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The Roots of Abortion

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

June 24, 2015

The concept of abortion is rooted in the Garden of Creation. It is found in the response of Satan’s voice in the antichrist spirit, attempting to abort creation from the moment God said, “Let there be light.” At that moment, the light pierced the darkness and the process of creation had been set in motion. Satan became the destroyer of life by trying to prevent or abort the process.

First, he lured Adam and Eve into the camp of death by using his tools of battle for the attack. They were the spiritual lies of the belief system, which spiritually destroyed the woman, in a similar manner to the abortionist destroying a full term baby, when he jabs its brains out during the heinous act of abortion. If Satan could break her spiritual tie to God, then he had the means of breaking down the Garden plan based on the goodness of creation with its inherent, moral law of the kingdom of God, and His plan for spiritual fruit from the marriage bed.

God was to rule over man, beginning with the law concerning spiritual food. Satan had to get his spiritual food into the woman in order to drop the spiritual ink of darkness into the water, which would corrupt the entire creation with but one drop discoloring the complete supply of water from above. The spirit is in the waters, and Satan had to return seawaters, which God had separated from the dry land, in order to contaminate the water from above, which surrounded the Garden.

Satan had succeeded in opening the inner door to the heart of the woman, which had allowed him to enter into her and use her as his spokesperson to influence the man. She then carried the message to Adam, as Satan’s spokesperson, subsequent to listening to the lies of the serpent, luring Adam with her into the death camp. Hence we have the establishment of the harlot mother and the weak husband who was led astray by this first mother of all living. Together they established a kind of Ahab/Jezebel kingdom on earth, which grew on the spiritual, religious food of Satan from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

No longer could the seed of the man ever be anything other than corrupted, since the Spirit of life was withdrawn from him. The entire earth was now plunged into a time capsule destined to return to darkness when its period of punishment ran out, with man destined to a wilderness of 1000 years for each day of creation, with the 7th day being a rest period (7th millennium) from the punishment of sin brought on by the rebellion of man himself.

The wilderness experience of the 6000-year plan until the return of Jesus to rule over His kingdom on earth gives us the principle for a required exodus from the satanic rule of the empires of man over the world. Those who make the exodus from the religious world are God’s people only by nature of the Passover blood and their obedience to do with it as God has commanded, if they are to live. If life is of no value to them, then they will ignore God’s rules concerning the blood sacrifice. Instead, they will opt to trust in empire rulers, their idols and their religious practices of this world.

The exodus of God’s house of Israel from Egypt presupposed a land plan of God and His promise for a kind of protected utopia on earth again, as was the Garden Paradise, over which He would rule, in company with His people. It was a real place and a fruitful Land, where religion of the empires, or of the gentile nations, was to be driven from it. But the Israelites failed to do so, along with their failure to keep God’s commandments, just as Adam and Eve had done before them.

Now Satan had been driven from heaven to earth taking a third of the angels with him into exile. His spirit took root in the pride of his own self-importance, with light giving way to spiritual darkness and understanding, which would equal that of a beast.

God created the human and the beast, side-by-side – one in His own image, capable of understanding and reason, while the other was incapable of either. With Satan having taken on the image of the beast, man was faced with choosing between God and the beast, redirecting his worship from God to the beast. As you can see, only fools worship beasts, which have no power, and only fools will worship Satan in the darkness and captivity to death, when Jesus defeated him on the cross to offer godly worship once again in the light of the Spirit and in truth.

Proverbs warns us over and over about the fools who are swayed by the harlot women of the world. The woman, once a partner to her husband, was relegated to the role of being submitted to him. This meant that the man whom she had lured into darkness would now rule over her in the very nature she had introduced to him with the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. He would become the agent of a sick and cruel world of sin and rebellion, of terror, violence and wars in a spirit full of killing and death.

Where had her knight in shining armor gone, her husband who should have been her protector from evil? Had she not dismissed Him and the truth of God for the lies of Satan? Had she not embraced the secular world and the spirit of fallen angels, or demons, when she rejected the truth? Had she not set her temple of the body off its foundation of the truth and directly onto the foundation of a religious belief system full of lies? In so doing, she had sacrificed her new life for death in the here and now. She had spiritually aborted the entire human race created by God. She had just created mass murder as Satan smacked his lips in revenge against God’s new creation.

With creation, the flames of revenge and the antichrist spirit had been fueled by jealousy and hate in what we know to be the genes of liberalism, which come with separation from the Spirit of God. It is the spirit of secularism of man working his own way to heaven, dependent on his own works without God. He would create his own heaven on earth in his own goodness, receiving the accolades of men, but not of God.

Hence, today, we have Satan’s angels, a secular, scholastic system, a strong, feminist, Jezebel-type movement, a society growing in moral decadency, random, irrational mass murders and the extremism of the religious world. They are all exerting their ideological muscle with a reign of terror and brutal killings of the innocent, to the point of complete genocide. Nations are in the process of being aborted, incapable of being able to reproduce themselves. Life is for the destroying in a world ruled by Satan, with the death of civilization being his goal, aided by the fools of liberalism.

The only unforgiveable sin is to reject the Holy Spirit of life for the spirit of death by saying “Thank you, but no thank you,” to God. It is called blaspheming the Holy Spirit after God sent His own Son into the world, born of the Father’s Spirit of life and not of man’s corrupted seed, to save those who love the goodness of God. They must want Him and life enough to spit in the eye of Satan when he comes appealing to their senses and their egos; the two can be a deadly combination.

All that the antichrist spirit has to offer is death and, there is no peace in unity of nations. They will only intrude on man’s lives and try to prevent the worship of the true God. They will battle to set in place an antichrist ruler who desires nothing more than to sit on the throne of Christ and to rule over Jerusalem where he will be worshiped like the Most High God.

To this day, all eyes are on Israel, which had to become a nation like the other nations of the world in order to fulfil Bible prophecy. And so she was re-established, but by the nations and not by God, sitting like a dead duck among her enemies, for whose gods she rejected God, and still does not accept the Messiah, Jesus, as Saviour. However, He will shortly return to change all of this and will bring peace, stopping the shedding of blood, intended for life and not for death.

Are we not a perverse, contemptible people, whom only a Father could love enough to give up His only Son unto death that such a perverse people might live? It truly is amazing love and amazing grace that He invites us, the woman of mankind, to share, so that she might partner with Him on His throne in a marriage made in heaven. How is it possible that mankind could reject such an offer?

There will be no aborting of the fruit of this marriage, which will go on to light up the heavens like stars in the night. No longer will there be need for the sun and the moon, for Jesus is the light and His bride will reflect that light like the moon, never to chase after darkness again.