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The Paradigm Shift of Church and Nation

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

September 04, 2010

A paradigm shift is happening within the church. Her religious era is over, and she has come full circle to rest once again upon her foundation of truth along with her true apostolic brothers of the first century, who knew no such thing as the religion of Christianity. This is the only church of the Lord Jesus Christ against which the gates of hell shall not prevail.

Rebuild her foundation, and He will return to make all things right!

The Exodus from Egypt was no chance event. It was for Israel, what the exodus from the religious system of Christianity is for spiritual Israel. It marks the restoration of the true apostolic church as she emerges from the tomb of religion like the called-out Lazarus, the friend of Jesus, who emerged from his tomb.

Back in Genesis the way is prophetically prepared for the spiritual exodus of the church from religion. The nation Israel lays down the pattern of events for the spiritual reality of the church of the spiritual nation. Basic to this spiritual nature of Israel is Jacob’s dream, the vision of the kingdom reached by the only stairway possible, being that of Jesus, the truth and cornerstone of the church. He revealed this prophecy to Nathanael, His called-out apostle. The dream was given to Jacob in that place he called the house of God and the gate of heaven, which he named Bethel.

Of equal importance was the story of Joseph and his brothers of Israel, who put him in a pit, angered by his dreams in which his father (sun), mother (moon) and brothers (eleven stars) bowed to him. It transpired that he was raised from the pit to be set in a position at the right hand of Pharaoh, ruler over the entire known world of his day. Joseph is the picture of Jesus, who sits at the right hand of God, saving the brethren who will come into God’s family of Israel by repentance and trust in Him for their salvation.

Yet, before the kingdom of God will rule over the world under an alliance of church and state in liberty, freed from all religious/state ruler-ship, the church would have to put in her growing years in captivity to religion and its ruling priesthood, in the same way as Israel put in her growing years in captivity to the religious/state system of Pharaoh. Like the nation, the spiritual nation must learn the difference between serving Satan in religion and serving God in truth. They can only be described as two completely incompatible forms of government, which must eventually separate; for one leads to death, and the other to life.

Originally, man was given life in the Garden of Creation where God ruled. He warned Adam that to disobey His truth and to be lured into Satan’s government plan would lead to death. The lie is the foundation for the belief system we call religion. To accept such a system is what we call liberalism, which results in eternal separation from God and His truth.

Though Adam and Eve knew only truth and goodness they made their determined choice to follow the path that would lead to death and eternal separation from God. They became the first-born of a new spirit of death caused by a religion they should never have trusted.

At the point of Eve’s decision to eat of the forbidden tree, man opened up the door for evil to enter into the Garden, which God had separated from it when He separated the seawaters of darkness that had covered the face of the deep from all that was created good. And so the religious/state under Satan’s rule was given authority through the sin of man to replace the truth/state – the state under God and His Law.

The challenge from God to America in her fallen state will come from a voice calling her back to her origins, which were found in the establishing of a truth/state, or better named a Biblically-based state. In order for this voice to have credibility, it can only come from a revived apostolic church free of religion like the first century church. There was no religious door-opener within the early church, which would have allowed the satanic gates to be opened and then to prevail against her.

Such is not the case for the Christian church system with its roots coming from Rome, and not from the apostles, the last of Satan’s religious/state empires bent on world control.

The revived church today is a Judas-free church, which will require a replacement team, the likes of which will resemble the apostle Paul. It will only rise up after receiving massive revelation from God, given by Jesus, the only one worthy of the kind of teaching, which can open up new understanding of the Scriptures. No priest of a religious system is worthy to do so. Leaven only serves to produce more leaven until the entire loaf has become filled with it.

It is what we call today a united religion of the world – unitarian in nature, whereby all religions are tolerated as equals in order to become one. In contrast to this Paul was revolutionary in thought, which would have caused him to be labeled as a cultic leader, inciting riots or revival, by coming against the traditions of religion.

It is, again, exodus time for the church, which must make a paradigm shift if she is going to prevail against the gates of Hell and Hades. It could not be more simple to understand, for Jesus laid the foundation Himself with the gospels of truth. He separated His church from the religious system, which had turned the Feast Days into religious practices instead of recognizing them as the prophetic pattern for a spiritual reality.

Israel never fully understood the architectural drawing of Genesis 1, which God had entrusted to them to present to the world. The problem for the nation was the fact that she ignored the plans God had for her, and desired only to return to Egypt at every turn in the road, refusing to make the separation, which would have given her liberty in God’s truth and His Law.

Today, if spiritual Israel fails to make her own exodus from religion, not understanding the serious problem it presents to her, she will soon find herself on the broad road leading to the One World Order of United Religion under Satan. The church must come out of the religious Babylonian system in order not to receive of her sins and of her plagues (see Revelation 18:4).

The church is about to make a paradigm shift away from religion, at the same time America is making her own paradigm shift to return back to Egypt by forsaking her God. If we fail to partake in the exodus of the church, then, as both Isaiah and Ezekiel prophesied, we will go down with Egypt in her sins when the parted spiritual waters once again come together to cover over the spiritual Egypt of the world.

Spiritual Israel, which has loved religion and its practices, its idols and its abominations more than she has loved her God, will surely go down with her. That great harlot, Babylon, mother of religious spirits, is about to ride the beast back to the bottom of the sea where she belongs, as it covers over her.

America is dying from lack of spiritual leadership. Nothing but a paradigm shift in the church can save her. She must stand against all religious systems, with their church buildings, their mosques and their temples that breed contempt for God and His Laws of liberty. The church must be set free of them in truth, no longer able to remain in what has been centuries spent within walls that have forced her into a compromised position.

God’s number one Law states clearly that He is the Lord who delivered us from Egypt and that we are to have no other gods before Him (see Exodus 20:2-3). Christianity is full of the ghosts of Rome, which took the church captive to its pagan religious system. It was another religious system called Judaism, from which Jesus delivered His apostles to form the early church. The pagan ghosts must be driven out before the church rises from the ashes of religion to return to her original glory.

It will take a voice very different from that of Glenn Beck, who still suffers from religious blindness, to bring this nation back to her original glory. In the same way as Paul the apostle had need of having his religious blindness removed, Beck will need to have the scales of religion removed from his eyes before he will be able to see clearly that this nation is in need of the same paradigm shift as that of the church.

“Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues (Revelation 18:4).”