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The Judicial Robes of Righteousness

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective
                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

June 29, 2010

Foremost on the minds of Americans today is the appointment of a new judge to the Supreme Court of the United States. An inquiry has been set up to study the qualifications of Elena Kagan, the president’s choice for the position, with respect to whether or not she can fulfill that role in the impartial manner required of judges by the Constitution of the United States.

However, we immediately see a conflict in her appointment; the man presently seated in the Office of President does not have any regard for the Constitution. So one has to ask the question as to whether or not he is willing to appoint a judge who will uphold the Constitution. The judiciary is the check on government in a system set up to keep the checks and balances of control over runaway tyranny of government. There is evidence that Americans have a problem with it growing both in the government and the judiciary, and will continue to grow if they allow activism to rule the courts.

By terms of the Constitutions, the courts have been granted only the power to interpret laws, not to make them. Therefore, if there is any indication of strong activism in the background of the appointee to the bench, which would indicate it could become a carry-over of strong activism in the judiciary, then that appointee must be found unsuitable to sit on the bench of the Supreme Court.

Will this, in fact, be considered in the process of determining the future of Elena Kagan? The important first question to ask is whether or not she is capable of judicial, unbiased decision-making with respect to cases focused around matters in which she has shown a definite bias in her past. Does she live a lifestyle for which she is looking for a venue in which she can see it become legalized? What, in fact, are her motives for seeking a place on the bench, which ultimately will come under the scrutiny of both her fellow Americans and of God?

Since He is at the heart of the American Constitutions and the Law, set in place by the Founding Fathers of our two countries, will this court of inquiry consider the most important voice on the matter, which is that of the Supreme Commander and Lord over all? This is what He has to say about justice. Those who forsake the law praise the wicked, but such as keep the law contend with them. Evil men do not understand justice, but those who seek the Lord understand all (Proverbs 28:4-5).

The question of greatest importance then becomes a question of whether or not she understands what evil is in the eyes of God, according to what He says in His Word and not according to what men say as secularists. The question is very straight-forward and simple, requiring nothing more than a simple, clear response of either “Yes” or “No” without fudging one’s words.

God has this to say about homosexuality: “You shall not lie with a male as with a woman. It is an abomination (Leviticus 18:22).” It is very clear where God stands on the issue. Does Elena Kagan stand with God’s assessment of homosexuality or not? A simple “Yes” or “No” is all that is required. If she does not embrace His Word on the matter, then she would come to the bench as a secular judge unable to embrace the truth of God or the Book on which she swears to uphold His Law and act as a guard for the Constitution of the United States. Her tenure as a judge then would be defined as one served in opposition to the dictates of the Law and in treason against her Supreme Commander, Who is God.

God goes on to say that to endorse homosexuality and defile oneself with it, by these acts nations are defiled and the judiciary would be a partner to this defilement of the nation (see Leviticus 18:24-25). As a secular judge only, she would automatically become a partner to the evil forces that would have this land defiled. God’s Word goes on further to pass judgment on such a situation: Who, knowing the righteous judgment of God, that those who practice such things are worthy of death, not only do the same but also approve of those who practice them (Romans 1:32).

Now, if Ms. Kagan has even hinted at accepting the idea that the practice of homosexuality should be honored by Americans or that the military should endorse or allow those who practice sodomy to enter their ranks, then the inquiry becomes a done deal at this point, by having brought to light the fact that she is not a suitable appointee for the bench. Why? God’s Word says that she, as a judge, would defile the entire nation, as is the man presently defiling it, who is sitting illegitimately in the Office of the President. They would work together, not for the purpose of checks and balances in the courtroom and government, but rather to aid and abet their own agendas, which will bring down the wrath of God upon America and punishment for her iniquity (see Leviticus 18:25).

How many hurricanes, floods and earthquakes, with all the suffering they cause, will it take before we wake up to the truth in this land? Do not think for a minute that God will not vomit the nation out of His mouth! He has done it before with the nation Israel and He will do it again. Israel and America are not above judgment, nor is the church – that institutional Christian body, which has become the Laodicean church. He will most certainly vomit it out of His mouth as well (see Revelation 3:16). It is only His church, founded on the foundation of the early apostolic church, which He will save. It cannot be equated with Christian institutions, founded by Rome, against which the gates of hell are prevailing.

Such is the reason why the voice of a corrupt church has not been heard in this land coming against judicial defilement of the people, which is about to bring down the nation. It is not a pure church, but rather it is a corrupt church, which, having not been first washed clean by the Word, itself, is not in any position to speak for God. In fact, it is the Roman Catholic Church, which is today giving its support to the man of illegitimacy sitting in the Office of the President, bent on defiling this nation.

I would go so far as to suggest this same Roman Catholic Church, which claims to be against abortion, will support the nominee, Elena Kagan, for the judiciary, knowing fully well that she pushed former President Clinton toward endorsing the procedure of partial birth abortion. Again, in so doing, this potentially activist Supreme Court justice could very easily make her agenda that of the Supreme Court. Through a process known as judicial activism, at odds with the intended purposes of this court, by one stroke of her pen, this nominee, if chosen, could bring into being a law, which would make the Sixth of the Ten Commandments that states man shall not commit murder, null and void. At what point, then, does the court place limitations, if any, on the act of murder?

The real issue surrounding this appointment boils down to this. Can the activism of a liberal president, who is denying God in his every move, actually survive without an activist court that will support his same activism? This is no time for judicial fools to be making decisions that will affect the future, not only of the United States, but also of Canada and the rest of the world as well. Who is the fool? He is the one who says in his heart that there is no God (see Psalm 14:1). To remove God from the equation in this hearing is to go the secular way of the fool and the way of destruction for a nation.

God devotes a whole book of the Bible to the role of the judges within the land of His own people. This book focused on an issue of great importance to the future of America, for the role of the judge ultimately melded in with that of the voice of the prophet to go on from there to become one with the voice of the true apostolic church of Jesus Christ. It is from within this body of the true church that one will find godly judges. Without this melded role of judge to the prophet and voice that speaks for God, as it was in the early days of Israel, when she was ruled by the judges, again they will do today, as they did yesterday, when they did what was right in their own eyes and not as seen through the eyes of God. Because of a disobedient and idolatrous people in rebellion to God, they were defeated as a nation, time and again, for their foolishness.

He/she is the judge today who must, without any question, become the final authority by standing on the truth of the Word. Only God judges in righteousness and, unless the Supreme Courts of America, which are appointed to judge over God’s people, are in complete harmony with Him and His truth, then a bench-load of dishonorable judges will take the two nations down.

Judges are to be a combination of warrior-rulers (Gideon), priests (Eli) and prophets (Samuel). Is this not the prophetic picture of Christ, Who will judge all men as the Lion King of Judah, Lord and Prophet? He judges in the only way righteous judgment can be carried out, which is in truth. Unless Elena Kagan can put on judicial robes of righteousness and judge in truth, she is not fit to sit on the bench of the highest court in the land.

It is upon this single issue that the hearing should focus to determine whether or not she is a suitable nominee for one of the most important positions in the land. They are the conclusions of this hearing that will determine whether or not a check can be placed on the activism of the Oval Office. This is what this judicial inquiry should be all about; the rest of the questioning could become irrelevant, once she has answered the basic question and the only one that really counts.

Will Elena Kagan serve God and accept His Word, upon which she will swear as being the embodiment of truth, in order to serve Him in her role as Supreme Court Justice in His land? The answer is a very simple one indeed, either a “Yes” or a “No”. And, in such manner, should her future position be sealed, either on or off the bench of the highest court in the land. And upon this decision could rest the future of America; it is not one to be taken lightly.