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The Donald – Saint or Devil?

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

January 28, 2016

Has The Donald at last flipped his lid and propelled himself right out of the race, or has he just outsmarted that queen of the airways called Megyn Kelly? It looks good, it tastes good, but the fruit can be deadly to which the Jezebel spirit leads. Is this the job of Megyn, to set the trap with the intention of putting a firm and lasting vice on her victim so that he/she cannot recover?

Donald has submitted himself to being the target for most of the Fox News questioning in debates – with always the same conclusion – he has been cowered by a woman’s bite, so they say. If she is no, ‘snow white’ princess, then I leave it to your imagination as to what she could actually be. Why, might I ask, would Donald Trump put himself within the control of such a woman who is holding a poisonous apple before his eyes and saying, “now bite, and with that bite I can destroy you.” Squish, squish, a step of her very high heel and he will be squelched.

“But not so quick!” says the one they call the clown, who has dealt with many like her and has been victorious, over and over again, until he has reached the point he no longer desires to play political games with Fox or Megyn Kelly. However, if he chooses to continue, chances are that he will be better at them than anyone else. What does he care about Political Correctness? He calls a spade a spade and not a spoon. He looks at Rosie O’Donnell and he calls it as he sees it. You might say that he is a brutally honest man.

“But,” whines Megyn, “is that fair to treat ‘strong women’ with such strong language?” If women want to play in a man’s world and step into their pants, then they had better be able to take the tough language along with the consequences that can come from their choices. “Get back in line, Donald, or I will bring you down,” she says, as the Jezebel spirit soars.

Again, “Not so fast, Jezebel, I have your number and you are revealing yourself to be in the Rosie camp. I neither want to be bothered with you, nor will I cow-tow to your controlling spirit. It was deadly for Adam, but I ain’t no Adam, and ain’t going to bite into your fruit quite so quickly,” says the Donald, “I’m no sap like he was to let Eve switch roles with him. It doesn’t mean I don’t love women. I surely do and I will treat them fairly and squarely.

But I do not like those buddies of yours at the National Review, who have lined up together, keeping their one-world-order leanings well-hidden, but blatant to a few of us, as they congregate within the Republican machine of Congress. They are absolute washouts serving liberalism instead of working for liberty and the people. What we are seeing from the elected Republican Congressional members in Washington is a dishonest group using the people’s ticket to fall right into the liberal trap set by the master destroyer, pulling the strings of the world’s Jezebels and wimpy Adams.”

Now, Donald may well be a saint, but if he is somewhat on the devilish side, running for the highest office in a nation gone corrupt, then he could be one or other of the two – a Pharaoh used by God to give Joseph power over the land, or a Pharaoh used to challenge Moses as the judgment gets ready to fall. Or, there is a third choice; he could be a bit of both.

Do you remember how short a time it took for Israel to go from Joseph to Moses while within Egypt? It was just 400 years from glory days to gory days. Is it not interesting that America is now just over 400 years old and has gone from her own early glory days to her present gory days? Donald’s message is that he wants to make America great again, while refusing to hide behind the falseness of Political Correctness. What are the facts? Tell them as they are – as he sees Rosie, so he calls it. As the Muslims are, so it should be called.

Islam produces Muslims, the people who embrace the Koran and its unholy, killing religion of Islam. This unholy book is the foundation for the preaching of Imams in mosques to kill anyone who refuses to become a Muslim, with Americans being central among those they target, along with Israel. But the RINOs want to be rid of Donald who pushes political rhetoric aside to state the truth.

Donald says to stop all Muslim refugees from entering America, until their intentions are well documented. Unfortunately, the intentions of all Muslims, by nature of the doctrines of their religion, are well documented in the Koran. How could it possibly be enough to say that just the Syrian immigrants should not enter until it is determined as to whether or not they are a threat to the American people? Even ISIS, itself, claims it will infiltrate this group of refugees. Duh! What is the obvious here?

Because of the nature of the Koran, and the teaching of the Imams in the mosques, it is impossible to bring any Muslims into the country, without their presence here presenting a very real and dangerous threat to all American people. The nature of the beast makes it clear there is no room to trust anyone who embraces a doctrine of world control and the killing of infidels.

Americans most certainly are what the Muslims call infidels, according to Islamic religious standards. You can’t believe in a killing culture, name your target Americans and then build mosques within America to perpetuate this religion as the enemy of the state, residing within it, without gravely endangering its people. It already has been done to the detriment of America. Duh! What is the obvious here?

But then, there is a hole in my argument, for Americans kill their unborn babies calling them tissue, under some right they claim to determine for the unborn that this baby should die for the convenience of someone else. In the same killing vein, Americans go to the other end of life and help the sick and elderly to kill themselves under the label of some right to determine when someone has lived long enough in this world of suffering.

Is it not strange that God knew both Jesus and John the Baptist before they were even conceived in the womb? He made it quite clear to their mothers who they would become as individuals in His scheme of things, not in man’s schemes or plans. America would have been a very different, new world if Mary had said, “Sorry God, but I am engaged and can’t accommodate You right now. I have my own plans regarding marriage and children.”

In such an eventuality, I somehow get a vision of God looking down upon this human being, He had blessed among women, as being little more than an ant under His feet, which He could squelch at any moment He should choose to do so. I think that in this eventuality it would have been just such a moment. Likewise, He could have subjected Mary to a blast of fire from the mouth of the serpent, which would have consumed her, Jezebel spirit and all, in her rebellion.

One can never imagine the pain and suffering of John the Baptist while in chains in jail, having his doubts after having just completed his life’s work before facing the prospect of a beheading by the wicked King Herod who ruled over him. How can we understand the pain and suffering of the cross, which, if Jesus had chosen for Himself as to when He should die or live and not choose to align Himself with the will of the Father, you and I would probably never have made it even to the womb? Most certainly no one would die having the knowledge of life again in a New World Order after death in this world order.

No matter how much blond coloring Megyn adds to her hair, she just can’t seem to get rid of the dark streak. Adding a hair piece didn’t seem to do much for her cause either. Donald’s not fooled by her, or is he going to get caught in what she represents as the Republican, establishment attitude of a group of controllers who are pulling party strings. She is anything but fair and balanced.

So I say, “Go for it Donald, and leave the bunch of them behind who are mostly going to perpetuate the same old – same old – Political Correctness they have always embraced along with the liberals of the Democrat Party. It’s the same old garbage – the nice Muslims, the radical Muslims – foolishness, which leads to a borderless America instead of a great America found in a life culture only, which rejects the death cults at the gates.

I don’t see any sign of Donald being attached to the Skull and Crossbones group, the Masonic secret society or the Bilderberger Group. Who from among the other candidates who call themselves good Christians, including Ted Cruz, can actually say they have no leanings toward these one-world-order groups, many of whom call themselves Christians who should know, therefore, just how lethal that coming World Order is for believers?

Keep on, Donald, not bowing to the establishment, all so beautifully boxed and tied in the deceptive ribbons of Megyn and her ilk! They think because the package is beautifully wrapped that they can hide the snake, which is coiled on the inside. Give Kelleigh Nelson and Devvy Kidd your ear! They know exactly what is lurking in the package beneath the pretty ribbons.


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