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An Imploding America

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

September 4, 2015

What does the Trump-Carson-Fiorina phenomenon really indicate to America? Could it be that the American people are awakening to the fact that America is about to implode upon itself, that is to say, those Americans who are willing to face the facts concerning the devastation, which follows in the backwash of exploding liberalism from the left?

The legally American are beginning to see that liberal governments have become the defenders of the illegal poachers who are pouring over their American borders, unimpeded. The American people are awakening to the fact that their godly culture of life is being eroded as the in-coming death cults are using American laws to exercise religious rights. In this manner they have made it possible to re-establish the eastern killing fields from which our American ancestors fled in order to have freedom from religious controls of empires and all the injustices, which surround them.

Sadly, America has become twisted and ensnared in a tight net of religion, with its citizens not fully understanding what the term religion really means. Each time I hear our phony politicians claiming that they stand on Christian values, I would like to challenge them to explain, if they can, just exactly what they mean by the term ‘Christian values’.

Are they the values of a pope who is considered by his followers to be inerrant, though he embraces apostate, religious practices? Or are they the values of those who join Christian, religious organizations, erroneously called church, which, for the most part, have no connection whatsoever with the true church of Jesus Christ? This false church, more often than not, will serve no other purpose than that of providing a nice, social club for its religious, Christian membership.

Christian values are directly proportionate, in variances and differences, according to the many numbers of denominations and sects, which claim the name of ‘Christian’. There is very little room for the sanctity of marriage and for a baby’s life in the midst of young, Christian moderns who opt for business careers, rather than raising families. They will even kill to achieve their goal, like everyone else who is aborting babies. And why marry in the first place if a permanent relationship is not their goal?

The early believers who arrived on these shores had their fill of Romanism and religious controls in their lives, before they left for America. They wanted a new world where they would be allowed to worship the God of truth, in truth and not in any enforced, state religion.

They knew firsthand the wickedness of Christianity being to them what Judaism was to Jesus in His day. When will today’s so-called Christians realize that Jesus is the tree of life? He hates the values of the religious leaders who ally themselves with governments steeped in liberal cultures of death emanating from the other tree, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

The religious of the world are all, without exception, by the very nature of being attached at the hip to religion, subject to the lies and deception, which corrupted mankind in the Garden. It is known as liberalism from God, with man’s acceptance of the first belief system preached by the serpent, being irresistible to the flesh of the woman. It was all about her rights as a woman to embrace Satan’s culture of death in what we call today the right of the woman to choose.

The man proved to be no better than the woman and, as our foolish politicians believe today, he was just fine with choosing the death culture over the right to life. “Respect the religious,” they say, “for it doesn’t matter how or what you worship as long as you worship something.” Thus, we are faced with a nation imploding upon itself in self-worship with a ‘gimme attitude’, wanting a handout at every turn in the road. The average American believes that the nation owes the people, rather than the people owing the nation, which provided liberty in its early days when the moral Law of God was honored, once it had shed the shackles of slavery.

In both cases, where there has been a Garden-like nation under God’s rule or dominion, Satan has attacked. We call this the anti-Christ spirit, which hates the Spirit of Christ and sets about to destroy any planted people of God by empirical takeover. The emperors or rulers always have false prophets of religion at their side. There are the Napoleon’s, the Hitler’s, the Stalin’s and yes, even the Obama’s, all set on redefining their nations into their own image, so they can be worshiped like gods while, at the same time, are gouging them to line their own coffers. They will, but steadily destroy any liberties the people ever might have had.

Lies, deceit and mockery are Satan’s evil staples, with the liberal-progressive portion of society being his agent. Take note of the liberal progressives of this age – the Clintons and the Obamas – both living by the lie and proving to be untrustworthy in their dealings. They rip off the taxpayers at the same time as they fill their own coffers, while living as high on the hog as it gets. They take as much as they can from the legal citizens to give to the illegals, with their aim to finally set up a totally government-controlled society.

In their progressive blatancy, the public is finally beginning to wake up and realize that Satan is enlisting all political parties now, in his final drive toward a One World Order with one government, one religious system and one economic system for all nations. He wants world rule and he wants to be worshiped like the Most High, as the only god; but as a liar he can only be worshiped in religion and not in truth.

What a threat to his plans are such men and women as Donald Trump, Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina! They tell it as it is and do not disguise the truth with Political Correctness; nor are they part of the progressive group. The conservative, God-fearing people are responding to them in droves because of the pent-up anger against elected representatives refusing to do what they were elected to do. They have all been playing politics, while allowing the progressives to cause the nation to implode upon itself.

There is an awakening taking place in the midst of the crisis, and the people are now saying enough is enough. Give us a leader who will return us to the exceptionalism, which only belongs to a nation under God, as it is one ruled by truth rather than the lie. No good has come from the lying leadership under which America has been suffering.

My concern is twofold! True liberals are killers who will destroy their perceived enemy by assassination, if necessary. Their moral code is different from God’s moral code. We know for a fact that liberal priests of religion can be child molesters while, at the same time, being the guardians of the Catholic Christian faith. We know that 75% plus of the American population, which calls itself Christian, is, in great part, responsible for over 50 million deaths by abortion of its own babies. My statements are supported by the facts that Christian moral standards allow for both of the above in the name of Christ, because they are not of Christ.

What is there in their makeup, which would lead them to desire the transformation of a nation in liberty under God to one in captivity under the antichrist spirit? Scientists tell us that, in fact, there is a liberal gene. They are most definitely people living in spiritual darkness, with no real spiritual understanding of truth.

So, my first concern is for the safety of these three, brave leaders while my second concern is about how firm they will be in establishing God’s truth over their campaigns and in restoring His supreme ruler-ship over the nation by allowing no other gods to rule in this, His land. God made it clear to Joshua that there were to be no cults left in the land; for they are like a cancer, which grows if it is not completely cut out of the body or the nation, to eventually destroy it.

The rising star of Ben Carson suggests to me that the people are possibly ready to embrace the truth again, having had the lies nearly destroy them under a lying regime. The entire justice system will need revamping, and liberalism will need to be cut away from it as much as it is needed to be cut from the governmental system.

We are at the very crossroads of history. Nothing could be more certain than the fact that Jesus will soon return to destroy the nations and set up His kingdom on earth, ruled as it is in heaven. There will be absolutely no liberalism in His kingdom. So we, as a people, need to separate from it now before it is too late. There will be dramatic separation between friends and families, nations and nations, and those who have trusted in religion from those who trust in the truth of God’s Word.

It is a dangerous time and age, indeed, to be without discernment, and there is only one way to achieve it; the way is through the words of the Bible. Jesus made it as clear as possible in the gospel of John; He is the Word made flesh and those who worship Him shall worship in Spirit and in truth, not in religion and not in the spirit of death. For He, alone, is the Way, the truth and the life and no man comes to the Father except through Him (see John 14:6).

Let go of the leaven of religion, for you can’t have it both ways. Jesus said of the illegitimate, religious, Judaic priesthood of Israel that their father was the devil. Would He not say the same of the illegitimate, religious system of Christian denominations today, which call themselves church but are not? Would He not say the same words to them as He said to the Judaic priesthood, that their father is also the devil?

There is no excuse for ignorance or deception when the Lord has given us His Word to be our guide to life. Unless a leader is first elected and then returns the Word to our children, and does so immediately, we will continue to raise a killing society and will most certainly see the transformation of this nation, as Obama set about to accomplish.

There is hope when we look at this new dynamic, which has captured the heart of the American political scene with these three, say-it-as-it-is, aspiring candidates for the Office of the President of the United States. Let’s hope the regime of lies will come to an end, so that the light can once again shine on the future of the nation, as its new leader chooses to place his/her hand in the hand of God.