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The Separated World of Creation, with the East and West in Mind

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

August 27, 2012

When God created the world, everything was created good. There were spiritual waters of darkness on the face of the deep, so God called for the light, which was good, and separated it from the darkness. They were as day and night. Light became day and God worked six days to create and on the seventh day He rested. Only in the presence of light, did creation take place.

There were two more separations to be made – the water from above the firmament, called heaven, from the water beneath, and the water beneath was gathered together in the seas to be separated from the dry land. With this separation, the water from above then watered the land, the grass and the seed-bearing fruit, all food according to its kind, which was good. Up until recent times, the West remained separated from the East by the spiritual seawater of this world.

First, the birds, the sea creatures and the beast of the field were all created according to their kind; but then a pluralistic God created man in their image and according to their likeness of His pluralistic nature. Yet, man was created in His image, for the Godhead was One in the sense of an egg being three parts in one. Man became flesh, soul and spirit, when the breath of life was breathed into him by the Spirit of life. He was created male and female, intended for a marriage made in heaven, which, by an act of love, would be consummated to become fruitful in a one flesh relationship through the seed of man and the Spirit of life acting as one. The earth was to be replenished with the goodness of God and His gift of life.

He had created lights in the heavens where there still remained darkness on the face of the deep. These lights would be for signs and seasons for man, to show that the light rules over the day and night. The nighttime of darkness did not exist on earth, but it still was out there like a consuming, dark hole, which was waiting with open mouth to suck creation back into the pit. But God had breathed the breath of life into man so that he became a living being with a will of his own.

God next gave him the order of things, which was the good earth over which he would rule, called to be its keeper in ruler-ship over the living creatures, with all coming under the supreme rule of God. This would keep the peace and harmony, which are a result of the light and the goodness of God. There were two different sides to Eden – the East and the West, with the Garden being eastward in Eden, where God placed the man.

One of the Godhead had become wild and rebellious. He was the author of the darkness in his rebellion and could only be dispelled by the Light. His name was called Satan, the devil, who, in being cast out from God’s presence, became relegated to being a beast of no understanding. He could not comprehend the Light, but hated it in his antichrist spirit.

Now, in the Garden, God had created a testing place of separation from the angels who fell from heaven with Satan in his rebellion, but God would not offer man ruler-ship with God in love if man did not love Him back and obey Him. In the sin of rebellion, there is no gratitude for the gift of life from God, and so God will take His Spirit back and depart from sinful man, if he should make himself a harlot to his God. However, a just God, in fairness, always gives the rules or guidelines for His judgment, which can be swift and final. He also is merciful and loving, but always holy on His foundation of truth.

There were two trees in the Garden, which offered very different spiritual fruits. The tree of life was the acceptable, spiritual food, but the tree of the knowledge of good and evil produced the forbidden, spiritual food about which God warned man he should not eat if he wanted to live. God said to man that he would surely die if he were to eat of it. It was spiritual food based on a lie, which led to the belief system of religion in separation from the Spirit of life. The rebellious sin for which there is no forgiveness is the rejection of the Spirit of life to choose death; it is called blaspheming the Holy Spirit and is in direct rebellion to God and His Law of truth, resulting in liberalism, or separation from Him. This was the test of man’s heart as to whether or not it would be an obedient one to his Creator.

The moment man rebelled and ate the forbidden, spiritual food, Satan gained control over him. He could then set up his satanic government, which changed the pure spiritual river flow of the Pishon, surrounding the Garden, to make way for the destroying, religious waters of the empires to come, first the Gihon of Cush (Egypt), and then the Hiddekel, which would go out from the east of Assyria. The spiritual water from above was no longer separated from the spiritual water from beneath, which would flow from the coming empires throughout the duration of history’s empire-warring among nations.

The river from above, the Pishon, which had surrounded the Garden with the Spirit of God and life, would now give way to liberalism as the earth became populated through the seed of Adam and his wife, who as a harlot, became the mother of all living. They and the fruit of their marriage were all destined to die in the original sin that corrupted Adam’s seed and took away his ability to produce sons for God, in the Spirit of life. He could only produce sons for Satan who took ruler-ship of the earth through him.

God drove Adam and Eve eastward from the Garden, and then closed it off on the east side to the tree of life. By this act, religion grew in the East, under Satan’s rule, but the Garden was sacred ground provided by the God of love and truth for His creation, created in His image.

And, so, the great divide between God and man was cemented and this led to the religious tower-building of Babel, in an attempt of man to reach into the heavens and to God through his own religious efforts. But God drove him back and divided the peoples into nations, each in its own religion, to fill the entire earth. Satan would rule over these nations, known as the gentile nations of the world. But God had a plan to re-establish His kingdom on earth by coming down in person to enter the playpen of the world, which held man back behind bars from the freedoms and liberty God had intended for him to enjoy from the beginning.

Before doing this, He would first establish His own nation under His rule again, with one faithful man, whom He could trust to obey Him, unconditionally.  God called this man, Abraham, from out of the East, to leave his father’s household of religion and travel westward, back again to the land of the Garden, with a promise of a coming kingdom on earth through a covenant with him, no less binding than a marriage made in heaven between God and man. Yet, this nation, called Israel, failed to keep the covenant, which she promised to keep, when given her marriage vows of the Law. Israel failed miserably, for her prophets could not hew trees from out of a rebellious people.

So, God entered this world by way of His nation, which was in bondage to Satan and man, as truth, Himself, made flesh, to set a new and pure foundation of truth, based on the Law of the old covenant, which the Lord would keep, but man would fail to keep. The Son of God would keep the Law for man, face the same temptations as Adam and Eve had faced, overcome them and then take man’s place as the blood sacrifice of death required of him for his sin.

This Man, called Jesus, established His church, the apostolic church, free of all religion on a foundation of only truth. But she, too, would fail to remain pure and free of religion as she was taken captive by the Babylonian empire of Rome, and was united with Roman, pagan, religious leadership to form the religion of Christianity, which the emperor called the church.

So the church moved into her dark age of religion, until the purifying process began anew, and the Lord moved a faithful, puritanical group westward once again, to escape from the empire controls of religion. The church began her own exodus as she was taken westward to another land of Promise, which comes straight out of biblical prophecy, pictured by Israel prospering in the land of Goshen under the ruler-ship of Joseph within Egypt. God would once again rule over His people America, in a government under Him, resting on the foundation of the truth of the Bible, written by the inspiration of the Spirit from above. The West would remain in the same world with the empires, yet, she would be free and apart in separation from them and their cultures. God would bless this land with liberty, something, which the empires would never know.

When Jesus died, the Spirit of life was released to all who believed on His death and resurrection for salvation from death. They could be born again in the same manner in which Adam was created by asking for the Spirit of life to be breathed by the Lord back into their nostrils, to once again become a living being in the image of God and no longer a son of Satan. He would become a new creation in the spirit. How blessed man was to become an eternal, living being again in the image of his Father, God, and a part of the family of Abraham in the house of Israel, spiritually alive once more!

God had moved His people, who rejected the rule of religion for truth, over the seawaters of destruction to the West and to a New World where the people chose His rule and His truth in a government like that of the coming kingdom on earth. His people were to be the light of liberty and freedom once again to a world, captive to the darkness of religion. America was called to be that shining city of light, which Jerusalem once had the opportunity to be. This is the heritage of America, which no modern history book will tell you, other than the Bible.

Take a close look, America, at the state of Jerusalem, a city, which rejected Jesus and His truth, over which He wept. Do you think He is weeping today over America, where mosques are now rising up like flies and beginning to dominate the landscape in the same way as a mosque dominates the landscape of Jerusalem, where the light went out to leave her in no better shape than Sodom and Egypt? They both went down in the judgment, as will Israel go down, as well, but not without Jesus first chewing up that mosque and spitting it out. Will He do the same in America, or will we put a stop to their building program, which is a danger to this country, and reject multiculturalism, once and for all, for the truth of God?

Why do you think the east gate into the city of Jerusalem is sealed, and will not be opened again, until Jesus rides through it? He will enter the city in truth, victorious over the defeated, religious armies of Satan, to sit upon His throne in the city of David, when Satan will be chained and the nations will all bow before the Lord.

From Canada with Cana, symbolic of the wedding feast, in her name, will come the bride and other half of the male, apostolic church, to fish for souls from the last of the five great lakes, representing the last of the five empires of the Babylonian system. It flows in the same manner as the Galilee flowed into the river Jordan and then into the Dead Sea, into the St. Lawrence and then into the Atlantic Ocean. There, the separated sea will claim the last, world empire, the iron-strength Roman Empire, in the same location it claimed the Titanic, an iron ship of which its builder said that not even God could destroy it. But He did destroy it, ever so effortlessly.

Wake up, America, to your calling of light and liberty in truth. Political Correctness is based on lies, as are Atheism, Secular Humanism, Islam, Communism, Buddhism, Judaism, and even Christianity, all religions based on the lies, which lead to death. They were the religious who led Jesus to the cross, saying they had no other king than Caesar, all the while claiming the Scriptures of God for themselves. Is this same scene not being repeated here in America and spearheaded by the likes of Rick Warren and the other good pastors of Christianity who want unity of religion more than they want the cross of Jesus?

In all your getting, get understanding (Proverbs 4:7). Come out of religion and back to the truth! Trust in Jesus and ask for that Spirit of life to be returned to you; for you, too, can become a son of God in the house of Israel! Would you rather remain a son of your father, the devil, doomed to remain in the spiritual water-flow of the river, which leads to the sea and to death as horrifying as that experienced by those who went down with the Titanic on that fateful night? The choice is yours, and life can be yours, just for the asking.

However, there is only one way back to the Father, and His name is Jesus, not Mohammed. One is truth, and the other is a fraud, and I pray that you are not one of the gullible ones deceived by religion, multiculturalism, and Political Correctness.

“I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me (John 14:6).”

Look, my friends, to the Middle East, full of warring religions. It is a land of rebellion, with the rebellious angels being presently released from the Euphrates River. Babylon is rising again to the height of its religious tower-building. Has the rebellion of the East not spread westward with the Occupy Wall Street rabble-rousers? Yes, my friends, religious rebellion has come to America. But the good news is that Jesus is coming soon to snatch His own true church out of the fray, before He lowers the boom of judgment upon the entire world.

“Now therefore, fear the Lord, serve Him in sincerity and in truth, and put away the gods which your fathers served on the other side of the River and in Egypt. Serve the Lord! And if it seems evil to you to serve the Lord, choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve (Joshua 24:14-15).”

There is only one choice to be made; it is between the truth of God, which leads to life in Jesus, and the lies of Satan, which lead to his false, religious belief systems and death.