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The Greatest Challenge Ahead for President Donald Trump

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

February 05, 2016

The building of a wall between America and Mexico is extremely important, and the truth is that Mexico needs to pay for it. The master of trade deals, the Donald, knows how to make a deal and profit from it, or else he does not make deals.

There is a principle of God for His people and for His nation; they, and not someone else, labor for their own food and then are entitled to eat it. If they are unwilling to labor for it, then there will be no food to eat. God’s will is that aliens are neither to rule over His laborers, nor are they allowed into the land to take the food provided for God’s own people, while, at the same time, corrupting the people with their wicked ways of terrorizing and murdering the innocent.

What has been happening in America today is that these illegal aliens are getting a free hand-out of food and are then filling the hospitals, while natural citizens pay the price for more expensive food and costlier medical care. Families are now feeling the pain of illegal aliens stealing jobs, which legitimate citizens are losing to the illegals, and then footing the bills for them. What kind of a deal-maker would allow that to happen to America? I think we all know who such a deal-maker is and the reason why a President Trump looks so appealing at this time of enormous loss to the nation.

All the while President Obama is making terrible deals with the money collected from American tax dollars and using those billions and billions of tax dollars to hand over to the very countries, which are her sworn enemies, bent on destroying her. The ideology of Islam is behind the nation of Iran, which wars continually with America and Israel, as their enemy.

We see them with regularity on our television screens demonstrating en masse with chants of killing Americans, while opening their pockets to American money made through bad deals carried out by a president who has a love affair with Islam and a distinct distaste for the very nation over which he rules. He has established for himself a presidential office, not in a limited way as the law dictates, but rather one resembling that of an all-out totalitarian, socialist state. This same president recently lay claim publically from within a Muslim mosque responsible for inciting Islamic terrorism, part and parcel of the Islamic ideology of the Koran, to its being part of the fabric, which built America. Such a lie comes straight from the pit of hell.

If America is established under God’s rule, and it more than clearly was, as is stated in our Constitutions, then the people had better know that He is a God of truth only who hates religion, all of which comes from the devil. God is nothing other than righteousness and holiness. This is why His Scriptures are written as truth in His Spirit of Life, which guided every hand that has penned them. As truth only, the Scriptures cannot also be religion or a belief system, no matter what the religion is.

Religion is not our national bread of life. The Bible is the voice of the Lord God speaking to His people, and here is what He has to say, to paraphrase His words: “If you do not obey the voice of your Lord and God or carefully observe all My commandments and statutes that I command to you, then curses will come upon you, My people, with one of those laws stating the following: ‘A nation whom you have not known shall eat the fruit of your land and the produce of your labor, and you shall be only oppressed and crushed continually (Deuteronomy 28:33).’”

Iran, the enemy of America, shall eat its fruit with the money earned by American laborers and with the excess funds from it she shall build weapons of mass destruction to destroy the overly generous Americans. Take a quick look at the change in the price of food. It has doubled, in some cases, in the space of just one week recently and that will double again within a very short time until the tide changes in America, as the people forsake the God who blessed her. She shall surely know famine as her wicked ruler steals from her the provision of the work of her labor and gives it to another. And the religious church of Christianity in America has elected just such a leader. It will not be the evangelicals who will change all of this.

It could be a President Donald Trump who wants to build a wall of protection at her borders. Unless he also builds a wall of truth again in America with a return to the Bible, it will accomplish nothing. He is the only one who pointed to the Word when accused of not being religious enough. Let us hope and pray he is not religious at all and will be as bold about the truth of God as he is about his opposition to the establishment.

To build the wall between Mexico and America will not stop the enemy unless he builds the corresponding wall of truth at the borders again of this nation to counteract the religious takeover coming into the land along with Political Correctness, which embraces the abomination of religious rights. God’s people have liberty in truth and receive absolutely zero rights from any religion. The idols and gods of religion offer only captivity and slavery to the empire gods of this world. Take a close look at the World Council of Churches and you are looking at the breeding ground for a one-world theology.

God’s warning is strong. If America continues in the ways of liberalism from God, then she will embrace the same liberalism of the religious lies of Satan, first accepted by man in the Garden, when it was embraced by both Adam and Eve. We are looking at the same spirit of Jezebel as we saw coming from Eve who led her wimpy husband to rebel against their God. Our modern-day Jezebel, called Hillary, lies with the greatest of ease as the voters shout at her, chanting that she is a liar.

Still, she is tolerated as a candidate for the Office of President, and no one seems to care that the first pardon she could be obliged to grant could be her own. Contrast her to a wall-builder; she is a religious-tolerance activist who has perfected the art of witchcraft. I would much prefer to see a President Trump given the opportunity to build the wall of protection on the border.

According to Scriptures, when the cupbearer of the king returned to Jerusalem from the empire of Persia, it was in a form of release from the King of Persia, Artaxerxes 1. He allowed Nehemiah to leave to return to his homeland for the purpose of building a wall of protection around the city of Jerusalem with its restored temple, a place of worship of the God of Israel.

In order to carry out his commission, the priest Ezra had to reinstate the fallen Word of God and get rid of the religious enemies within the camp, especially foreign wives who would teach the children the idolatrous ways of the gentile nations. The very same thing had happened there, which had caused the downfall of the State of Judah, until, like America today, the truth was deliberately buried to make way for religious compromise in the lives of the Jewish people.

The religious openly challenged Nehemiah and Ezra, with their declaration of religious rights, all the while mocking this builder and priest. They believed they had the right to run the show in a land designated by God as His domain of ruler-ship. Look at Jerusalem today; she has the same problem and now America, which President Ronald Reagan saw as the shining city upon a hill, is having the same problem as both of them.

Religion is the leaven that will fill any loaf in which it is placed. Within the nation, it pushes out the truth and gets rid of God’s Law to make room for the religious, so-called rights. It then goes after government to form empires and we see Obama at the moment pushing religion with lies about ‘peaceful Islam’ while, at the same time, rejecting the same Bible upon which he was sworn into office. You might say he is a shining example of hypocrisy.

Here is the challenge, which will face a President Donald Trump. He cannot have the one wall without the other. One should have grave concerns about those candidates who are wearing religion on their sleeve, but ever so ready to sacrifice truth in the name of tolerance. Once you smell the One World Order on them, watch out! It could spell the end of America.

A One World Government, a One World Religion and a One World Economic system, together spell out the number of the beast and its number is 666, the number of man. His name is the devil, that wily serpent of old, which introduced liberalism to the world in the Garden of Creation, in the name of religion. As Jesus said, the devil was the father of the religious Pharisees or religious priesthood of His day and, likewise, he is the father of our pharisaical Christian priesthood of today – all the way from evangelical priests to Roman priests (see John 8:44).

In conclusion, as President Donald Trump, can he fulfill the greatest requirement of all, while holding office? Can he transform the gold he sees this nation retrieving from the nations, which have been robbing her in every way in her deal-makings with the East, by reinstating the good gold standard as well, which has been stolen from her? It is the only gold, which will make her great again in victory over her enemies of the empires. It is the gold of Havilah, the good gold of the Garden of Eden, which is foundational to the success of this country being the light of liberty to the world.

It was once accomplished by her worship of the one true God Almighty with His Word being the one and only foundation for the constitutions of her two nations – for their courts, for their governments and for their schoolrooms. Can a President Trump be like Evan Almighty, and crash the arc of the covenant right into the halls of Congress to make the changes necessary for the re-establishment of America’s greatness? Deals in the worldly gold are not enough, although a necessary part of it.

It is the good gold of God, which will change the hearts and minds of this nation, when God is returned to His rightful place as the only God ruling over America, with no religious idols beside Him as the number one Law of the land and of His Commandments. Political Correctness and religious rights will automatically find no room in a nation made great again by standing on truth and truth alone.

There is only one holy Book of truth and its name is the Bible. All else is religion and God hates religion. It was religion, which took down the first man and woman, and it will be religion, which will take down the last ones, as we watch the religiously-controlled empires of this world sink to the bottom of the sea as surely as the Titanic sank under the power of God, of whom it was said that He could not take it down.

This is the generation, which will see it all return to the seawaters that God separated from the dry land – the spiritual waters, which will gobble up Satan and his lying cronies who live by their religious beliefs given to them by the serpent in the Garden. All of the empires, from Egypt to the coming Revived Roman Empire surfacing as the One World Order of the Babylonian system of empires, will fall before one mighty sword from the mouth of the Lord, the same mouth, which can breathe the breath of the Spirit of Life into those who will survive.

Make no mistake! There is one way and only one way to salvation, and His name is Jesus – not Trump, not Cruz, not even Carson; for there is no other name under the sun, who can give life to man or to a nation. If President Donald Trump is to be the real deal maker, then he will have to submit the nation back to God, and become only His agent as the only kind of deal-maker who can make a change in the direction this nation will go.