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The Handwriting on the Wall

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

The Handwriting on the Wall

January 18, 2009

 Belshazzar was king of Babylon and son of King Nebuchadnezzar. He threw a great feast for a thousand of his lords and drank wine in the presence of the thousand. While tasting the wine, he commanded his servants to bring the gold and silver vessels from the temple in Jerusalem, which his father had taken, so that his lords, wives and concubines might drink from them.

These had belonged to the house of God, with the furnishings of the tabernacle having been moved into the temple. But as they drank, they praised other gods – the gods of gold and silver, bronze and iron, wood and stone. They most certainly were what you could call all-inclusive or multi-cultic in their actions as they defiled the use of that which was intended to be used only for the honor of God.

Mr. Obama had his inaugural extravaganza planned with all the pomp of a king being worshiped as a messiah. It has shades of Belshazzar written all over it. He has defiled a constitutional event – the swearing-in of a president – with a prayer team that comes straight out of the pages of Babylon to defile the occasion. The God in Whom America has always trusted has been replaced with a respect for the cultic gods of every religious culture and the message of a united religion in which people were actually defined by racial typing. Of course this could never be the message of any priest of the true church of Jesus Christ. Hence apostasy reigned over the gala event.

Along with this chosen priesthood came men who have accepted the abomination of homosexuality. In fact, a homosexual sexual orgy of despicable practices was planned to coincide with the festivities at a branch of the Hilton Hotels in Washington, D.C. The police had to be called in to stop it. Yet the ‘1000 lords’ and elected representatives surrounding Obama have seen fit to endorse such an abominable practice by inflicting the instruction of it upon the children in the classrooms of America. It is what is called the schizophrenia of political correctness.

In the same hour as Belshazzar carried out his abominable acts, the fingers of a man’s hand appeared and wrote opposite the lampstand on the plaster of the wall of the king’s palace; and the king saw only the part of the hand that wrote. Though he could see the hand and the handwriting, he could not see the spirit behind it. As we move this picture forward to today, we see the times change from the ancient stonewalls of a palace to the plaster walls of the White House. The writing of the hand opposite the lampstand becomes that of the true church of Jesus Christ, His bride writing in the Spirit, something Obama cannot see or understand any more than his predecessor, Belshazzar could.

 You see, one is an early ruler over Babylon and the other is a latter-day ruler over what is about to evolve into the revived and final empire of the Babylonian system. It should make the knees and hips of any Babylonian ruler knock and loosen, for judgment is at the door and the whole system is going to come tumbling down.

Of course, the king’s countenance darkened, and we are most certainly looking at a dark countenance when we regard that of Obama. Whom has he chosen to be his advisors and prayer captains, if not the same type as King Belshazzar chose – astrologers, other Babylonians, and soothsayers? They come from the crime quarters of Chicago and New York, and from apostate religious ministries that are more likely to endorse astrology and witchcraft than the name of Jesus Christ.

Now, the queen appeared on the scene to speak a warning with words of wisdom, just as one Queen Esther would appear before her king of the following Persian Empire of the same Babylonian system. Both queens would have the words of wisdom, which none of the king’s advisors could give.

 There is no good spirit in those around Obama, for you could describe them as a bunch of crooks and liars lacking in knowledge and understanding. They most certainly have no understanding of the prophecy of Scripture. It required a Daniel to give the truth to Belshazzar, and it will require the prophetic voice of the bride to give the truth to Obama today, for no one but the friends of Daniel (the three in the fire, the prophets, the apostles and the bride) actually walk in truth with Jesus, and not in religion. This makes them impervious to the flames of the fire judgment, for they are protected from them in the same way Daniel was protected from the lions in the lions’ den.

The Spirit of God was in all four. Light, understanding and excellent wisdom were found in them, which set them apart from the religious idolatry of Babylon’s so-called wise men of the East. Now, the queen equated the situation to eternal values and what was at stake for a people and a nation. She admonished Belshazzar to make the right choice and live forever, but the only way was to heed the words of the prophet, Daniel, and not listen to the lying soothsayers and astrologers of witchcraft.

 Obama is greatly in need of the queen’s advice, which those rooted only in truth, and not in politically correct witchcraft, have to offer him. The position of Daniel was clear – he would become the third ruler in the kingdom, though he did not seek position, as will the true church serve with Christ in the coming kingdom of the ever-lasting King.

Daniel regaled Belshazzar with the history of Nebuchadnezzar, his father, which the king knew, but had chosen to ignore. Nebuchadnezzar was forced to graze as an animal on the grass of the fields until he came to the point of praising, extolling and honoring the King of heaven. He came to the understanding that all of His works are truth and His ways, justice. 

Obama and the modern-day Pharisees around him, unfortunately, like Belshazzar, are still at the point of believing that the gods of the mosque and of the synagogue are the same God as the Lord of the true church, even though Jesus called the religious rulers’ father the devil.

The bride will warn Obama that he has had the opportunity to know the truth of the Founding Fathers of America, but he has chosen to ignore it while, at the same time, swearing on the Bible to uphold the constitution. He willingly joins himself to a prayer team that comes in the name of Jesus Christ but denies His power. They have relegated Him to nothing more than one of a multiplicity of gods of dead metal, stone and wood.

The problem for Mr. Obama is the same problem Belshazzar had. He has not humbled his heart though he should know better. The tragedy of this president is that he clearly has the heart of a Belshazzar. He has lifted himself up against the Lord of heaven. He and his lords, their wives and their concubines are ushering in multiculturalism in the guise of political correctness, and are destroying the constitution of the United States, which, as a nation, historically puts her trust in God.

These gods know nothing; still, his prayer team and lords uphold them. They have done the unpardonable of blaspheming the Holy Spirit. It is God Who holds their breath of life in His hands and owns all their ways. THEY HAVE FAILED TO GLORIFY HIM. Read chapter 5 of the book of Daniel, for it reads like a script written for the inaugural of the 44th president of the United States of America. He was not elected by the people, but rather by the liberal media, which put a bubble of protection around this greatly deceived man, who thrives on being worshiped like the Most High God.

Alarm bells should be ringing everywhere, regarding the disaster that lies ahead. God could not make it clearer to the nation and to the world that a plane in grave danger just cruised into the river in America. Its pilot skillfully maneuvered it down, being hailed as a hero and recognized at the inaugural ceremonies.

Little does the public realize that this nation is as that plane, which had its attempted ascent turned into a cruise landing, skillfully piloted by Obama into the waters of this world, with immense rejoicing. As they rejoice over the inauguration the nation resembles the plane of survivors, deceived into believing they are on a plane that will take them to their destination, but instead will cruise out of control and come down into the waters of a One World Order. They will feel safe on the wings of the move, seeing the pilot as their savior. However, the cronies of pilot Obama are the blind guides of religion who are maneuvering America ever so skillfully and unwittingly into a unity based on a false peace of so-called safety, just before all hell breaks loose.

 The fingers of the hand were sent from the Lord, and the writing was put on the wall: MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN.

Mene  –  God has numbered your kingdom and has finished it
Tekel  –  You have been weighed in the balance and found wanting
Peres (Upharsin is the plural of Peres, the ‘U’ meaning ‘and’) – Your kingdom has been divided and given to the Medes and Persians. There is a second kingdom being spoken of here in prophecy, which is one of the distant future, being that of the Antichrist.

Two things happened at the same time; Daniel was made the third ruler in the kingdom, and that very night (not day), Belshazzar was slain and the kingdom progressed to the next empire. Just as Belshazzar was the king in Babylon on the eve of transition from the first of the Babylonian empires, so too, is Obama, the would-be-king, on the eve of the 4th of the Babylonian empires, which is about to be revived in this, the final transition of the Babylonian system.

This inauguration marks the end of an era and the beginning of a new one, in which deception shall reign because men who walked with God at one time have chosen to rebel and open the door to satanic government takeover. It will happen in exactly the same way it happened in the Garden of Eden, in the nation Israel, and now in the spiritual nation of Israel; men will believe the lie when they would not believe the truth.

Israel has been, and continues to be, in captivity to the Babylonian system until the final empire is destroyed by Jesus, the Stone cut without hands, Who will pulverize it all back to dust. Is it not interesting that this man Obama thinks he represents the defining moment when men come out of slavery to the systems of this world? To the contrary, he will lead America out of her liberty in God, back into the slavery of religion in a One World Order under Satan. The two prayer captains of the day prayed for unity and tolerance and respect for religion. Jesus hated religion, and called the priests of His day, the sons of their father the devil. Such prayers as those given at the inauguration were no laughing matter, though the new president does not seem to understand this.

Mr. Obama, you continue to say “God bless America!” while promoting other gods within His nation! You are part of the problem, not the answer, as a participant within the governing religious elite of the world. It is ruled over by the spirit of the Antichrist, which will bring a curse upon this land, about to lose the blessing of God upon it.