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Eminent Domain

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

February 14, 2016

What does Eminent Domain mean? In the United States, it points to compulsory purchase. In Canada, it is called Expropriation as the power of state or national government to take private property for public use.

However, it can be legislatively delegated by the state to municipalities, government subdivisions, private persons or corporations, when they are authorized to exercise the functions of a public nature. The property may be taken either for government use or by delegation to third parties, who will devote it to public or civic use or, in some cases, to economic development.

The use of Eminent Domain by Donald Trump, in his business dealings, seems to be a sore point for Jeb Bush. Yet, as a businessman using Eminent Domain law, within his legal right to do the best he can for his business, somehow takes on a sinister note because a little, old lady became Trump’s opposition to achieving his goal.

There is no precedence to show Donald Trump is mean to little, old ladies. In fact, to the contrary, I would suggest there is evidence to show that he is extremely generous with all people, to the point of paying off a mortgage for a couple who helped him when he was in distress on the roadside with car problems. I can only imagine that he would have been overly generous to the little, old lady, had he successfully negotiated a deal with her to purchase her property.

Furthermore, the case was heard before the courts, which ruled in favor of his opponent and all was done through legal channels, whereby Donald complied with the ruling and moved on. Should there be insults flung his way for his having taken normal, business procedure under the law? Oddly enough, it would seem that Jeb Bush has used such procedures against veterans.

I fail to see the problem with Eminent Domain, regardless of the nature of Trump’s business. It is, after all, his business. If, in fact, Jeb Bush has denigrated Donald for being in the business of gambling, then, in the possibility of Jeb being elected President, would he also take a stand against government-promoted gambling with the hard-earned family dollars of millions of people partaking in government-sponsored lotteries?

It would appear Jeb Bush is fulfilling the words of Donald Trump, showing himself to be low energy. Is he so low energy that his platform now seems to have moved to a desperate state where he has called on ‘the family’ to support him so he can run on his father’s and brother’s coattails, which are not without a certain amount of blemish of their own?

Then too, he seems to be the only one on the platform who needs ‘mommy’ with him to support him publically as his star slowly is fading after the debates. Yes, he is showing a last, desperate struggle to keep his shaking head above water as he tries to speak the positive, while his head is shaking the negative. It is hard to tell, but is poor Jeb dead, or is he still alive in the battlefield?

The Carolinas are supposed to be evangelical country – whatever evangelical means anymore. So, let’s take a look at the biblical approach to Eminent Domain, realizing that if Donald Trump should become president and should apply it, he will do so for government and to serve the better good of the people and not for either his own personal or political gain. What other politician is as generous as Trump is by ignoring the opportunity presented to capitalize on both, as so many politicians do, who hold public office?

I would be more comfortable supporting Donald Trump, in spite of his demonstration of having a healthy ego, than supporting any of the other candidates who are using extremely large sums of money for advertising, excluding Ben Carson, for the single purpose of smearing the other candidates in the race.

Trump is beholden to none, and, therefore, is free from the controls of the lobbyists who have given monetary support to elect their candidates. These candidates have platforms full of promises, which will never be kept when they find their policies to be on a collision course with the needs of their sponsors. Herein lies part of the reason so many of the present Republican Party are supporting him. They are tired of their weak, unproductive representatives who are producing zero for them, while they tend to feather their own nests.

They have reached the point where their representatives running for the Office of the President cannot be trusted to offer them anything more than simply the ‘same old, same old stuff’, which they have received in the past. No matter what is said on stage, they know Donald has put his money where his mouth is, so little said by him or others seems to affect him in the polls.

God created the world and everything therein. It all belongs to Him, every piece of property, along with every living and human being, to do with as He sees fit. When God divided the nations and established one for Himself to become His people ruled by Him, He used the provision of Eminent Domain.

He provided the Israelite people with a little piece of Egypt, designated by Pharaoh for the Hebrew people. It was to the land of Goshen, supplied by Joseph, in which his Israelite family was to live, in their own little Eminent Domain, in separation from the rest of Egypt. God then took them out of Egypt and moved them to the Promised Land, commanding them to apply the principle of Eminent Domain, in order for God to rule over them, as opposed to Satan who ruled over the Gentiles. In the process He commanded His own people to leave no one behind, but rather expel all from the Land – the men, the little, old women and children, and their animals.

What He was not suggesting, but rather was commanding, was to empty the Land of all possibility of developing the multi-cultural disease, which would grow like leaven to slowly eat away at God’s authority over the Land. Is Donald Trump the only candidate, with the exception again of Ben Carson, who understands that Muslims are by nature of their religion called to kill the infidels of America? If George Bush had understood this as Donald does, would 9/11 have happened? Had he called for a hold on any Muslims entering into this land at the time, how could they have carried out this worst terror attack ever perpetrated against the American people? One has to ask these questions, and the American electorate seems to be tired of being told they need to be politically correct at the expense of using common sense.

Again, after Romanism captured the church and named it Christian, the church also became a victim of the Roman Empire, the religious system of which holds it captive to this day – that is to say, except some of those who followed in the Protestant footsteps of Martin Luther, though still Christian and still a systems church. This has been the process by which the early Roman Empire remains alive and connected to the Revived Roman Empire now waiting on the doorstep.

But, there were many believers who wanted total freedom from Romanism of any sort, which merely surfaced again as Anglicanism, with king and priest now becoming the head of the church. God made a way for the true, exotic church to come to America where He and the Word, the Bible, could rule in a Land totally His, ruled by His people.

It was a case of a new kind of Eminent Domain, which meant the inhabitants of the land, who were nomads, should be evangelized and offered the same laws to live with the same benefits as anyone else in this land under God. Church is for all the people of the world, but no one is forced into it. However, the land of God must remain ruled as one law and one God for one people, a collection from all nations, but without the option of bringing any other gods of religion into a land ruled by God.

No one was to be excluded, but the governments of America failed to keep the principle of only one law. Instead of isolating the native population, they should have been given land holdings like everyone else. They actually were well situated for first choice, but instead, we gave reservations and exemption from the taxes, which others were required to pay. On top of this, the native population was forced into the religious system of Christianity.

This was the American idea of Eminent Domain for the native populations but it was not God’s plan. It is easy to see that America is still suffering from the controls of that same Roman Empire, which was ruled by Satan and his religious priests. It is interesting to note this very day that the Roman high priest, the Pope is scheduled to pray at the border between Mexico and the United States for those who lost their lives while illegally trying to cross over to the United States, though he failed to pray for the greater numbers of those legal American citizens who died at the hands of the illegal murderers and drug dealers. It is the sworn duty of the President of the United States to protect and guard the safety of his own people.

It is true that we are not yet free of the early Roman Empire’s captivity with Rome’s control still over the Christian system of church. Donald Trump is correct. The use of Eminent Domain laws will help to make America self-sufficient, free and ready for complete healing. This is only one area in which the nation can regain her self-sufficiency, but it will only happen if our number has not come up for the destruction, which has been slated into God’s timetable.

Terrible days lie ahead and if this election will tell us anything, it is the direction in which this nation will go, if the Donald is elected. Would his being elected draw us closer to the climax of history, or will he bring a reprieve from the judgment to allow for a world-wide, massive revival before the judgment falls?

One would have to be a fool not to see Donald Trump is single-handedly taking on the establishment of ‘political America’ along with the elitists of the world who are manipulating governments and the election process. Generally, it could be said that he is taking on the entire, forming One World Order, now lodged within the political core of almost every nation of the world.

The time is now for decision making. America will choose the political route of the World Order of the Revived Roman Empire, or she will choose liberty partially by bringing her manufacturing, job-producing companies back home to America, rather than export them for other countries to benefit economically. What is needed is national independence, and that only comes under the ruler-ship of God, who provides for His faithful people.

It is time to remove that blight of the United Nations from the land and say good-bye once and for all to Babylon the Great, Mother of all Harlots. Eminent Domain is ours to claim under God, and does not belong to other nations. The ultimate act of Eminent Domain is the enforced transfer of title by Satan of his ruler-ship over the earth to return it to Jesus so He can set up His kingdom here on earth.