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The Bull has been Unleashed and is out of the Gate!

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

September 27, 2016

I would suggest that last night’s first presidential debate has unleashed the bull and it is now out of the gate, pawing the ground and ready to attack. Hillary Clinton was cleverly dressed in her bright red suit for this occasion, but I would also suggest that she should think twice before she wears it a second time, for fear of being gored.

Donald Trump is a man of his word and has clearly stated over and over again that if anyone comes after him he will go after that person twice as hard. Hillary has had her night of goading and you could see that Donald’s advisors had advised him wisely – or not so wisely – to hold back on the ‘sensitive stuff’ with her, because the people might not consider it fair play. Unfortunately, it is all that ‘sensitive stuff’, which makes her totally unfit for the Office of the President or, for that matter, for any public office in which integrity becomes the issue.

It is all the ‘sensitive stuff’ behind the government establishment, which, today, makes government the enemy and not the representatives of the people. The people are crying out for Mr. Trump to go after this establishment. If it is not he, then who? Who else would dare to take it on, knowing that its ties, like those of the Clinton Foundation, run throughout the world with the big political players pulling the strings of their puppets, such as Hillary and Barack Hussein Obama?

It is a disgrace to the Oval Office to have a man with a name like that seated in the President’s chair. This statement has no connection to the fact he is partly black, but rather, it has everything to do with the fact that he has claimed his Muslim heritage in speeches made in the Middle East before his fellow Muslim brotherhood, which have been recorded on videotape. It is before the Muslim potentates that he bows, which is a disgrace in itself, to the American people and to all those American soldiers who have lost their lives at the hands of this same brotherhood. We need to remember that if Hillary is elected, it will be just more of the same Obama policies or, rather, lack of them.

As I write, I almost can hear the cries of the foolish Americans who have been deceived and are being destroyed by Political Correctness, the brainchild of the Liberal Progressives. I will be called an Islamophobe, which is nothing more than another manufactured title of ‘phobia’ to hide the truth, which the Left hates. It is hard to tell whether it is the truth or the God of truth, which it hates more.

So far, Donald Trump has not been afraid of the phobic labels, which they have plastered onto him, and he certainly has received them all. I marvel at his stomach for all of this, but, like the energizer bunny, he just keeps rolling along, gaining momentum among the voters as he goes.

Regardless of his style, they can see his ability to be, for them, the savior for whom they have been waiting, who will take up the challenge to growing globalism on his broad, more-than-capable shoulders. One could say Donald is taking on the entire world, which is being pushed by liberalism into one great human mass, which will be controlled by a one-world government, a one-world religion and a one-world economic system. Here we have it, the number of Satan’s control over man – 666.

The United Nations is nothing more than the foundation for the ‘real deal’, which is Globalism, or a One World Government, the goal and driving force behind Hillary and her political ilk. Donald Trump is the last hope for America to attack this process with a vengeance, crack it up and work toward making America not only great again, but also free in the liberties she has so enjoyed in the past.

Of course, he cannot do it on his own; only God can bring this about. But he may well be God’s agent as the man for such a time as this – the time to lead a wayward nation, blessed by God, back to Him. If God used Pharaoh, Satan’s empire ruler over Egypt, to establish Joseph in that same country, and if He used Cyrus, the Persian Empire’s ruler, to send Nehemiah back to Israel from Persia to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem, why could He not use Donald Trump to re-establish His own ruler-ship in America and then rebuild the real wall of protection around His people?

We know the signs are here, by which the Bible prophetically tells us that the end of the last empire is in sight, and Jesus will return to put a stop to the terrorizing and the killing of these evil regimes. Then He will set up His kingdom on earth, replacing Satan’s rule with His eternal rule. This makes the Liberal Progressives totally antsy to even talk about such things. Perhaps we will first have a reprieve from it all, long enough for a last altar call and a very great harvest to come into the kingdom.

We need to pray for this and for Donald Trump to tackle Mrs. Clinton by catching her in her own lies, done with a boldness, which can come only from above. We also need to pray for God’s will, not man’s will, to be done on earth as it is in heaven. This country is sadly in need of returning to its foundation in God and His truth of the Bible. You can’t have one without the other.

Donald Trump has been accused of having big hands, but I believe he has big ears by which to hear, and is more than willing to listen to whatever it is that the people of America are asking of him. He has become the people’s voice, so let us pray that he uses that voice wisely and does not let it get out of control as he so often tends to do. On the other hand, his advisors should not try to turn him into just another politician by speaking and acting like one. It is his hour and the hour is now for him to get ready for the next round and go back into that ring prepared for the knock-out punch.

I would suggest again that the bull is stomping the ground and ready to go after that red target set before him. This has just been the first round, and the participants are now sweating, with the adrenaline up and running. It will take a very strong woman to tangle with Donald Trump, but then Hillary is no ordinary woman; she is as hard as nails, this woman who wears the pantsuit.