Could something sinister be lurking there?

This discovery of ‘the gene’ certainly supplies us with some answers. At last, the scientists have given us a biological reason for Obama’s perception of himself as a ‘messiah’ when, in point of fact, he is more of a ‘buffoon’. It would also account for his paranoia about the Tea Party and Sarah Palin. Seeing her as the devil at work against his plans for big government could actually be causing panic attacks for this poor man with ‘the liberal gene’. Of course the gene could account, as well, for Rush Limbaugh pushing him right over the edge.

Palin dared to assault his business background, which was little more than that of a Chicago Community Organizer, when he had big plans to change the face of America with his economic stimulus program and health care reform. Could she also have been at the root of the plebes’ mockery of his arms control treaty with Russia? Why could they not all understand that he was going to be the author of a social-safety-net program, which would save America from herself – from her patriotism and fixation on the Constitution? Everyone should surely know that Constitutions and laws are made to be broken when it comes to social reform.

Well, we can now rest assured that he is not just part of a Marxist plot to overthrow the United States government. The hard facts are that we have a president suffering from the effects of ‘the gene’, which can produce unstable thinking processes.

The scientist also tells us that it is not just ‘the gene’ but also the crucial interaction of this predisposition with one’s early social life, which determines the degree of liberal affliction. It is interesting to note the early Muslim and Communist influence in this man’s life. Could ‘the gene’ keep him from escaping and shedding his past? Could this be the reason why czars are ruling in Washington today, and why Obama bows to Muslim potentates?

What does it matter that the people have strongly rebuked the buffoon who still sees himself as the messiah? He simply goes on another spending spree, and this time it is not a $20,000 dinner-night-out with his wife, Michelle; it is a mass movement of the White House staff to Mumbai, India, for a two-day stint at the Taj Hotel and Hyatt. It is reputed that 800 rooms were reserved for an entourage numbering close to 3,000, along with a fleet of 40 cars, several airplanes and 34 warships to protect the coastland from another attack.

Though it has been stated that the costs for this expedition are running around $200 million a day, it may be an over-exaggeration, but one only has to do the math to discover such a safari would cost an exorbitant amount of money, most certainly not warranted at this time in America’s precarious financial state. There is such a thing as tele-conferencing, which could save the American tax-payer an enormous amount of money.

The liberal press is furious about the numbers being quoted, and it may be with some reason for its anger. However, the White House, itself, has not been able to come up with any other figures for the public, calling it classified information to which the people are not entitled. One thing is for sure – for the greenest of presidents ever, he is in the process of creating the largest carbon footprint in presidential history.

Professor Fowler, it is you we have to thank for clearing up the matter about Obama’s irrationality. The poor man simply cannot help himself when he is a victim of ‘the gene’. When asked if liberal ideology is genetic and runs in families, Fowler responded by saying, “No doubt about it.” This could account for the fact that we have a liberal, Muslim president in the White House, who favors Communism over the democratic process, all because of ‘the gene’ combined with the early social influences in his life.

No wonder he has refused to produce a birth certificate, which could have established his legitimate claim to the office of the President. Maybe he was afraid it would indicate that possibly a family gene did exist and that both his father and mother might well have been carriers of ‘the gene’. It would seem that there is a factor of heredity involved here, and how does one hide the evidence when the birth certificate reveals it?

Oh dear me! Do you suppose that I will now be called a ‘geneophobic’? Are we non-liberals, without ‘the gene’, not doomed to be labeled a phobic of one sort or another? I bet those liberal-researcher-professor types are searching like mad for the conservative gene, as I write, but, in the meantime, they will have to be content with the term of phobic, which is about as good a mocking term as can be found.