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Donald Goes Presidential

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

March 03, 2016

Donald Trump goes presidential at the same time as the Republican Party goes suicidal. He chose to hold a press conference on the eve of his overwhelming, Super Tuesday victory, instead of giving a victory speech. And it was just another coup for Donald as he took on the mantle like that of a president holding his first question period with the press.

He showed both strength and power as well as something new for him. We caught a glimpse of his first signs of humility in a hard-fought battle of mud-slinging, name-calling and near fisticuffs. Could it be that a president is actually lurking beneath that ‘Dennis the Menace’ crop of brushed-forward, carefully-coiffed hair?

Oh dear, it would appear that we are all getting caught in the fever he has generated for describing everyone by their physical attributes or, more to the point, lack of them. It could hardly be described as the godly methods of the Christian evangelicals, or the holier-than-thou methods of a smug, little Megyn Kelly who keeps an admiring crew of commentators around her.

But, for Donald, call it what you will, one must conclude that the political scene in the United States has taken a new turn with a completely unpredictable tack, to the point that no one, not one commentator, can predict the direction he will go next.

One could compare the situation to Joseph arriving in Pharaoh’s Egyptian slave camp. The Egyptians were at a loss as to know from just where this man had come, who was able to throw all the court advisors and magicians into a tizzy. Where had Joseph received his power to make them all look so ridiculously useless when it came to reading dreams and being able to predict exactly what was coming upon Egypt and the known world in the way of judgment and famine?

Would the Egyptian establishment of advisors to Pharaoh ever have provided a ruler who could deal with the coming seven years of famine like Joseph could? We all know that Joseph was merely the agent for God preparing the Way for His people, Israel, to be taken into Egypt and protected in time of famine in a land called Goshen. Is it possible the Donald has been prepared for just such a time as this to strengthen America when seven years of tribulation lie just ahead? One has to wonder whence this strange phenomenon of a man called Trump has come, so willing to take on the entire political world, both within America and far beyond her borders.

Of course, we all know that Joseph had impeccable credentials as a man of true faith and obedience to his God, unwilling to bow to any of the religious idols of Egypt. He stood on truth, inspired as a dreamer and blessed by God.

One could say Donald is like Joseph, in so far as he is a man of dreams and ambitions, but perhaps the likeness stops there. And yet, perhaps this is not so! King David was hardly what one could call a very good man like Joseph. He was both an adulterer and a murderer, and a very rich one at that. Still, God said David was a man after His own heart. How could that be when he had several wives, and was noted for being a killing, warrior king? Could it be possible that Donald, though he, too, has had a few wives, and has been embroiled in a few failing ventures, has been prepared for battle at this time, as were Joseph and King David prepared long ago to wear their kingly robes?

Though he doesn’t wear religion on his sleeve, who is to say where Donald’s heart lies? For a start, he is on the right path of building a wall at the border with Mexico. Of course, the religious crew immediately jumped on the bandwagon, but with a bit of a problem. Whom were they to believe when the religious ‘high priest’ and Pope of some of the candidates interfered in America’s affairs by saying, to paraphrase his words, “Tut, tut, you must respect all those who want entry into America no matter what the threat they might present to the American people. It is not ‘Christian-like’ to ignore the needs of the poor.”

It sure sounded like a Judas message to me, coming from a man who could have ulterior motives in line with his apparent desire for a One World Order and a One World Religion. One can only assume that his religion is deeply rooted in the Roman Empire, the last of the Babylonian system of satanic empires. After all, the Roman Catholic priesthood is the only official priesthood of the religion of the Roman Empire, which remains to this day, as the glue holding the two parts of the Empire together.

The religious priesthood loves to claim Jesus as the feeder of the poor, but such was not so. He fed the ‘poor in spirit’. Take another close look at the Beatitudes and you will discover that the Christian priesthood is more likely promoting good deeds than a spiritual revival. In Jesus, one is on the path of the Way, to life. Why would one want to ever come off it and take the broad road of destruction, leading right into the One World Order, a unity of gentile nations and of religion?

Jesus made it very clear: “For I say to you, that unless your righteousness exceeds the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 5:20).” They were this same priesthood whom Jesus called a den of vipers, having the devil as their father. Today, the devil leads the evangelical priesthood every bit as much as he leads the priests of Rome, when such pastors as Rick Warren shepherd the unsuspecting sheep straight into the arms of the One World Order.

Believe it or not – God used a Pharaoh-type of ruler over the empire of Persia, a man called Artaxerxes (step-son of Queen Esther), to appoint his cupbearer, Nehemiah, to return from the captivity of Judah to Jerusalem to rebuild the shattered wall of the city. Now, Israel’s history was always divided according to the nation’s obedience or disobedience to God’s conditional covenant. In obedience to God’s Law she would receive blessings, but when she disobeyed God’s Law she would receive cursing.

Nehemiah records that, upon completion of the wall of division, Israel reaffirmed her loyalty to her covenant, or vows, made with God. It is apparent that God can use anyone with a dream if He used an empire ruler under Satan to accomplish His purposes. Yes, He can use even Donald Trump who wants to do exactly what Nehemiah did in the natural and what Jesus did in the spiritual for the heavenly Jerusalem when He went to the cross and the cross became as a wall to the Holy City from above, that shining city on a hill.

It was the establishment, the traditional priesthood of his day, which both Nehemiah, and later, Jesus, fought all the way to their missions being accomplished. Again, it can be said that, on the political scene in America today, the establishment has gone ballistic. They would rather destroy themselves, while, at the same time, taking down the entire Republican Party, than see an outsider respond, at last, to the grassroots by following through with action to change the cozy scene in Washington between the Right and the Left. I truly wonder how one distinguishes anymore between the two political parties. Trump has made it clear that he will give the voters the opportunity to make a clear distinction, and for that reason his supporters are extremely loyal; for their anger rages at Washington.

The people elected a Republican, do-nothing Congress and Senate majority, counting on them to do something about the terrible abuse of the Constitution by the present, Liberal President, but they ignored their mandate for which they had been elected. Instead, it was simply business as usual with more spending of public funds to set up more debt for the people, who expected the spending to come to a halt. This cowardly, elected group, sucking their way along on the public teat, sees the writing on the wall for themselves, in the person of Donald Trump.

So the ‘has-been’ of the party, Mitt Romney, unable and unwilling to have done anything about the situation, when he had his opportunity to do so, has been enlisted by the sleazy, establishment members of the party to slur Donald Trump and the achievements he has had financially. He appears to be a part of a well-coordinated attack on Trump, which enlists, also, Marco Rubio on the attack front, by attaching to Donald the new favorite term of ‘con artist’.

They have been caught in the process of making two, almost identical speeches with a running list of the same accusations, ignoring their job of clearly denouncing the real con artist in the Office of the President, who, after almost breaking every rule in the constitutional rule book, continues to remain in office. He is the real liar, whom our ex-loser candidate refused to challenge when he had his time to do so, but which has now passed.

And so, it has become a war of the people versus an ineffectual, if not downright corrupt, government-elected, Washington cartel, which has been offering no choice to the people, until along came Donald Trump. This is a man of vision and the will to show he means business by spending his own money and not sucking it up from government and lobbyists.

These pathetic, establishment politicians have obviously made Marco Rubio their bag-carrying caddy who has become little more than a whining, snot-nosed form of irritant like a buzzing fly, shouting ‘con-artist, con-artist’ at Donald. It would appear that his well-rehearsed recitation of policies have become little more than boring repetition, which are not producing any real numbers for him. And so, he is about to destroy himself along with the suicidal Republican establishment of ‘do-nothingers’, except whine and plot against their own to stop ‘the movement’ of the Donald.

No one has changed the face of politics ever before quite like the Donald, with the least and the best of the commentators being all pretty well-agreed on that. Is he a Joseph, and is God behind him, preparing him for just such a time as this when the number seven looms before us again? But then, how many can understand that they have not been about their so-called Father’s business of teaching the truth of the Bible? For centuries now, under the label of Christianity, they have been using it simply as a nice book of nice stories on nice living and good deeds. Make no mistake! Jesus was not about niceness; He was about life in the Spirit and life everlasting for the few who find their way through the religious muck.

We will soon discover the answer as to who the Donald really is, but he surely looked presidential this week as he took the stage for his press conference. Let’s see what the debate holds on Thursday night, and where his next tack will lead on the road to the Office of the President!

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