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The Death of a Nation

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

August 18, 2015

It has been said about America that she is the most wonderful, amazing country in the world. She is the land of the free and the land of opportunity, where anyone can own his/her own home. Many immigrants got down on their knees in thankful prayer when they arrived on her shores, generally having very few possessions with them.

One can rise from the ranks of the poor to become as brilliant and as well-educated, as did Dr. Ben Carson, regardless of color or background. One can even reach the heights of being a multi-billionaire in the class of Donald Trump. A woman can become a business woman at the top of the heap of business executives, such as Carly Fiorina, while women in most other nations of the world have no such opportunity. Added to this, anyone of these three people mentioned could become the next president of the United States of America, the most powerful country in the world.

Yes, America has been the land of dreams, a beautiful land of opportunity, with the sky being the limit, because there is a God in that sky watching over His beloved people who, in the past, have honored Him, His Law and His Word in this land. He was made the Supreme Ruler over the entire country, as the Creator of its moral code and as the spiritual Author of the book this nation recognized as being the book of truth over and above all other books, of which there is none like it.

America made sure that everyone who crossed her borders as immigrants swore on this book to pledge allegiance to God and country as law-abiding citizens. Each one who entered into this nation had equal opportunity with the next person, by breaking rank with the past and taking advantage of free education. Then, all that was necessary was to set goals, which were achievable, but only when one worked hard enough to achieve them. The silver platter of welfare, guaranteed no one a free ride. Most people were ashamed to be caught receiving it.

This great nation has been made up of people who honor the family and the institution of marriage as God created it. It has meant that children were secure, generally in two-parent homes, and were free to play outdoors in safe and secure neighborhoods; for criminality was not tolerated, especially where young children were concerned. Women were cherished in their roles of motherhood and wife, and they were fiercely protected by concerned and caring husbands and fathers against any harm, which might befall them.

Then the movement began as Progressivism and Liberalism, first, with small steps, one at a time, to soon take root, with the public barely aware of the changes they were facing. A well-calculated plan was adopted, by the conspiracy of a few elite of the world, to change the basic nature of this great nation with a well-planned strategy for her demise, in the same way that Israel, the nation, before her, under God and His ruler-ship, met her demise. These elite are the agents of Satan, pushing the world ever closer to the One World Order, under the Antichrist.

Israel, at the point where she completely rejected God with the rejection of His Son, Jesus, had been the most blessed nation in the world, having experienced the miracle of the Red Sea and her exodus from her slavery to the first empire-building nation of the world called Egypt. She had the promise from God for her own Land, a land as bountiful and blessed in her day as America has been blessed in like manner by God in our day.

This little nation has demonstrated to the world exactly what a nation looks like after having received the blessing of God, only to reject Him and then receive the cursing, by His placing her back among the other cursed nations of the world whence God took her. She always wanted to be like the other nations, having a king like they had. Oh yes! She managed to compromise the temple, which her king, Solomon, built for God, by carrying on a dual worship of God and idols, right in His face, just as we do today in America.

We call ourselves Christians, which means we like worshiping on a very comfortable, social basis that makes us feel good with a kind of pastoral leadership, which preaches about a feel-good God and Giver of all good gifts. This is all to say that they worship on one day of the week, possibly one day a year, if at all. The rest of the time, His name is taken in vain mockery by the vast majority of the religious crew, which can swear as easily as it can bow its knee. When not listening to comforting stories in church, the average church goer makes money, worldly conveniences and technology, the idols of this age. They want all the bounty God has poured out on His people but then say, “Enough God. We don’t want You in our everyday lives.” At their liberal, political rallies, they even chant the words, “No God!”

We want the gifts but we don’t want God, the Giver of all good things. We want to be a nation like the other nations, forgetting that it was only three hundred to four hundred years ago that most of our ancestors escaped from those nations seeking a better life for their children and their children’s children, giving them the liberty to worship God as they might choose. This meant that they must be free from the religious controls and the Romanism, which ruled over the church through the papacy of the religious system of Christianity. The initial break had already been made by Martin Luther with the Protestant movement and the Reformation underway.

Have we not come full circle with shades of Israel being seen over America? God is getting ready to lower the boom on a rebellious nation about to experience what we have seen happening to Israel over the ages. As a harlot nation, which loved the gods of other nations, her lovers cared no more about her than do the men who use harlots to serve their own purposes today. America has bled herself poor for the nations of the world, which hate her for no other reason than her bounty from a God who has nothing to offer rogue nations that He claims to hate.

Obama has been Satan’s tool for stirring up rebellion to God through liberalism, which has heard the shout go out from America to the world for “No God!” during his regime. He has been the puppet for the destroying forces of Satan, which want to bring America to her knees. He has served the elite planners of the nations who are conspiring to create a One World Order of religion, government and economy or trade.

He has served his Communist friends with a concerted effort to change the immigration policy of America, allowing it to fill up with people looking for a free handout, hence creating a voter class, which prefers government support to being part of the work force. He has been on the path of transforming America into a socialist state, until the people have come to the point, that they want nothing more than a Donald Trump to toss out the rhetoric of Political Correctness and return sanity to government.

He is the great hope for restoring a government, which will respond to the will of the people rather than inflicting some socialist ideology on a very angry people who are tired of being told what they can and cannot say publically. The people have nearly been robbed of their freedom of speech, by liberal judges in bed with government.

Obama has changed the dynamics of religion in this country by inviting in the cults, especially the Islamic cult, to fill the nation with Muslims and their mosques, just waiting to inflict Sharia law on the entire country. As members of a killing religion, they will kill and eliminate all who worship God, in the same manner as they do, uninhibited by the law, in their eastern nations, the moment they take over America as part of their plan for world Jihad.
They will reject the truth of God for the apostate lies of Islam and force-feed them to all Americans as soon as they finish taking the land from within by entering the many doors Obama has opened for them. And this will place America ultimately under the rule of nations (U.N.), as she loses her own national autonomy to ‘thug nations’ in her own land.

Take a close look at Israel and see how Islam is just waiting the right opportunity to destroy her. Now, take note of how they also want to destroy America. What God allowed to happen to Israel He will allow to happen to America for her rejection of the Creator of the universe in favor of affirming hateful men who terrorize and kill for the sake of killing.

God’s Laws are not suggestions; they are binding. Keep them and the nation will be blessed and survive. Destroy them and it will be the death of the nation under a curse. God will have no other gods or their cults beside Him.

Wake up, my friends, and get out of your comfortable pews away from your apostate ministries and into the truth. You are heading down the broad road to destruction and will look back on all your modern conveniences, your civilized lifestyle, your security in the home and the streets, and cry out in pain to a God who will not listen to your ‘gimme’ prayers,. They are about all He has been hearing now for several years. How is it you can shout “No God” and then run to the steps of the Congressional building, in time of national crisis and publicly make a spectacle of yourselves crying out to the same God you reject and to whom you forbid your children to pray in the name of Jesus?

America is heading toward disaster. Our hope lies in leadership that will embody the boldness of Trump to tell the truth and the cleverness and the decency of such men and women as we are seeing climbing to the top of the G.O.P. heap. Let the liberals dig for dirt, they always have, and they always will, but heed the voices we are hearing from Trump, Carson, Fiorina, Cruz and others. For once, there are good, strong candidates on the roster, who have learned not to destroy each other and to build on the Constitutional foundation of the nation rather than destroy it.

May all Americans reject the liberalism of Satan while there is time for both Canada and the United States to still do so, and to again become the countries they once were? They are countries, which God gave to His people to possess. It is not His will that the cults of the world should possess them, any more than the cults were allowed to remain in the Promised Land, once God had given it to His people.