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The Traitor, Followed by the Liar, Spells Disaster

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

July 10, 2016

It is time for America to face the facts; Obama is not a president; he is a traitor to every principle, which has ever made America that which Ronald Reagan described as ‘a shining city on a hill’.

I am referring to the principles, which have seen the establishment of a new Goshen within the world empire-building nations, a New Jerusalem, and the process of establishing the throne of David, which made America a light and torch of liberty to the world. She carried high that burning torch seen over the seawaters of this world at the entrance to a nation, which has brought light in the final hours before darkness begins to cover the waters again.

It was on the day of Abram’s (Abraham’s) dream when the sun was going down that, when the sun went down and it was dark, on the same day the Lord made a covenant with Abram, saying: “To your descendants I have given this land, from the river of Egypt to the great river, the River Euphrates (Genesis 15:18).”

Was this the land of Israel, of which God was speaking? When did Israel’s borders ever extend to the Euphrates River? Only did they do so when America’s borders extended in the West in the liberty of God’s Law, which transcends the laws of Satan embodied in the empires of the world and in man (666). The extension of the spiritual river waters from the first empire to the last went from Egypt (the Gihon River) to the Assyrian Empire (the Hiddekel River), followed by the four empires of the Babylonian system of empires (the Euphrates River), with the last empire of the Babylonian system, the Roman Empire, being divided into two parts.

Altogether, they formed the seven empires of Satan’s rule over the world, after God had dispersed the people at Babel by dividing them into nations and scattering them over the face of the earth. They were encompassed by the spiritual, river waters of the world beneath, separated from the spiritual waters from above known as the Pishon River, which surrounded the Garden of Eden (see Genesis 2:10-14).

Make no mistake! God is describing the religious, spiritual waters from beneath versus the spiritual waters of truth from above. The spiritual river waters from the East have been flowing up to this very day from the area of the Euphrates River. They have not dried up like the former empires, and will not dry up until the time of the fullness of satanic, empire-building rule in this world comes to an end. The final, Revived Roman Empire will culminate in a One World Order of satanic rule being formed world-wide.

This is inevitable because of the heart of man who chose the liberalism of religion in place of God’s truth in the Garden. He wanted to be his own man, making his own laws, without being subject to the righteousness of God who is a holy God of truth. In His righteousness is life, but in the religion of Satan is death. We call it Secular Humanism today. It is as the fruit of two very different trees – the fruit of the tree of life, as opposed to the corrupted fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

The Euphrates River speaks of the border between East and West, and of the direction of the West, into which God was ever moving His people in separation from those who belong to Satan in the empires of this world and in the liberalism of the religions of the East. America was founded on God’s Law and the separation of government from religion, so that no high priest of religion would be able to take control over the elected government of the people. At the same time, it is impossible to separate God from His truth, which ruled over courtrooms and government.

God made all things good in a life-giving Garden (see Genesis, chapter one). Satan corrupted it with the introduction of an evil, death culture. And, so, the gavel came down in judgment upon mankind who had been given the free will to choose between good and evil, and between life and death. There is no religion or belief system of this world in God. He is a God of absolutes, and, in all judgment, His truth rules supreme. It is for this reason Americans swear on the Bible because America deems it to be the Book of truth, as the Word of God.

Truth is not something one juggles about to mix with the evil of humanly perceived truth. This leads to the mixing of life and death cultures to share a place under the same roof, an act today known as multiculturalism. This was the process used by the devil in the Garden, to deceive Eve into believing the lie of the first, religious belief system apart from the truth.

Do you know that the dying Roman Empire applied this process of the devil when the Emperor Constantine decided to take the church captive under pagan Rome’s control, using the mocking term for ‘the Way’, by labeling his new religion Christianity, with Christian being a term first used in Antioch? Jesus would never have called His church Christian, in fact, He told His apostles not to call Him ‘Jesus the Christ’ (see Matthew 16:20).

Along with this Roman control, came the pagan priest of Rome, who was given the religious title of “Pope” over the church now captive to the Babylonian system of religion. To the pagan high priest of the new religious system called the Christian church, was imputed the characteristic of inerrancy, which could only be attributed to Jesus, and to no other man.

The pope’s total lack of inerrancy has never been more evident than it has been in recent days, as he embraces the religions and empires of the world. He is, as well, a part of an elitist, one-world plan, for a One World Order of government, religion and economics, straight out of the satanic play-book on the road to hell, as he pushes to restore Babel to its original glory.

Do we not now have a false prophet, in the person of the Pope, just sitting in the wings, awaiting his moment to bring all religions back together under one massive world religion, which will worship the beast or the Antichrist? There will be no room in this religion for a Man called Jesus who came into the world to be its Savior. But the world hated Him and hung Him on a cross, where He died that you and I might live. Rome is surely on the rise again with this false prophet in place endorsing the killing fields of Islam, while showing his respect for that religion.

Here at home, on the western front, a man called Barack Hussein Obama, of Islamic descent, lays claim to being a part of another religion from within the many denominations of Christianity, which he marginalizes and criticizes at every opportunity. With deception and lies, he has managed to gain control of the office of the highest position in the land. He is using his position to Islamize the nation and turn an elected office of the people into a dictatorship for a man bent on removing the name of God and Jesus from America.

In eight short years he has nearly accomplished his purposes through his toothy mouthing of a politically correct ideology, at every possible turn of the road. The killing of innocent Americans has become his platform for blaming the culture of America and promoting the notion we must never offend the enemy, which would kill decent law-abiding citizens. Ultimately, his message is, “So what?” to the killing of Americans by Muslim terrorists, and the killing of policemen by terrorists attaching themselves to the organization of ‘Black Lives Matter’.

With a black president holding whites responsible for the deaths of black hoodlums, he makes a mockery of his office of leadership, which he uses to promote his ideology and more divisiveness than this country has seen in years. How dare the whites render justice against a black man as he promotes racism where there really is none for the greater part, but for which there also can be found the exception?

But Obama continues to fuel the flames of racism by standing back when blacks kill innocent whites. His aim has been twofold – to bring divisiveness among Americans and to fill the country with Muslims, allowing them to practice their eastern religion in this land under God. They bring their killing fields and separated communities, which they form into ghettoes to further divide our land, which is already being divided without government leadership or support for the black community of young men and women having no prospects for jobs under an Obama administration.

He hates the land of liberty and wants to destroy America’s power to hold back the coming One World Order of the elitists’ group. Make no mistake! Satan is rapidly infiltrating government, schools and religious groups with programs, which embrace eastern thought and principles. This is the very thing, which the Lord God drove out of the Garden to send eastward, in separation from His tree of life and its fruit of truth.

Today, the world has nearly lost the understanding of the difference between truth and religion, between Jesus and that devil of old called Satan. Jesus said the gates of hell would not prevail against His church. Ask yourself the question; “If Christianity were, in fact, the true church, how is it that the gates of hell are prevailing against it, in view of its divisiveness and willingness to embrace abominations while, at the same time, denying both Jesus and the truth of His Word?

The Bible makes it as clear as possible in the call to come out of her, Babylon the Great (today, the final rising Roman Empire), mother of all harlots, that wicked, Jezebel woman of religion and witchcraft, who bewitches the whole world. Almost without exception, the Christian priesthood is content to allow the true church to be called a religious church under the umbrella of the religion of Christianity.

Hence, the government is confused as to the meaning of the Law, which allows separation of church and state. Never did God intend His nation to be separated from truth. His Law actually is intended to separate this nation from any control of religion upon it. His Law puts to rest all notions of religious tolerance for that which is evil and the brain child of Satan. One could not enter this nation, according to its laws, without first making an exodus from the religious empire rule of Satan in the East, to embrace God’s ruler-ship and His Word as the guiding light of liberty in the West.

Are you able to see how far America has fallen to the liberal cry for “No God!” and to the liberal, Hollywood, secular call for multiculturalism, along with the endorsement of a killing culture in the land of the free, the so-called land of those freed from killing cultures? It has been in recent days a matter of the dogs returning to their own vomit, which they have formerly spewed out of their mouths.

Obama is the traitor leading the way. There could be four more years of the same treachery if he is followed by a lying, liberal president, deriding American principles while sending American, rightly earned dollars eastward to finance the enemies and killers of the people of God; it would spell disaster. This president has enticed and financed the enemy to come and permeate our society, until we will no longer be an exceptional nation, lighting a world lost in religious Satanism.

“Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues (Revelation 18:4).”

Yes, Donald Trump will take us in another direction, but only if we turn back to God, repent, and return this land to Him. Our God will allow no other gods beside Him and we must come to understand that fact about our land. We must restore His name to government, to the classroom, to the courtroom and to every aspect of our lives.

Until we mean business, He will allow the traitors, the liars and the deceivers to rule. After all, the choice has always been between God and the truth, and the devil and his lies of religion. God will most certainly give us a taste of exactly what we want, according to the fruit of the tree we have always been free to choose for ourselves.