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The Pilgrim Heritage

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

November 15, 2010

The first American Thanksgiving was celebrated by English settlers called the Pilgrims, seeking what some would call religious freedom. The truth of the matter is that they came to America seeking freedom from religion – the religious/state control that England exerted upon their lives.

They were a congregation of people who wanted to worship God basically without religious controls imposed upon them by the state, first occurring under the control of the church of Rome, and then under the control of the church of England. These dissenters had left England for the Netherlands and later migrated to North America, landing at the place now known as Plymouth, Massachusetts. It eventually became the second successful American settlement after Jamestown, Virginia, founded in 1607.

After surviving a brutal winter in Plymouth, 53 pilgrims and 90 Native American Indians, who had helped the settlers plant their first year’s crops, celebrated their first Thanksgiving feast together, which lasted for a period of three days. The feast consisted of turkeys, venison, fish, lobster, clams, berries and other fruits, pumpkin, and squash. To this day turkey and cranberries grace the average Thanksgiving table as part of the traditional American Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving to God for His bounty was at the heart of the celebration of these people who became known as the Pilgrim Fathers; for they were on a pilgrimage to becoming the original freedom fighters of America. They laid the foundation for the central theme of her history and culture of liberty under God.

Many did not survive the crossing from the Old World to the New World, with others dying from the harshness of that first winter in the New World. One might question how they could celebrate in thanksgiving to God, when life had been so difficult for them. But they knew they were reaping the harvest of their hard work and suffering, as a people who also knew that the bounty of the harvest was a gift from God.

God’s initial plan for mankind was that man would be under His rule, whereby He would provide the food that man would need. But he rejected God as ruler over him and so he was left to till the ground and eat by the sweat of his brow, to eke out whatever provision he could under a satanic world rulership. When we cry out “Where is God?” in difficult times, He would be with us and protecting us from evil, had we not chosen to reject Him and then, incredulously, blame Him for our own stiff-necked behavior.
The Pilgrims were a people who applied the principle God created in the Bible of having Feast days to celebrate the biblical milestones of history. How could they possibly have known just how much of a milestone this was, whereby, like Israel, they were being brought to another land of promise, where God and His Word would rule, unlike any other nation of this world? Religion was to have no place in American government under a God of truth.

The Pilgrims were a people who established a tradition in which God was honored in their new land, without the controls of religion hampering their worship. The Bible, and not the papacy, was their guide. This was the only nation, aside from Israel, which, by its own choice, established a tradition of liberty under God and freedom from the religious state control of religious empires.

It was in this spirit that the root system of America was established. It was rooted back in the true apostolic church, which also stood on truth and not on religion. In fact, the homeland for a revived true church, united with government, was being established with the state in harmony with it and the laws, which would later be laid down by descendants and men of the same faith as these early settlers.

Americans can trace their inheritance in God directly back to the early Pilgrims and first settlers of the faith. To this day, her citizens have proudly called upon God to continue to bless America in prayer and in the singing of her national anthem.

However, all of that is changing. A jealous and hateful world, battling its religious wars with each other, wants to drag America into the fray. It wants to first destroy Israel, the first nation under God’s exclusive rule, but that does not satisfy its lust for blood. It is not enough that it pummels this little nation, for no reason other than the fact she wants to go about her own business in a land established in democracy, designated by the other nations to be the land for the homeless Hebrew people to whom God first gave the Land.

Likewise, God brought His people of spiritual Israel, the church, to America to a land of her own to form the second Israel of a spiritual nature rather than one formed on the basis of its bloodline. America, like Israel, which failed before her, was called to be a light to the world, standing on truth in God’s Law, displaying liberty to the world in victory over her enemies, which only comes to a nation under Him and living in obedience to Him.

There are no options to the plan of God for His people, without losing the blessing and protection He offers to them. American borders had the protection of the Bible, which weeded out those undesirables who wanted to come to this land, bringing their own religions with them. Once the Bible was removed from the borders, religions flowed into America, setting up religious camps within what had been designated a religious-free zone for government.

It took only a few years before freedom from religious controls was turned around by rights law with the people rejecting God’s standard of law. Satan set about with the lie of twisting the meaning of ‘freedom from religion’ to ‘religious freedoms’, something God would never allow in His land among His people. A little leaven ultimately fills the entire loaf and again it will result in the nation heading directly back into religious/state control.

You might well ask about the presence of Christianity in the land, and why, in fact, God allowed it, since it is a form of religion. God is never sleeping and knows His remnant of the true apostolic church has been in captivity within the binding walls of Christianity for centuries, where He allowed the church to grow, just as Israel grew in Egypt. Even Jesus was protected in Egypt for a time as a child. But like Israel, at the time of her maturity, when the final scrolls of understanding are being opened to the Lord’s last prophetic voice (see Revelation, chapter 5), it shall then be time for her to make her exodus from religion and stand only on truth as the witnessing voice for the Lord Jesus Christ, her Cornerstone.

The new immigrant arriving to the shores of America does not pledge his allegiance to God and country. He comes seeking to make his gods and his religious laws the law of the land. He comes wanting to destroy the concept of freedom from religion and inflict his brand of religion upon America, especially if his religion is Islam. There is no thanksgiving in him for the benefits he demands and has been stealing from this country – benefits intended for God’s own people.

He knows nothing of the suffering the God-fearing early settlers went through to build America. He does not sit down to a Thanksgiving dinner in the American tradition, but rather pushes a steady diet of his religious tripe upon the nation. How long before he asks that the name of this traditional American holiday be changed to become just another generic holiday for all religions.

Thanksgiving has lost its meaning for most American households, which see this memorial feast as their right to have the bounty of the land without showing gratitude to God. How many Americans will actually lift up prayers of thanks to Him for the food, which He has provided for them, before they plow into it? They are more concerned about the bargains they plan to get, the day after Thanksgiving, on foreign-made products, as they focus on the biggest commercial grab of the year.

What selfish, ungrateful people we have become, by removing God from our nation! He will merely remove Himself as the Gentleman He is, but, at the same time, the bounty and all those wonderful luxuries, which He, alone, has lavished upon us, will disappear with Him.

Since there is no gratitude in us, God is going to let us experience the pain of loss of the great American way under Him, when we enjoyed the finer and better things in life, the things the religious world has never known. Pure water, safe environments, health care, warm homes with running water and enough food will all become things of the past, until once again we cry out to Him in our pain.

If it’s religion we want instead of His truth, then it is religion we will get. It will be like the quail the Israelites wanted in the wilderness; God gave them so much of it that it made them sick. We have not learned our lessons of the past, as God intended we should, but rather still behave like foolish, little children who do not know what is good for them; only by touching the stove, do we come to know that it is a painful experience.

I would like to think this Thanksgiving would be different after the terrible financial losses Americans have experienced under a leader who presented himself as a messiah. He proved to be nothing more than the last of the big-time spenders, who spent their monies and destroyed the nest-eggs of many who had planned for their old-age security. Surely, this man of Muslim origin would be enough to turn America back to God.

The answer lies in whether or not Americans want him and his liberalism more than they want God. It will depend on whether or not they recognize the lies behind one who claims to be the Christ as Jesus warned would happen in the latter days (see Matthew 24:5). Will they accept the evidence that he has no magic potion, and that his promises were nothing more than lies coming from behind the veil, which the media provided for him?

Those on the Carnival ship, the Splendor, only caught a glimpse of the discomfort that lies ahead for an America, which has been neither grateful nor loyal to her God-given heritage, received from such great stock as the Pilgrim Fathers and early God-fearing pioneers. The backbone of decency has departed from America, and God has departed with it. Judgment is but a stone’s throw away.

Since America will not give gratitude to God, then get ready for the judgment day. Don’t ever let any smiley apostate priest lead you to believe that all is well in la-la land, or you will become just another victim of satanic deception.

Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever. Let the redeemed of the Lord say so, whom He has redeemed from the hand of the enemy, and gathered out of the lands, from the east and from the west, from the north and from the south (Psalm 107:1-3).