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The Way to Understanding

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

December 26, 2010

Without understanding, the church will be deceived. Atheists are filling the pulpits of North America, unwilling to be forthright regarding their spiritual condition lest they lose their day jobs. Spiritual blindness is their illness and religion is the cause. Those in the pews will catch the disease unless fortified with understanding. If they gain understanding they will depart from the devil who rules through religion.

There are certain basic areas of the Bible, of which one must have understanding. They include the prophetic nature of Scripture, the sea and river waters of Genesis, the government of God, the first religious system, the seven governing empires of Satan, the purpose of the marriage bed, liberalism, the Way, Babel, the role of the prophet, the virgin birth, the resurrection, the infilling of the Holy Spirit, the antichrist spirit, the door-opener to sin, the natural signs, the nation Israel, the One World Order, the New World Order and God’s purposes for America, to name a few.

Scripture branches out around these solid trunks, and understanding is essential if we are ever going to be able to choose between the two named trees of the Garden, and do so without hesitation. One is the tree leading to life and the other is the tree leading to death. One leads to a life-giving relationship with the God of truth and the other leads to a deadly relationship with Satan who rules through religion.

The sadness of the corrupt, religious pulpit is that it has no comprehension of the darkness of the evil in which it has become ensnared. It does not understand that there is no middle ground. There is absolutely and unequivocally no tolerance from the true apostolic pulpit for the apostate one. The satanic, apostate teachings of religious tolerance will always be for everything but the truth of Jesus. Tolerance is a term attached to the antichrist spirit, which comes from Satan who wants the world to believe a lie about the narrow way of the Christ.

What do you know about the river waters in Genesis, chapter two? Has there been an answer forthcoming from the Christian pulpit you support as to how it is possible to speak of Cush (Egypt) and Assyria when the first man and woman had just been created and there were no nations at this time? Has it been explained to you from the pulpit how the Way of Jesus and His church is connected to these rivers of creation? Ask your priest or pastor for the answer.

Has your religious leader clearly explained the two different governments of the world established in the Garden? Has he/she explained to you the spiritual message of Babel? Does he know where the roots of liberalism were first planted? Does he know the relationship of the marriage bed to Israel and the church? Has your religious leader explained who the widows and the orphans, to whom Scripture so often refers, actually are?  

Has your religious leader explained to you the role of the prophets and their connection between the Old and New Testaments? Does he understand the connection between the virgin birth of Mary and Pentecost? Does he know who Israel is, today, or is he caught in the Messianic quagmire surrounding her identity?

Does he/she understand the role of America in God’s plan for the salvation of man? How is it that the institutional church can read the signs of the weather, but it has not been taught from its religious pulpits how to read the prophetic signs of the times? Is your church badly in need of the necessary understanding required to decipher what the roots are of the two different trees, and to what their branches are connected?

The actual location of the Garden is given in the second chapter of Genesis. Has your theologian, trained by men in theological colleges, given you the answer to this location which is revealed in this passage of the Bible through veiled revelation? What do the letters of man really tell you about your pastor’s ability to teach as Jesus and His apostles taught? The letters of man tell one nothing except the likelihood of their producing religious leaders with credentials equipping them for more apostate ministries.

Just as Jesus was independent of a religious priesthood and its teaching, He also was accused by them of being of the devil. Little did the traditional priesthood know that they were guilty of exactly that of which they accused Jesus.

The sadness is that this situation still exists today. The traditional, religious men of Christianity will accuse the bride of being a cult of the devil because she will be the mirror image of Jesus, in so far as she will learn from Jesus, and not from man. Like Him, she will never veer sideways into religion from the straight way of truth. After all, she will make the last call with the Spirit to make straight the Way into the kingdom.

I challenge you to open your Bibles and begin a journey of understanding, which will help you cling closely to the Word and ultimately stay on the way leading to the kingdom and to eternal life with the Lord of the universe.

Compare this journey to one starting from pulpits of shifting, religious doctrines according to denominational ties – from pulpits filled with priests who abuse young children by engaging them in the abomination of homosexuality. Compare this understanding freely given as opposed to sitting at the feet of a priesthood and religious system, which has acquired enormous wealth through the sacrifice of poor parishioners who have been ‘taken to the cleaners’ by their priesthood. Compare freely given understanding to that given by a pulpit limited in speech regarding the politics of the day, bought by the governments of America to keep them quiet about the affairs of state.

Then compare the hypocrisy of pulpits, which endorses the immorality of a changing culture, in order to stay in tune with the times. Did Jesus ever call His church to adjust its teaching to keep up with the immorality and religious idolatry of Rome? The question becomes one of spiritual authority. Which is it – the pulpit of theologians or the pulpit of revelation, which is able to open the understanding?

Take a close look at the pulpit of the apostolic church of Jesus Christ! Was there any room made for the academic and religious leaders to share in it with Jesus? Never in a million years would He have shared His pulpit with ‘sons of their father the devil’, as He called them, except for the only one who had been spirit-filled in the womb, whose name was John the Baptist. But then, he was not really one of them.

Today, her name is the bride who will never be taught by anyone but Jesus, in the same manner as the early apostles were taught. And so we have Paul, the twelfth apostle, trained by Jesus, Himself, once he had the scales of religious blindness washed from his eyes. Matthias simply did not fill the bill; for no apostle is chosen by man. Even Jesus, as the Son of Man, referred the choice of the apostles back to God. The bride, like the apostles, is chosen from the womb, then groomed – not groomed and then chosen.

And so, we will travel on a journey led by the Master, Himself, to come to the understanding of milestones along the way to the kingdom. With this understanding, one will be prepared to face the challenge ahead, wherever there may be a possible treacherous crossroad along the path.