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Donald Trump is one of the Bravest Soldiers who has ever Fought for America

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

October 15, 2016

Americans owe an enormous debt of gratitude to Donald Trump. No soldier, not even one of America’s precious Navy Seals, has fought harder for the future of the American people than he has, while having to cope with the double-dealings of his own party at the same time. It is true, the Seals have also had to deal with Hillary’s lies and her two-faced lack of leadership on their behalf, just as Donald has had to cope with her lies and false claims regarding her leadership.

He has business assets, which are measured in the billions of dollars. He also has had businesses, which have put him in close proximity to some of the most beautiful women in the world, yet, there has never, to my knowledge, been any charges made by any one of those girls, claiming he broke the law by sexually violating or raping her, in either the present or the past. To the contrary, Hillary’s husband, former President Bill Clinton, has been charged, found guilty, impeached, disbarred and forced to make a huge monetary settlement with one of his female accusers.

However, strangely enough, just before the last debate and days before the election, a multitude of accusations became front-page news, all at the same time, but they have apparently remained as nothing more than accusations. Eye witnesses at the time of the alleged events have come forward with opposing evidence, one of which categorically discounts the validity of the accusations of at least one of these women. An Englishman has made it very clear that he was there and as an observer knows that the accusations are false and in no way can be true.

Donald Trump’s business dealings, as one of the elite of the establishment, meant he did what he had to do to get access to the open doors he needed. He played the establishment’s game with success beyond one’s wildest dreams. He became big business by the usual pay-off to government officials and others, which was required of those who created the pay-to-play way of doing things. He does not pretend to be lily-white, where this is concerned, but he does know exactly how the establishment of business and government works in this respect.

He took advantage of every possible tax exemption offered by government in order to pay only the taxes required of him and no more. Other business people, including the Clintons, do exactly the same thing. In most cases, they have paid lawyers and tax experts big dollars for this very same reason. Perhaps, the problem for them is that they haven’t been quite as successful as Donald has been at playing the game. In fact, Hillary has made her fortune without ever having had a business or having sold a single product.

And so Donald’s businesses grew as he created thousands of jobs for countless numbers of others who shared in the bounty of his successful business transactions. Of course, when doing business on the scale he does, there will be failures along the way, and some people are bound to get burned. From all reports he is a man who likes to help people, needing no recognition for it. He has a history of returning small acts of kindness, with big acts of generosity. There have been many tales of such deeds on his part.

But the day came when he saw government going to war with the American people under the regime of Barack Obama. The president was lying to them on a regular basis, while robbing them by taking their hard-earned money paid in taxes and then handing it over to the enemy of Americans in the amounts of billions, even trillions of dollars. Americans slowly became a “food stamp” culture while the rich, who paid their pay-to-play dues to government, became richer and more tightly bound to government pay-offs through people like the Clintons and Obamas.

As all of this was going on, the media was being taken over by the ‘pay-off’ wedding of big business and a liberal, progressive government, which formed a mighty, powerful triumvirate against the best interests of the American people while, at the same time, dumbing them down to the truth of the matter. This group was forging a no-go zone for the very electorate, which was putting these democrat louses in office. The huge deception began by taking away their rights, while telling the people they were liberating them from the old order of things, by which, in actuality, their freedoms had been established.

You see, the liberal, progressive liars had begun the process of reinventing America to drag her into a borderless world, which is at the heart of liberal ideology. There is no room in such a world for a nation like America to retain her borders. There is no tolerance for a nation’s sovereignty, especially under God, which keeps it free of empirical, imperialistic invasion.

Now, Donald Trump was no fool! He knew the establishment’s system very well for he had been immersed in it. He could have continued in his personal success and have been richer than he already is, living a life in which it would be pretty difficult for either him or his children to spend all the money he already had made, in either his or their lifetimes.

But Donald chose to use his money not only to champion the cause of the government–harassed American people, but also to put his own very successful, business empire on the line to take on the entire “triumvirate” of evil, which had formed in America. He became Commander-in-chief, General, Sergeant-Major and foot soldier, all wrapped up in one, by fighting his own war on the liberal plan to destroy America as the country of liberty, which she had always been for her people.

He did all of this, not on the people’s dollar, but rather on his own, which has already cost him many millions of dollars. He is unlike the hardened, money-sucking politicians who have mastered the art of making the people pay for their political aspirations. It is always at the expense of the average American hard worker, from whom they steal instead of serving as they have been elected to serve. Donald is a server, and he will serve alongside of the average American Jane, yes, Jane too, and Joe, fighting to help them by making America great again.

So Donald entered into the fray, calling his opponents names and accusing them of being liars. How dare he upset their applecart! “We do not do things like you, Donald,” they cried, “and we will not let you get away with destroying our game. We will unite to destroy you.” And so our elected officials of the Grand Old Republican Party turned on the people to save their own necks and the system, which had become a public teat for them.

How very small these men look, now that Donald Trump has exposed them to be the men they are. I believe their days are numbered, as being the low-energy, lying, little men, his once-felt-harsh words perfectly described in the Primary debates. I believe that there is no future left for such men as members of Congress and the Senate, even in their top official offices, where they sit on the tax-payers’ dollars, stacking up privileges for themselves, but not for the people. The people have spoken, but they are going to destroy the people’s voice if they can and, by doing so, they will hand the election to Hillary and the destroyers of America. I doubt that the powerful Republican primary voters are soon going to forgive such treachery from their own party.

But there was a giant sleeping in the midst of these voters, who awakened to the call of a real soldier and hero who said, for the first time, that together, he and the American people could make America great again. The response to his call was deafening for the people were ready and just waiting for such a man as this, for such a time as this in America’s history. A shout went out across America: “Trump, Trump, Trump – together we will make America great again!”

But he had been warned by those in the know, probably by some who had even tried to do as he was doing, but without his resources or his incredible stamina, which only God can provide. Possibly, they were not God’s man for the hour, called to restore America’s broken walls of protection around her nation. The warning was that he would go through hell and back again before achieving victory, if indeed victory was at all possible.

His friends asked him why he would ever risk such a business empire when, instead of enjoying the fruits of his work, he would stand to lose it all. He would become the enemy of the establishment and even of the worldwide movement toward the One World Order. He would most certainly require super-human help to face such an enemy. But the people were oh so ready for such a leader as opposed to the one they presently have, who pauses and stumbles over scripted words of deceit and lies.

Donald was well aware of the consequences of his actions, yet he was willing to look straight into the eyes of the faces of his fellow candidates who showed their disdain for him. He challenged them publically before millions of people on world-wide television, asking who would vote for a face like that, which he saw as the face of the establishment. Whoa! Had he gone too far in describing his opponents as liars and then as stiff-faced opposition, to boot, actually challenging a female, no less?

“Food for fodder,” they said with glee. “We will make him out as the enemy of women,” said the liberal crew to each other.

“Just a minute,” said Megyn Kelly, “I have first dabs on this one, and I have the jump on you, when it comes to making him look like the enemy of women.”

“So,” they cried back, “go right ahead! You can champion our cause, and what better place than on FOX News, the so-called news channel of the Right?”

And so the war of the leftists and left-leaning Republicans of big business, the media, and of the compromised world governments at large, had begun. They were now fully at war with Donald Trump, champion of the American people. His sacrifice has been enormous and may, or may not, prove to be the ultimate sacrifice, but there is no medal important enough for whatever he accomplishes.

Mike Huckabee spoke on “Hannity” during a FOX News interview last night, using words to the effect that the liberal left will throw every piece of filth they can find at Donald. They did it to him when he ran for governor, but he soldiered his way to victory, in spite of the deluge that came at him.

Maybe there is some truth to some legitimate filth, but Donald has admitted to such, and apologized to Americans, and of what significance is that to the present-day Donald? Are soldiers who enlist questioned as to whether or not they are eligible to fight because they might have had some sexual peccadilloes in the past? I think the only question should be as to whether or not he has committed prosecutable crimes, such as both Hillary and Billie have committed in the past and present.

The real question is as to where the heart of a soldier is today. Is he devoted to God, country and the family? Donald has raised some of the finest children I have ever seen, who have spoken for their father in the most positive, supportive, yet intelligent way. To Donald, I would give full credit for having raised such a fine and responsible family.

Unless it has been proven that he is a murderer or rapist and, as such, a criminal, then in my eyes he is a hero to be listed among the greatest American heroes of our day. He stands right alongside of the Navy Seals, who paid the ultimate sacrifice, in spite of having to serve under the double-dealings of a Secretary of State, who left her own to die in Benghazi. He is fighting the battle of his life for the people of America. I only pray that, one day, they can reward him by singing, “Hail to the chief” because they have chosen him to be the man of the hour as their leader and president.