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The Rapid Decline of Civilization

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                           by Elinor Montgomery

 August 26, 2008

 The world is rapidly declining as it moves toward a climactic showdown between God and man, who has fallen away from Him. It is what is known as the final battle called Armageddon. It is symbolized in the Bible as the struggle of Jacob, the father of the nations of spiritual Israel, with God and man. Jacob emerges victoriously from his struggle, when the darkness of nighttime, caused by sin, is over and light dawns again. The dawn points to the time of the return of Jesus, when light once again will dispel the darkness in this world. He is going to return to put an end to man’s destruction and set in place the clean-up process.

 Jacob is the father of the nations of overcomers, those whom God has challenged to endure until the end in the battle between good and evil, between Satan and God. They are the inheritance of Abraham with kingdom access to the house of God.

 Creation began when the world was in a state of darkness on the face of the deep. Satan had once been a spiritual being of light. He fell away in pride and the desire to be worshiped like the Most High God. It was for this reason he was cast to the earth, taking a third of the angels with him, which are the demons that walk this earth, looking for those they can destroy.

 The light of the God of truth was no longer in him, with the first darkness of the lies of religion casting its shadow over the earth. This was the foundation for what we call liberalism today – separation from the truth of God in response to the belief system based on the lie that man can be like God while in separation from Him. Such thinking is basic to New Age spiritualism and eastern cultic religions, which focus on the power of the inner man instead of the power of God.

 So, God placed His creation in the heart of this darkness on earth, relegated to the deep by the introduction of the light in an act of redemption, which established the perfect conditions for man’s survival as a living being. He would be required to overcome the lures of earth-bound Satan and his demon spirits in order to retain his eternal status with his Father, God.

 Satan is committed to destroying the relationship of man to God in order to take man down with him as well. His foes among men are those committed to truth, who reject his deviousness, which lurks behind all religions. His destruction is so extensive, that narrow is the way back to the kingdom of God from the fall, and few are they who will find it.

 Creation was a six-day process, with God resting on the dawn of the seventh day, just as Jacob’s journey into the Land continued at dawn, once the night of darkness was over, during which time he struggled with the angel of God. At this point, his name was changed from Jacob to Israel.

 God says a day is as a thousand years in His sight. For every day God worked for man’s good, which man rejected for the belief system of religion based on the lies of Satan, he would endure a thousand years in which God would allow Satan to rule over him. It would not be a rule like that of the God of love and truth, but rather it would subject man to the hatred of the destroyer of men, the prince of the fallen world, whom man had chosen.

 Satan lives by a different sword from that of God’s, which cuts into the flesh to kill. But God’s sword is a sword of the spirit and of truth that cuts into the spiritual man, moving beyond the flesh, with a sharpness greatly superior to a double-edged sword of the natural. We are, in fact, in a spiritual battle for the souls of men, over which God and Satan battle. We need not fear that which can destroy the body, but we do need to fear that which can destroy the spirit and the soul of man.

 In these final days, God is going to be able to find only a mere 144,000 women and men whom He will trust and seal to witness to the truth, having no religion in them. They will be the true sons of Jacob, as the overcomers in the spiritual battle between God and man, who are the real Israel and the inheritance of Abraham. The rest of mankind will move into the fullness of the gentiles, those who have chosen the camp of religion instead of the camp of truth. The place is Mahanaim, the double camp of Israel whereby the nation must cross over to become a spiritual nation if it is to survive in any way at all.

 Like the Shulamite who is doing the dance of the double camp (see Song of Solomon 6:13), the bride of the church forms that group of 144,000 witnesses, now the pillars and no longer the gateway or foundation of the New Jerusalem. It is not of this earth, but rather from above, for it is a spiritually pure city, unlike any Jerusalem here on earth.

 To be part of any religion puts man in Satan’s territory. One only has to look at the religious leaders of Judaism of Jesus’ day, to see the wall that separated them from Him. The priesthood of Aaron was that of a prophet and a voice for his brother, Moses. Moses was a type of Jesus and what God was showing through Aaron was that the requirement of the priesthood would be to speak the truth of God for Jesus (the apostolic priesthood). Jesus is now like our departed Brother and separated Husband of mankind. This makes us like the children and widows for whom God commanded His people to provide.

 Aaron had a little problem, though, which was caused by his dancing at the foot of the mountain with the chosen children of God who wanted to worship a golden calf in religion more than they wanted to worship God. This form of worship came from the Egyptians and would later come from the Babylonian system of the gentiles. The priesthood has been weak with respect to being a voice for God since its formative days, and has not properly assumed its role of leadership among the people to keep them only focused on the truth of God and separate from religion.

 Those given the truth of God and who, like Adam and Eve, reject it for religion are more wicked than the gentiles who have not known the truth. It is the rejecting of the Spirit of life, which God says is unforgivable, after having taken man out of darkness and back into the light. It is what we know to be that one unforgivable sin of blaspheming the Holy Spirit of God, which blesses man with life.

 The Pharisees of Judaism knew the Law and could recite it in God’s name, and yet they, and not Pilate, wanted the death of Jesus. But their high priest was Roman-appointed by man, whereas Aaron was a God-appointment. Jesus had nothing but disdain for them as they pompously declared themselves to be the inerrant keepers of the Law and Jesus to be a son of the devil.

 Today, the high priest, the pope, also Roman-appointed, declares himself to be inerrant as a high priest of the Christian religion, dressed as a clown before the masses who believe this lie. The archbishop of Canterbury, likewise, leads a Christian religious pack, also dressing as a clown and also using the name of Christ to lead people into Druidism and religious idolatry, which God so hates. He dares to call himself the head of the church, a role reserved only for the Cornerstone and High Priest Jesus, greater than all the little stones (Petra) of the apostolic priesthood, who make up the true apostolic church.

 Then, at the other end of the spectrum you have a charismatic priest who is covered in demonic tattoos and leads the flock into satanic emotionalism. He is equally as much dressed like a clown, as opposed to wearing the wedding garments required for attendance at the wedding feast of the King. Such garments are made of simple white linen, a covering, which is symbolic of purity and truth and, which the Lord God will provide for His own and not for any false priesthood in clown’s clothing.

 Evil is rapidly filling the world now, and judgment is going to begin with those who call themselves by the name of Christ, but are far from Him. They may have a form of godliness but deny the power of the truth by their religious practices (see 2 Timothy 3:5). We are commanded to turn away from such utter foolishness.

 Unless we have the revealed understanding for this time, which was sealed to Daniel, who was given the revealed understanding for his time, then it is very unlikely we will walk through this period of fire judgment like the friends of Daniel. They walked in the fire of the furnace safely with One Who had the appearance of the Son of God.

 Daniel needed the right food (truth of God) and understanding to face the lions of the Babylonian system. His friends, today, who are still eating the same food (the truth of God), and have the necessary understanding of what religion is and who the true Jews are, make up the only Israel that matters. They are spiritual Israel, those who will safely stand in truth before the Antichrist, as Daniel stood before Nebuchadnezzar, refusing to bow to religious idolatry. They are the prophets, the apostles and the bride, the three friends of the One Who appears to be like the Son of God, who will walk with Him safely through the fiery furnace judgment.

 The greatest deception of all is one that tells us those who come in the name of Christ, under the label of the religious systems and denominations of Christianity make up the church. If the truth be known, they are far from His truth and far from Him. “Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’ And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness (Matthew 7:22-23)!’”

 Those who unite in a Judeo-Christian unity and become part of the mega church movement are but steps away from the coming One World Order of religion, the united religious pack of Satan. This is what is known as the time of the fullness of the gentiles, but it is also the time for the most power-laden witnessing to the truth that this world will ever see. It is the time for the bride, who will make up the group of 144,000 witnesses sealed by God to witness in the spirit of Elijah and Moses, men who partook in two of the most power-filled miraculous events in history.

 Pray that you have ears to hear and eyes to see as you witness the miracle of God when He brings His church of spiritual Israel back to life by calling her out of the tomb of religion. Her exodus will take place in the same manner as that of Jesus’ dear friend Lazarus, when He called him out of the tomb in which he was sleeping as a result of Judaism.

 The church has become captive to the religion of Christianity, just as Israel was captive to the religious nation of sun-worshippers ruled by the Pharaohs, before her exodus from Egypt as a people taken through the sea. They are the institutional churches of Christianity, which are first going to face the judgment of the waters of the sea once again, as the true church makes the final move of the covenant made with Abraham, which will see her taken right into the kingdom of the Lord.

 Along with the rapid decline of civilization into world-wide religious deception, the Kingfisher of men is going to fish His own out of the murky seawaters that will overflow the lands. This will take place just before the fire judgment of His wrath falls on sinning men to lick up the waters of this world, while He saves His own who choose to believe on Him for salvation.

 It will surely be another Elijah challenge on the mountaintop, between the religious spirits of the high places, O’Bama(h), and the all-powerful Spirit of God, speaking through His bride of Israel (Sarah). It will be the spiritual clash of all clashes, when Satan falls to defeat, and is revealed for what he is, a god of wood and stone that is powerless against the one true God.