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The Greatest Lie

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

October 10, 2010

The greatest lie being told today is that Jesus established a religion. The best of the ministries will tell you that Jesus was the author of Christianity. I say to them, “Show me one place in the Bible where there is even a hint of Jesus establishing Christianity, or for that matter, any other religion!”

The truth is, religion was the adversary of Jesus throughout His entire ministry, and He declared it clearly that the father of the religious leaders of His day, called the Pharisees, was the devil. He never allowed them to claim God as their father.

“You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you want to do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own resources, for he is a liar and the father of it. But because I tell the truth, you do not believe Me (John 8:44-45).”

I listened to a great minister, today, bemoaning what he called the greatest lie. He declared that the greatest lie of today’s secular world is that Jesus is a way, but not the Way. Of course, this is a lie, which has spread like the tentacles of cancer throughout the entire body of the Christian institutional church. How could this be possible when Jesus said the gates of hell would not prevail against His church (see Matthew 16:18)?

It is only possible because the Christian institutional church and the church, which Jesus instituted, are not one and the same. Still, we have otherwise good ministries, claiming to be church and Christian at the same time, even though they clearly can see that the gates of hell are prevailing against our Christian religious institutions, which call themselves the church.

This deception found room when the tentacles and lies of the religious belief system, upon which Christianity is based, found an open door into the fourth century church, allowing religion, with its Roman paganism, to grip the heart of the early church. Like Israel before her, she played the harlot with the nations and responded to the lure of their religious idols.

The church wanted a comfortable pew of religion where good works became important and with them came the end to the confrontation between Satan and the struggling young church, of which Satan became the proud new father. Religion gripped the church like a boa constrictor being wrapped around her with its mantle of liberalism, the cloak of religion.

The goal of Satan is to see the foundation of the truth of the church crumble. He wants to see her become a daughter of the mother of all harlots called Eve, who will buy into the lie in rejection of the truth. Like Eve, this then would become a fallen church, which could no longer be fruitful.

The church of spiritual Israel did join the mother of spiritual harlotry, and so the apostolic church became the Roman Catholic (Christian) Church. Always dormant within this tomb of religion was the remnant of the true church of Jesus Christ, having a heart like that of David, which beat in unison with the heart of God.

She remained dormant throughout the middle and dark ages of history, when there were very few witnesses to the light, until the man called Martin Luther came along and set in motion the process of restoring her to her apostolic foundation of truth. The problem was that spiritual Israel had become ensconced in spiritual Egypt and another exodus from the religious empire of the day would be required before the captives could be totally set free.

Liberalism always rides alongside of the lies of religion. The lie is about denial of truth and, therefore, of Jesus, the Christ. Liberalism is nothing more than man’s choice to be free of God, by acting as one’s own god. Hence, we are besieged today by the lies of liberalism in the spirit of the Antichrist, which is foundational to the New Age culture.

Truth, on the other hand, is not a belief system; it stands firmly independent of belief systems. Yet, Christianity is made up of a multitude of different religious doctrines and beliefs, which are a result of Satan’s strategy for division within the ranks. To achieve this division, religion must permeate the entire church, to which she has opened her doors as the leaven continues to grow inside her denominational walls.

The smiley preachers, preaching their feel-good messages, have opened many doors to liberalism within the church with their apostate messages. It is sad to see so many great ministers bemoaning the condition of the church, while at the same time are, in fact, still depending on their religious foundation, when they should have long ago separated from the religion of Christianity.

Martin Luther went the first leg of the journey toward a restored church by rejecting many elements of Romanism for the Bible. However, he continued in the lie about Christianity, still embracing error concerning the big picture of the church’s original foundation. He merely paved the way for the total exodus of the church from its enforced, Christian, religious roots of the 4th century. All such ties must now be severed.

There will always be attacks from the traditional religious institutions of the world, which never understand the things of the Spirit, but such attacks only serve to strengthen the true church. They are the attacks from within, which cause the seeds of religion to grow and expand. Satan never concerns himself with today’s traditional church; it is like the Judaic temple of Jesus’ day, totally under the sway of the serpent. “We have always done it this way. It is our tradition and there is no room in our institutional churches for a radical like Jesus, who is rattling all the walls of our traditions.”

Christianity has adapted to her religious position and has accepted the pattern and practices of meaningless, useless works. Our works develop our pride and the greater the works, the more we rest on pride within the traditions of the church. Christmas and Easter become traditional holidays, as we lose sight of what it is that we really celebrate and who He is whom we worship at this time.

We keep up traditions at the cost of truth. Yes, they are pagan holidays, but only if we allow them to be so. Jesus can be at the heart of the same day when we feast on the harvest and bounty in gratitude to Him for our blessings. He was born – glory to God in the highest! He is risen – thanks be to God our salvation! And so we continue to honor Him on those feast days of Christmas and Easter. Better they speak of Jesus than of tinsel and rabbits’ eggs.

Who is really responsible for the decline of America, the church/state? Is it the church or the state? It is both, for church should produce good men to govern and good men will look to the truth of the church while governing and adjudicating. The only lasting foundation for a nation under God is truth. All else is religion, the destroyer of man and nations.

Wake up, America, to the truth. There is one way and only one way in spite of what anyone believes. Religion is founded on the lie and, therefore, will destroy a nation if allowed to overcome and rule in place of truth. Only Jesus, not Mohammed, can save America. Mohammed is as dead as dead can be, while Jesus is alive and well and ready to soon return to set up His kingdom on earth. It will be a kingdom in truth where men of truth live eternally, and where there will never be a lie again to take men captive within Satan’s empires.

This will be a New World Order, which will see the One World Order go down with its father, the devil, taking the religious priests, who loved the lie, along with him.