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The Exodus Principle

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

August 10, 2015

Suddenly, there is some backbone surfacing among the Republican candidates running for the Office of the President of the United States. And we have to thank Donald Trump, perhaps more than anyone, for speaking so honestly and responding forthrightly in answer to the displeasure of the American people with government performance. Instead of the elected politicians challenging the status quo of the politically correct, liberal, lying progressives, they have joined with liberalism for fear of losing the vote, which they don’t have anyway. The voters could just as easily vote for the liberals in the first place if they wanted more of the same thing.

Trump is smart enough to know it is not the Republican Party the people want to support, it is a straight-shooting politician, whom they want, who will get things done according to their wishes as the electorate. And rightly so! He knows that it would be hypocritical for him to support a party, which would not support either him or his ideals, at a cost of giving up his vision for the country, for the sake of party loyalty, a party somewhat at odds with his forthrightness and explicit language.

Why should he vote party lines if the party does not want him, when he believes the average person is so disillusioned with party politics that he might better go it alone and on his own? He could well believe that he could get enough votes as an Independent to defeat both Republicans and Democrats if the need should arise. He sees neither the Republican Party nor the Democratic Party serving the will of the people who elected them to get some results, which will bring about change in the political system of Washington.

We have twice watched the weakness of the Republican Party candidates for the presidency in the performances of John McCain and Mitt Romney, both of whom failed to challenge Obama. Instead, they rolled over, curled up and played dead by offering no opposition to him, not just McCain, but Romney as well, during the final, crucial hours of their campaigns, during which time they acted as though they were trying to give the election to Obama on a silver platter.

Along came two clever, challenging, vice-presidential candidates who, at the same critical time, showed some gumption and straight talk, when neither McCain nor Romney demonstrated any such strength. These vice-presidential stars arose for but a few, bright, shining hours, only to have the liberal attack come down on them in that nasty way of which only the liberals are capable, as they set about to destroy the person rather than argue the issues. Unfortunately, over the last two campaigns, this also became the strategy of the Republican party as the candidates indulged in attacking fellow Republican candidates – about as stupid a political strategy as they could possible adopt, unless bent on self-destruction.

I believe the Fox TV moderators of Thursday night’s debate actually attempted to possibly ignite some inter-personal attacks among the candidates. To my disappointment, Megyn Kelly could not make up in physical “good looks” on the outside for the less attractive, hard-core, challenging feminist she appeared to have hidden on the inside. She could only be seen as trying to level a feminist attack on Donald Trump for language he has used in the past in describing one specific woman in rather graphic terms. Apparently he does not particularly like nor respect this woman, although Kelly tried to mutter, somewhat under her breath, that there were more women he had abused in this way.

My question would go back to Megyn as to whether or not there would likely be one other person on stage, or among the moderators, who has not spoken words at any time, publically or otherwise, which he/she would not want to use publically in the Office of the President. Because Donald Trump tends to frequently do what we all have done at one time or another, though perhaps not quite so graphically, why single him out for attack?

I would have to ask if even our wonderfully pure Ben Carson has not been guilty at some point in the past, in a moment of frustration, of describing someone with whom he has had to contend, in less than flattering terms, using words he would not choose to use as president. I frankly believe Megyn’s first question to Mr. Trump will come back to haunt her more than it will affect him.

So, can it be said that the public loves Donald? I would rather doubt it, but I believe they see him as a man who will fight for the poor, beaten-down, small businessman, whom Obama has managed to alienate and, in many cases, squeeze right out of business by his extreme, socialistic policies. These small business owners are the economic life blood of the nation, and I believe that they see Trump as someone who is capable of dealing fairly in defence of all American business people with a plan to return business to the American people rather than export jobs out of the country.

How do you describe what you would like to tell the public about your policies in one-minute answers? It is by the nature of the beast and what he has done with what he has been given in life to this point, that we are best able to judge his ability to solve the problems of the path set before him. It would appear Donald Trump has succeeded exceptionally well so far. Like everyone else on the stage, being president would be a new experience for them, with on-the-job training. I doubt that Mr. Trump could ever prove to be as incapable or as inept at carrying out his presidential role as Obama has proven to be.

I would suggest his ‘presidency training’ generally has been much better than that of career politicians such as Hillary Clinton and all the other lawyer-politicians who have very little aptitude or experience for running the business of the nation; few of them have business skills. Yes, her husband was President, but he paved the way for lying presidents such as himself and Obama, and now the latest liar of the triumvir, Hillary Clinton, herself.

Until now, she has shown great aptitude for being able to keep her lies well-hidden behind Political Correctness, with the aid and protection of the liberal, agenda-driven media. Of course, Donald Trump has had to deal with the Clintons in the past, for the American people have shown they have been willing to accept such behavior from our leaders, the cost of which we are now only beginning to realize, as business continues to be done as usual between liars.

Would I vote for Donald Trump if I were an American citizen? Possibly, but I could not negate the incredibly, great mind and moral nature of Ben Carson as a brilliant man of God with exceptional integrity and ability, which he can redirect to the political world.

Neither would I be able to overlook the claim of Ted Cruz to speak only truth to the electorate, for which he has a great political record of having done in the past while serving the American people in office, as opposed to being immersed in party politics.

Above all, I am mesmerized by the clear thinking and forthright nature of the well-spoken Carly Fiorina, who is one rising star on the political scene, coming straight out of an amazing business background, where she learned how to deal in the foreign-trade game of business and with the big players as well as the political leaders. I would relish a ‘Carly debate’ between Hillary Clinton and her. It would be like cutting with a knife of truth into a meat pie of lies, with no doubt in my mind at all that Hillary would not fare well in the debate.

Sadly, Chris Christie and Rand Paul launched into the usual Republican-style of self-destruction with neither coming out looking the better for wear. Rand Paul became a bit too shrill and I still have the image of a self-serving Chris Christie in the last election who chose to hug Obama at the wrong time, costing Romney and his party dearly. I have to wonder if self-serving politicians can change their stripes when faced with the opportunity to do so in the highest office of the land.

It would be a tough choice to make among the candidates, for there are others I could also easily support, such as Mike Huckabee, Marco Rubio, Scott Walker, John Kasich and Rick Santorum. Even the remaining candidates show great aptitude for being able to carry out the demands of the presidency. Yes, I would support any of these candidates, although certain ones stand out above the others for one reason or another, but I could never support an openly anti-God, Democratic Party candidate who would just give us another dose of liberalism, the last thing America needs at the present time.

The downward spiral in which the country finds itself caught will never change as long as the names of God and Jesus Christ are rejected and relegated to being just swear words used to take their names in vain. No nation that has trusted in God and then has walked away from Him will survive without being required to face His severe wrath. His grace and bounty have been enormous to these nations of Canada and the United States, which have been blessed with an American culture of life and liberty under God’s supreme ruler-ship, something only Israel experienced before them.

Many of the cultures, which are invading this land, wish to impose their cultures of death upon us while, at the same time, destroying the unique nature of our own life culture. Imagine Islamic law being tolerated here, which allows men to kill their wives and anyone else who does not accept their religious culture of death! There is no doubt about it; multiculturalism will destroy this country.

For God will have no other gods beside Him. This is why the liberals need to get rid of the Ten Commandments posted on the walls of government and the courthouses of the land. It is the first commandment, which tells us that by accepting their gods in this country that the blessing will turn to cursing, just as Israel was cursed for the same reason. Do not think that the world hates Israel and America for any other reason than something as simple and straight forward as this. They hate the God of Israel who blessed their nation, and that of America, while cursing the other nations and their gods.

So, I guess my question to Donald would be this: “Where do you stand on God – are you with Him or against Him?” I would ask this of all the candidates who do not make a clear statement on this fact, and by that, I am not asking whether or not they are religious people. You cannot be both religious and a man of truth at the same time.

There is an Exodus principle running throughout the entire Bible, and I am only interested in the truth of Jesus and a God of truth. God is not a God of religion, and Jesus is the Word of truth made flesh. He is the way, the truth and the life, who leads His people out of the religiously controlled, empire-building nations of the world, to victory; He is not the leader on the broad road of religion and death, which leads to destruction.

As the Israelites came through the divided waters safely, the Egyptians, who represent the world of the controlling empires of the religious gods, went down to the bottom of the sea. So, too, will the iron Babylonian system of empires meet the same fate, in the form of a One World Order of government, religion and monetary system, the last and final empire of Satan, represented by the Revived Roman Empire. It will be the ultimate union of the cultures of the world, minus those who remain loyal to God.

Ask the right questions of the candidates, which will indicate to you whether or not you are getting a liberal-progressive Republican or a conservative Republican. For only one, and not both, will serve God and country. Choose wisely the candidate for whom you will vote; for the future of the nation rests heavily on the outcome of this next election, and on the decisions you make – not only for America, but for the entire world.