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The Laws of Passover

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective
                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

June 20, 2010

America’s future depends on the ability of her leaders to understand the Laws of Passover. Without this understanding, she will be led by blind guides who will take her to her destruction. In the words of Jesus, “And if the blind leads the blind, both will fall into a ditch (Matthew 15:14).”

The Red Sea judgment upon the Egyptian army after the Exodus of the nation of Israel from Egypt is the prophetic picture of God’s judgment, which is about to come upon this world. The sinking of the Titanic was the major sign and warning of it in this past century, which was a century of a growing number of signs, coming in increasing rapidity, to culminate on the dawn of the 21st century with the terrorist attack of 9/11.

This was a sign that the Babylonian towers of man’s building programs are all about to come tumbling down to the ground, leaving nothing but ash in their wake. It will begin, and already has begun, with judgment coming upon the Christian institutions, which have called themselves the church for the past several centuries, though they are nothing more than houses of religious Romanism, to some degree, with roots going back to Babylon.

In the mid 20th century, the restoration of a nation called Israel within the territory of the land that God gave to the ancient nation of Israel was one of the most important signs of all. Do not confuse the two nations! It is the prophesied sign of the coming kingdom of God on earth, about to be restored in its original Garden setting where man’s history began. At the same time as the true Israel of God is established on earth under the ruler-ship of Jesus, Satan and his workers of evil will be sent back down to the bottom of the sea, like demons driven into pigs, to be chained there for 1000 years.

Moses was the leader who led the people of Israel out of their captivity to the religious world of idolatry to a land where they would be governed by God. Moses was a type of Jesus, while Israel was the type for spiritual Israel. The Passover Lamb of God is the crossover point from a captivity, which ends in death to liberty from the grips of death, once the Passover of the cross has taken place and the Passover Lamb has been killed as man’s sacrifice for sin.

God’s commandments, concerning Passover, require that the flesh of the Passover Lamb of God be eaten on the night before Passover from this world into the kingdom of the next, just as Israel was required to eat the flesh of the lamb in Egypt, before departing from there for the Promised Land. And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth (John 1:14).

Communion was the spiritual fulfillment of the Passover dinner on the night before the Exodus, with Jesus commanding His apostles to eat the bread, symbolic of His body, as the Passover Lamb of God, about to be broken like the light when it is broken into a rainbow of colors. Since His body can be equated to truth (He is the way, the truth, and the life – see John 14:6), then Jesus is saying that, just before the Passover, it is a time for eating only truth. That which is not truth passes out of the body in the same manner as the food that does not nourish it is eliminated. It is time to eliminate all religion from our lives, before entering into the kingdom.

The Laws of Passover before the Exodus from Egypt apply equally as much today in America as they did then. It is a time when the children of the world will face death, as will the children of God, under His ruler-ship and His truth, receive everlasting life. If America wants to come through the judgment unscathed, she needs to understand this message about the Laws of Passover.

First of all, the absolute fundamental rule was that no outsiders were allowed to eat the Passover lamb. Even to consider multiculturalism in this land is the result of responding to the ploys of Satan. Cults do not receive the blessings of the freedom and liberty God extends to His people, nor are they entitled to the benefits of salvation, which will see His people brought safely through the judgment, by being carried in His protection as are young eagles on the wings of their mother.

The borders of America must stay closed to those who are unwilling to accept God and His Word as the moral compass for life in this land. This will limit immigration and protect the land from killers, cults, and foreigners who are capable of destroying this country from within. God has zero tolerance for the religions of the world with America not being founded on religion of any sort. However, He never interferes with our freedom of choice when it comes to loving Him and choosing to keep His Law. He will simply walk away from us, and allow us to have the love of our lives and experience the suffering that comes when we are apart from Him and His truth.

Secondly, the law concerning circumcision is required to be a part of the Passover, that is to say, a heart circumcision whereby the sins of the flesh are cut away from the hearts of men when their hearts are turned back as children to the heart of their Father. Without repentance of sin there can be no circumcision that leads men back to God.

Only He, and not man, controls the destiny of His nation and her people. It matters not from which nation the people have come. What does matter is that they are here in America as citizens of a new nation, leaving the religious governments of the old behind for a government ruled by the Law and truth of God. Religious tolerance was never intended to be on the horizon for America, but freedom of choice was. It is God’s way, or no way, if we want to come out of the judgment, either as an individual or as a nation; He has allowed us to choose our own destinies.

Obama is the perfect example of one who is neither circumcised nor a true citizen of America. He thinks he can fool the people into believing he can have it both ways as a Christian and as a Muslim. As a religious man, he has no standing in the eyes of God and he definitely is not a good shepherd for the American people, though he claims messiah-ship. There is absolutely no circumcision in the man’s heart.

The third Law of Passover states this: “One law shall be for the native-born and for the stranger who sojourns among you (Exodus 12:49).” Now, the law of the nation Israel and America is Biblical Law based on the Ten Commandments. It is not Shariah law, nor is it in any way compatible with the religious dictates of Islam. God’s Law alone is the moral compass for America, and it has no place with Rights law or any other kind of law. God is the author of liberty, but only grants it when we obey His rules and trust in Him for our protection from the enemy at our gates.

No one in this country is allowed to drive on the wrong side of the highway, without being penalized. To do so would be life-threatening for everyone else on the road. We do not even consider whether or not the perpetrator of such a crime is offended by the law; our only consideration is for the safety of all Americans on American roads.

When foreigners come to this country, they either accept this standard of law or they will be sent scurrying back whence they came. What do we care about the highway laws of their former countries? Our laws are for the protection of our citizens and are not to be adjusted to appease law-breaking foreigners who want to set up their laws of the road in our country, according to what they were accustomed in their former lands.

This is how God wants us to treat His Law in His land. He will never allow religious outsiders to usurp His rule over His people, but He will allow His people to choose their rulers and then will give them the kind of leaders they deserve – foreigners in the land. Obama most certainly qualifies for this role, as one born outside of the borders of America, which officially prevents him from holding the office of the President.

God’s Law sets the moral compass for this nation intended for the greater good of all her citizens. Unlike the Shariah law of Muslim societies, which allows the murder of its citizens on a ‘willy-nilly’ basis, no such law applies under God in America. Therefore, it is imperative that we obey the Laws of Passover. To do so would prevent usurpers of the Law, such as Obama, from taking office and destroying the nation’s Constitution in order to satisfy his Muslim nature and that of his Muslim brothers, so that they will not be offended, here in our country, which does not belong to them or any other religious group.

We, the people, have a duty to the God we serve to protect His Law and keep His Word as the foundation of the nation. Americans should never have allowed the ACLU and its religious group to remove the Ten Commandments from Judge Moore’s courthouse. It was a case of God’s people bowing to the religious crew instead of being like Daniel who defied the god of religion to stand for his God when it could mean death to him and his friends.

The result of Daniel’s bravery and steadfastness speaks for itself; Daniel was not eaten by the lions in the lions’ den, for he had the protection of God’s hand on his life. His three friends came through the fire of the furnace, heated up seven times more than it was usually heated, prophetically bringing it to the heat of the 7th millennium, on the dawn of which the fire judgment will fall.

The three friends of Daniel were types of the prophets, the apostles, and the bride of the end days’ revived apostolic church. They came through the flames with a fourth man, who appeared to be like the Son of God (Jesus); their clothes were neither scorched nor did they have the scent of smoke on them. You are choosing today whether or not you want to come through the fire unscathed like them.

For America it will all hinge on whether or not she obeys the Laws of Passover and keeps them. They are the Laws, which apply to the true Jew exiting the religious system in his own exodus in readiness for entering into the house of God and the promised land of the kingdom. This is the end-time destination of those liberated from their captivity to death and placed back on the way to the tree of life, so that God and man can dwell together in truth for ever more.