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A Pact Made With the Devil

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

July 15, 2015

Those damn Yankees have done it again – they have just signed a pact with the devil. And where does this leave the little nation Israel? I believe that it will leave her in a cursed land where her ancestors made the same kind of a pact, while still a nation of the same name, when they said, “We have no king but Caesar.” He was a prince of this world and ruler over the Roman Empire, the last empire of the Babylonian system of empires to be ruled by the devil and spiritual prince of the air, who does battle as the Antichrist against the Christ and Son of God.

And, I have heard it said that the ‘Yankee’ game of baseball is catching on in Iran.

Adam and Eve signed the first pact with the devil, which we might otherwise label as a kind of peace agreement with him. God’s perfect number has brought us to the door of the 7th millennium of history, which means His story, being that of the Creator, to show us just exactly what it will look like when the fullness of this pair’s treaty is complete. I would suggest that you could call it the final analyses.

It will look like a devil-possessed man holding the seat of the highest office in the land, today, which once belonged to God, as the Ruler and Giver of liberty in this land, called America. The nation was committed to Him to serve His purposes, but now, the first family in the White House, like their father Adam, has handed over the godly keys of office to a consummate world leader who is demonstrating an antichrist spirit.

America is now being ruled by the spirit of religion. It all began in the Garden of creation with the acceptance of the first, religious, belief system, to which the deceived and disobedient, first pair of human beings acquiesced to deception in deliberate disobedience to God’s truth.

The lies of religion put an end to the truth of a peaceful paradise where the God of truth cannot and will not, as a holy God, allow His kingdom to be compromised with the evil of religion. It grows like leaven to fill the entire loaf with violence, terror and war.

In paradise there was no such thing as evil; all of creation was created good for man and was in peace with the Creator. Satan, or the devil, comes to destroy the peace. Jesus comes to cut through mankind’s families, nations and friends to separate evil religion from the truth of His Word to form His church. Thus the church is at odds with any form of religion, which is the seal of the empire-building, satanic, would-be-rulers-of-the-world in religion, or belief systems apart from the truth.

They are called Pharaohs, kings and Caesars, and they have an accompanying, counterfeit Christ or religious leader, called an antichrist. In him there is no truth, only the compromised religion of high priests, mullahs, popes, archbishops, witch doctors and wizards who become powerless in the face of the sword of the Spirit and the armor of God worn by the saints of truth, having been purified of religion.

There was a time, in the early history of America, when the Romanism of the ruling Babylonian Empire of the world, dormant to some degree, yet alive in the religious system of Christianity, erroneously called the church, was kept from the school rooms, the courtrooms and the offices of government. It was a greatly feared and dreaded thing in the United States when John F. Kennedy, a Roman Catholic, ran for the highest, political office in the land, that of the President.

The fear was that the Church of Rome would get its grip on the free church of America, which had been set free from any religious control of such self-appointed religious leaders. They had no desire to go back to a Pope having any kind of political control in America, as he had had in the countries from which they had emigrated. It was the same kind of control of the state church, from which the Puritan settlers had sought freedom. They wanted no religious leader taking control of government, which would force the church back into captivity. He was Jesus who set the captives free from religious controls.

The Roman Empire, though dormant, lived on within the walls of Roman Catholicism, which made of itself a political entity with central government taken from the control of the members and placed in the hands of a few, unelected, religious priests. It is difficult to differentiate between the two – Roman Catholicism and Communism, two, equally religious systems – as to which has more power in this day and age. Strangely enough, the most powerful branch of the Roman Catholic Church, the Jesuit priesthood, has strong Communist ties, with a foundation laid for agreement between the two in the coming One World Order of religion.

It was almost an unwritten law in America that Roman Catholics were not suitable people for office, if the liberty of the land were to be preserved. Most certainly, McCarthyism showed that Communism was infiltrating many of the American institutions, and was rapidly gaining a foot-hold in the nation. Hollywood was becoming one of its most obvious strongholds, while little was yet known of its strong influence on the Roman Catholic Church.

In the years immediately following McCarthyism, a young man of many names finally settled upon the middle-eastern-sounding, Muslim name of Barack Hussein Obama. He became a student of Communist indoctrination under the tutelage of the anti-American nation-hater called Frank Marshall Davis. At the same time, he also was mesmerized by his natural father, another American-hater and Muslim, who greatly affected the developing belief system of this young Obama.

To top it off, he took on the appearance of being a churched man, but it was nothing more than a form of religion, Christian by name, which put him in the camp of an America-hating, so-called pastor and former Muslim, called Jeremiah Wright. This pastor of sorts has openly called on God to damn America.

All of this is to say that this same Barack Obama was elected by the American people to be President of the United States of America, because he was given a false image invented by a corrupt liberal media. With the endorsement of a counterfeit church, called Christian by name, along with a media-invented kind of nation-saving messiah, we have the completed portrait of a man who really does not exist in such form.

In point of fact, he was put in office to bring down America to the feet of Satan from her heights in God and to sign a pact with the devil between evil world leaders, which would serve to bring about the demise of the nation as a world power under God, among the nations. It is all part of a higher conspiracy to make way for Satan’s One World Order of one government, one religion and one global economy. Obama, in his so-called victory speech after the signing of the pact with Iran, spoke directly into the role he envisions for America within the context of a global economy.

Media commentator, Mark Steyn, was interviewed by Hannity on Fox News TV, and as usual dazzled the minds of the listeners with his clear perception of the issues, but he was dead wrong last night, in his comparison of Obama’s pact with Iran and Chamberlain’s peace agreement with Hitler. He felt, since Chamberlain’s intentions were good, that he therefore was honorable.

There is never any occasion for attributing honor to man when he signs life away in order to make a pact with the devil, no matter how sincere the man may be. Eve made the excuse that she was deceived when she did so, though possibly very sincere, and where did it get her with God? Did He excuse her for honorable intentions?

The only honor comes in obedience to God’s dictum to stay away from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for there is no mixing of the waters without darkening them, not lightening them, and God is the God of light, life and truth; there is no lie in Him, nor will liars co-exist with Him. The result is that no one should ever make deals with the devil; to do so will always lead to death.

The Iranian leaders are, as was Hitler, true sons of Satan, the author of lies and deception, and they care not a whit for written agreements or for American values. Such pacts serve as nothing but fodder for the breaking and a victory for gaining the necessary time to carry out their plans of destruction for America and Israel. They are laughing all the way to increased nuclear development and weapons.

It is extremely difficult to believe that any American, who loves God and country, would ever allow a man like Obama to sign treaties on their behalf with a people who are burning American and Israeli flags at the same time. As the leaders of the two countries conspire together and sign, the Iranian people are chanting “Death to America and Israel!” Does one really think a deal has been made between such very differing people, of such different values?

What Obama has done has been to sign away any hope for peace while, at the same time, has ushered in the pathway for WWIII and the coming One World Order of the antichrist, anti-God evil of the devil. The damn Yankees have done it again, but this time it is not just a ball-game, which is at stake.

The wicked one will again bring darkness on the world at the same time as Jesus will withdraw His own church. This will allow the light of the true, witnessing church to go out, so that the demonic spirits of dysfunctional men will be free to use all their power of destruction against each other. God will simply release His hand of protection, at the right time, by which He has been holding back a deranged world and those dark, spiritual waters in which they will self-destruct, for the sake of His own.

This is the last and final world empire of iron within the Babylonian system of empires, the Revived Roman Empire. The great ship, Titanic, was the symbol of an iron empire floating on the sea, upon which the earth was founded for such a time as this (see Psalm 24:2).

As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be again – a time of terror and violence. As surely as I write, men’s hearts will melt with terror of such a magnitude as that which has never been known before. The so-called peace pact is only the beginning of troubles, by giving the devil an open door through which to proceed with his plans, which began the day that Adam and Eve signed mankind over to him, by rejecting life, which God had given them, for death. In return, God gave man a thousand years of demonic rule for every day of creation during which He had labored to give to His precious creation only good things, so that mankind might have life, and have it abundantly. And God did so in love and not hatred for man.

Therein lies the sweet mystery of life; “it is not too mysterious for you, nor is it far off (Deuteronomy 30:11)”. God gave His Son in an ancient love call from time primeval before He ever laid out His architectural plan for the earth. It is a call to divine love, to a divine marriage between man and the Lord, and the subsequent fruitfulness, which follows. Of course, the target of Satan today, more than ever, is to destroy the very institution of marriage, which God established.

Jeannette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy, the American sweethearts of the silver screen, discovered this sweet mystery before singing together as plaintive a love song as was ever written on the matter, called Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life, at last I’ve Found You. Too bad Obama had not grown up with that kind of Hollywood, instead of the Hollywood, which he embraces today, with its evil portraying the face of the beast all over the screen!

The face of the beast is in our children’s classrooms. It is on the faces of the judges of the judiciary, on the faces of your neighbors and on the ones sitting next to you in the pews of institutionalized religion. It is on those holding public and government offices, on some of the faces of your closest friends and on the faces of some of your family members sitting at your own dinner table.

The face of the beast is everywhere, with the evil of liberalism from God becoming a world mantra for men and women who believe the lies of religion when they will not believe the truth. It is a mystery to the deceived that truth and religion are not one and the same thing. The true church and Christianity could not be further apart; Jesus is the Author of truth and He, not Rome, founded His church. Satan is the counterfeiter, and Rome is the author of the Christian institutions of religion, which he has counterfeited with the name of church and then put his stamp of the number of man, #6, upon it.

Wily as a slithering serpent, Obama has used the institutional church as a crutch while, at the same time, spewing out total disdain for the Bible, and Word of God. Without the Christian church behind him, especially, the Roman Catholic Church, he would not be sitting in the highest office of the land today, with the face of the beast imprinted upon him. God has given America what she deserves in a leader, and He will sit back and laugh as she falls on her face for denouncing Him under such leadership.

So listen to the victory speech of Obama, which the media wants you to hear, concerning his deal made in hell; but think twice before you cheer him on to victory in what will perhaps be the final move of Satan to take as many down with him in the judgment as he possibly can. Without our Beloved Jesus who gave His all that we might live, there is no life. Go back on snooze while Obama, the United Nations and all the other fools out there drone on about victory and peace in our time. But do not forget! They wear the face of the beast.

The mirror tells us one of two things – we will either see the spiritual face of Jesus when we look into it, or we will see the evil face of the devil. I surely do not want to see a hooded imam with a sword, all in black before me, but that is exactly what Obama has given the American people for signing a so-called agreement with Iran.