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East is East and West is West and Never the Twain shall Meet (Rudyard Kipling)

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

May 13, 2016

Here is what is coming America, unless the tide from the East, which is swarming in readiness to take over the West, is held back. Every evangelical who knows his/her Bible should be endorsing Donald Trump’s stand on keeping all Muslims out of this country. What makes any American believe that the Muslims in America will be any different from the ones who have invaded Europe?

They belong to a revolutionary, killing, eastern culture, which can never integrate with the West except on the basis of our western culture submitting to become one with theirs. If we should refuse to do so, then at the point they become the majority in the land, there will be a jihad, with the killing of Americans in the name of the religion of Islam, such as never has been seen before.

The ban on the immigration of professing Muslims into this country should not be short-term; it should be permanent. Too much damage has already been done to the nations of America as Muslims gain a foothold in both Canada and the United States. The only successful antidote available is found in the process of stopping the building of any more mosques in any part of the country and then policing all activity within the existing ones.

It demands the reinstatement of severe penal laws with respect to acts of treason against either nation of America, specifically with the repeal of the Charter of Rights in Canada, which grants special protected rights to religions of all sorts. It is long overdue in both countries that we recognize religion must never be allowed to trump the truth of God’s Word again, the standard by which truth is determined in this nation.

This is exactly what made our land great, a land of liberty and freedom from the controls of religious empires. We did not bow to religion, but rather upheld the rule of truth. God’s Law forbids religion and any religious god the right to rule beside Him. For He is the Most High God and the only God, and there is no other god beside Him.

Religion never had any place with truth in the governments of this country and still does not have a place. Either we make our minds up to that fact, or we will continue down the slippery slope to destruction, as did the nation Israel when she chose the god Caesar as her king over Jesus, the truth made flesh, and that was at the very time He was about to go to the cross to save the foolish people. Will America be as foolish as she was? It would appear so.

This is exactly what the religious system of Christianity should be telling us, if it were the true church, but it is far from being that. It is rooted in the Romanism of the Roman Empire, the last of the Babylonian system of empires, which is still alive and well as the glue of Christianity that is holding together the two empires – the early Roman Empire and the latter-day, final empire of the system, the Revived Roman Empire.

People like Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio, to name but a few, though sincere, are probably very deceived by a church, which does not understand that we are still living in the empire days, described as Babylon the Great, Mother of all harlots to God (see Revelation 17:5). The Bible tells us that the harlotry of the empires is the abomination of the entire earth.

The high priest of Roman Catholicism, the Pope as he is known, is the prince of the Christian, religious system. We will see him beginning to unite the entire group of religiously deceived, Christian denominations behind a united church movement called the World Council of Churches (W.C.C.), and behind a united world government beginning with support for organizations, such as the United Nations. He will become the great proponent of the One World Order of government, religion and economic equality. He will be a major socialist force of very far, left-leaning-into-progressive liberalism, backed by his Jesuit priesthood of the same ilk.

Very dark days are just over the horizon. God is about to use the voice of a donkey again to open the understanding of the foolish, false prophets busy giving apostate advice to the kings of the world, just as Balaam was advising Balak, king of the Moabites in his time. Nothing has changed. Those who surround Israel still want her cursed and seek to ruin her. They still want to drive her out of the land (see Numbers 22:6). The king believed there was a blessing of God on the people and Balak wanted them out of the way. In the final analyses, God does not allow Balaam to pronounce a curse, so Balaam and Balak finally agreed to each go his own way. But the solution came very nicely for Balak to have his way with Israel, in the same position as is America today under God’s Law, which says you shall have no other gods before me.

Then Israel remained in Acacia Grove, and the people began to commit harlotry with the women of Moab. They invited the people to the sacrifices of their gods, and the people ate and bowed down to their gods (Numbers 25:1-2).

This was the harlotry of Israel, to forsake her God with delight as she embraced every foreign god she could find. Like Israel, America today, is doing with the Muslims exactly what Israel did with the Moabites, in her role as the homeland of spiritual Israel, the church. She is no different and no better. Israel remained in a place called Acacia Grove where she joined with their god, Baal of Peor, in the same way as America is joining to Allah, the false god of the apostate religion of Islam, as though he were equal to God Almighty.

The result of their harlotry was an intermarrying of the two cultures in God’s Land so that the anger of the Lord was aroused against Israel, such that He said to take the ringleaders out and hang them in the sun, so that the anger of the Lord might subside. It had become as a plague, with the number of those who died in it being 24,000 in all.

Which is America’s sunny state, if not California, which is called the Sunshine State? Is her Acacia Grove not that of the tall Redwood trees, some of which date back to the time of Jesus? Was there ever another tree as big and as tall as they are, far exceeding the height of the tallest cedars?

Keep your eyes firmly fixed on the tall Redwoods of the West, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the biggest distributer of porn and of liberalism in the entire world, the film capital of Hollywood. Look to the most liberal state in America, to California, to where they all rushed for gold. Will we see the wrath of the Lord appeased again under the sun, and perhaps very soon?

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