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The Wedding Book of John – Introduction

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

December 2, 2015

Let us embark on a journey through the book of John, so appropriate at this time of year, that we might know just exactly who the Babe in the manger was, who was born that first Christmas night! The sky lit up and the angels of the Lord announced Him with all heaven reflecting His glory. Have we any real idea as to why He came to earth? If you cannot answer this question, then John can and does. He does so with types, symbols and prophecy. Let us take the journey to see what he has to say on the subject, chapter by chapter, one at a time. We shall call the journey “The Wedding Book of John”.

It was said by Luke, “For there is born to you this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord (Luke 2:11).” One might think Luke was referring to the city of Jerusalem, but he was not. He was speaking of Bethlehem, a town meaning ‘the House of Bread’. This is exactly what spiritual Israel, the church, must be – a house of spiritual bread, witnessing to the truth in order to distribute the grain of understanding.

There in the manger lay a precious Babe who one day would declare to the world that He is the bread of life. The bread is the Word and here He was, wrapped in swaddling clothes, with a few shepherds to greet Him. He would feed all of mankind in its beastly state as the true manna come down from heaven to keep men alive during their wilderness journey through this world, along the way to the kingdom.

Let us eat His flesh spiritually, as we begin our journey along the Way!

The Wedding Book of John


June 10, 2004

John, the apostle whom Jesus loved, was chosen to be the marriage planner for His bride. His commission was to write a gospel to His bride so that she could better know her Husband in readiness for a perfect relationship with her Bridegroom. She will ascend the ladder of Jacob to the very top, step-off point leading directly into His private chambers. One can get off the ladder at any level of salvation one so chooses, but the open-ended access to heaven ultimately arrives at the end of the rainbow where the treasure lies.

The treasure is made from the refined gold of Egypt. This is where the crown of salvation rests. Perfect worship and relationship have prepared a place of honor for her. She will never be satisfied until she reaches the very top of the ladder and enters into her Beloved’s innermost chambers. She wants, only, to be with the Lamb and to go wherever He goes. She is mesmerized by the light of His love, radiating from His being, which has drawn her to this place; for she is in love with the truth.

With this understanding, we begin the gospel of John, which cries out to mankind saying, “Read Me, try Me, test Me, and take a good look at Who I Am! Consider My ways and My love before you settle on the harlotry of Babylon!” The hour is at hand for Jacob’s trouble, and the darkness of evil is about to engulf mankind, with judgment determining man’s destiny, forever.

The Lord is saying, in the signs of our times, that He has shown us His liberty within America, His modern-day Israel, which reached its leadership zenith during President Ronald Reagan’s term of office, a man who envisioned the nation as a shining city on a hill. He was suggesting a vision of that shining city of Jerusalem, right here in America, a country of liberty under God and His Law, with the truth of His Word as the foundation of justice for all.

Upon the death of this president, the world mourned for more than the man; it mourned for an age, which passed away with him. The nation would go down a new path of progressive liberalism, one which would see her making alliances with evil governments, rather than challenging them for their wickedness of suppressing their peoples in the way that Reagan challenged the Communist leaders of just such an evil regime.

At the heart of American patriotism was the desire to defend her liberty. Such patriotism to God and the nation has all but faded away. America is caught in the death throes of multiculturalism, the same disease that caused the death of her sister nation, Israel; it was merely known by another name, called religious idolatry. That wicked feminist spirit of Jezebel is putting the lure before the flesh again, and America is running after her as fast as she can run. She is drawing the nation deeper and deeper into the same liberalism of the sort, which killed the first woman Eve, and then, that woman known as the nation of Israel. Both were drawn into the harlotry of man against God by the antichrist spirit of the devil. The war was clearly one of religion against the truth of God’s Word.

At the same time, we are seeing a nation called Israel being restored to the land, from which God had ejected her centuries earlier, for her religious harlotry. Long before America began her decline, the nation Israel had made Satan her lover in harlotry to her God. What a sad state in which the land of Israel finds herself today, no longer knowing any peace within her borders because she rejected God and, in so doing, lost His hand of protection!

The window of opportunity for America to escape the same fate as that of her older sister is beginning to close, a process, which began when Ronald Reagan was laid to rest along with his spiritually motivated brand of American patriotism coming to an end. It did not have to be so, for there is but one answer to change the course of events. Making alliances with foreign despots of the East is most certainly not the resolution to America’s problems.

Victory lies only in the witness of the bride being heard in the land, calling the nation to humble herself, repent, and then, walk away from the controls of Secular Humanism and return to the truth of God. She must get down on her knees to beg God’s forgiveness for allowing multiculturalism to take over this land under God, replacing Him with a multitude of gods. Next, there must be a concerted effort made to return to God as a people and to maintain His ruler-ship over this land.

The gospel of John holds the answers for a people and nation in harlotry. It holds the answers for individual lives blinded in spiritual darkness by sin, the same sin, which is at the heart of national harlotry. One must always make the decision between choosing the way of the flesh or the way of God.

There is a marriage feast to which the Lord is calling His nation Israel. There is going to be a wedding feast like that of Cana, to which the King has invited everyone of every race and creed. It will be the social event of history, surpassing all other social events and feasts that have ever been held before. It is a royal wedding to which you have been invited.

Do you want to be included in this exclusive celebration, or would you rather be among the throngs of billions, even trillions, on the other side of the great divide, looking across the span from their place of darkness to the glittering lights on the other side? This is an event, which will be viewed by an audience from all around the world, stirring up in men’s hearts an understanding of what they foolishly missed when they threw away the invitation of the book of John, to which they never responded.

Read this book and gain understanding, for John is saying there is going to be a wedding, and it will be the wedding of all weddings. Get yourselves some beautiful garments of purity so that you may attend. He opens a door, which no man can shut, for it is the Spirit and John who write together, inviting you to enter the great banquet hall. Please, do not ignore this invitation, for the bride’s name is not written there yet! Her identity can only be described as resting under the fig tree; it could be your wedding to which John is alluding.

The vows of this marriage will not be like those taken on this earth, ‘until death us do part’; they will be for an eternity. This is a wedding with a covenant between two partners, which will never be broken. Even you can have a marriage with the perfect lover, the one whom mankind has always craved to have in his/her life. He will satisfy every need, which the lust of the flesh can never satisfy in its temporal form. Husbands and wives of this world find that their marriage comes to a halting stop, when one or the other dies in his/her sinful state. Resurrection of the body and soul to eternal life can only come through the salvation of the Redeemer Husband, Jesus.

What John ultimately establishes in His gospel about this Husband of mankind is that which Jesus says about Himself, that He is the way, the truth and the life. By receiving Him into one’s life, one has the right to become a child of God simply by believing on His name. The child of God is of the house of Israel and hence of the lineage of Jesus, which comes through Adam and Abraham to then pass through Him and go out to the believer on the other side of the cross. These are the Hebrews from within the bosom of Abraham whose inheritance is much more than that of simply a bloodline of this world. It becomes, in Jesus, a kingdom inheritance, with the believer becoming the true Jew.

Open your Bible to the book of John, where the preparation for the wedding begins. Do not miss the boat to salvation, being not unlike the ark that Noah built, which took man out of the judgment and into a place of safety. The hour is coming from which no man can escape. Make sure it is a wedding to which you are going, before it is too late! A wedding celebration is the only celebration there is to rival the joy of Christmastime and that of a new birth.