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The Inheritance

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

The Inheritance

April 02, 2012

Imagine this! One day you receive word that you have just become the recipient of an enormous inheritance from a distant relative. Great is your surprise, for you hardly knew your benefactor. Yet, to your amazement, he seemed to have known about you and has even left some stipulations as to how he would like you to share your inheritance, though he gave you everything he had to give unconditionally.

This means that your life will change radically, and things you had never considered possible before are now possible. Yet, you feel a great sadness that you have never taken the time to get to know your benefactor; in fact, you have never even so much as inquired about him, as to what kind of a life he led while he was still alive. It would appear he lived like a pauper while, at the same time, has given to you the means by which you can live like a king.

He made one thing very clear at the outset; you can refuse to accept the gift, if you prefer not to make any changes in your life, for His promise is for a kingdom, which has not yet been established in the world. It appears that He suffered greatly, in order to make it possible for you to use the wealth for the good of others that they too might benefit from His kingdom inheritance. The responsibility weighs heavily upon you.

Such was the enormous inheritance, which Jesus left you when He went to the cross! Yet, unlike the lottery money, few are they who will claim it. At His death, as a very lonely and rejected Man, He was thinking about you, even praying to His Father to keep you from the wiles of those who would hate you as they had hated Him. He prayed that the evil one, who would want to steal away your inheritance, would have no power over you to do so.

He had written a book just for you, so that you would be guided through the treacherous, religious waters of the devil who wanted to steal from you your inheritance of life that would place you directly within God’s family. The devil despised Jesus for offering you the gift of the kingdom with its light, peace, joy and liberty, all of which had once been his. He had been as the first son who was in line for the inheritance, but rejected it for his selfish pride and desire to be worshiped like a god, himself, with no consideration for the laws governing his Father’s kingdom.

He would depart and create his own kingdom, which would be nothing like that of his Father. There would be no room for the two of them to dwell together, for he had declared spiritual warfare against his own Father. His best offense would be to use lies to convince mankind that, in fact, there was no spiritual enemy of God and he, the devil, did not really exist. He would masquerade as the light of creation, telling people there was no God of creation making the truth appear to be a lie, and a lie, appear to be the truth.

The devil is the master of lies and deception. Wherever he sees signs of the inheritance, which could have and would have been his, he tries to snatch it away in his jealousy and hatred for the Christ, who had stolen what he believed to be his. Yet, Satan had made his own decision to reject God’s incredible gift, just as the world follows him in deception, rejecting the incredible gift of the cross.

How he hates the cross and all it stands for! Jesus is taking from him the souls he believed belonged to him, and he hates those souls as much as he hates the Christ. The cross encroached upon his ruler-ship over this world. He would not go down to that looming lake of fire without a fight, which lies ahead to claim him, if he cannot defeat the Christ and His chosen people. He was like a bad seed, and the Father wanted no more bad seeds either in heaven or on earth. All they are able to produce are more corrupted seeds, and God had so much to give that He would only share His precious gift of life with those who valued it.

The world is God’s wilderness testing ground, to determine which kind of world it is, in which each one chooses to live. The question, more or less, is whether or not we will choose life, or allow our lusts to consume us and lead us to the spiritual waters of death. Will we be worthy of life, as it was in the Garden of creation, where all things were created good, or will we believe the lies of religion, which lead to rebellion and death? God never lied to Adam and He is not lying to us today in His guide-book of life and truth. Your name is written on almost every page of this book of life, but it can be as easily written out of the testimony as it was written in.

How is it possible that one would reject this gift of life, the greatest gift anyone could possibly receive, yet, at the same time, become ecstatic about a lottery win? It is all taken away at death, and then one has to ask oneself what good it is, as one lies dying? It will perish with you, but the gift of the cross is eternal. God made us in His image to share eternity with Him in His kingdom on earth, but the corrupted seed renders us ineligible for the inheritance.

We will either honor our Lord with our acceptance, or dishonor Him with our rejection, over and over again each year, as we supposedly rejoice in the memory of the cross and the death and resurrection of the One who gave the inheritance of life to us. We even have the blessing of being able to get to know Him, through a rebirth in the Spirit of life since His death, to a better degree than He was known previously, while He walked the earth. He has given us not only life, as if that is not enough, but also a place on our Father’s throne by bequeathing it to us with the key of David, available simply for the taking.

Is it the lottery or the cross, you choose? One is temporal, with the other being eternal; one is darkness and the other is light; one is a lie and a mere illusion, while the other is truth and is very real indeed.

It is possible to wake up on the morning of this amazing celebration day of the resurrection of Jesus Christ with a flashing message awaiting you, in this the year 2012, to at last realize that you have received an enormous inheritance. Will you accept it or will you reject it? The answer lies with you whether or not you will claim the gift, which is fully wrapped and awaiting your approval. All that is required in return, is a covenanting signature.

Of course, there is always the alternative. It begins with the arrival, at the door of your loved ones, of a much dreaded message, which states that your body was lost with the titanic disaster of the judgment falling upon a rebellious and evil world. Unfortunately, your body will never be seen or heard from again, just as the dead bodies and souls on the Titanic were lost forever. We mourn for them anew, in this the year of remembrance for that night of terror, which need never have happened. It was a ship of fools, which went down to its ocean grave, with the deceived believing that there was no God who could destroy the ship named to honor a pagan god of this world.

The world is on another spiritual voyage of religion, with only enough lifeboats for those who are the widows and orphans, trusting in the Word of truth from whom they had been separated, until the saving grace of the cross. It will become their lifeboat carrying them over the spiritual waters, which will consume the final iron empire of the Babylonian System. The saved will never let go of their Beloved’s hand, as they worship Him only in spirit and in truth, claiming the inheritance, which He so desires to bestow upon them.