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Titanic, at 100: Mystery Solved

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

Titanic, at 100: Mystery Solved

April 16, 2012

A documentary was aired on television on the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, called Titanic, at 100: Mystery Solved. An ROV capsule (remotely operated vehicle) went down into the depths of the sea to video the Titanic as she lay in destruction on the floor of the ocean in her watery grave. Two AUV’s (autonomous underwater vehicles) also were sent down to map every inch of an approximately 15-square-mile area surrounding the sunken ship.

One hundred years after the fact man is still fascinated by this one single sea disaster that brought terror into the hearts of the ship’s 2229 passengers and crew members. What is it about this nighttime of terror that still grips the world all these 100 years later, when most of those lost are no longer remembered, but rather just unknown names on markers of graves where the bodies, which were recovered, now lie? But there is no marker on the ocean bed where not even a body can be seen by the video cameras. Even the wreckage is slowly being covered over by dunes of sand piling up on its scattered parts.

The purpose of the expedition was to determine whether or not there was a fatal flaw in the construction of the ship or, on the other hand, was she really a floating iron empire that had received a bad rap and, in fact, not even God could have destroyed her – that is to say, short of some extreme act of nature over which man had no control.

The question then arises as to whether or not acts of nature are under God’s control. The Bible clearly tells us they are, so, therefore, this only becomes an unsolved mystery until we put it into its proper context as an act of God. He blows on the waters and forms the icebergs. He rules over the night and determines whether there is a moon to shed light on the water or only the stars, which dimly light the night. The waters of the sea are moved by His hand, and the temperature of the water is controlled by the warmth of His breath or lack of it.

This was a clear night with a sky full of stars, but there was no moonlight at all. The sea was unusually calm, giving the surface the illusion of being fragile glass. Though warnings had come and gone, and had either not been received or ignored, the ship actually was on dangerous seas where icebergs had been spotted by another near-by ship. Yet, the ship’s captain drove it forward with his precious cargo of souls, ignoring all the warning signs. He actually was in a race against time, with the designers and architects on board pushing him to go even faster with their own prestige of design at stake. They were in a race now with time.

Without the light of the moon, the looming iceberg was like the appearance of a ghost coming out of the darkness of the night, seen only as it came into range of the lights of the ship as an obstacle directly in front of it. In the race, time had run out for turning away from the looming disaster ahead.

Now, 100 years later, are we really any wiser? Was the disaster the result of a fatal flaw in her construction by man, or did she break up and sink because she was exposed to pressures no structure, not even mountains, could withstand as they fall into the sea? The truth of the matter is that ROV’s and AUV’s, no matter how marvelous the technology they possess, cannot give us a picture of the power of God.

The real mapping of what this disaster signifies is found only in the one book, which presents the pathway to the redeemed life where death no longer holds any terror for those who know their Redeemer walked on the sea and took authority over it. His apostles were in a boat tossed by the waves, perhaps, as threatening to them as was that iceberg, which was nothing more than frozen seawater, when Jesus came walking toward them and assured them that they need not be afraid.

The seawaters were separated from the dry land at creation, but when man rebelled against God, He released His hand of protection and the waters flowed back over the land through the river waters of the empires, all representing the spirit that governed over the tree of the knowledge of good and evil while the Pishon River represented the River of life originally surrounding the Garden, which was created good only, with no evil in it.

Immediately there was a change of ruler-ship over the world, a change of spiritual waters and a change of government from God’s rule in the freedom of His Law from death, to man’s rule in the ever-strengthening power of the empires. They were built on the foundation of a religious/state ruled by the power elite of the world, represented by the captain of the Titanic and his crew. And thus the ship, named after a class of Greek deities called the Titans, who preceded the Olympians in Greek mythology, becomes the symbol of the last and most powerful empire of all, the iron empire of the Babylonian System called the Revived Roman Empire. It followed in line behind her sister ship, the ‘Olympic’, which also had its own weaknesses.

Man can create an empire, but when it comes up against the immoveable force of God, the empire held together by the rivets of man will surely see them pop open under the pressure of God’s hand, which can divide seas and then close them over to swallow up and devour the horse and chariot power of the empire.

Wisdom cries out and understanding lifts up her voice to the sons of men and calls the fools to be of an understanding heart and know that God speaks truth, not religion or lies, which are wickedness and an abomination to His lips. The Lord says that the fear of Him is to hate evil, that counsel is His, as are sound wisdom and understanding (see Proverbs 8:1-14).

Will we ever understand that when God prepared the heavens the Lord was there, when He drew a circle on the face of the deep, when He established the clouds above, when He strengthened the fountains of the deep, when He raised to the sea its limits, so that the water could not transgress His command, when He marked out the foundation of the earth, the Lord Jesus was beside Him as a master craftsman? He says blessed is the man who listens to Him, for whoever finds Him finds life and those who hate Him love death (see Proverbs 8:22-36).

When terror gripped the hearts of those on board the Titanic, that terrible night, which looked so like any other night except for the unusual calm, the seawater began to rise, engulfing and entrapping them in those waters representing the spirit of death. Do you not believe that every heart wished they had searched for and found Christ in their lives so that, at this final moment, their faith could have saved them in the lifeboats of salvation?

Even the Nazi’s tried to recreate the Titanic as a tool of propaganda by the movie industry; for they wanted to make it appear to be a microcosm of the greed of the British financial establishment. Their movie would be used to show that the greed of the West for money ruled over the financial system, which was about to collapse under the superior power of the German Empire.  What they did not understand was the coming One World Empire, which would encompass both the British and German empirical powers, like the Titanic, would come up against the force of God.

The winds of change have begun to blow. The apostolic witnesses of truth, as the true Jews, have received a mark on their foreheads, and the Spirit and the bride are now making the last call to come out of her, that sinking empire and mother of harlots, Babylon the Great. Surely America has felt those strong winds over the heart of the nation, when damage strewed the land like the wreckage of the Titanic strewed the ocean bed. It took 3 years to build the ship, and 300 years to build America. It took less than 3 hours to take the ship down. How long do you think it will take to destroy America?

The time is short, America, and there are no mysteries about what God is going to do. He is that incredible pressure or stress to which the nation has rendered itself. It has become a structure without a foundation to withstand the force of its enemies, released by God to take it down. But the witnesses, in the lifeboats of salvation, have trusted in the truth and are acting as bondservants to the Lord at this time, so they might once again come under His rule of the kingdom and escape the empire rule.

His kingdom is coming to earth. Do you love death or will you seek life and escape the terror of the coming night on the sea? The mystery has been solved, these 100 years later: it is a simple matter of life in the camp of God called Israel, or death within the camp of Satan, called the empires of man, the last of which is the strongest of them all as an empire made of iron.

The ship’s rivets could not hold the iron ship together, which man said that even God could not destroy when the pressure of the sea was applied to it. The natural picture tells us clearly that the empire will give way to God, and that man is not as powerful as he thinks he is, when he challenges his Maker, and Designer of all creation. God never changes; He is the same today as He was 100 years ago and six millennia before that. He was right about life and death in the Garden, and I would venture to say He will be right about it again in today’s world.

The mystery of the Titanic is not found in the natural on the ocean bed; the answer lies in the spiritual in a world about to be judged by the spiritual waters we drink – those, which leave us thirsty or those from which we will thirst no more. And so Jesus was forced to drink of that filthy, spiritual water on the cross, so that you and I could enter the lifeboats of salvation. It made Him thirst, instead of us, so that we could meet Him at the well to drink of the water from which we will never thirst again.