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The Walnut Tree-Blow Your Horn, Gabriel, Blow!

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery



The Walnut Tree—“Blow Your Horn, Gabriel, Blow!”

July 04, 2023



What has just taken place in the spiritual realm? God has led me to make a call for the blowing of horns, all across this country, in every province and territory in one day—Canada Day, July 1st 2023. It could be any time of day, but it was intended for the reclaiming of this land for God, not only the Owner of the land, but the Ruler for whom we laid claim to the land by the planting of crosses that possessed it for Jesus, from sea to sea. 



Were we successful in enlisting the entire nation? In the sense that we received a positive response from each one, you might say that we were successful. All of Canada responded to the call. This does not mean that there were not any negatives, but they were negligible in view of the very positive responses, especially of the little children who wanted to see our flyers. 



We wanted to create an instant new ‘freedom club’ in the hearts of our young children, especially among the five-to-ten-years-age group who were caught by the cartoon of the geese and the call to the children to toot the horns too. They are fresh and ready to reject masks and lockdowns that separated them from friends and family. 


They had to be recaptured from the arms of the devil ready to kill them with wokeness (let me explain that my computer tells me there is no such word, for it is what is already called progressive liberalism from God) and pornography, which were intended to lead them straight down the line to the fires of Sodom. The ovens were open and waiting to gobble them up.



I pray that we have been just in time to have formed a new youth’s club of Young Freedom Fighters like their parents, so that the family becomes unified once again in spiritual warfare. The Jewish children of the Holocaust had no such warning, as the railway led them down the line to the smoking ovens of the detainment camps. To this day, the families bear the pain of loss and scars, which the Nazis caused with their own brand of wokeness. July 1st delivered the message that Canadians will no longer accept the Garden lies of Progressive Liberalism from God. 



Many Canadians were interceding while the demonstration continued throughout the day. Did God respond to our calls? Did a good proportion of the country not experience the wrath of God in the form of fires, tornadoes and torrential rains? They were to the extent, which has never been seen before in this land, with the air quality dropping from the smoke of the smoldering fires to new-time lows with all three covering this land from east to west. 



But, more to the point—I, personally was shown the glory of God as it showed up right before my eyes, rising up from the water beneath to spread across the sky as the most glorious rainbow I have ever seen, with light shooting sideways from it in all its brilliance. Now, at the same time, two of the city, touring boats of the style of the old, New Orleans paddle boats, came down the river as was the custom most summer nights with passengers often dining in the one called the Island Queen. I had formed the habit of going out on my deck to wave to the passengers because they had so few people during the Covid internment, and no one was outside to greet them on the shoreline. 



This went on for two summers, with the captain flashing his lights toward my deck to make a path of light on the water right to me. Sometimes, the passengers who had lights at their tables would flash their lights as well. I felt sorry for everyone when there was what looked to be no more than ten to twelve passengers on board, during the height of the so-called pandemic.



Now my boat had arrived on the early evening of June 30th last week, with a slightly smaller facsimile of it tagging along behind it, something that I had not seen before, with the two boats arriving at once to park side by side. They were slightly apart, but facing my deck. No sooner were they settled when a glorious rainbow came up from the water right in front of the smaller boat without the paddle wheel, but not the one I thought of as my boat, with my captain and the one with the paddle wheel. 



When the rainbow had risen high into the sky and began to arch, at that very same time, a smaller rainbow of less brilliance rose up on the other side of the first and bigger boat. Soon, the double rainbow lit up the sky making a glorious sight to behold. Yet, it puzzled me as to why the greater brilliance was beside the smaller boat. It seemed to make no sense. It was the next morning before the Lord gave me the answer to my question.



In point of fact, the smaller boat represented the smaller, apostolic group of today to whom it belongs. It is the small group of the bride of the church, the latter-day, reviving, apostolic church, to whom the Lord is opening the last and final scroll of Revelation. He is doing so in much the same manner as He gave understanding in the spirit to His apostles so they could write the gospels. This included the many parables Jesus taught, so full of prophecy for today. 



Was I not told that I would deliver the grain like Joseph did? I have been delivering it for years to the same little group, which Jesus had me incorporate as The Voice of the Kingfisher. We are now providing the Freedom Post to serve and unite all ‘Freedom Lovers’ in taking back our government for our King. He alone is Supreme Ruler from sea to sea. For years we provided a newspaper for the web and for parliamentarians on Bible prophecy and its relationship to the political processes. It was originally called News’nBlues. All the older commentaries are still provided in the Post.



The scroll of the book of Revelation is written on both sides of the pages, as is the Bible, which the early apostles did not have, and of which John, the revelator declared only Jesus could open. Are we not the smaller apostolic group, which is receiving the questions and answers—getting them ready to share with those who have ears to hear? Our questions always search Scripture for its relevance for us today, for every word is relevant in that Jesus is the Word made flesh. It is given in the spirit of prophecy–always a pattern, with a principle, resulting in a precept.



Were we not to deliver the grain like Joseph had done, in this time of severe famine of the Word in this world, which does not read the Bible, but rather allows it to collect dust on shelves? Is this not the time when the apostle John saw the great angel in a vision clothed with the cloud and having a rainbow on his head? His face was like the sun and his feet like pillars of fire.  He had a little book in his hand and he set his right foot on the sea and his left foot on the land and when he cried out seven thunders uttered their voices. The things were to be sealed that the seven thunders uttered. All was to be sealed, for there was to be delay no longer.



Did the Lord not say the message of the scrolls would be finished when this last one was rolled up with a little book sweet to the taste but bitter to the stomach? It was to be sealed with the contents within it not to be seen at that time. In the day of the sounding of the 7th angel the mystery of God would be finished, as He declared to His servants the prophets. Would the Lord ever close out His bride from a wedding feast meant for her and her Bridegroom? It would appear that only the flowing robes of a religious priesthood would be the forbidden clothes for this most sought-after invitation of all history.



Joseph was a type of Jesus who was the only One who could provide the grain or bread of life. Could anyone else lay claim to this grain other than the one who received it from Jesus, as did the prophets and the early apostles, all of whom came out of the fiery furnace of Daniel symbolically with one like the Son of God?



 But what of the lesser rainbow, in that it was not shining as brightly? Was the bigger boat not the early apostolic boat with the same beloved Captain of the crew who received the Word and bread that came down from above as the bread of life with its Captain, the Son of Man and the Son of God? Of course, its light was losing its glow within a shell of a religious body of the empire called Rome, which was just beginning its revival as it opens its eyes to a wicked world awaiting the power of Satan who desires to conquer and make it his own.



And that brings us to the shell of a walnut and its message for this time. Jesus wants fruit from His tree of eternal life, the fruit of the Spirit. Has it not become like the fruit of the walnut tree, with the black walnut being indigenous to eastern Canada? Just try to crack that shell with your fingers and see how far you will get. Does it not require a strong metal clamp on it to break the shell and bring forth the fruit, which itself is often broken by the process of trying to reach it? 



Is the shell of Romanism, called Christianity of today’s Reviving Roman Empire, not surrounding God’s precious, pure church within its jail-like walls to keep it from the unity the Lord requires of His church? He never divided the twelve. Surely we, His bride, will not now keep it divided on purpose! Is He not offering us the answer to our horn-blowing, the same one that He gave to Joshua to bring down the walls of empire religion with the blowing of horns and a shout of victory? 



It was the result, which came only with the purification of the nation first. One must trust only in the Spirit of truth and never in the religiosity of Christianity. It will only bring forth a priesthood like that of Judaism, which, in its corruption will claim ultimately to have no king other than Caesar. Jesus told the Judaic priesthood in no uncertain terms that their father was the devil.



Will we accept the bread of His flesh and the cup of His blood, or will we reject that which He has set on a platter before us as if on a Communion table? 



“Take this, which I put before you. It will bring life back into this nation. All you have to do is break the shell that binds you in the trap set by the devil. Come out of her, Babylon the Great who has always been a harlot. I have the fire smoldering, but I offer you the government if you can rise to the acceptance of my offer bringing freedom through the strength of UNITY.” We can take back the land, which the Lord is offering us on a platter. 



“Do you or do you not want the land back? Did I not tell you always that I came to set the captives free? You are My government with Me. We were never intended to be separated from each other.” Ezra and Nehemiah knew this and when the shell of religious Multiculturalism was broken away from among them with the scrolls being reopened, the miracle happened. The lost was restored, ready and waiting for the coming power of the Lord. The job was done in record time as the wall went up once again, which protected the land.



It is time to heal Canada. God promised that His covenant with Noah would not be forgotten when He sees the rainbow. Yes, Virginia, there is a pot of the good gold of worship at the end of the rainbow. This is the final covenant voice of thunder, the voice of the Lord’s bride, His church. Remember the geese fly south out of Canada toward the United States with the coming of wintertime in a V for a nation in victory. How beautiful would this nation of nations be if His glory were poured out from it to the world as Lady Liberty intended! Would the eagle not also fly freely with the geese?



The fact remains—the leaf is for the healing of the nation and the King’s Town of Kingston is the old capital set on the same limestone rock as that of Jerusalem with twelve gates and a domed cathedral in her midst. But wait! Is that not the virgin, Mary, I see sitting on the steps of government in Kingston, waiting for the rest of the bride to join her?



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