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To Abort or Not Abort?

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

June 17, 2015

To abort or not abort? To be or not to be? That is the question. God says, “I AM WHO I AM.” He is who He is, because He is above and beyond creation. He is the Creator; there is no higher power or authority over Him. He rules over man, and man, over the beast. Matters of life and death rest in His hands. He did not create man to submit to the beast and, by so doing, make Satan ruler over the earth legally, while committing suicide personally.

Do men never weary of hashing and rehashing the theories surrounding the truth of when life begins? To begin with, there are varying ideas surrounding the argument. The word ‘ideas’ really is just another way of saying ‘ideologies’ or ‘religions’ concerning what is truth or fact.

There cannot be two answers to the issue; there can only be one moment when life begins, regardless of any ideologies or religious perceptions. This is where the real problem rests. There is a single truth with but one source for it. God declares that He is that source and the child in the womb belongs to Him, not to the natural mother or to anyone else. No one has the right to interfere with the future God has planned for all of His children.

Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is His reward (Psalm 127:3).

Perhaps, one has to look at just how fragile and weak ideologies and religiously held beliefs can be. In America, where abortion has become a national practice, now being endorsed by the laws of the land and its leaders, you have these same elected leaders to office swearing on the Bible to uphold the law of the land. The vast majority of the leaders and office holders of government are confirmed Christians. They have a conflict set in place before them as they ponder the issue of whether or not they will join the culture or uphold the Commandments of God.

Today, the majority appear to endorse abortion, as laws are passed by majority vote to support it. With the word ‘fetus’ being used to describe this unborn baby, the young mother-to-be-in-waiting can then look upon the unborn child, which no one can deny it is, as being nothing more than a flap of internal skin that can safely be removed like any other blemish of the body.

Yet, internally, going on beyond sight is a little heart-beat and hands, legs and feet growing, which can be felt by the mother and seen by ultrasound. The doctors can see and know very well that there is a little life beginning to grow in the womb long before it appears in the world. They cannot deny it so they render the verdict to the mother that she is pregnant, which means she has a life growing within her.

Once the verdict has been rendered, it cannot be changed to state that she is ‘nearly pregnant’ or ‘not quite pregnant’. One is, or one is not, pregnant. It can quite safely be said that, for those who do not have a new life within the womb, to the contrary, they are not pregnant. We would have to be suffering from some sort of depravity to be confused to the point of no understanding concerning this obvious fact. The verdict reveals that for however many months remain of the nine months of the baby’s growth, at no point will the baby cease to be a child growing in the mother’s womb, dependant upon the strength, health and protection of the mother’s body until it is able to breathe in its own strength.

One could compare the unborn child to Adam who was formed out of the dust. He was not a living being until the breath of life came into him. However, by the same token, he could not be a living being without first having been formed by God from the dust as the vessel into which He breathed life. Both parts were required, and once the process began, God set into motion something He would not reverse, for there was purpose to creation.

Note that God created Eve from the substance of Adam’s bone without either Adam’s approval or disapproval. God had determined her purpose beforehand, but, by an act of Eve’s own will, she brought death upon herself and all of the generations to follow her. Knowing the circumstances beforehand, in His infinite wisdom, God still did not abort her life, and would take the responsibility for her salvation, should she choose to be released from the curse upon her soul.

Life and death are always in the hands of God. Babies in the womb rest in the protection of the mother and in her making the right choice between protecting and destroying her child. Eve had no way to change the course of all the generations to follow. Only Jesus could make it possible for the woman to change that.

Any action taken against the unborn child to terminate its life is an act of murder, just as it is against the life of any other developing child. When we see an act of murder we respond with moral outrage. Because the child is yet unseen, we justify our indifference by calling the baby a fetus, for convenience sake, so that we do not feel the moral outrage, which leads us in shame to keep the act of abortion hidden and out of the public eye.

This is all to say that we, the people, mostly Christians, transform the issue of life and death into just another matter concerning the inconveniences caused to our modern way of life. The issue then becomes a mundane matter about time and readiness for parenthood, with children being the pawn and no longer the fruitful rewards of marital love.

But there is a realm by which most Christians declare themselves to be governed, whereas, in fact, they are not. They lay claim to their faith in the Word of the Bible, but they lie. They will say “Yes, we swear on it” but, in practice, they do not actually hold the Bible to be truth. By so doing, they deny having a real faith in Christ.

This is why Jesus identified His true church by saying the gates of hell would not prevail against it. Daily, the gates of hell are prevailing against that organization called Christianity – an extremely divided, religious system about which Jesus had this to say, “And if a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand (Mark 3:25).” And so, today, we see the houses of Christianity deserted, in many cases, while others are crumbling before our very eyes. Many buildings, which they call churches, have been sold to become houses of eastern religions.

To the contrary, the true church stands united on its foundation of the truth of the Word and not on religion at all. So, the question becomes a matter of what the Word has to say about the unborn child and what better place to search than the mind of God, as revealed in Scripture? Beside Him, it is irrelevant what man believes or has to say in the matter. There will always be a single-mindedness on the part of the true believers to search out the scriptural truths according to the prophetic testimony in which they are written.

For the true church, there is no controversy over the subjects of either abortion or homosexuality. God sets down the governing rules of thought and neither asks for our opinions nor our approval. He states His Law on matters with the words, “Thou shalt” or “Thou shalt not.” One of the ‘shalt nots’ is to murder or to take one’s life as a deliberate act of the will. It is God’s prerogative to give and take life, and unless commanded by Him to kill, then to take a life is tantamount to murder.

God will destroy evil and, on certain occasions when His people are threatened by evil forces, which could destroy them, He has commanded His people to be His ‘battle axes’, in the same manner as He allowed evil forces to be unleashed against His own people as chastisement when they reject Him for the idols of the world.

Do not be confused about the clear difference between killing and murdering. Abortion is a deliberate act of murder against a helpless child in the womb, to which God has imparted life, no matter how it was conceived, whether by an act of love or of lust. The choice to impart life into the womb rests entirely with Him. It is His choice and He is not accountable to anyone in making His decisions for whatever reasons.

How alive is the child in the womb? Don’t take my word, but rather heed the word of God. When He was talking to His prophet Jeremiah, to whom He imparted His voice of warning for the nations, He said, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; before you were born I sanctified you; and I ordained you a prophet to the nations (Jeremiah 1:5)”.

May the Lord forgive us! In this Christian nation of America, today, the mother of such a prophet would be sponsored by the government to seek the knife of the abortionist. If the abortionist should happen to be Dr. Henry Morgentaler who performed more abortions than most other doctors, our same government would have placed upon him the Order of Canada, the highest civilian honor, for having just aborted the prophet and having stopped the voice of God from being heard by the nation.

At the same time, we imprison other murderers who kill the somewhat less than innocent who have the right to protect themselves. Surely we can see the depravity of man’s mind in choosing the dark world, when light had first been offered to him.

An angel of the Lord appeared to Zacharias, father of John the Baptist, announcing that his barren wife, Elizabeth, would conceive a child, and not just a piece of skin, in her womb. This unborn baby already had a pre-ordained future of huge significance to Jesus, to the nation and, ultimately, to the world. Now, I would not want to be the dude who today might abort that child whom the angel announced was filled with the Holy Spirit in the womb of his mother, a child who would turn many of the children of Israel to the Lord their God.

John was destined to go before the Lord in the spirit and power of Elijah, ‘to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children,’ and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just, to make ready a people prepared for the Lord. On this note, may I add that this was Gabriel speaking who stands in the very presence of God and was sent from God with this message? Yet, today’s modern business woman of Elizabeth’s age could well decide that it would just not be the right time in life to be having a baby. It could very well interfere with her plans for a career.

This same angel, Gabriel, announced to Mary that she would conceive in her womb to bring forth a Son. It was a pre-ordained fact, and not a guestimate, that the spiritual conception would result in a baby boy being born, to be called by the name of Jesus. Even before conception He had a destiny of such magnitude, that it is difficult for man to conceive of a Son of the Highest, destined to rule the house of Jacob eternally.

For Dr. Morgentaler, Jesus could have been just a number on his daily schedule in the murder factory business. How would the much honored doctor have differed from Pilate who tried to wash his hands clean of the act of murdering Jesus? I would suggest that the good doctor would be just that much more depraved for being willing to receive honor in a truly antichrist spirit for having rid the world of the unborn Christ child. That is exactly how it would appear in this age of the antichrist spirit being released upon the world. The destruction of life is its goal.

It is evident why the voice from heaven today is calling to a church, which is a house divided, to come out of religion formed within the Babylonian Empire of Rome, the mother of all harlots. Christianity is part of that religion, which is presently being enticed back from its many divided institutions to again become a part of the mother Roman religion. It is for this reason that the principle and pattern were set down in the book of Exodus. “Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues (Revelation 18:4).”

There can be no house divided on the issue of abortion or the murdering of the unborn child in the womb. If there is Christian dissension on this subject, then, like Judaism, Christianity will lead those who claim to be God’s own people back to putting Jesus to the cross again with each child aborted. He is going to return and another voice will go before Him calling the people to purity in truth and Passover readiness for His return. That means no leaven, no leaven, no leaven, which is to say no religion, no religion, no religion.

It is not a wonder that Christianity so easily identifies itself with Judaism and its Pharisees who were the voice heard calling, “Crucify Him, crucify Him!” Oh yes, they knew their Torah and they loved God, but not quite as much as they loved themselves as good priests of Judaism, not unlike our good priests of Romanism today.

Strange, is it not, that our Roman priesthood has preached ‘no abortion’ with the sole purpose of a good Catholic family demonstrating fruitfulness by the numbers of children in the family. Yet, this same Roman Catholic Church, at the Catholic University of Notre Dame in the United States, placed an honorary doctorate on the shoulders of Barack Hussein Obama, the great proponent of abortion. At the same time he was forcing the passage of legislation, which would require all doctors to aid young women in any way available to them to prevent and terminate pregnancy.

Doctors are being forced to act against their faith, by causing them to assist in the act of murder. Had those men of learning at Notre Dame University not been the same professors who taught Catholic students, within the Catholic school system, to reject such practices? Truly, this is the height of a schizophrenic type of depravity with hands outstretched in all directions. Does anyone wonder why the Catholic priesthood is seen by many to be a group of hypocrites, very like the religious priesthood of Jesus’ day, called the Pharisees?

Christianity has fingers moving in all directions, with the east winds of religion blowing through its religious organization. On the matter of abortion, there are no two possible ways of thinking for the true church; there is only one way, as defined by the Word of truth. The culture is irrelevant, for her foundation is truth and not religion at all. She knows who the Son of God is and He has one Law, which declares that a nation blessed by God, will obey His Law concerning murder.

“Thou shalt not murder!”

Such a nation could never place its highest honor on a murderer for having murdered innocent, pre-ordained babies of God who creates life in the womb – a child whose future He already knows before setting its little heart in motion. The depravity of man is found in the words of King David, “Behold, I was brought forth in iniquity, and in sin my mother conceived me (Psalm 51:5).”

Hence we seek eternity for the righteous who willingly depart from their sinful nature, in which they were like caged animals held in the grip of the religious lies of Satan, chasing around after their own tails. Until we are grounded in truth, we will continue to haggle over life or no life in the womb, and, like the depraved animals we are, we will continue to chase our own tails until we die in the cage of sin caused by the lies of deception called religion. In such a state, we try to justify the heinous act of murder, called abortion.