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The True Church on a Foundation of Truth

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

The True Church on a Foundation of Truth

May 22, 2012

The church is on a foundation of truth with a covering of truth. She answers to a God of truth whose Word is written in truth. He creates by the word of truth and had a Son of truth who could be no one other than the flesh of truth. He is the Word made flesh, and so there can be no error in Him. He is inerrant, while man is errant.

Religion, the first belief system apart from the truth, began with the sin of rebellion, when man believed the lies of Satan in the Garden of Eden while, at the same time, rejecting the truth of God. Satan is behind the power of the antichrist spirit, which wars with the Spirit of the Christ. He was sent from God to save His portion of the people whom He calls by the name of Israel.

Am I talking about a nation called Israel? Not at all! He was a man called Jacob who set the pattern for all mankind in a struggle with God, being the first to win the battle as an overcomer of this world by accepting and applying God’s truth to his life. The victory lies in rejecting Satan’s lures and lies, with which he tempts us. To submit can be a sure formula for death.

The Christ, the Son of God called Jesus, came to this earth to give all men a second opportunity to choose life through His own sacrificial death, which God accepted as the perfect sacrifice that man could never be for himself in his sinful state. The ladder, shown to Jacob in a dream was the symbol of Jesus as the perfect connection between man and God – between heaven and earth.

He declared it to His disciple Nathanael that it would be upon Him that he would see the angels ascend and descend between heaven and earth. He is the ladder and the only way between man and God; there is no other way and no other man born of the Spirit of God and not of the seed of corrupt man, who has no potential for bearing good fruit. He is the Seed of the woman, who died to make way for others to be born again of the Spirit of life, so that they too might become adopted sons and daughters of God.

Jacob became the pattern for God’s plan to receive any number of people into heaven from the many nations of this world. The sons of Jacob, for whom the tribes were named, became the pattern for God’s nations into which all the people of the world who are saved will ultimately belong. Together, they will form the spiritual house of Israel, patterned upon the blessings of Jacob upon his sons.

America is at a crossroads in history. She cannot wander from the truth into religion and remain the same nation. The more illegals she accepts, giving to them the rights of her citizens, the faster she shall fall away from truth. The more multi-cultic she becomes, the quicker her destruction. The faster she moves from her constitutional rights founded in God and His Law, based on biblical truths, the quicker she will lose her status as a super power blessed of God.

Truth is prophetic in nature and the Bible clearly paints a picture of the outcome of America choosing the path on which she is moving now. In the past, she has provided but a mere hint of what it will be like to live in the coming kingdom on earth among the spiritual tribes of the house of Israel. The former Israel is no different from any other nation of this world, having been sent back to the gentile nations whence she came. She always wanted to be like the other nations of the world with their kings and their gods, whom they worshiped in temples. She preferred the ways of man and his temple to the plan of God and His tabernacle.

Likewise, America has preferred the religious temples of institutional church buildings to the true apostolic church of Christ. Is this too much for a people to understand, no longer having a Paul in their midst, but ever so greatly in need of him? He spent the greater part of his ministry warning the church about apostasy, while writing letters applicable to today, calling her back to her first love of Christ. The institutional church doors cannot swing both ways at the same time – opening to truth on one side and to religion on the other.

No one can serve two masters – the Master who is coming to establish His kingdom on earth as it is in heaven, and the master of the present ruling empire on earth, Babylon the great, mother of all harlots to God, who drink of the deadly spiritual river waters of the Euphrates.

Make no mistake! The spiritual river Gihon, which flowed into Cush or Egypt, dried up when an end came to the influence and power of the Egyptian Empire. We all know the story of Moses and how he delivered God’s people, Israel, from the hands of the Egyptians, only to have God then take them down in their own spiritual seawaters, as easily as He took the Titanic down to the bottom of the sea.

The third empire river of the book of Genesis, the Hiddekel, was the spiritual water, which would take the sinning northern part of the nation, Israel, into the captivity of the world empire of Assyria, from which captivity they never returned. A few dribbled back to become the Samaritan people of the north, viewed almost as half-breeds by the Judeans. Judah, the southern part of Israel, was never taken captive to Assyria, for her king, Hezekiah, turned the hearts of the people back to God, thus keeping the throne of David intact. Like the flow of the Gihon river, the Assyrian spiritual river, Hiddekel, dried up with the empire giving way to Babylon, to no longer flow through the nation of Israel.

Finally, the spiritual sin of Judah caused the removal of the last tribes of the nation Israel from the Land, to become captives of the next world empire to rule over the East, called Babylon. The last of the nation could have inherited the throne of David, under God’s rule, but, instead, rejected Him for religious idolatry (that which we call multiculturalism today), causing her to lose the throne and never be a nation under God again. When she returned to Israel, she was a nation ruled by the religion of Judaism, which was the beginning of the end for her as God’s chosen people.

It was through Babylon that the fourth river, the Euphrates flowed, as it flows through the very heart of Iraq today, with the world still under captivity to the Babylonian system of empires, the last of which is the coming Revived Roman Empire and One World Order. She will be the last and most powerful of the religious empires to come out of this system. The same spiritual waters of the Euphrates are still at the heart of Israel’s problems today, no longer a nation under God but rather a religious nation ruled by Judaism. 

We are fools to not see the intentions of Ahmadinejad to be the one to fulfill Bible prophecy with the revival of the final world empire of the Babylonian system. The book of Genesis makes it clear that this river will continue to flow and not dry up until the time of the end. It represents the final, spiritual attack of Satan using his government plan for a world empire, with which he plans to take control of the world and eliminate Israel.

So what do Satan and his empire-building people hate most of all, if not the one nation entrusted with the truth of the Scriptures, living by their moral code and the Law of Moses, as given by God? What could be more of a threat to Satan’s plan than such a nation over which he has no control? America now becomes the target, as long as she honors her God and the truth of His Word.

Please take a good, hard look, America, at the fate of Israel under the antichrist spirit of Hitler! The Holocaust was a result of an alliance between Germany and Rome, which nearly eradicated the remaining Hebrew people who had escaped the first empire of Egypt, because of their obedience to the Passover commandments of God. She surely began as a nation in obedience to Him, but fell away very quickly, indeed, as is America falling away today.

America joined in WWII for the purpose of defending her freedom under God’s Law and not under any Charter of Rights, which defends the rights of the cults. She fought to win in the name of God for the freedom of the world from a little man, who fought for the right to become emperor of it. Her military chaplains prayed in the name of Jesus, speaking the Word of truth over her dead soldiers and preaching it to her live ones; there was nothing wishy-washy about them. There was not a Muslim soldier fighting in this battle of America for the cause of freedom and liberty under God from the religious controls of the East. Beware of the present Berlin Group, uniting Germany and Rome again, right under America’s nose, getting ready to take leadership over Europe, once more.

But now, in the same way that the priesthood of Judaism dragged Israel down with her religious leaders, Christianity, the false religion holding the true church captive, will drag down America. Her doors of the institutional churches are swinging two ways to allow the spiritual waters of the Euphrates to flow through her with an ecumenical movement for unity with the religions of the world.

The beauty is that Jesus is in the process of taking His true church out of the religious seawaters of the world and separating her from the Euphrates, just as God separated Abraham, her father before her, from his home in Ur on the same river Euphrates, to take him to the Promised Land. His covenant was transformed with Jesus to a New Covenant, which was a continuance of the old one. God never reneges on His covenant, no matter how disobedient we are to Him. He will bring forth His people of spiritual Israel to bless all the nations through Abraham, yet crossing-over the blessing from the first son of Adam and the nation to Jesus and the spiritual nation of the kingdom coming to this earth. May the true church rise up in all her glory, to glorify God and not man?

Neither Obama nor Romney will be the saviors from the sinking, iron ship of the empires, which God is about to take down to make way again for a singular flow of the river of life. It is one and the same as that great river, which came out of Eden to water the Garden but was broken away by sin, causing the waters to branch out into the spiritual empire waters of the world.

Take note, my friends! The final world empire is raising its ugly head out of the sea, but the Euphrates, which flows into it, will dry up, just as we are told in the book of Revelation 16:12. However, it will not happen before terrible judgment, such as has never been seen before, will come from a wrathful God upon a sinful world beneath.

Blessed is that faithful woman who wears the crown of Israel and the governmental crown of twelve stars (see Revelation 12). God will have His kingdom on earth where Jesus and His true church, His bride, shall reign, not from any temple made by man, but rather from the throne of David, a replica of the throne of God, as heaven comes to earth and our God once again dwells among His people in a world ruled by truth. Satan and his religious demons shall be chained in the seawaters of this world; and there will be no floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, fires or famines to deal with anymore.