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The Thugs Know Where Their Bread is Buttered

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

November 12, 2016

The thugs know where their bread is buttered. It is among the young university crowd, whose minds have been seared by years of being force-fed and indoctrinated with leftist, liberal ideology. America is using every bit as shameful methods to do so, asdo the oppressive regimes of Communism and Fascism.

One has to reflect on the Joseph McCarthy age of the 50’s and wonder whether or not he was possibly on the right track, though perhaps a bit strong in his approach. Some of his methods were repudiated, which included going after the Hollywood crew, some of whom were using their stardom to establish, within that community, a cesspool for leftist propaganda being spewed out to the nation and to the world.

Need we look further than to Jane Fonda and her ilk, climbing up the ladder to Barbra Streisand, Whoopi Goldberg and, at the top, our present day Miley Cyrus?All of them have chosen to play the political role of pundit. I fail to see one good reason for assuming they possess any intellectual prowess because they are Hollywood idols. In fact, their behavior points quite to the contrary.

The country is now becoming victimized by this bunch of university, spoiled brats who think they belong to a superior race of thinkers. That to which they really belong is an ideology, which promotes socialistic, leftist, big government control, as opposed to the capitalistic, democratic process. They believe that they have the right to demand their way or the highway, as they adopt leftist, strong-arm tactics. Typically, a momentum for destruction develops as paid leftist thugs are bussed into their midst to turn their demonstrations into war-like zones.

Where is the mealy-mouthed President Obama, with all his words of support for Donald Trump’s peaceful and smooth transition to the Office of the President, when America needs him to speak up and send his brotherhood packing from the streets? But then, how can he do that, when this has always been his goal for the students, in view of his partnership with the globalists? Their aim is to change America from within from being a land separated in the West from the eastern cultures, to being transformed into becoming a killing culture like those of the East, which are ruled by wars and death for all who will not adhere to their religious doctrines.

We, in America, over sixty years of age, know that nations can learn from history how to avoid the mistakes of the past. Make no mistake about it! History means His Story, which can only be found in the Bible. It is a story going all the way back to the creation of the heavens and the earth. When God said, “Let there be light”, He was saying, according to such legitimacy as that of an algebraic equation, which says that if a=b and c = b, then it follows that a = c. The Lord is saying not only “Let there be light”, but also, “Let there be truth, let there be a way for mankind back to God”, and “Let there be life again to come out of death (see John 14:6).”

Jesus makes the solid claim that He is the Light of the world and the way, the truth and the life. There is one reason as solid as the rock of Gibraltar for believing Him and the book of History. Its entire testimony is written in the spirit of prophecy, with this same spirit guiding some forty writers to write in the Spirit, as opposed to one man making such a claim, when all have been given their penmanship from God, Himself. Only the Father of mankind, who knows the beginning from the end, could give the world a book, which has the headline news of today embedded in those words of yesterday, written as long as four millennia ago.

Don’t for a minute be conned into believing the Koran has any such prophecy in it; for all the prophets came out of either Israel, the nation, or out of spiritual Israel, the church. There is no prophet except those who have come from God’s people of truth and not from the religious crew who base their existence on a foundation of lies coming straight from the devil, himself. Such lies form the foundation of progressivism and liberalism from God as evil grows, lie upon lie, like leaven in a loaf of bread, which will spread to fill the entire loaf. It is then that we begin to hear a “No God” mantra.

Hence, the Passover of the exodus, when the blood was placed on the doorposts of their houses, and followed by seven days of God’s not allowing His Hebrew people to eat leavened bread. This was the symbol of man having the blood of Jesus on the doorpost of his heart, leaving no room for the religious lies of Satan to share any part with the truth.

Men’s hearts naturally are drawn by his sinful nature to evil (the acts we are seeing presently on the streets of America) rather than to the good of God. The result is that the thugs know where their bread is buttered and have a window for criminal activity fanned by years of university indoctrination toward that which is antichrist in spirit. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil together is its source, as it is the source for religion and for liberalism.

Of course, in order to accommodate leftist disruptions in society, the history books must be re-written for American students. We have our leftist professorship ready and waiting to do just that. Barack Hussein Obama has been a part of that liberal, leftist professorship, whose mentor was not only a Communist, but also a part of the first bombing of the World Trade Center in New York City. He is the infamous Bill Ayers who still walks free to spew out his doctrines before gullible students, well prepared to listen to garbage coming in, to then go on to become those who spew garbage out.

I have said it before, and I will say it again. “Before we can drain the swamp of either government or courtroom, we need to drain the boil at the center of the swamp, which is found in the classrooms of this once great land.” The American people have given the mandate to Donald Trump to do so. The globalists are frightened out of their wits by this man, including Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton, who are eligible to become citizens of Crowbar City, better known as federal prison.

These two are a pair of traitors to God who rules over this nation – Obama, having sworn on the Bible to uphold the Constitution, and Hillary, who has based her candidacy for the role of president on a bed of lies. They have broken faith with their covenants with the people and with God, their Commander-in-Chief. The truth of His Word rules over all – government, courtroom and classroom, all of which must be restored to their original nature.

Our history of America goes all the way back to the Garden of creation when Satan set up the first belief system of religion to establish the process of progressive liberalism. He did so by telling Eve, our first feminist of the Hillary (oops!), Jezebel spirit, that God does not really speak the truth and would not surely allow His good creation of mankind to die. If you believe that, you will believe anything, for you are surely going to die.

Knowing the difference between religion and truth is the number one key to a much needed understanding in America today. The religion of Satan and the truth of the Bible are at complete odds with each other and at opposite ends of the spectrum. Religion comes from the eastern empires of Satan, which, if you will remember, are on the east side of the Garden whence God drove man in his newly-embraced religious system.

This is exactly how the world lines up politically as East versus West. These terms are rooted in the Garden battle between truth and religion, right and wrong, and good and evil. God separated good and evil but the forbidden tree of the knowledge of good and evil brought them together again, under Satan’s rule. The blending together of life and death cultures today is what we call multiculturalism. The knowledge of the two points to man’s secularism attributing superiority to the mind, as opposed to the Word of God. It is what we call Human Secularism, the religion of the universities.

That which is presently going on in the streets of America is nothing more than the result of man still eating the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. In truth and light, God created all things good only. Therefore, there was no darkness or night in the Garden of Eden. The first day was from evening to morning, a period we now know as night-time, representing a time of darkness and spiritual death as we sleep.

Make no mistake! The thugs are bussed in to destroy and possibly even kill, by the methods of warring, violence and destruction. They need to be dealt with by applying the firm hand of the law. Did God not bring a great flood on mankind to destroy him for his same behavior in the days of Noah? Let us hope that God has raised up Donald Trump and Mike Pence for a time such as this, which will at least give us an opportunity to turn this nation back to Him and to get it right, as His people, this one last time.

It is not by chance that the sheep are on the right side of Jesus and the goats on the left. Middle America has spoken and has rejected the goats on the left. Now it is time to work this rejection all the way back to the classroom from the top down and through the courtroom. It is time we get rid of the thugs and violence in our streets. It is time to drain that swamp. It is a time for truth and time not to cower before the religion of secularism or before the ideology of the liberal left.