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Strange New World with a Looming Washroom Crisis

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

May 16, 2016

The left is terrified of Donald Trump. Their terror can be measured by the style and increase of the personal attacks coming against him from the radical, socialist, liberal, far-left media. Let us take an example from the New York Times, which was created to demonize him with its invented story regarding Trump’s relationship with women!

The first woman interviewed, Rowanne Brewer Lane, claimed the Times actually twisted the truth purposely, about what she had said, using the article to misrepresent Donald’s words in order to give the wrong impression about his intentions. As a former girlfriend, in answer to a question she stated that there was never any indication at all to her of his either abusing or mistreating women. The good news is that such corrupt reporting appears to roll off the backs of Trump supporters, and it would seem to have the effect of only adding to their already high numbers.

What is equally intended to try and destroy the growing momentum for the Donald is the third-party threat being leveled against him by Mitt Romney and his little group of traitors to the party. It appears again to have only increased support for Trump.

It is interesting to note that those who claim the loudest that Donald is not a true conservative, belong to the GOP establishment group. They are the same elected GOP, Congressional and Senatorial members of government, who were elected to stand, like Trump actually does stand, against the Washington liberal stronghold, but then failed to do so after being elected. Instead, once in office, they embraced the liberal government’s out-of-control spending, and are now the same ones who are accusing Donald of not being conservative.

With respect to the media’s on-going support for Hillary Clinton, it continues to ignore the evident misrepresentation by the Clintons as they lie to the public, this time, with regard to their dishonest, fraudulent handling of the Clinton Foundation’s so-called, charitable funds. It was recently widely reported in an intensive study of the Foundation’s spending practices, and then denied by Clinton supporters, that only about 10% of the donated funds actually are ever translated into charitable, good works. Instead, they are being used for the Clintons’ own personal use and for the funding of their political expenses. The remainder is being spent on office expenses and salaries, according to the study. The study also discloses that big gaps have been found in the cash flow records of the organization.

Trump has become a political phenomenon, for promising to do what the corrupt Republican Party has failed to do with respect to looking after their voters. I ask you, “Which of the two are the real conservatives, Donald Trump or the failed, elected, Republican establishment?” They were a bunch of cowards afraid of losing the support of the electorate, which they will surely lose if they refuse to support Donald, the overwhelming choice of the voters to be their Republican, presidential candidate.

He is promising to take steps to protect the security of his fellow Americans and to create jobs in a new and better economy for them, instead of sending their jobs abroad. He is also promising to make America great again. What do his supporters care about the shenanigans of the likes of the New York Times and other such newspapers caught up in the lies of ideologically-driven reporting?

In contrast to that of the Donald’s so-called inappropriate behavior, we could find ourselves faced with a new species of animal on the political stage. It is that of a new kind of ‘first lady’ in the form of a male creature called ‘Billie’, something, which has never been seen before on the American political scene, having no official name attached to it as of yet. Could this lead to a complete, emotional upset for ‘Billie’ with respect to his gender identity? You could describe it as the possible, transgender crisis of a male ‘first-lady’ appearing on the scene in the White House.

Now this brings us to the Obama edict, intended to enforce transgender washroom activities. Could this not lead to mothers across America having grave concerns about their young daughters? Is it not possible these young ladies could find themselves caught alone in the washroom with the ‘first lady Billie’, a former president who was impeached and disbarred for sexual misconduct with young women? This is a peculiar animal indeed!

It is for sure that Hillary will be wearing the presidential pants in the family, if elected. So the question remains as to whether or not ‘Billie’ will try to wear a skirt and even possibly get a new Donald’s style, unisex haircut. The media should be all over this possible, looming, washroom crisis. Of course, it is all just hypothetical at this point in time, awaiting the outcome of the coming, November election. But then, with Hillary in her pant suit and ‘Billie’ in his skirt, there is the potential for the two of them to work both the men’s and women’s washrooms at the same time.

O wonder!
How many goodly creatures are there here!
How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world,
That has such people in’t.

— William Shakespeare, The Tempest

One will surely have to be brave to be able to make any sense of this strange new world we could be facing, with government tyranny in a liberal, socialist, ‘negative Utopia’. Bring in the clowns and give me the Donald any day! At worst, he could only be infinitely better than the ‘Hillary-Billie’ situation and the washroom crisis in the nation, which it could present.

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