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The Year Was 2014…

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

The Year Was 2014…

May 10, 2023

Let me tell you a story about Kingston, ON, ‘the King’s Town’–a Christmas Story that brought disgrace to the name of the city. It centered around a little book called The Last Toy, which was written by me for the occasion of a planned ‘Heritage Christmas’ celebration in this old city, older than Canada itself. It was once the capital of the new Province of Canada from 1841 to 1844, with Kingston being its largest city at the time. Her heritage is of great importance to both the city and the nation.


It is the home of Fort Frontenac, a French trading post and military fort built in July 1673 at the mouth of the Cataraqui River where the St. Lawrence River departs from Lake Ontario. City Hall is one of the finest 19th century buildings in Canada, designed by George Brown, to become a nationally designated heritage site. It is also the location for Fort Henry, the original fort constructed during the War of 1812 to protect the Kingston Royal Naval Dockyard.


God called me, with the support of my little, seven-person-Bible-prophecy group, to plan a heritage Christmas celebration for the downtown business center by first going to the mayor to receive approval for it. I received his promise that City Hall would be firmly supportive of our plan, giving us full freedom to hold planning meetings there and to call on his staff for any support they could give us.  We were to have the final day’s celebration of our ‘Heritage Christmas’ in City Hall with a skating party for children on the Market Square rink just behind the Hall. We planned to have some NHL hockey players there to skate with them, and then they would all be invited to the beautiful reception room for hot chocolate, maple leaf cookies, entertainment and carols for the children of all ages.


Now, the little book, inspired by the Spirit, was a story about a little, blind and lame boy who lived in Nazareth at the time of Jesus’ apprenticeship in His father’s carpentry shop. The boy lived close enough to the shop that he could make his way there where the kind man, Jesus, carved wooden toys for him, which he could hold and cherish. The little fellow’s name was Simon.


The story ends with his having a walk with Jesus after He had made His famous walk with the two disciples on the road to Emmaus, immediately following the crucifixion. Jesus met Simon on the path and walked home with him for dinner, a very short time after He had healed Simon of both his lameness and his blindness. When they arrived at Simon’s house, Jesus had him pick up a piece of wood outside the door of his house, a small piece with a nail hole in it and the stain of blood on it, from which Jesus carved a colt of a donkey, telling Simon that it would be the last toy He would ever carve for him.


Simon, full of gratitude, told Jesus that when he grew up, he wanted to become an apostle too. Oddly enough, after writing this inspired story, I discovered that the two disciples who ran from Emmaus to Jerusalem to find the apostles and tell them Jesus was coming to them, told them that He first must go to Nazareth to see Simon. There is no obvious evidence to tell us who this Simon is. I was unable to find any other mention of him by Bible scholars—other than this one time in the Bible.


The book of Matthew is about the church going out to witness after the triumphal ride of Jesus into Jerusalem on the donkey and her colt over which the apostles threw their clothes, all happening just before He was crucified. But in the book of Luke, He rides the colt of the donkey victoriously into Jerusalem, prophetic of His ride with the church when He returns to earth centuries later and rides back into the city with the same covering thrown on the back of the colt. All of this is symbolic of the revived apostolic church when Jesus returns to earth the second time with His bride, the pure and revived church, riding in victory into the King’s Town of Jerusalem.


The little book continues after the story of Simon by jumping into the present, 21st century and an ongoing battle of the Lord’s young warrior children with their demonic enemies of witchcraft and evil. The book was printed and intended for the young readers to enjoy as a gift on their Christmas trees, appropriate for the day. I had been teaching prophecy of the Bible to this group of seven, not to be confused with another group of seven, using a question-and-answer format, as I was inspired to do. For years now I have been writing political commentaries, twice a week generally, for a free web Newsletter called News n Blues. The paper was recreated as inspired by the Spirit, and one of our group, Yvonne Adams, continued in her job as editor. I have written many other books for adults and children, but we planned for this little Christmas book to be given to the downtown merchants, solely to be used as a gift for their customers in appreciation of their business.  


The downtown seemed to be in need of revitalization. We had Christmas aprons, with Canadian Heritage Christmas written on them, for the store owners and staff, again a gift from us to coordinate the entire downtown. We asked the storekeepers to offer coffee, tea, or cider to their customers, if possible, hoping to entice shoppers to the city center to meet there with friends and enjoy a true celebration of an old-fashioned Christmas.


School children in dance classes made surprise appearances on street corners to dance in the streets. A restaurant owner, whose restaurant was located in the former Law offices of Sir John A. MacDonald, the first Prime Minister of Canada, agreed to serve special Christmas lunches, while carollers would make surprise appearances during the lunches. The owner of the restaurant, a well-known historian of the area, was to give a brief history of the city, and the Town Crier would appear, with bell-ringing and a warm welcome for the guests.


As we approached the store owners, we were delighted at their response. We proceeded to make lists and prepared to deliver the gifts we had for them in the near future. I had contacted the newspaper editor and made arrangements to write short articles each week on different stores that were involved, telling the story and history of each one and its owners. The editor assured me that all would be done at the right time.


I first approached the downtown waterfront hotel managers who agreed to participate, with the staff being only too willing to do so. And so, we bought the books and aprons in large quantities, and I added to it a little Christmas cookbook that I had created to go at the place of each lunch guest who came for the Christmas celebration. We enlisted the support of the City’s Economic Development Corporation (KEDCO) and the downtown businessmen’s association. We also approached Kingston Trolley Tours, and we enlisted some very committed choir members from around the city who were happy to come together to entertain the lunch-goers with carols.


City Hall could not have been more helpful though our mayor had subsequently resigned to become our local member of the Federal government. All seemed to be moving well along with a great pianist and singer enlisted for the final City Hall celebration, when suddenly everything changed. The books had been delivered to the stores as we kept in contact with the owners, but the atmosphere was totally different. Two of our members were about to deliver aprons to the stores only to be greeted with the books being thrown at them as they approached one of the owners. Apparently, there was nothing but distaste on his face.


This happened with the first stores, but it was to follow with nearly all the other ones, which had been so welcoming before to the whole plan. One of the store owners who manufactured soaps was so excited about it all that she had called the newspaper to tell them about the coming Christmas event and how much she liked the idea. When she heard about the growing anger, she purposely decorated her store, Christmas tree with the little cookbooks and aprons rolled up with ribbons and tied to the tree.


She was furious with the downtown businessmen’s group, which apparently, along with KEDCO and the newspaper, had been visited by a member and owner of a witchcraft store. She vehemently denounced the store owners for their participation, because the present-day-story part of the little book was about little warriors who were battling against evil, as we know it today. They had to battle their way to have a real Christmas celebration where Jesus in the manger, and not witchcraft, is what Christmas is all about.


The witches came out in force against the book and everything to do with a heritage Christmas. KEDCO and the businessmen’s association, to which some of these witches belonged, stopped their support and their advertising and immediately tried to stop everyone else. Of course, the very liberal, Kingston Whig newspaper editor went back on his word as he joined the drive to block every venue of the celebration. There was a call that went out for what we would call today, ‘a lockdown’ as they went to each store denouncing us as a hate group.


The newspaper did an article on the front page of the paper about this evil little book. It had dared to raise up the name of Jesus at this time designated to celebrate His birth, as Canadians have done from the day the nation came into existence under the supreme ruler-ship of God from sea to sea, which is our true heritage. Needless to say, the only media source we had would no longer give us any publicity to inform the public about the downtown planned celebration. I believe that God wanted us to see something we had not realized before. It was the depth of depravity that has taken hold of the nation and now is being seen played out in schoolrooms, in government and even in the Christian church.


The new mayor who was a self-described, born-again believer, all but refused to work with us and immediately cut us off from any City Hall support. No one answered their phones at the newspaper, the restaurants, the tour buses and the stores, except the little soap shop owner who had made special soaps just for the event. She bravely continued to support us as best she could, even after a pastor or priest of one of the local churches came into her shop and actually threatened her. A paper was pinned to her door suggesting she would be put out of business if she continued to support the ‘Heritage Christmas’.  


The threats had begun, in the same way that we see them mounting today in the political world. It is called Progressive Liberalism which is one and the same with the liberalism of the Garden of Eden, when the serpent preached the first religious message, which stated that man did not need to listen to God—he could provide his own way to heaven and God would not surely allow man to die.


The owner of Sir John A. MacDonald’s restaurant who never faltered in supplying us with delicious meals and historic information, was forced to change the name of his restaurant during the following year. The memory of Sir John A. MacDonald must now be wiped out of Canadian history, it would appear. We must no longer remember the days when God ruled over Canada instead of the Charter of religious cults.


It marked the beginning of the end for freedom when the liberal powers to be decide they were going to take control and force the nation to submit to their ideology tied to the One World Order. There seems to be very few soldiers appearing for the armies of God to halt the trend. This all took place as far back as 2014.


We had innocently decided on this wonderful idea of honoring our heritage in this the land of the free as only America could claim at her birth. We wanted to celebrate the wonderful blessings on this land for its citizens in a nice, old- fashioned way ‘with cinnamon and spice and everything nice.’ It was to be a wonderful, downtown celebration in a heritage city full of history, just crying out for a Dickens style of Christmas, but we had had no idea of the strength and the force of the enemy that would attack us.  


I now believe, in view of what we are facing today, that God wanted us to receive a foreshadowing of exactly what would be coming as America faces the very same forces today – the locking down of businesses to create a sinking economy by the satanic plan of the forming One World Global Leftist Government with zero room for any conflicting baby in a manger.


The most diabolical plan of all is the vaccination passport plan for life, which will actually result in a plan for death for many, with access to life’s health resources being removed while many others die from the long-term effects of the vaccination on the human body. Do not think that the forces of witchcraft are not very much alive and well and are coming straight for our children in the schools! Wicked ideologies have replaced arithmetic and grammar 101.


The end of the Christmas heritage story was more than interesting. One female owner of a popular Brewing Company and Restaurant called late in the season when we were drawing close to shutting down our struggling event. She almost begged for the aprons and was so sorry she had not known about the event sooner. She was a type of the merchants we had hoped to encounter who were very happy to be adding Christmas cheer to these days before the Christmas rush and all the excitement would be over. And so, for the last week she kept the battle for Christmas still alive for a while after the Sir John’s restaurant owner had finally capitulated. The seven of us then celebrated a Christmas lunch at the Brewing Company in support of this woman who had supported us.


The Salvation Army Store originally took 100 books to hand out in their shops as gifts for their customers and then requested 100 more books, they had found them to be so popular, as did a couple of other associations. As for KEDCO, heads rolled among its executives shortly after it had joined the war of witchcraft against Christmas. One woman, the owner of a shop for Canadian styled merchandise, who had recently come from the Caribbean Islands, had been thrilled that she was seeing the crèche in Canada at Christmas time. She had been more than happy to join us and have the books to give away and the aprons to wear, but under threat to her business she chose to give the books back and not participate, as did her neighbor, the man who had thrown the books back at us. Immediately after the fact, the city put up a blockage to doing business in front of their two stores with the street being closed to traffic due to road repairs. Both stores were out of business within a very short time.


God works in mighty and marvellous ways, for along came a mighty freedom fighter and protector of America’s freedoms in God’s liberty, which ruled over this grand land of North America. His name is Donald Trump and we have been given a fore-shadowing of the creeping Progressive Liberalism, which amounts to lying, repressive, liberal lockdowns and government controls over our rights and freedoms. In many parts of the world it is called Communism.


Now, the religious, cultic immigration coming into this country is resulting in a fast track to the removal of our freedoms so that they can set up their religions, their laws and their gods of terror and crime in this country. It will call for action in Spirit and in truth to overcome the cults of religion. This is why God called us to change our format from News n blues to the Freedom Post


Elinor Montgomery,

Richardson Wharf,

1066 King St. W., Apt 202,

Kingston ON, K7M 9C5


Email:  Elinor is the author of many books, her most recent being: Where the Paths Meet on the Road to Greatness


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