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A Strong East Wind

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

June 10, 2015

How often have you heard it said that an East wind is blowing, boding nothing good, with bad weather sure to follow?

That which happened in the Garden, between the serpent and Eve, was an introduction to her to the cults, capturing the minds and persons of those two, newly-created living beings of God. Satan placed them in a new kind of kingdom like that of a never-never-land where nothing would ever be entirely good again.

The earth, on that day, became one gigantic, cultic abode belonging to the future generations who would become known as the gentiles. Once programmed by the lie, God then turned man over to a depraved state of mind. Henceforth, unless there would be divine intervention from above, man would never think clearly again. Husband and wife lost all opportunity of being the fruitful human beings for which purpose God, the Father, had created them to be. They and the fruit of their union were doomed to die, just as God had said they would, if they were to follow the path of the forbidden.

At the moment of their rebellion, which became known as sin, Adam and Eve became sinful beings, and Eve became the mother of all living, which meant she would be mother of all of the corrupted generations of mankind to follow. The Spirit of God and of life cannot co-exist with the spirit of death. So, God drove them eastward from the Garden and sealed it off on the east side. They would never live in that Garden Paradise again. Paradise was lost to sight forever as they looked back on the horizon to the West where the sun went down every day they should live.

What good could ever come out of the East again? It became a land of corruption, wars and violence, which grew to the point that God decided He would destroy all mankind except one righteous man, called Noah, and his family. He was found to be the only acceptable man to God, who had descended from Adam and Eve.

So, God brought a flood upon the earth covering it entirely until all the others had died, except Noah, his family, and all the animals God had brought into the great ark, which He had directed Noah to build. Henceforth, he would become the father of all living beings, the first-born of which would belong to God. Noah was sinful by nature of birth, but deemed righteous by nature of his faith and obedience to God.

The way was begun for man’s journey in time through the cults of the religions of this world back to the Garden Paradise of the West where the Spirit had been first lost. The journey commenced with one faithful descendant of Noah’s, also deemed righteous like he was by nature of his faith and obedience to God. He was called out of the East to follow God’s leading back to the Land of Promise, once a Garden Paradise.

This man’s name was Abraham who became the father of a nation taken from the nations of the world, called the gentile nations. The nation, given to Abraham, was to have no king or laws other than of God. This would only be the pattern of a nation, which would lay down the principle for the kingdom of God to return once again to earth. It would be a blessing to all the lost gentile nations of the world.

Israel was its name given by God to Abraham’s crossover blessing of the inheritance going not to the first-born son but to the second-born. What a pattern it was for death of the first-born, born into the cultic, religious spirit, which came with being conceived of the corrupted seed of Adam! Man was born into the corruption of the spiritual waters leading to death, which would require coming out of them and into the spiritual waters leading to life, if one were ever to have eternal life.

The process for this is symbolized by water baptism, as one enters into the water and comes out in a new spirit. The river waters of Genesis, chapter 2, prepare us for the understanding of the religious empires of the world and the religious, spiritual rivers, which flow through them. No human is capable of making such a change in his/her life, except in the power of Jesus.

The plan led to God’s own Son coming into the world, begotten of the Spirit and not of the seed of Adam. It would be through a virginal woman that He also would become a Son of Man. Could He take our sins away? God had established the pattern of blood sacrifice with the redeeming of His nation. The pattern was in place running side by side with the Exodus of the nation Israel from her slavery in the gentile, empire-building nation of Egypt. It foretold the Creator of all becoming the Redeemer of all, as the Son of God and as the Son of Man, begotten of the Holy Spirit of life. This would be the blessing promised to Abraham for all nations and all peoples who would accept the cross of salvation.

It is so clear that multiculturalism is Satan’s plan for the destruction of mankind just as the first cult brought down the first man and woman to the baseness of rebellious sin against God’s plan for separation from the darkness and the waters beneath. He had separated light from darkness, seawaters from dry land, the river waters of empires on this earth from the living water surrounding the Garden Paradise. The West, then, extended to the coast of what we now call Israel. In recent times, the West has come to symbolize the good and prosperous land of God’s people who have escaped the religious empires of the East to find liberty in Jesus, and His Word. He requires of them that they bear the torch of liberty for the nations’ teeming masses inflicted with the empire cultism of religions. But we see this quickly changing.

Once the cult of religious Judaism took over what was to be the Promised Land, the Roman Empire soon destroyed the nation Israel. Yet, there had been once again a crossover blessing, which went from the nation to the spiritual nation of the church, found in a New World, and a new nation of the West, well beyond the shores of a destroyed Israel.

Abraham’s promise from God for the nations would depend upon the church of Christ, in the West and completely apart from the controls of religious empires. America became the destination of the church seeking freedom from the religious controls of Christianity, a full-blown cultic religion developed by Rome when it took the church, like the nation, into another form of religious captivity, as did Judaism take Israel captive, until God drove them from the Land.

America was God’s gift of grace to His church, setting her free in His mercy from the Romanism and other religions of the Babylonian system of the East. He blessed those who wanted out of the cults and, at the same time, wanted into a flourishing nation in liberty under His rule, in the same way as He had once ruled over Israel. The Bible, and not any religious high priest other than Jesus or the Word, ruled over the justice system, which included the swearing of oaths, and also over the educational system where children daily were read the Word of God.

We see how the early immigrants were fleeing the controls of religion, in order to separate themselves from them. In recent years, this has been reinterpreted to mean freedom of religion, rather than freedom from it, which has allowed religion to creep back into the nation, barely noticed as the charter of rights encourages the demands for religious rights, very much in conflict with the intent of those who drew up our constitutions in liberty. Early immigration was tightly linked to becoming a true patriot, honoring God and country. If one were unable to swear to this, one did not become a citizen in this land of the free.

They were the progressive liberals of both nations of America who began the process of polluting the land with cults again. At the same time, rights laws began to replace God’s Law, which required obedience to His Commandments. This was the beginning of the downfall of a nation for which God had intended only good, but now, she would become a cesspool of cultism and rebellion, until, with the rest of the world, it will reach the level of evil, as was in the days of Noah, full of corruption, violence and terror.

God once again is turning the land over to a people of an increasingly depraved nature. Surely, Mr. O’Reilly, of Fox TV, who wrote Killing Jesus, should be able to understand this, if he really knew Jesus, rather than only knowing about Him. He would have fewer questions as to why things are moving in the direction they are going. Jesus sent the Comforter and Counselor to testify of Him, of things only revealed by the Spirit.

The red line has been drawn, whether or not our political leaders understand it, between heaven and hell, and between life in Jesus and death without the breath of the Spirit. The gospel of truth will continue to stand no matter how much the cults try to stamp out the Word.

In the end, like the Titanic, this earth’s ship of fools will go down. It will be a mighty cold departure for a mighty hot destination, but the bride of mankind will row safely away from the disaster with Jesus at the helm of the lifeboats. Too late, man will yearn for the Word of God, which he rejected for the lies of the cults, as the breath of life is choked out of his lungs for the last time and he is swept away by a strong East wind, blowing ever westward, in pursuit of a Paradise lost and regained.

“Hypocrites! You know how to discern the face of the sky, but you cannot discern the signs of the times (Matthew 16:3).” That east wind could indicate far more than you may care to know.