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The Media Shows its Angry Face

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

September 03, 2008

Sarah Palin has thrown the media into a tailspin and, in its inability to dig up enough dirt on her, it has turned an angry face against the Republican convention. I cannot remember any time in my past history, when I have seen such a blatant attack of the media coming from such a biased position of liberalism.

            Our supposed neutral CNN political commentators, who should have reported it as it is and not as they want it to be, showed themselves to be nothing but disgruntled liberals who are afraid liberalism has been dealt a serious blow by the new ticket of McCain and Palin.

When the media realized it was dealing with character and decency, coupled with capability, in this infuriatingly honest and forthright woman called Sarah Palin, it had to come to grips with the fact that the usual liberal mud-slinging at that which appears to be good and decent was not going to daunt her.

The media began its attack by thinking it had uncovered the latest-breaking news, which would hit the fan, as it smacked its lips and began relishing the fact that they may have just uncovered the chink in the armor of this lady. I use the term lady, for it is a term that has not been easily applied to a political figure since the days of Margaret Thatcher, a dignified lady of character, strength and moral stature, if there ever was one.

We could be looking at just such a woman, in what appears to be a Sarah Palin with the middle name of ‘Margaret Thatcher’, if that serpent of old, which is jerking the press around, does not manage to trample upon her. One thing we know for sure is that the press does not go after the indecent ones in politics; it only goes after the decent.

That serpent of old called Satan, the father of liberalism, loves the Bill Clintons of politics, who openly lie to the public. After all, is Satan not the father of lies? Of course, a press being jerked around by the serpent will smile upon a lying-cheating president. But, put a woman of character before it, and it becomes a different matter, which will cause the serpent to begin to writhe, claw the dust and start spewing smoke from its nostrils.

Surely, this woman had given the media the doorway for which it was looking when, on only the first day after her appointment, news broke forth that Sarah Palin’s seventeen-years-old daughter was having a baby out of wedlock. The big secret was out of the bag and they could flash the ‘withholding-of-the-facts-from-party-and-public’ signs all across the country. The media had the big breaking-news it was looking for, which they now only had to prove Sarah was trying to hide from the public and her party.

Well, just a minute, please, before beginning to lick those media lips over that sweet-tasting morsel! How do you hide the sight of a pregnant young woman from a hostile press? It would seem to me that that growing lump on the tummy would be a little difficult to conceal from the glare of the lights on a family jettisoned into the limelight. Was Sarah really trying to deceive the Republican Party and the American people?

And just how could it be that this young woman, standing in support of her mother, and her mother, in support of her daughter’s choice for life, would be any threat to the American people? Perhaps the problem lay in the fact that she would expose the corrupt medical system of America and the corrupt judiciary for what they are, in not keeping their oaths to defend life. Here before the liberal traitors of America stands a woman who will not fail in her commitment to life, especially when it involves her own family. What a marvelous statement of character it is, rather than a cover-up

Has the media actually created a hot potato that is going to be thrown right back into its own lap? Its own darkness could actually be coming up against the light, which it knows can be dispelled by it. Was the giant looking into the eyes of a Davidic warrior, wondering who this little runt is that dares to stand before it? Surely she does not have on the worldly armor she needs for the job, nor has she experienced the cultures of the world through travel, being, therefore, ready with an old passport to take up the challenge before her.

“Who is this little runt of a housewife from the wilds of the north, anyway, whom you dare to bring before me, the giant? She may be able to cut up a moose, but I am the giant, doesn’t she know?”

Oddly enough, I see her looking back at the giant through the eyes of a David, saying to herself, “Haven’t you found out yet that I have the armor of God on, and you do not scare me in the least?”

I heard a commentator on CNN, one of the worst of the serpentine media crew, referring to Sarah Palin as St. Paul, and I thought to myself, you know, it could just be possible that they really are standing in the presence of such greatness as that of Paul, the apostle. Like the pagan world that surrounded him, it could whip him, it could stone him and it could spit on him, but it could not put out the light of the saint who went on to turn the world upside down. That commentator may just have stated a truism from which he is not going to be able to escape in the days to come.

I listened to the speeches from the Convention floor last night, of Fred Thompson and Joe Lieberman, two speeches, each unique in character and perhaps as straight-forward and from the heart as any two political speeches I have heard in recent years. They certainly eclipsed the well-orchestrated, carefully planned evasiveness of the “Uh” O’Bama(h) speeches to which we have been listening for the last few weeks.

These two men, of two different parties, spoke of the character of the man McCain and, of course, that serpent behind the press began to writhe again, as it screamed out. “Not fair! We speak from feelings. You should know that as Democrats, character has never been a part of our platform. It simply burns our britches to have to listen to Republican talk about character. We must not let this continue! And, furthermore, how dare Lieberman speak against our ‘Greek god’, more-appearance-than-substance image of O’Bama(h) that we have so diligently worked to create! We had better pull out our guns against Lieberman because Thompson has rendered us defenseless. What guns have we got against character except our usual smear tactics?”

And did CNN not pull out all its liberal guns last night – even Larry King, to whom I refused to give any time, padded his hour with Democrats on the eve of the Republican Convention? Hmmm!

Compared to McCain and his record of patriotism and bravery, one can only imagine where O’Bama(h) might have stood on the issue of the war, had he been around then. Would he probably not have pulled a Trudeau, who ran for the hills, saying, “It’s not my war? I’m a Frenchman not an Englishman.  Let them fight their own battles!”

Today, one can almost hear O’Bama(h) saying, “Terrorism is not my war. I am a multicultural sympathizer first, living in an American nation, secondly, which is not my first love. I’m not a patriot. Let them fight their own wars!”

Go to it, Sarah, my lady, and knock the media flat on its biased rump! Let it see you walk the talk with your own baby and your own daughter as you stand proudly with your family before all America. It was refreshing and a delight to see the radiant faces of the entire family, even that sweet little newborn.

There was no cover-up of marital indiscretions with husbands and wives holding hands before the media lights, while rushing to their lawyers behind the scenes. Have we not watched this over and over with Democratic presidential and vice-presidential candidates, stretching as far back as Roosevelt, followed by Kennedy and Clinton, with the latest being John Edwards? They all cheated on their wives, while the media did everything in its power to keep their indiscretions quiet as long as it could. That is what it does for its fellow liberals, but woe to them there Republicans.

Liberals are masters at cover-up and deception; it is hard for them to fathom that there are actually people out there who stand on truth. If they can’t beat them, they then dig and dig until they can find some dirt in their lives. But what they do not understand is that it is not the sin or dirt, which is the problem: it is the cover-up or lack of accountability for one’s mistakes, which really counts.

America, take a good look at the record of Sarah Palin! Then take a good look at the record of the media and its liberalism, which demonstrates it is in bed with the Democrats. Do not be deceived, the serpent is wily above all other beasts of the field and remember, as it crawls on its belly, Sarah Palin is standing upright with her family!

To its shame, the media managed to destroy one young Vice-President by the name of Dan Quayle, who was just too decent to withstand the onslaught. His principled life had not prepared him for the serpentine nature of the press. Somehow, methinks that this time, we could have another Margaret Thatcher or a Deborah in our midst, who has no fear of the devil. Could it possibly be that she sees her pregnant young daughter as just another opportunity, as opposed to a handicap, for demonstrating her worthiness for her role as Vice-President of the United States of America?

Weep, you liberals, for character has never been your stronghold! In fact, from the first days of Creation in the Garden, liberalism and character have been shown to be incompatible. It has always been a battle between lies and truth, between deception and straightforwardness and between hypocrisy and honesty.

How the pot loves to call the kettle black! Watch for this in the days to come – the media will call good, evil, and evil, good! It is what is commonly known as political correctness. I do believe that at last the Americans have been offered a candidate for political office who can deal with it.