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The Truth and Glenn Beck

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

August 31, 2010

Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin are refreshing and stimulating stars rising on the political scene. Someone, at last, is starting to look like a leader for the people of God by taking us in a new direction, which could see this nation turned back to God and His righteous standard intended for us.

However, having said this, Glenn Beck has a long distance to go as far as understanding where God’s values lie. The description of them as being Judeo-Christian will never hack it.

Let us take a look at those standards to see why Judaic and Christian standards are flimsy at best and down-right unrighteous in the worst scenario. God is not a God of religion; He is the God of truth, in purity and righteousness (see Deuteronomy 32:4, Psalm 31:5 and Isaiah 65:16). Righteousness simply means the right way, as set before us by His Word.

Judaism, if you remember, was the religion, the soldiers of which arrived in the Garden of Gethsemane to take Jesus prisoner and lead Him to trial before that great board of justice with its high priest, called the Sanhedrin. They, within their standards of righteousness, took Him with their cooked-up charges to the Roman governor, Pilate, the representative of the Babylonian system of empires in Jerusalem. In cahoots together, as the alliance between religion and state, Rome and Judaism led Jesus off to the cross.

Today, Christianity is quickly getting itself in place for the union between a One World Order and a United World Religion, still the Roman Empire of Jesus’ day but the reviving and final empire of the same Babylonian system. Tolerance for all religions means joining the state in America to religion while, at the same time, putting Jesus, as the way, the truth and the life, to the cross once again, to make room for all the gods of this religious world who represent many ways to heaven.

Most Christians who claim Christ as the central figure of their religion are very happy to sacrifice truth and the way for tolerance of all religions. Did you miss Glenn Beck’s proud assertion that he stood side-by-side with imams, rabbis, priests and other religious leaders, in an attempt to be all inclusive of all religions at the great gathering and demonstration in Washington? He was calling for a return, in America, to our roots in God by way of our Judeo-Christian values.

Jesus never allowed for such nonsense, or else He would have to be declared a liar for saying, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me (John 14:6).” Neither the high priest of Judaism nor Mohammed has any access to God, whatsoever, unless it comes through faith in Jesus for their salvation and way back to man’s lost relationship with God, who went behind the veil, which Jesus ripped wide open at the cross.

The deception that surfaced at this gathering in Washington came nicely wrapped-up inside a package containing a ticking time-bomb ready to explode in their faces. America was never founded on the myth of Judeo-Christian values. The God of truth established America every bit as much as He established the nation Israel, from out of her gentile roots, and His spiritual nation, from out of her scriptural roots.

America had to come out of the world-empire religious/state system to come under the Law of God. He brought His spiritual Israel from out of eastern, corrupted, religious nations, just as He had done with the nation Israel, to stand in the West in separation from them to rest on the truth of the gospels only.

Never, never, never was the spiritual nation of Israel, the church, founded on religion. Jesus founded His church in truth and not by putting it in place to be turned into religious Christianity by man and Rome, working in cahoots, together. They managed to take His church captive, renaming and changing the Way to become the Christian institutional church of organized religion called the Roman Catholic Church.

Hear me, and hear me well! America was founded by God on His Law and His Word of truth, without a religious high priest of any sort having ruler-ship or dominion over her two nations. The Queen has no role as high priestess over the government of Canada. She, like everyone else, bows to our High Priest, Jesus, who rules from sea to sea, making her a mere figurehead from the past, without any religious controls in this land.

Our High Priest in America is the author of truth and He will not, no, will not, share His glory with religious idols or other gods of any sort. He came to testify to truth and, in America, He established the truth of the Bible as the foundation for her values and judicial system.

The high priest of Rome has seen his religion of Christianity crack open and break in two, over and over again, until we have been left with its many broken pieces, which we now call the various denominational churches of Christianity. These denominations have no relevance, whatsoever, when it comes to standing on the righteous values of God’s truth. Imams have absolutely no connection to truth, and rabbis are right there with them in the darkness.

Few, if any of the priesthood, present at that gathering in Washington, have the slightest understanding of the difference between religion and truth. The true church of believers would not share the same platform with religious leaders who envision America without their Supreme Leader, Jesus. The true church knows it is its duty to open the minds of those in darkness and not pander to them in tolerance and unity of purpose. To do so would be to not love the lost brethren as commanded, so that they, too, might gain understanding and live.

Every facet of society in America, within my lifetime, was dependant upon her inseparable relationship between state and the truth of the Bible. All government officials and appointed judges were sworn into office on this Book, agreeing to uphold God’s Law and His truth in this nation. This is our heritage and the source for the values we hold dear in this land. It is for these values our soldiers fought in WW1 and WW11.

It is very simple, Mr. Beck, to answer your question “What is truth?” Truth is easily found, but your religion obviously has blinded you to it, just as the religion of Judaism blinded the apostle Paul to the truth of who Jesus Christ was. Take off your religious blinders, pick up your Bible and, lo and behold, you will have the truth staring you in the face, and you will never have to ask that question again.

How can I make this statement with absolute authority? God tells me so and He validates His Scriptures with perfect prophecy in not one, but rather in every Word, with perfect fulfillment of that prophecy. He is the only One and the Supreme Being who knows the beginning from the end.

His Son is the only Man who has ever died and been resurrected from the dead to live again eternally. And how do I know this? I know because history records that He appeared to many after His resurrection and I, for one of many today, have experienced His appearing. He has walked straight into the lives of those, such as me, who were not believers until He revealed Himself to them. They may have called themselves Christians, as did I, but they, like I, knew nothing about Jesus and the truth of who He is, as religious church-going Christians.

No Muslim has ever seen Mohammed rise from the dead. The Hebrew people are still waiting for a Messiah, who long ago came and departed from their presence, leaving them out of relationship with God. Buddhists and Hindus worship stone and beasts, but they know nothing about truth, nor do they know God from religious practices and doctrines.

America originally kept such pagan religions at a distance from her shores by placing the Bible on guard at her borders. If immigrants did not recognize God as ruler over this land and swear allegiance to Him and to this nation, then they could not enter the country. Hence there was no multiculturalism, and no opposition from non-believers who shared in the benefits the believers offered to them.

When you understand what truth is, Mr. Beck, then you will know that America must first return to God in truth, and not in a multitude of religions, before her liberties and her heritage in God will be restored. You will be standing on the only platform and set of values, which the God of truth recognizes, once you have thrown out the window the notion that they are Judeo-Christian values, which rule over this land.

What do the values of ten thousand priests of different Christian denominations, who congregated together to honor Darwin and his theory of evolution, have in common with God’s message of truth regarding creation and His role as the Creator? God does not lie, so who is the fool?

It is not Babylon, the mother of religious harlotry, which America wants back; we have her enthroned at the moment over the nation. She is at the very root of the religions of Judaism and Christianity with their ties to Rome and the last of the Babylonian empires. In fact, it is Christianity and its Romanism, which has kept the last empire of the Babylonian system alive until today. It was truth, which separated us from it.

Perhaps you are old enough to remember the days when John F. Kennedy was running for president, and the horror of the American people at the very thought of electing a Roman Catholic to the top office of the land, lest the Pope and his Romanism should get a foothold in America. She did not want Babylonianism coming to her shores, which were ruled by the truth of God, and not by religious priests.

As you can see, her fears were well grounded, for both liberalism and Babylonianism began to infiltrate the nation, bringing with it the very essence of the sin of the Garden of Creation. Now, America has elected to the Office of the President the enemy of the state, bent on completely removing the last vestiges of truth in the land.

Mr. Beck, wake up! Jesus told us He is the truth and the apostle John told us that He is the Word made flesh. Stop asking what truth is and pick it up and acquaint yourself with Him. Then, perhaps, you will clean up your compromised platform so that the American people can have a real leader to whom they can look for the truth in the spirit of righteousness; it is found only in Jesus, and never in the religions of the world. The Way must be made straight in truth, if America is to survive.

Unless mosque leaders can swear allegiance to our Ruler and our nation, then this is not the place to allow them to be built. It is time to make the way straight again, just as John the Baptist cried out, before the coming of the Lord.

If you build it, He will come. For He is coming and He is coming soon.